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Logan smiled darkly and watched the X-men struggle to get past the various levels of defence systems. They were all specifically designed for speed and agility – and had to be completed on their own with no outside help from each other.

"Ya know, this was a good idea, Fang."

"Ja." Kurt nodded as he rested on Logons shoulder and sipped his good European beer, the prize for completing the session first. It was, unbelievably, the professor's idea in an attempt to stop the madness.

"So then, what have you got planned in your spare hour whilst these chumps are still trying to get past the first hurdle?"

"Ah, Ororo has asked me to help her vith her knitting."

"How does that work?"

"I just go meow and she talks uninterrupted."

Logan nodded slowly. "And where's the knitting part?"

There was a sigh. "You'll see later."

"I can't wait."



The teenagers dragged themselves from the danger room, plotting several plans against Kurt. These methods included the use of an electric razor, some tar and feathers and oddly enough, weasel.

When they dragged their weary forms into the living room, they all stopped to stare at Kurt who was sitting comfortably on the floor with a chunky white knitted jumper on. He was nodding and meowing as he read a book on his lap.

"Oh, hello." Ororo put down her knitting. "Do you like Kurt's jumper? I'm not so sure he likes the matching ankle and tail warmers however.

Kurt flicked his tail to show the offending item and uncrossed his legs to show those ones too. He then returned back to comfortably sitting.

Logan grinned and sat down on the couch. "I don't think this little incident will have too many lasting effects, right Fang?"


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