Title: Awake and Kicking

Author: WesFan (I hate this name. I'm gonna change it soon. One of those things where the muse was not there that day to make up a kooky name.)

Summary: Sequel to "Dreams" and "Nightmares". Faith and Wesley have more troubles than they can deal with. Add pregnancy, slayers, and hormonal teenagers and what do you get?

Pairings: Wesley/Faith, Connor/Dawn, and I may pair up Willow with someone else. Just not feeling the love for Kennedy.

Rating: R for strong language (as always, it's Faith's fault, along with her buddy, good ole' Wes), some sexual situations, and violence (those Americans, way too much violence)

Disclaimer: I'm only borrowing them from the mega genius that is Joss and Tim and David and etc., etc. Do I need to go on? I only own the slayers that I have created.

Note: This is the sequel to "Dreams" and "Nightmares". Hey, gotta give you guys so closure. So you have to read the other stories to know what's happening. Total AU story taking place after Connor killed Jasmine in "Peace Out". So no Lilah making her offer, no taking Cordy hostage. Connor runs off to find himself and LA goes to pieces, making the demon war possible. So I changed "Peace Out". Sue me. Thanks to all that read before. You guys are great reviewers. So here's the rest of my version of the future for them. Please review any time. I need feedback!!!

Quote of the chapter: (yes, this will appear periodically because, hey, they are such better writers than I will ever be)

Wesley: "What happened to calmly, cautiously, and deliberately investigating before rushing in?"

Angel: "That was plan A. We've since moved on to plan B."

Wesley: "And plan B is . . . ?"

--Angel reaches over, hefts his battle-ax. This guy's ready to rock and roll.

Angel: "Do I really have to explain it to you, Wesley?"

--From "The Prodigal" Season One, written by Tim Minear

Chapter One – Slayer Central

Faith's heart was pounding a mile a minute. She was about to enter the danger zone known as Slayer Central. It was what she had named the place in Cleveland. She had endured the set-up for a while. The problem was the privacy, which was what she wanted in spades right at the moment. But the man standing beside her was having none of it. She had wanted to go back to Los Angeles, but it was still a complete mess.

"You're OK?" Wesley asked her again for the tenth time.

"You know, after the third time, it really does get old. Yes, I am for the tenth time."

"Didn't mean to sound redundant, love. You just seem . . . ."

"Agitated? Yeah, that I am. How would you feel if you lived in a dorm with twenty or so other slayers, all of which were teenagers. And girls. You think that my hormones are a problem at the moment. Wait until you experience it."

Wesley squeezed her hand a little tighter. Maybe he was feeling a little apprehensive. His mind was calm and in control. He hadn't experienced any more side effects in the last week, thank goodness. She was just afraid that the worst wasn't over for the two of them.

A girl screeched behind them, bringing them both out of that calm, cool and collected place.

"Faith. Where have you been?" Fourteen-year-old Denise could be such a girl, Faith thought. Blonde and pixie, she looked to be ten.

"Den, I'm fine. No screeching please."

"Who's he?"

"He's the more mentally stable, not so extra stubbly looking Marlboro Man who actually looks like he's gotten some sleep this time," a familiar voice echoed from behind them.

Wesley actually chuckled at the wicca's assessment of him. He must be feeling better.

"And here I thought that I was just his first cousin," Wesley replied as Willow walked to them, hugging each in turn.

Faith had missed this joke completely. She had just thought it was just Willow rambling like only Willow could. Maybe there was something to her analogy?

"I see you found our errant slayer. You gave the man a scare, Faith."

"Keeps him on his toes. How's things?"

Faith wanted everything to be peachy keen. She knew though by the look on Willow's face, that everything was not so keen.

"No joy yet. But I think I'm getting closer. Don't worry. It'll come to me. We can put our heads together on this now that the two of you are here."

"OK, no one's answered my question," Denise asked.

"And no one's gonna. Go away," Faith told her, annoyed as hell.

And Wesley couldn't be as rude as she was. "Wesley Wyndam-Pryce."

"Denise Roberts. Faith's pain in the butt."

"And here I thought that crown went to me," Wesley quipped.

"Very funny. Den, run along. The adults need to talk."

"But why?" Oh, how did Faith not miss the whining? It was much worse than Dawn ever was. And she wasn't around Dawn that much in her whining phase.

"Denise, it's late and I thought you had some studying to do?" Willow patiently asked.

