Author's Note: This is my second fanfic about Shuuichi and Botan and Hope you'll like it just the way you like my first ever Shuuichi and Botan story. I dedicate this Chapter or rather the whole story to those who read and reviewed my story "Game Called Love" and also those whose birthday are near.

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Summary: Botan never love anyone else but Shuuichi. The only problem is he doesn't know that, that's why he had hurt her so much without knowing. He left Japan to take care of their business in L.A. leaving Botan hurt. But ten years later he's back in Japan and something happen that he can't handle and the only person he knows that can help him is Botan herself. Botan succeed in getting over Shuuichi but will she help him and risk falling in love with him again.

Chapter One: Prologue

September 22, 1994

Dear Diary,

Shuuichi has gone to L.A. he'll be taking over their company

There. I know I should be happy for him and for myself. For

Him because he already graduated and for me because it will

Be easy for me to forget him. By the way he stop by here to

Say goodbye it's a good thing I still have classes at least I don't

Have to say goodbye to him because I know it will only hurt me

So much seeing him go.

Seven Years Later...

September 1, 2001

Dear Diary,

I got a lot of patient today and I must tell you I never felt

More tired than today and with night classes for my P.H.D

I haven't got a chance to sleep for ages. Anyway I still

Dreamt about Shuuichi but not often as before, I think I'm

Finally getting over him.

One Year Later...

October 3, 2002

Dear Diary,

I got it I can't believe I got the slot. Can you believe it I'll

Be going to New York for a Baby's Health Seminar. Mind you

It's for a month meaning one month sleeping in a hotel, eating

A free meals and the best of all is the free time for us to shop

And look around the city anyway we'll be leaving the day after


One Year Later...

September 1, 2003

Dear Diary,

Well this is my second to the last year to study before I get

My license to be a fully pediatrician so you better wish me luck.

Also there was a rumor around town saying that Shuuichi

Minamino is coming back to Japan.

One Year Later...

September 1, 2004

Dear Diary,

Well Diary this is my last year and I'm finally getting my license

But if I got good news I have a bad news too and that is

Shuuichi Minamino is back in Japan but I'm sure he'll not be

Around this town. How I hope not... Please not in this place...

Well I know this chapter sucks but I really have a good idea so please bear with me beside the diary is important in the near future.