Chapter Seventeen: Power Excess

He was sure he was stepping over some border line at that instant… because his entire body didn't react to any impulse his brain sent. At first he had wanted to run, desperately. But then… then that dreadful, bloodlust-consumed side of his Saiya-jin character had seen the despaired look in a cyborg's eyes. The thing wasn't even alive, yet felt fear at the sight of him, was that so? If so, then what was he doing, shaking like a pansy in those clothes that weren't his, hiding in this mansion that wasn't his, failing to protect what was his again…

There was no backing down now. He had momentarily forgotten his pride and honour as a leader of an entire race—a proud and stand alone race that still bowed down to him whenever they saw him. What was he doing, cowering like an idiot while that tin can pulverized those idiots around him? Had he fallen so low that he had even turned on his instincts?

Something in the back of his mind got over his reason and yelled an ear-splitting no. He knew that it had only been a temporary measure, a way to collect his thoughts and summon the old him back after he had been beaten in battle… because it had been such a long time since he had last lost to anyone. He had become so full of himself and the power and potential that his body, a Legendary Saiya-jin body, possessed that he had forgotten the bitter taste of defeat, of the shame and helplessness… along with the reason why the Gods had entrusted that kind of power with him.

His eyes rolled on their own free will to the woman that was getting choked by that monster. Yes… had she not been the reason why he had defeated Freeza at that time? But he had left her to live on her own and that power had grown inefficient… as had his own fate in himself. It was now… now was his time to truly grow, to appreciate what he had and to protect those whom he cared for.

It had… actually been so for a long, long time, hadn't it…? He had cared for her… all along but had played tough, he had tried to deceive her and himself as well, convincing himself that he was something that he was no longer, not since he had met her when he was an inexperienced and lost boy of fourteen.

It was at that moment that he had stepped over the threshold of the border line… and had grasped a new kind of power that it happened…

The sky grew dark in the bat of an eyelash; thick black clouds prevented the sun from witnessing the upcoming atrocity of a ki. The insane bloodlust was spreading, fast and irrevocable. It grasped every cell in his body and utilized his spirit and life force to a point of semi-consciousness. Before he had realized it, he was on his feet, mumbling something about torture and twisted glee… He could no longer hear his own words.

Every limb of his twitched with excitement, every fiber of his shivered from the surge of primordial strength. It was a feeling long forgotten… to have this much power that he wouldn't be able to control it all while not in a fight. A malicious smirk pulled on the corners of his lips and stretched them as far as it could. He was going to enjoy this… for the sake of the woman that asshole had just ruthlessly slaughtered without even a damn reason!


Juunanagou realized a second too late that the sun was no longer protruding in slim shafts through the tree branches. He loosened his hold on the pitiful creature in his hand and looked skyward. Whatever could be seen from the thickly grown branches were storm clouds—only that. They lighted every now and then with unreleased bolts of electricity.

"Does it give you some perverse pleasure torturing defenceless women, you low-life?" He heard the words of the only conscious person and his head whipped in his direction… but he didn't see what he had expected.

What he saw was a berserk man with eyes just as unpleasant as his own. Somehow the damn show off's power was making him shrink back a bit.

"What did you say?" He reared back, almost by habit and dropped the useless woman on the ground, certain that she was already dead. He faced his enemy again and saw that it was not just the look in his eyes that was changing.

Vegeta's fists were tightly clenched and convulsing ever so visibly. They seemed to be on the brink of bleeding from the pressure applied by his fingers. His teeth were tightly gritted and a low growl was emitted from the back of his throat. However, his appearances and his ever so straightening hair weren't what bothered Juunanagou that much.

The android had been created in a way that restricted him from sensing, hiding or controlling in any way his ki. He was, therefore, always on full power and the fact whether he killed or not was decided whether he pulled his punches or not. However, absolute weaklings like that chrome dome kid were something that he couldn't pull his punches enough not to kill—not that he would do it even if he could anyway—they were just way too weak.

Still, even Juunanagou could see the ki pooling around that jerk's body, ever so steadily, like a poisonous snake winding around its master obediently. His own fists clenched tightly as Vegeta's hair stretched further and further towards the heavens. Not a single strand of his was any longer in a direction different than upward once his aura exploded, sending debris of the molded grass and earth into the cyborg's artificially created eyes.

Vegeta smirked so widely his face seemed to freeze that way. The electricity began doing a vigorous dance around his body. His wounds didn't hurt anymore, his blood was no longer oozing out from his body—he was so high on adrenaline from the power surging through him he couldn't feel or hear anything else than that nagging voice in the back of his head. It chanted on and on, on and on, restlessly, fearlessly, 'kill him, kill him, KILL!'