"Yeah. I do. See ya," Denise said as she ran out of the room. Which meant only one thing – that the young slayer would run and tell everyone in the place that Faith brought someone with her back to Slayer Central.

"No screaming," Faith whispered in his ear right after she bit his earlobe. Him, scream? She was dreaming. She was the one who tended to be very loud during their time in bed.

"You're the one who's loud, my dear," he pointed out.

"I'm also the one with slayer muscles, buddy. Remember that."

Wesley chuckled. He remembered quite well how she had last used those muscles. And her pregnancy had made her definitely insatiable. Not that he didn't like having sex with Faith. It was just that it was four o'clock in the morning.

"Don't worry. I have a good memory. Are you done?"

"What do you mean, am I done?"

"Well, you woke me up for something," he moaned as she bit his neck.

"I was havin' this dream, about you as a matter of fact."

"You don't say." At least the dream hadn't been bloody. Or maybe it had.

"Ha. Not funny. No blood. I woke up too soon for that."

Faith worked her way down to his chest, slightly pulling on the hair. Good God, she'd kill him before the pregnancy was over with, he thought.

"You'll die happy."

"I believe you once told me that."

The way Faith was grinding against him, he knew that fast would be better. And since she was the one who woke him up out of a dreamless, comfortable sleep, he'd better hurry up the process.

He guided her over him, showing her without words what he wanted her to do. Her body was ready for him. The sight above him was intoxicating, as only Faith could be. She kept up a brutal pace, knowing exactly what he wanted. The link was still as strong as ever. Made for some interesting times in bed with her.

As she brought him over the brink and lost herself to it too, something pricked his mind. Something wasn't right. His chest tightened, flashes of memory seeping into his blissful state. Why on earth would those thoughts come up now?

His skin started to tingle just a little, then he felt what he thought was a knife slide into his skin. Two pictures presented themselves in front of him. Faith as she was now, coming down from her high and Faith as his torturer. As the knife slid in again, he gasped for air, not wanting to make a sound, just as he hadn't back then. It wouldn't be good if he showed her his pain.

"Wes, what's wrong?" she called to him, voice now far off.

"What's wrong, Wesley? Not feeling it enough," Faith's other voice taunted him. "I know of so many ways to make it hurt."

His hands automatically came up around the real Faith's throat and squeezed tight. This was what he had wanted to do at the time. To be able to stop Faith's madness, her descent into hell with one squeeze. But he hadn't been able to stop her. She was stronger, faster then. Now he was.

"Wes," Faith croaked out. Her hands came up around his own, trying to pry them away.

She had tied him down to a chair and tortured him for hours. His body burned wherever her hands touched. Too many cuts across his body, too much blood had escaped. He couldn't stop her. No one could stop her. Not even Angel. She needed to die.

Her punch wasn't unexpected. He wondered when she'd get around to stopping him. But it didn't hurt the way he had expected it to. And he just kept squeezing, willing the old Faith to go away for good. It was her high-pitched scream that escaped her closing windpipe that broke whatever spell that had been holding him. He loosened his hand and dropped it beside him on the bed.

Faith rolled off of him and huddled in a corner, trying to get her breath back. Wesley felt like he had woken up from a bad dream, his hands shaking. Running for the bathroom to vomit, he glanced at Faith for just a moment. She looked terrified. What had he done? After losing what was left in the contents of his stomach, he laid his head down on the cool tile and drifted back to unconsciousness, not realizing that he may have hurt Faith.

Faith pushed herself up off the floor right after Wes exited towards the bathroom. He had just tried to kill her. No doubt about that, she thought as she rubbed her sore neck. The look in his eyes, like he wanted her dead, made her shiver. She picked up her robe and ran from the room, wanting to find Willow.

Moments later, Faith was standing in a dark hallway in front of the wicca's door, pounding away.

"Oh man, there better be an apocalypse or something for waking me up at this hour," Faith heard Willow say as she opened her door.

"Faith," Willow started. "This better be good."

"Something's wrong with Wes," she managed to get out before Willow took her by the arm.

"Well, he's a little grumpy, but that's to be expected and all."

"He just tried to kill me."

"Oh, not what I expected. Should I wake the others?"

Faith motioned for Willow to follow her. "No, I think he had another one of those episodes. Kind of freaked out."

"Been there, done that, got left with some not so fun party favors."

