Title: Blood Pact

Author: Blitz Magnus

Chapter: 1?

Status: re-edited and completed

Pairings: future Kuroro x Kurapika

Genre: Romance/Humor + a bit of Drama/Adventure

Warnings: This fic contains shounen-ai (male x male relationship). So if you don't and can't stomach this kind of genre, don't read. Characters are extremely OOC. This is a product of boredom, an endless spiral of empty space, and a lame attempt at making fiction. You have been forewarned, so no flames regarding these matters.

Rating: PG-13 (T)

Disclaimer: Hunter x Hunter© original story and characters belong not to me, but to the legendary Yoshihiro Togashi.

Author's Notes: The timeline is set at the end of the OVA, right after Kuroro's capture by Kurapika, and picks up in between the OVA and the Greed Island arc. The events of the story take place after the negotiations between Pakunoda and Kurapika are over, as well as the exchange of hostages. Changes made in the actual series for the purpose of writing this fic are as follows: 1.) Kurapika was not able to seal Kuroro's nen during Kuroro's confinement, 2.) Kurapika did not take off his disguise as a female hotel receptionist during the entire confrontation between him and the Danchou, 3.) Pakunoda never revealed Kurapika's weakness to the spiders (meaning she didn't die), 4.) Hisoka has yet to uncover his betrayal to the Genei Ryodan (meaning he didn't show up during the hostage exchange).

Summary: With Gon and Killua safely back into the fold and out of harm's way after negotiations with the Genei Ryodan were concluded, Kuroro Lucifer makes his move on the unsuspecting Kurapika and roped him into becoming a part of them, indirectly, on the aftermath of their encounter. Kurapika, in turn, manages to learn more about the Kuruta Red-Eyes in his stay with the Genei Ryodan and he's less than happy with the results as he got more than what he'd bargained for. Never did he dream that he'd turn into one of them, and things get more complicated when he realized he'd fallen for the enemy.


Chapter One: Endless Vertigo

Milwaukee Avenue, York Shin City

September 9

19:45 PM

The gathering of storm clouds and the sudden heavy downpour had been an omen of impending misfortune.

The last surviving member of the Kuruta tribe had always prided within himself to have immense amount of self-control over his emotions, regardless of the situation or his surroundings, but once the mere mention about 'spiders' came up, to say that chances of him turning into one seriously pissed off mean son-of-a-bitch are big would be the understatement of the century.

And so it was never a rational thought for one certain Kurapika Kuruta to sit back and quietly stay in the dark whenever the topic of spiders or Genei Ryodan came within peripheral vision or hearing.

Which was why in his current state of mind, he was positively livid; his glowing crimson red eyes screamed bloody murder as he tried to buck himself off his captor's shoulders.

After all, it wasn't everyday your plans tend to blow up in your face dead on, and finding the very bane of your existence carrying you around in York New City over his shoulders like a sack of heavy potatoes with chains bound around your wrists and ankles when the contraptions were supposedly your own choice of weaponry and you were supposed to have mastered the skill of controlling it.

Come to think of it, this was definitely not on his to-do list, even the mere thought of having a conversation with one member of the hated spider group made his skin crawl, unless of course it meant screaming bloody murder at the top of his lungs and included mutilation of certain body parts of the Genei Ryodan.

So how the hell did he end up becoming the prey in the spider's web instead of the other way around as he had planned?

Seething with anger, not to mention blood pressure going into overload, Kurapika cursed and spat out vicious blasphemies at the tall, raven-haired man currently holding him captive. But since he was gagged, no coherent word could be made out.

"It's no use trying to struggle."

Kurapika's entire stature, despite its awkward position, stiffened in tension at the baritone voice.

"Paku fulfilled what was expected of her. We didn't breach any contract we made. It's your own fault, you failed to predict this outcome."

Kurapika hissed.

It was the calm in the voice of the head of the Genei Ryodan that cut through Kurapika's rambling thoughts. It was quite disturbing the way that Kuroro Lucifer was dealing with the situation that made the Kuruta captive's eyes narrow into slits as he glared at him hatefully from his upside-down position.

It looked as though the Spider's head was used to these kinds of situations and was looking very much like an everyday habit for him to be carrying around hostages across one shoulder while traipsing about in muddy streets amidst the heavy downpour.