The electricity, countless high voltage bolts, summoned around him, creating a fearsome image, making intimidating light dance across his face, illuminating his fearsome teal eyes.

"You seem to have the wrong idea, spineless jerk." Vegeta spoke slowly, challengingly… in a threatening way… "Who do you think is the strongest person among all of us gathered here?"

Biting his lip angrily and jumping swiftly into the air, Juunanagou charged furiously at the man who dared to mock him. "Why you damn piece of—" He threw a punch but it just swooshed through the thick layer of an after image. When his eyes widened in bafflement and his jaw was on the brink of dropping, he heard a voice worthy of being that of the Devil himself whisper behind him;

"I should seriously thank you for this actually, Juunanagou." His assailant slammed a heavy fist in the area of his lungs, smirking ever so slightly when he heard a satisfying loud crack. As the cyborg flew helplessly, caught off-guard by the surprise, the flame-haired man cut into the path of the flying body of the artificial fighter. "This kind of power is something that happened to me only once before."

As the android collapsed in a pile of rubble, Vegeta landed gracefully on the ground, the completion of his ki-growth signalized with a powerful and blinding explosion of energy. His entire body was screaming. It was screaming for blood spilling, it yearned for a good fight… it wished powerfully for this ki-surge to last forever. The man in possession of the body couldn't even hear what he was saying exactly. He was completely out of his, consumed by feelings stronger than life and much stronger than death…

The electricity around his body was springing at uneven intervals but it was the visual incarnation of the hugeness of his life force. He smirked smugly while his opponent struggled out of his earth coffin, shrugging off dirt and grass.

"You still don't understand, do you?" Yet again, it was this voice that definitely wasn't Vegeta's that exited the Saiya-jin's throat while the dark haired boy struggled up that greeted him.

"What's there to understand? Some brainless monkey decided to just give me a bit of trouble in the process of annihilation of a planet. That's all I can see here." A humourless, cruel laugh emitted from the shorter man's mouth, making his antagonist's eyebrows narrow angrily. "What's so funny in what I just said?"

"Like I said, you still don't understand the kind of situation you're in…" He spread his arms out, as if to welcome the android in a suffocating embrace. Small ki-blasts began to form in his outstretch hands, making Juunanagou double over in a block. "This electricity you see… It's not something I do just to show off, you see…"

"What?" Intense azure eyes glared daggers at mad teal ones.

"When there is this much ki in the air it just attracts many charged particles. But I don't recklessly release this kind power on purpose, you see…" A small drop of cold sweat dribbled down Juunanagou's face. "It's just that when you have as much excess of power as I do… a small amount of it is just bound to leak out."

When the cyborg stared into those insane teal orbs, he knew that his future was already decided…


The pallid lids trembled in an attempt to lift themselves from the eyes behind them. The mind was still spinning in a dizzying motion when the person tried to come to. Fingers curled into fists, grasping handfuls of moist grass.

A mocking voice was calling from beyond the lids… It was slowly chanting some sort of a song… Was it really a song…? No, they were just simple words, spoken with determination and decisiveness. The person could feel the radiating presence of the other, somehow alien yet oddly familiar and… comforting… The fallen one could hear the low voice but couldn't understand the words it said… If only the damn world would stop spinning so fast…!

Unfocused cerulean eyes were exposed in the next second, striving to recollect their possessor's bearings. Releasing a deep yet oddly quiet groan of pain, a lavender haired regal sat up, a shaky hand clutching a shaky forehead as she struggled for breath. Looking around at the grass, she noticed a small puddle of blood that she must have coughed up when she had been freed. She thought she had been a goner but, somehow, her life had been spared.

Instantly, memories of what had happened to knock her out flooded her head and she looked around, anxiously, searching for the beast that had attacked her. However, when she found him, her eyes widened with shock and glee. Vegeta was standing with his back to her, electricity threatening to strike his body yet none of the bolts ever flew toward his form. Before she could stop herself, her jaw had dropped when she realized how drastically his ki had jumped while she had been out. His back was once again straightened, his resolve obviously also coming back to him once more. She smiled, fighting a fresh wave of nostalgia. It had been so long since he had seemed that majestic in her eyes…

It happened too fast for her to realize it. She had doubled over, throwing up blood over herself. She clasped a shaking hand to her opened mouth, trying to prevent any more of her vital liquid escape her. However, she seemed powerless to stop the internal bleeding, from wherever in her body it was, as she clutched a fistful of grass to support herself into her sitting position.

Was she to become a burden to him once more? Hadn't she trained all that time when she was a small girl to prevent this from happening again…? Hadn't she given her spirit and body to restless training, every single day, to ensure that she would no longer need anyone to put their life at stake to save hers? Wasn't she supposed to have become independent during those years…? Hadn't she become stronger during this time?

