Dance for Me ––––– By: LinkGirl

Chapter 1: Cruel Kaiba

Disclaimer: You'd think this would be obvious; I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh or Dance Dance Revolution.

-Téa Gardner : Anzu Mazaki
-Joey Wheeler : Katsuya Jonouchi
-Tristan Taylor : Hiroto Honda


"Come on Yugi!!" Anzu called, staring up at Kame Game Shop's top window.

"Just a second!" came a muffled voice from inside.

Anzu tapped her foot impatiently and crossed her arms, 'Why does Yugi always have to take so long? It's not like he's got female needs...' she paused at the thought then ended up giggling to herself, but was quickly stifled when she heard the tiny bell on the door ring, signifying the arrival of little Yugi.

Yugi grinned sheepishly at her, his face slightly reddening, "I'm sorry Anzu."

She sighed, but smiled at his cute expression, "It's okay, but come on, we're going to be late!" and with that the two quickly headed off in the direction of the arcade.

— — —

Jonouchi frowned and stared into the traffic with an expression of extreme impatience, "WHERE ARE THEY!?!"

"Whoa, calm down Jonouchi; Yugi did say he might be a bit late," Honda tried to calm down his fuming friend.

Jonouchi grumbled, "He's not a bit late, he's really late!"

"OIIII!! JONOUCHI!! HONDA!!" Yugi cried at the top of his lungs.

"Wow, he's pretty loud when he wants to be..."

Yugi and Anzu stopped in front of the two, panting, "We're sorry."

"Yeah, Yugi took too long making his hair!"

Yugi went scarlet, "I DID NOT!!!"

"I'm just joking, Yugi!" though Anzu couldn't help but laugh at poor Yugi.

"Come on, come on, come on!" and without another word, Jonouchi roughly guided the group into the building. There was a new game the arcade had only acquired a few days ago, but Jonouchi had already become a master at it. All week he had been dying to show off his great "gaming skills" to the gang.

"Damn it! I knew there was going to be a line."

A crowd of people surrounded the new game console; it was impossible to see who the player was, and to add to the horribly large crowd, there was so much noise and talking that nothing could be made out.

Jonouchi glared at the crowd, his eye began to twitch, "What am I supposed to do now!?"

Yugi looked at the ground, a bit embarrassed; if he hadn't taken so long they might have arrived before the huge rush.

Anzu sighed, seeing Yugi's sad expression, "I bet the crowd will lighten up later. Let's play some other games, guys. We can come back later."

Jonouchi grumbled but agreed. However, right as the group turned their backs, silence rolled over the mass of people. "Huh?" They all looked back at the silenced crowd. They heard a few whispers from the confused people stuck in the back, but heard no answers to what had caused the sudden hush.

Jonouchi, being the curious individual that he was, stepped forward and forcefully made his way through the crowd, followed by Honda and Anzu. Yugi hesitated; he was afraid he might not make it out in one piece, but quickly made up his mind and attempted to follow his friends.

When Jonouchi got to the break in the crowd, he didn't like what he found, "KAIBA!?"

Indeed, it was Seto Kaiba playing at the game console. Mokuba stood beside him, cheering him on. The crowd watched in respect and awe, as if Kaiba were their master.

"What the–!? Kaiba what are you doing here!?" Jonouchi was ready to explode.

Kaiba didn't even look at him, "What do you want, mutt?"

The anger in Jonouchi's face could be seen by all the surrounding spectators, "YOU STOLE MY GAME!!!"

Kaiba stopped, and slowly turned to Jonouchi, "Your game? I don't remember seeing your name on it," he stated smoothly.

"Yeah, well... IT'S MY GAME!!!"

"Jonouchi, I think you're making too much of a deal about this," Anzu tried to reason with him, but it was no use.

Kaiba ignored the blinking "GAME OVER, NEW RECORD" on the screen behind him. "Well...If you think you are worthy enough to 'own' this game, which I highly doubt, you wouldn't mind trying to beat me in battle? Of course, the winner gains the right to play this game whenever he desires, but the loser will forever be forbidden from it," he jabbed his thumb at the game behind him then motioned to the crowd, "and be made a fool of in front of this entire arcade."

"Jonouchi, think this over first!"

"You don't have to–!"

It was too late to talk him out of it, "I accept your challenge! There's no way you can beat me at this game!"

Kaiba's famous smirk crawled up his face, "When did I say we would be playing this game?"

The color in Jonouchi's face faded away, and the faint sign of fear could be seen in his eyes. "What?" he half choked.

"We're not playing this game," once again Kaiba motioned to the console behind him. "We're going to play something a bit more...interesting."