Since the chain-assassin was currently gagged and bound at both wrists and ankles, he could only manage to squirm and try to buck himself off—which proved futile since the blasted Spider had caught his waist in a death-grip.

And so he settled with a withering glare instead.

Said captor had the nerve to chuckle at his predicament caused by his own carelessness, making his already overflowing rage multiply tenfold all over again.

"For a girl, you certainly are tougher than you look."

At these words, Kurapika frowned, confusion etched in his snarling face while he assessed his current state.

The wig he had used to impersonate a hotel receptionist was still plastered over his own mane of blonde hair, albeit hanging a bit haphazardly over his head, which meant that his true gender had not yet been revealed. The lavender-colored suit he had 'borrowed' definitely helped conceal his chest, or lack thereof.

Which was good, meaning he still had one upper hand in the situation. It was spoiled, however, when he noticed that the spawn of the devil holding him captive was engaged in a conversation that sounded way too blasé for his own liking.

Wait a minute. Where the fuck is he taking me?

His unspoken question was soon answered, for the leader of the spiders was now deep in conversation with his comrades over his cellular phone.

"That's right, I've captured the chain-assassin. Return to the hideout immediately and we'll settle the situation."

Not if I can help it.

Kurapika glowered as he tried, once more, to buck himself off.

"No, the brats aren't with us," Kuroro explained via cellular phone, "Paku will give you the details when she gets there."

Kurapika froze.

Gon. Killua.

He'd never forgive himself if anything had happened to those two. It was because of his carelessness that led to their confinement. Thank God he'd managed to save them from those savages even if it meant his own capture in return.

The exchange of hostages was made after he'd struck the bargain with Pakunoda. It was his own miscalculations that he neglected to call in a temporary truce during the entire ordeal, which was also the reason why he was completely caught off guard when a startling presence presented itself behind him and suddenly grabbed him by the waist.

Senritsu had immediately exclaimed a sharp warning, Leorio's bellow of outrage filled the vicinity, alerting Gon and Killua, but it had already been too late.

The Spider head had easily plucked him off the runway of the airstrip before he was able to get aboard the airship, managing to evade Gon and Killua's immediate haste to retrieve him when they realized their folly.

Said Spider leader had immediately hightailed it out of the runway with his female comrade with Kurapika's petrified form slung over one shoulder as they practically phased out of Gon and Killua's line of vision. Pakunoda had already moved ahead of them in compliance with their Danchou's orders, thus Kurapika was irrevocably stuck with his worst enemy, the Genei Ryodan's head, for the time being.

It was a stupid move on his part, he knew now, when he'd used Chain Jail on the Genei Ryodan head, he'd failed to permanently seal his enemy's nen upon his release of the chains. A price he'd have to pay for the grievous error he'd committed on his part.

Kurapika's senses were going into overload, mainly because he had been in his Red-Eyes state for far too long a period of time that of which was already draining most of his nen reserves. Knowing he'd have to wait out the situation, his pupils dilated and contracted into a flash of brilliant red, before returning to its normal blue color.

Sensing that his nen was rapidly depleting by the second and his stamina speedily dropping to its lowest point, he slumped wearily in his position and passed out in exhaustion.


Halliwell Boulevard, York Shin City

19:51 PM

+(Kuroro POV)+

Turning at a corner of the deserted street, he felt the weight over his shoulder contract like a tight bow before the sagging against his taller frame.


His prey had passed out.

It was disturbing to say in the least that the one who had managed to kill the strongest member of their group in terms of physical strength had been a girl, not to mention a pint-sized one at that.

Not that the chain-assassin was that vertically-challenged, but the body was indeed compact and slim, and relatively small compared to his own height of 5' 11", not to mention Ubogin's towering monstrous size, it was definitely an amazing feat that she had managed to capture, let alone eliminate, one of their best fighters.

The girl had definitely not been graced with active pituitary glands and had obviously gotten stuck on the growth gap years as she had yet to hit a mark on pituitary glands, but she sure packed one hell of a right hook despite her puny size—he had the bruises on his face, a swollen left cheek, a whopping black-eye, and a throbbing jaw to vouch for that.

The chain-assassin was definitely not to be taken lightly, he had to know of course, as it was pure dumb luck that he managed to escape the Chain Jail. The girl certainly knows how to handle herself, Kuroro mused to himself as he recalled the sealing abilities executed by the contraption when he'd been imprisoned in them.