Faith let Willow in to the room. Immediately Willow looked at the slayer, curiosity on her face. "What?" Faith asked.

"Weird. Smells like cinnamon. See, there's always a residual smell after powerful dark magicks are used. Mine's strawberries. Didn't know about any others."

Faith shuddered. Wes hadn't been touching any kind of dark magicks. Just still must be those damned aftereffects. When would he ever get rid of those?

"He didn't use any magick as far as I know."

"Well, if it was just more withdrawals, then you should be safe for now."

Safe for now? The man tried to strangle her, during sex. If that wasn't crazy, Faith didn't know what was.

"He's in the bathroom."

Faith didn't want to go in there alone. She wanted backup if he wanted to ring her neck again. Willow popped her head through the door, then came right back out.

"Really naked guy in there. You might want to grab a blanket or something. Not that I care or anything, but hey, he's your boyfriend. And it's Wes, which just wigs me out even more."

How did Willow know about the two of them? Well, probably talked to Xander and/or Giles and sharing a room were two clues.

"Who told you?" Faith asked as she pushed the door open to the bathroom gently with her foot.

The blanket she held was deposited over Wes. She could see that he was breathing slowly, but normally. At least the withdrawal hadn't caused any other problems.

"I just didn't fall off the turnip truck, Faith. I saw the two of you making lovey-dovey eyes at each other. Besides, Xander has a great big mouth."

Willow bent over to check Wesley.

"Is he . . . ?"

"Alive? Yeah. Although when he wakes up, he probably won't remember much of what happened. I went through much of the same thing the first time I used too much magicks."

Willow led the slayer back out of the bathroom, pulling the door almost closed.

"When is this going to be over with?" Faith wondered as she pulled her robe closer to her body. She could not handle a repeat of what happened tonight.

"It depends on how strong the magicks were when he used them. It took me weeks to come off of them the first time. Months after I tried to destroy the world."

"Ever try to kill anyone because of them?"

"Yeah. Giles was usually on the receiving end of the withdrawals. I can set up a protection spell for you. It'll last for a while, probably long enough for him to come out of it. Faith, it wasn't him."

Faith didn't understand it at all. It was Wesley who tried to strangle her. He wanted her dead. It just wasn't this Wesley. It was the Wesley that she had hurt those years ago. He had just wanted to stop her from hurting him.

"Yeah. Set up some sort of protection spell. I wouldn't want him to hurt anyone in his condition."

Faith felt the situation spiral out of her control. The magicks stuff had always frightened her. Now she was handing control over to Willow.

"We're here. You know that. You don't have to go through this alone."

"I'm scared," Faith cried. "He saved my life using that stuff. Now he has to suffer the consequences."

Faith never thought in a million years that Willow would hug her. Willow always had hugs for Buffy, Xander, even Giles at times, but the two had never gotten along that well. When the First had wrecked havoc on Sunnydale, their relationship had changed somewhat. And now here she was, depending on Willow to help her solve all of her problems. Things never surprised her any more.

"It will get better. From what I can tell, he's not suffering unless he has an episode. That is good. You just need to take it slow. Giles will be here in a few days. And we will find a way to cure the two of you."

"And if you don't?"

"Hey, positive energy." Willow looked at her with that resolve face, like she knew what was best for Faith.

Faith didn't know what was best for Faith. Damn, she didn't know what to do. Her lover had tried to kill her right after they had sex, he was coming down from some wicked-ass magicks, their mental connection was stronger than ever, which could potentially kill them. And to top it all off, she was really, really hungry right that instant because the damn asshole in the bathroom passed out on the floor had gotten her pregnant. How else could her life get any more complicated?

"Oh, and Giles said that Dawn and Connor were coming with."

Now her life was more complicated. Hormonal teenagers, hormonal slayers. Such an ugly combination. She needed a sandwich in the worst way.

"Hungry?" she asked the witch.

Next: Ah, yes, Slayer Central at its finest. Can Faith trust Wes not to kill her? Can Willow find a cure and set things right? Lots of questions to answer.

Author note: I know. I know. How many of you were waiting for the sequel? I am writing another fic at the moment, so I hope this one will come much easier than the other (Guardian Angel, shameless plug for the other one, which by the way, is way more angsty than this ever was). So thanks to all who have followed the other two fics. We will see where this one takes us. And finally, I am going to try and have a happy ending. You are so warned.