The crowd parted as Kaiba walked away from Jonouchi; he headed to the far end of the arcade, and stopped in front of the Dance Dance Revolution machine. Everyone followed, with Mokuba, Yugi, Anzu, Honda, and Jonouchi at the head.

Jonouchi stared at the two DDR stations, "You aren't implying that we're going to play this, are you?!" his tone was both angry and fearful.

Kaiba just smirked at him, "That's exactly what I'm implying," and stepped up on to the first metal platform.

Jonouchi just stood his ground. Kaiba had to be joking, he couldn't possibly be expecting the two of them to duke it out on a dancing machine! "You can't be serious."

"Does that mean you're forfeiting?" he asked, quite seriously.


"Then hurry up, I don't have all day," the elder Kaiba spoke icily.

Jonouchi stared at Kaiba then at the machine; he slowly made his way forward, stepping awkwardly on to the machine. He tried to calm himself down; he had only played DDR a few times in his life, and all those times had been when Anzu and his little sister had chased/blackmailed him into the situation. 'There's no way in hell Kaiba knows how to dance! He's just trying to scare me into giving up! I can't let him get to me!'

"Are you ready, mutt?" Kaiba growled.

Jonouchi glared at him, he wasn't going to let Kaiba control him like some dog, "Yeah, are you?"

"I have a bad feeling about this," Yugi whispered to himself.

"You might want to change your level to light, mongrel."

It took Jonouchi a few seconds to understand what Kaiba was talking about, but he finally noticed three levels flashing on the screen; he was currently on standard. Of course, Jonouchi's stubborn side took over, "I'm fine where I am, I don't need no stupid handicap!"

"Whatever..." Kaiba muttered and moved his level to heavy. It was then it hit Jonouchi that Kaiba wasn't just fooling around, but it was beyond too late for any second thoughts.

"GET READY!" the mechanical announcer exclaimed, "GO!" Then the music began, and so did Jonouchi's "fall from fame."

"Holy shit!" was all Jonouchi could say before the stampede of arrows overtook him.

Within seconds most of the arcade had crowded around the DDR machine, and was staring at either Jonouchi's frantic jumping around or Kaiba's graceful moves.

Anzu took to staring at Kaiba, amazement flowing on to her face, "Kaiba can dance...?"

Yugi and Honda were too busy gaping at Jonouchi's horrible performance to admire Kaiba's incredible footwork.

Honda placed his head in his hands, "Jonouchi...You're missing every one of them!"

"Just hit one Jonouchi!!"

"I'M TRYING!!!" he screamed.

Kaiba laughed, "Has it finally hit you that you're going to lose?" even with the mass of arrows he had to deal with, Kaiba could still throw insults at his opponent.


"Jonouchi!" both Yugi and Honda shouted as Jonouchi fell. Without realizing it, Jonouchi had lost his balance to the machine, causing him to fall backwards into the crowd –well, the bar in between him and the crowd.


"Jonouchi! Are you okay?!"

Jonouchi only faintly heard Kaiba's laughing. How could he have fallen for such a nasty trick?

Anzu finally came back to reality as she heard the hard laughter of Kaiba and everyone around her, "Jonouchi!" She quickly joined Yugi and Honda; running to Jonouchi's side. "Jonouchi, are you okay?"

He didn't look up at them; he felt too ashamed to show his face.

"Jonouchi...?" Yugi placed his hand on Jonouchi's shoulder.

Jonouchi shrugged his hand off then slowly got up, still not daring to look at his friends. The song was finally over, and Kaiba was smirking at his broken opponent, "Are you done crying?"


Katsuya didn't want to listen to another word, he ran from the arcade, and didn't stop.

"JONOUCHI!!" Yugi ran after him, with Honda close behind. Most of the crowd was still laughing at the devastating defeat Kaiba had handed him. Anzu just stood her ground, looking at the place Jonouchi had stood, anger flowing through her.

"Kaiba! You bastard!" she sent him the most deadly of glares, "You're inhuman!"

"And what are you going to do about it? He was the one stupid enough to accept my challenge."

Anzu was shaking, "Kaiba!! For Jonouchi's honor, I challenge you to battle!!" she pointed to the DDR screen.

He smirked, "Whatever you say, your highness," and laughed.

If it wasn't for Anzu's morals, she would have gone over there and slapped Kaiba senseless. Nevertheless, this battle was to depend on dancing skill, and not on strength. Anzu was just hoping her skills were better than Kaiba's.

Both set their level to heavy, "GET READY! GO!" and thus the fight began.


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