But for the grace of a dying windstorm and the congestion of vehicles in York Shin City, managed to elude the two brats tailing him with a vengeance when he'd snatched the chain-assassin right from under their noses. If he had moved a millisecond later than that, he would've been dead and buried by now as he already figured out the quick reflexes of the chain-assassin.

Come to think of it, if looks could kill, he would've been dead and writhing for a thousand times by now with the chilling glares the chain-assassin had given him upon his capture at the sudden dramatic change of tables.

Tightening the grip on his captive's waist, he shifted his lightweight load over his arms and carried the sleeping assassin in bridal-style fashion while he contemplated the events. He'd bet all his assets that the pretty thing hardly weighed more than a ton, considering the fact that he break a sweat and might as well be carrying a feather pillow for all the 'weight' the girl had put on, chains and all. Kuroro snorted, girls and their constant obsession with skinniness. Adding a few more pounds to the dead weight in his arms wouldn't strain him a bit.

His thoughts trailed off, and pondered over certain far more important matters.

First, the chain-assassin was obviously the last surviving member of the Kuruta tribe. Those eerie red orbs glaring into his very soul but a few moments ago were proof of that.

Second, this merciless killer had managed to take down Ubo, who is thrice her size and weight with probably the hardest and toughest hide ever. Nobunaga will definitely blow a fuse at this. Then again, the chains used by this person was created from gugenka (materialization) nen, and managed to seal even his own similar form of nen, rendering his abilities useless and thus forcing him to go into zetsu almost immediately.

Third, he'd felt the fluctuation of the chain-user's nen rise dramatically higher than usual when those eyes glowed bright red, not to mention that his nen capabilities rose to a hundred percent in all aspects. Meaning he won't be able to steal this one's ability, since it requires the participation of certain body parts to be able to unleash its full potential. The Red-Eyes definitely have a lot of say in this.

Fourth, in addition to gugenka, the chain-user also has tokushitsu abilities. Indeed they share many common aspects. The kusari-wielder will certainly be none too happy about this fact.

Lastly, if this one indeed managed to take out Ubo and still remains standing, not to mention breathing, then she is certainly worthy of earning a place in the Spider.

Kuroro paused in mid-thought, Nobunaga would not only blow a fuse at the mere suggestion of this, he'd sooner swallow lumps of burning coals and turn cartwheels in front of Hisoka rather than accept added insult to injury on his damnable pride. Next to Ubogin, the samurai had some serious anger-management issues to consider.

The samurai would definitely scream bloody murder and go on a high-strung rampage from hell worthy of Ubo's infamous tantrums rather than accept the fact that the chain-user was a worthy candidate to join their group. Hell, it'd probably take the superhuman effort of combined Franklin and Phinx to restrain Nobunaga's anticipated 'outburst'.

Hell, Ubo, why did you have to go and die on us?

Resentment was not a familiar emotion to Kuroro Lucifer, after all, it was his detachment to feelings and emotions that was essentially what constituted to him into becoming the leader of Spider. He'd felt no grief or remorse over the loss of his comrade, but only acknowledged the loss of a valuable asset who contributed to the code of the group. Therefore, he felt no intense anger towards the chain-assassin, only a sense of curiosity at the unimaginable feat he'd managed to take down Ubo.

He'd felt his load squirm slightly in his embrace and emitted a low groan. The sound was guttural and strained, if there was any indication that the chain-assassin was exhausted beyond recognition, it was the fact that he was sleeping soundly on his enemy's chest without any preamble.

Kuroro had a feeling the girl would rather be caught dead and rolling in spitfire than find herself in a compromising position with him. The term 'fraternizing with the enemy' rings a few bells, but it was the least of his worries.


"Hanase! I'll kill that blasted chain-assassin even if it's the last thing I'll do!"

To say that Nobunaga had taken it all in a stride was an understatement. Hell, even cantankerous was a light term to describe the enraged sword fighter. He looked downright bloody furious.

As predicted, Nobunaga's outburst topped it all off again. Said rampaging swordsman had immediately gone on a series of explosive tirades, which had droned on despite the fact that he'd told the hotheaded samurai to shut his trap in an already none-too-subtle way when he felt the beginnings of a headache.

With a throbbing jaw and sporting a still-swollen shiner over his right eye, Kuroro Lucifer could only listen to the heated ranting in silent agony as the samurai member of their group burst out in another series of ear-splitting tirades, raising his hideously sore voice above the din.

