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They looked at it with contempt, the round black top hat was filled to the rim with dozens of folded up bits of paper. On each piece of paper was the name of an animal or type of person and each teenager was to chose one and act like that for the entire day.

They continued to glare at it as it sat there smugly on Kitty's bed. After a few more moments of this behaviour, Evan spoke up, a grin on his face. "Come on, you all promised that if I managed to complete the danger room session first that you'd do this willingly." He continued to grin evilly.

"Ja, but how did you manage to beat Herr Logan's death trap?" The blue furry mutant that had made himself comfortable on the ceiling asked suspiciously. It was what everyone was thinking.

"Hey, I'm a genius."

Everyone burst out laughing.

"Good joke." Rogue punched him 'lightly' on the arm. "Ah guess we'll have ta do this then?" She sighed theatrically and picked up a piece of paper which she squinted at for a moment before groaning. "Ah can't believe this! Ah'm a -"

"Uh huh! You can't tell us!" Kurt laughed, still hanging upside down.

The Goth growled and looked at her piece of paper. "When does the acting start?"

"At ten, that gives you all half an hour to get into character. Game finishes at ten tonight."

Everyone stared at Evan for a long moment.

"Ok...we need to stop letting him watch the late night TV shows." Jean shook her perfectly made up hair and selected a piece of paper before letting out a muffled shriek. "I want to swap!"

"No swapping!" Kitty sang and took a piece of paper herself. "Oh no! Let's swap."

"No changing the rules." Sighed Scott as he frowned in confusion, why were they playing a game on their bank holiday Monday rather than doing homework and packing in extra danger room sessions? People would never cease to amaze him. "Let's see what I'm supposed to be." He nearly chocked when he read it. "This is stupid."

"You all promised." Evan cackled.

"Did you just cackle?" Rogue asked suspiciously.


"It sure sounded like it ta me."

"Err, let's see what I am." He read the piece of paper then stuffed it into his pocket. Everyone waited for a long moment. "What?"

"Aren't you going to go 'oh no'?" Kitty asked carefully.


Kurt was looking at his own piece of paper. "Are ve supposed to dress up as vell?"

The telekinetic hit him with a flying brush.

"Vhat vas zhat for?"

"You're making it worse!"

Evan intervened. "You're to dress up if you can and I'm sure everyone can at least improvise." He tapped his pocket. "I hope."


This was ridiculous! Jean fumed as she sat in front of her mirror. This was just...cruel! Ok, it would have been funny if she had to be a Goth, or a valley girl, that was her friends humour. But this? It was...

Her hands shaking, she picked up her brush and started to run it through her hair. One last moment of being perfect. Next she scrubbed her hair and nearly cried at the instant mess. Jean sighed, she'd have to go and ask Evan for some clothes...


"Aaee." Scott pointed his fingers at the mirror then let his arms drop. Maybe the hair gel was a little too much, and why he had gone for a D.A was beyond him. Then there was this ridiculous accent he had to put on to.

It wasn't going to work, he knew it now and he hated to let down the team. Then a brain wave hit him, he knew that Kitty had a DVD of Grease in her room, perhaps... Yes, half an hour would probably be enough time to analyse what he needed.

"Aaee!" Nope, still wasn't working. He needed a comb.

Maybe click his fingers at the same time.


Kitty sighed at herself in the mirror. She didn't look at all what she was meant to be! Perhaps she could brush her hair to look like floppy ears and maybe even paint her nose black? She looked in the mirror again and sighed.

Black was just not her colour and she somewhat doubted that it was going to make her look any more of her role character than her ordinary clothes. Then again she had never seen one wearing a pink blouse and jeans.

"Err!" She threw her brush across the room. Oh well, there was one thing she could do fairly easy. "Woof?"

Perhaps she'd have to settle for a terrier.


There was a long moment of utter silence for Rogue, despite her music pounding its heavy drum beat in the back ground. The world had gone still, Armageddon had arrived!

"Ah stop being so dramatic." She muttered then looked at herself in the mirror. Gone was the black makeup and lipstick, gone was the black clothing. She had been reduced to white long sleeved top, white jeans and white trainers, a fluffy white jacket sat on her shoulders. On her head was a fluffy set of rabbit ears.

But what made it so much more worse was the big pom pom on her bum.

"Nah, ah deserve ta be dramatic." She wrinkled her nose at the mirror. "Squeak?"


Life wasn't worth living. Evan looked at himself in the mirror and fiddled with the star shaped badge on his chest. No, life would not be worth living in the near future. Though he was curious to know if he actually suited his clothing, but that would have to wait and see.

When Logan got a sight of him, he would be deader than a corpse.


The final person in the X-mansion preparing for characterisation was Kurt who was busily flossing his teeth and singing away to a song by the Stray Cats. He had ten minutes to go and decided it was more than enough for him to get ready.

It took him nearly that length of time to dig out the worst possible present he had ever been given – a set of blue three quarter length shorts that were just a shade lighter than his fur. He left the tops alone.

There, he was ready. Well almost. It took him a few seconds to brush his hair so that it was reasonably fluffy as did his tail. That done, he looked in the mirror and smiled before joining into the words of the song.

"Stray cat strut, stray cat strut." He pulled the words out to match the tune and teleported downstairs. The blue furry mutant was sure he was going to win this hands down.