Furious, dejected tears leaked from her tightly closed eyes as the despair consumed her. She hadn't achieved… even one single thing in her life up till then… She was useless as a warrior, as a leader and protector of her lands, as well as a woman… She had given up on everything because she had been too weak… and now it was too late to do anything.


However it made something in his chest kick at the thought, he was glad that the woman was gone now… At least she wouldn't have to see all of that… She was such a fragile creature after all, not suited for combat from the start. He smirked to himself at the remembrance of their little fight a while back, at that campfire… It had been fun playing with her but it was better that she rested in a better place now… away from him and from all this pain that he seemed to constantly rain on her undeserving spirit…

"Oh… what would you know? The sleeping beauty awakens…" the slick voice of the smug android bastard informed him, making him whip his head over his shoulder to look at whatever that monster was scrutinizing so insistently. His teal eyes widened, making a torrent of emotions consume him and his thoughts. She wasn't dead…? How was it possible?

However, the skillful fighter realized his mistake on time and jumped to the side just in time to block the conceited foe from making anything he would regret.

"I should use her as a prey and break his concentration… is that what you were thinking?" His words were cold and his features were frighteningly composed as he said that. "Too bad that you seem like you're standing still to me with those slow movements of yours…"

"What did you say?"

Juunanagou didn't even get the time to send the ki-blast formed in his hand at his opponent before he was backhanded and sent flying towards the thick trunk of a tree which cut him in his trajectory, making him release a choked groan of pain. Huffing irritatedly, Vegeta turned fully around to glance at the woman from whose tightly clutched fingers small drops of sticky blood dripped to the ground, chasing one another in a lazy race toward the grassy ground. She had half composed herself at that point, reopening her eyes and rubbing her blood-drenched hand in the side of her clothes while she struggled to her feet. She threw a fleeting glance at Vegeta to see him staring just as intensely at her and she felt her head nod slowly. Capturing her eyes in a hasty lock for an instant, he grinned evilly and returned the nod, his eyes returning to his foe.

Now he could really begin…


She had felt so uncertain, so scared… but once she had looked into those teal orbs, so powerful and somehow reassuring, her pain had washed away and her resolve had strengthened tenfold.

As she scrambled through the battlefield, trying to collect the bodies of her friends from being mutilated any longer, she noticed that—even though she had little of it to begin with—she couldn't bring her ki to her aid and every time she attempted to, a head-splitting migraine shot through her. Cursing below her breath, she decided to do it the normal way and hoped that she would just be fast enough to do it on time.


Juunanagou was crouched low in a battle stance, considering his chances while the predator approached him. He decided that all odds were currently against him and the chance of him winning over that proud asshole was slimmer to none. But, maybe if he somehow managed to take that weakling woman as his hostage of some sort he would have greater chances…

"If you're still mulling over that stupid idea of yours, you should drop it." Vegeta informed him coldly when appearing behind him, dodging a weak punch when the other male turned around. "It's a really stupid plan that's only fit for a petty weakling."

"How did you call me?" Juunanagou roared, throwing series after series of incomprehensibly fast punches and kicks aimed at the King's vital areas, completing his outburst with a huge ki-blast that exploded loudly with a bright light, raising the fallen debris of stones and grass. Sighing in content, the android smirked in a satisfied manner while the smoke cleared, certain that he had disposed of that annoying bastard's irritating condescending smirk. His eyes widened as saucers when she saw the other guy standing there as if nothing had just happened, a tiny amount of blood trickling from the side of his mouth. With an angry dismissive snort, the shorter guy wiped the blood from his face with his tattered from the explosion upper garment.

"I thought that you would be a test to my new power, Juunanagou…" His intimidating teal eyes narrowed into a pair of hateful slits. "But now I'm terribly disappointed. Not only are you pathetic but you are a weakling too."

The android's hands shook violently, his fury growing. He wasn't going to lose like this… Not then, not any time…! And definitely not to that self-centered asshole who was absolutely no better than him!

"SHUT UP!" the younger fighter shouted loudly, launching countless ki-blasts at his antagonist.

Looking over his shoulder at the woman who had finally removed everyone's asses from the field in front of the mansion, Vegeta smirked. Now he could finally get wild… Every single muscle in his body ached and stretched on its own accord. He knew, he knew already…! There was no need to get so impatient!