Phinx's arms were currently engaged in a death-grip headlock over the berserk samurai's neck in an attempt to restrain the hotheaded swordsman while Franklin's massive arms locked Nobunaga's arms in place.

Pakunoda stood squarely on fallen debris of collapsed pillars beside their leader while keeping an eye on the unconscious form of Kurapika lying on the barren floor of the abandoned warehouse. Kuroro had given specific instructions to remove the chains confining their prisoner right after he'd placed the dead weight in front of her, and Pakunoda was already beginning to doubt the wisdom of their leader's decision and was tempted to question his sanity as of this very moment. After all, pandemonium was bound to break loose.

Coltopi, Shizuku and Machi observed the entire scenario sitting on a slab of fallen walls across the other side of the squabbling trio. The healer was sporting a frown on her face, while Coltopi sat cross-legged and watched the exchange boredly, well, as best as what the healer could decipher from her companion's face since the hair resembling somebody's mop, covered most parts of her face save one bulging eye. Shizuku, the resident airhead, only looked on as she idly thumbed a book between her fingers.

Hisoka, perverse creature that he is, didn't blink twice at the commotion and continued building his stack of cards at the topmost slab of concrete inside the wasted area, mumbling something about 'jaded barmaids' and 'bespectacled binoculars' amusedly to himself. Bonorenofu, the resident mummy, was as usual silent as a tomb during the entire ruckus.

The day just simply had to get better.

"This girl was the one who killed Ubo?" Phinx blurted out, disbelief written all over his stern face.

"Who cares if it's a fucking girl! I'll kill her still!"

Pakunoda nearly missed the implication of that statement, and her eyebrows knitted together in confusion. She averted her gaze and dared to spare their leader an exasperated look. And nearly fell off from her standby position when the look on their leader's face clearly showed that he was also oblivious to the fact that their chain-assassin was male, and not quite the opposite.

"Cut it out, Nobunaga," Franklin squeezed the samurai's ribs in warning.

"I'll do and say as I please! Now get these posts you call hands off me before I cut them off!" Nobunaga's bellow of outrage was drowned out when Franklin tightened his hold even more.

"Danchou told us to wait, so we wait," Franklin grunted.

"Loosen up the hold a bit, Franklin, you're cutting off Nobu's air supply. Look, he's turning purple," Shalnark muttered offhandedly.

"I'll guarantee you it's not because of lack of oxygen in his lungs. It's just his blood pressure blowing the lid off," Phinx retorted sarcastically.

"Nobu, calm down before you burst a capillary."

"Shut up and let me go, you overgrown bafoon!"

A low crack was heard above the din as Nobunaga cussed, feeling his already sore ribs tighten once more. Shalnark and Phinx visibly winced when they'd heard the snapping sound of bending bones.

"Who's a bafoon?"

"You!" came an indignant reply.

"And what would you call Ubo?"

"A baboon."

Nobunaga scowled.

It was Feitan, the sadistic freak, who'd answered, managing to lighten the tense atmosphere between the two and smiles blessedly cracked out on the once-stern faces of the Genei Ryodan members since the Danchou's arrival with the chain-assassin.

Kuroro watched the entire escapade with thinly veiled amusement, though his facial expression betrayed none of his inner sentiments.

Shalnark, on the other hand, was currently in deep concentration typing away at his laptop at top speed to gather information about the Hunter license card they'd found on the chain-assassin's prone body. Feitan now kept suggesting gruesome ways to finish off their prey in delighted anticipation, not to mention listing them off one by one in detail.

A loud thwacking sound echoed throughout the barrage of noise. Moments later, Feitan was sporting yet another swollen forehead when three members of the feared Genei Ryodan had simultaneously bopped and cuffed him on the head— mainly Machi, Phinx and dubiously, Franklin, respectively.

"Shut it, Feitan."

Feitan scowled, rubbed his head but nevertheless complied and muttered an intelligible oath under his breath.

Franklin, who had managed to restrain the still-raving Nobunaga with one massive arm while barking out orders to shut Nobunaga and Feitan up, suddenly tossed the unsuspecting samurai to the equally unsuspecting Phinx, who had abandoned the earlier futile attempt to calm down the enraged samurai, and was now forced to resume his former position—that of keeping the ballistic samurai in check.

"What the fuck was that for, Franklin?" Nobunaga barked out right after a string of curses.


