Title: Blind Curve
Summary: CCTV footage of Rosslyn had seemed to be the worst of their problems this week, but you never know what's around the corner.
Spoilers/Episode: Set in an a/u starting after season 5, Memorial Day. This chapter takes place a month after Chapter 4.
Characters: Ensemble.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Sorry if they're yours, I'll bring them right back.

Part VI

The Residence, Thursday 1.30am

Abbey found Jed sat in the kitchen eating a bag of potato chips and drinking a beer. "What's happened?" she asked.

"You think I've lost Leo?" Jed asked without looking at his wife.

Abbey stalled for time, "What bought that on?"

"I don't know," Jed shrugged and looked up at her. "I thought you were in bed."

"I was, until I realized you weren't. What's going on with Leo?"

"I can't reach him."

"You've been friends a long time, you'll work it out. What happened?"

"I kind of implied that Josh was more likely to listen to me than him."

Abbey sat down. "On a work matter?"

"No, something personal."

"Ah. Leo was angry?"

"More dismissive than angry."

"Is Josh okay?" Abbey asked.

"There's a documentary being made about CCTV and privacy. They have footage from Rosslyn of Josh being shot and then waiting to be found."

"You're kidding. Toby must be spitting fire."

"I don't know, probably," Jed agreed. "Josh has watched it, he says to let them use it."

"And you told Leo you wanted to talk to Josh, even though he'd already spoken to him?" Abbey guessed


Abbey shook her head and sighed. "How is he?"

"Angry with me I'd imagine."

"I meant Josh."

"Leo says he seems fine. According to Charlie, Donna thinks Josh will be alright. He's gone out tonight with her and Toby."

"Donna and Toby will look after him."

"You don't think maybe Donna has enough problems of her own?" Jed asked.

Abbey smiled to herself. Like anyone in love, she knew that Donna didn't consider Josh a problem any more than he considered her one, not that Abbey was about to share that with her husband. "Come back to bed."

"Soon," he promised.


The West Wing, Thursday Afternoon

Josh handed Toby a folder and stood expectantly in front of his desk.

"What?" Toby asked.

"You not going to ask if I'm okay?"

"Would you answer honestly if I did?"

Josh shrugged and smiled slightly, "I'll see you later."

"Hey," CJ smiled at Josh as she entered Toby's office and Josh left.

"He's fine," Toby told her as she watched Josh walk away.


"Stop walking on egg shells," Toby instructed.

"I'm just concerned for a friend."

"I know, he knows, but you'll drive him mad. Leave him alone. If he needs help he'll get it."

CJ nodded but didn't look convinced. "I thought he was okay, but after the bomb in Gaza, I don't think he is," she confided.

Toby wasn't comfortable discussing his friend's personal lives, but he tried. "He has PTSD, CJ, it doesn't go away but he has it under control. He was fine last night. Donna won't let him get away with anything."

"I'm not sure he'll talk to Donna, he might think she has enough going on."

"He will, after the talking to she gave him last night he wouldn't dare not do."

"I'm still keeping an eye on him," CJ replied and Toby sighed.

"You spoke to your mom again?" Leo asked Josh after their meeting with the Secretary Of Transportation had ended.

"She's still pissed at me, she'll be fine," Josh replied as he gathered his papers. "Did I tell you she was dating?"

"Seriously?" Leo smiled. "That's great."

"His name's John, apparently."

"And you're okay with it?" Leo asked.

"Why does everyone ask me that? Of course I am, it's her life. I mean I obviously want to meet him, check him out, you know."

Leo grinned, "Make sure his intentions toward your mother are honorable."

"Yeah, that kind of thing," Josh agreed.

Leo studied Josh for a second, he'd been putting off asking all day because Josh looked fine, but he had to check. "You feeling alright?"

"Oh God, not you as well."

"You feeling alright?" Leo repeated.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Slept like a baby."

"Most babies wake up screaming every two hours," Leo told him.

"Then I slept like a very well behaved baby," Josh replied. "Honestly, I thought I wouldn't sleep, but I did."

Margaret knocked and entered her boss's office. "Nancy McNally on 2."

"Thanks, Margaret."

"I'll see you later," Josh smiled and left the office with Margaret.

Once Margaret had closed the door, Leo pressed 2 and listened to what Nancy had to tell him. After he hung up, he knocked on the adjoining door and entered the Oval Office. "I'm sorry to interrupt. Do you have a moment, Sir?"

Jed excused himself from the group he was meeting and joined Leo at the side of the office. "What's happened?"

"We're needed in the situation room in twenty minutes," Leo told him. "There's been a threat."

"Against whom?"

"Us, specifically The White House, The Pentagon and The Capitol."

"What kind of threat?"

"I guess we find out in twenty minutes," Leo replied.


Chapter 7 will be along soon.....