It was then that they realized that Pakunoda had leapt down from her position and had her hands tensed in preparation of the upcoming onslaught.

Alertness heightened tenfold over the group as they watched their captive's attempts to move.

"Shh, sleeping beauty's waking up," Feitan taunted.

"No shit, Sherlock," came Phinx's smart retort, thus making Feitan's eyes narrow in irritation.

The object of their watchful stares soon stirred from his slumbering position on the cold floor.

Kurapika was quick to regain his senses, but his body, still worn-out from his previous activities, was a bit slower to recover but nonetheless managed to keep up with his mind. Using the palm of his left hand, he braced his weight and lifted his body off the ground with one graceful push.

Sensing the presence of other auras in the room, and that he was being watched carefully, the Kuruta raised his eyes to scan the room.

His line of vision landed on Pakunoda, and in automation, his eyes glowed into a bright, scarlet red shade as he snarled, nen rising dramatically off the scale and whipped out his Judgment Chain, poised and ready to attack at will.

"Move and you die."

Kurapika froze in mid-stroke, chains dangling wildly from his fingers as his nen level went haywire at eye contact with the samurai who had spoken the harsh order. He calculated his moves as gears in his brain moved on its own accord in response to his untimely presence in hostile grounds. One vital mistake would prove to be fatally dangerous.

"Well, well, well. The lady certainly has a temper," a sly voice drawled out from the group.

The Kuruta's eyes narrowed, before digesting the sarcastic remark made by Feitan.

Lady? What lady?

Kurapika shook off his train of lost thoughts as they went off track and viciously yanked off the plum-colored wig off his head. After tossing the said wig aside, he used his sleeve to wipe off the lipstick he'd used earlier off his mouth before resuming his killer glare at the group.

A string of incoherent curses erupted from the onlookers. Though some were slower to catch on, but in the end, nearly everyone had the same reaction.

"What the hell-?"

"She's a—"

"Oh fuck me!"

"Onna jane--!"


"What in tarnation-!"

"We've been duped!"

Oaths and blasphemies were heard from the cruder male members of the group, while the women remained silent, albeit sporting similar looks of disbelief on their faces.

Even Kuroro had been shocked speechless.

Sure the voice was a bit deeper than that of a female's, but never in a million dreams had it ever crossed his mind that their chain-assassin was a cross-dresser, a darn good one at that, too, since he'd managed to dupe even the head of the Spiders.

Pakunoda was the only one who showed no surprise at the turn of events, as she had already known his true gender from the very beginning by the memories she had gathered from the two boys, Gon and Killua, who were the chain-assassin's friends slash accomplices. Hisoka had been humming for the past few minutes, and hadn't stopped at all when Kurapika disclosed his gender.

To say in the least, all occupants of the room, save Kurapika, Pakunoda and Hisoka, were flabbergasted by the revelation.

"Hell, he looks like a girl!" Phinx was the first one to recover and voice out his opinions aloud.

"Onna-otoko," Feitan muttered almost inaudibly under his breath as he stared incredulously at the sight. If it was one thing he couldn't stand, it was cross-dressers.

"He even sounded like one on the phone!" Phinx added as an afterthought as he quickly loosened his hold on the equally stunned Nobunaga as though scalded.

"Point driven across. Thank you. Taken and duly noted, Phinx. You can stop being defensive," Machi retorted sarcastically.

Nobunaga had his mouth hung open wide in disbelief, his jaw slack as he stood perplexed and utterly dumbfounded, with his sword unsheathed, although his grip on the hilt had slackened a little when Kurapika had revealed his true gender.

More similar oaths about the 'onna gata' circled across the room after the commotion.

The sinister-looking leader of the spider stood transfixed by the startling beauty of the chain-assassin, albeit a right down pissed off one at that. When Kurapika had yanked off the wig, revealing golden-blonde hair, he had been captivated by the sheer beauty of the vision, who was also currently glaring daggers at him and his companions. He had been totally unprepared for the sudden surge of lust the blonde evoked within him.

Who knew that under those muddy clothes and mussed-up hair was a pale-faced angel in disguise. No, correction, one extremely pissed off murderous angel who would happily carve murals over their dead, rotting carcasses and hang them all up in a stinking peg for all the care he had in the world if given the choice.

Hah, fat chance. No way in nine hells was he ever going to let that happen. He'd had to know, as he was the spawn of Satan himself. He wasn't called Lucifer for nothing.

When those eyes glowed scarlet and fixed him with a death glare, he was lost as he stared at their fathomless depths, even from a far distance.

He'd felt himself drowning in those crimson depths.

"Genei Ryodan."

Each syllable was enunciated in a downright hard tone of voice laced with venom and dripping with hatred as he uttered it. Kuroro immediately reverted back to his former thoughts, and though totally confused by the emotions his supposed self-proclaimed 'enemy' managed to evoke in him by the mere revelation of his gender, the Spider head managed to squash those foreign and pleasant, albeit unwanted, feelings and concentrate on the matter at hand.

He was, after all, an unfeeling bastard—many of his so-called enemies had proclaimed him to be that, in different words, which connoted the exact same meaning of the term, except each was phrased in a more euphemistic manner.

Kuroro's entire demeanor didn't change.

"Interesting. Indeed a surprising turn of events," Kuroro murmured.

"Looks can be deceiving," Kurapika spat out harshly as his spine stiffened rigidly.

Nobunaga, who'd manage to recover, was now brandishing his sword in a swing of arms as he could no longer contain his anger and exploded, "Chain-assassin, it's time for you to pay for what you did to Ubo!"

Kurapika's crimson eyes swung over to the owner of the voice, the glowing red orbs burning with loath and hatred, "What I did to him was nothing compared to the vile deeds you've done."

Nobunaga, red with uncontrolled rage, gave a guttural war cry and launched a swift attack at Kurapika.

The Kuruta caught the blade in mid-swing with his chains, using it as an anchor to yank Nobunaga off balance and throw him off.

"Kisama…" the samurai easily dodged one of the chains that whipped out lashing against him and executed another assault.


Kurapika and Nobunaga both froze in mid-parry, the blonde's right arm extended in preparation of a counterattack as he executed a graceful somersault; as for Nobunaga, his knuckles were already turning white from his grip on the sword's hilt.

Interrupted, the two combatants could only turn their heads toward the source of the voice.

"But Danchou!" Nobunaga started.

"Nobu, you attacked without asking permission. Now stand back, he is not to be harmed. Yet," Kuroro's steely voice had a lethally sharp edge to it.

Miffed at being put off by their Danshou, the blustering swordsman re-sheathed his sword and stormed back to their group, obviously still stewing in contempt at the missed opportunity to finish off the Kuruta.

Baffled by the sudden intervention of the reputed leader of the Spiders, Kurapika could only growl low in his throat when he'd felt an unfamiliar surge of heat gathering at the pit of his stomach as he glowered wearily at the approaching figure of Kuroro Lucifer.

(To be continued…)


Notes: Sixteen bloody pages! Man, am I exhausted. And I've already started working on the second chapter. Furthermore, do not question me about spellings on 'Danchou' or the Japanese terms I've used… I know what I'm doing. Nihongo is my bloody major. Reviews are most welcome of course, likewise, suggestions and opinions are also very much needed.


1. Kusari - chain

2. Hanase – 'let go'

3. Danchou – literally means 'team leader'; term used by the Genei Ryodan to refer to Kuroro

4. Onna-jane – translated as 'not female'

5. Otoko – male

6. Onna-otoko – a term used to refer to males who have distinct physical features similar to those of females—usually the facial features and body structure

7. Onna gata – this term is used in Kabuki, a form of traditional Japanese stage drama, for male actors who portrayed female roles in the play (women weren't allowed to act on stage back then)

8. Kisama – an impolite/rude form of 'you'; commonly known as a swear word usually used by men in referral to the person they speak to (usually to other men as well)

Explanations: Okay, first things first, the reason why I used the pronoun 'she' when referring to Kurapika is because Kuroro still thought their chain-assassin was female—Kurapika didn't take off his disguise just yet during the entire negotiation, and obviously, Kuroro isn't the perverse type to actually feel up prone and unconscious bodies to find out their gender, that's gotta be more of Hisoka's line (though I doubt the freak, a gorgeous one at that, would actually do it). I didn't the use the Nihongo equivalent of 'chain-assassin' because it sounds right down weird (Aw c'mon… kusari ansatsusha?) Hopefully, succeeding chapters will be up and about in around a few weeks, months or so. I'm a pretty slow writer, as I end up editing my work most of the time and end up spending a hell lot of time polishing up.