Deflecting all the blasts and sending the last one right at the huffing and puffing android that had used up too much of his ki for that kind of attack, Juunanagou barely managed to slap away the ball the moment before it exploded in his face. Wishing more of his stamina to him, he tried to hold up but it was useless to try. If he was growing tired, it was the end…

"Let me show you how this is done." Vegeta's self-collected behaviour chilled him to the bone somehow. But he had little time to ponder over that as he was rained with much more in number and stronger torrent of ki-balls which collided painfully with his body and could've been the last thing he saw if he hadn't put his arms in front of him to block them from hitting his body directly.

Chuckling insanely to himself while the smoke dissipated, Juunanagou looked ahead at Vegeta.

"You have already used that technique on me, Vegeta… It didn't work before—what makes you think that it will work now?" But Vegeta was no longer in his spot. A wave of panic rushed over the other male, his head whipping helplessly around to spot his enemy.

"Is that so? Then I'll have to get rid of those limbs of yours that seem to get in my way…" the devil whispered coolly from somewhere aside him. The android managed to put his guard up as well as his arm in time to prevent an elbow from connecting with his ribs again and cracking another rib like in the beginning.

And, although he was sure he had blocked that hit successfully, his arm gave a sickening crack and fell limp by his side the next moment. Slumping down on his knees, the artificial human gave a chocked cry as he tried to nurse the useless limb.

"I wonder… do you feel pain, tin can?"

"I'll show you… what pain… really is… you fuck…!" Vegeta's eye twitched at that little piece of threat and he jumped high up when he saw his assailant raise his hand forward for another blast. Before the other guy could see what was happening, the Saiya-jin's heel dropped on the outstretched hand, bending it in an odd and unsightly angle. Another strangled cry fought its way out of the machine's oral cavity.

"Too bad then that I'm quite familiar with it then," Vegeta added, jump-kicking the agonizing android with a ferocity that sent him flying into a bunch of trees, crushing the smaller ones until his back finally collided painfully with a stronger one. Slowly, the alien ascended to his feet using the piece of greenery as support for his wounded back that could frankly hardly bear the weight of his body any longer. Despite the rush of despair that rushed into his artificial heart, the machine laughed cruelly.

"I wonder how long you can keep up with this… That kind of energy is not something that one body of flesh and blood can keep up with for a long period…" He was quite a pitiful sight as he fought to regain his balance.

"Let's just say that it will be long enough to turn you to smoldering cinders."

With a tiny jump up, the unruly haired Saiya-jin was hovering slightly above the ground, his arms and legs spread widely. The forest suddenly began getting brighter and brighter, illuminated by the ki summoned in the man's arms. The earth beneath his form shattered with a terrible ghastly noise, making a cob web-like crack crawl in all directions from the place he was hovering above. His muscles convulsed with the intense energy that was being compressed in them. His brows were twitching, his hands also. He had no time to think about the agony of his body though. He was so engulfed by those powerful feelings he could hardly sense anything else.

In the next moment, his cupped hands were in front of him, concentrating the staggering amount of ki in between. He smiled in that twisted manner that would send shivers down anyone's spine.

"Sorry about using the same technique on you twice, Juunanagou. This time you'll be the recipient of one of my original ones." His smile faded in the next moment as he roared deafeningly. "Final Flash!"

Bulma shielded her eyes with her slender hand, waiting until the thunder of the noise the blast had created faded away before she reopened them. She smiled in hope to herself, her being filling with glee but dread washed over her as she noticed that the damn little bastard was still standing.

Although there was hardly anything he could do beside standing and glaring. One single movement would knock him off his feet. His entire left side of his upper body was gone—artificial blood was dripping from the gaping hole in his body. There were hardly any intestines in that being, although he was quite realistic flesh. Huffing, Vegeta advanced towards the pathetic guy who didn't move a muscle. He just stared into nothingness, barely alive.

"I… I was created to be the strongest… the strongest being in the Universe… Why… How…" His only eye that he had now rolled on the majestic form of the blazing Super Saiya-jin who was now standing right in front of him. Fear shone in that single azure orb.

"Surely, siblings are troublesome, meddlesome and dreadfully pissing off… However, a petty artificially created being like you who doesn't hesitate in the slightest before hurting a sibling in an eternity too early to try to take me on." His eyes narrowed into tight, contempt-filled slits as he looked down on the bleeding android. Raising a solitary hand right in front of Juunanagou's chest, Vegeta said calmly; "Say Freeza I said hi and that I'm not thinking of joining him in hell for some few centuries now." His gaze didn't waver for a moment; his resolve didn't flag for a moment.

Bulma's fists clenched tightly for a second as she observed closely from her safe spot on the front porch of the mansion the whole thing. She had never been a person who liked to see violence… She had always been a pacifist, a friendly person… but that bastard had wiped out everything that made her what she was… Her perky mother, her brainy father, her loving husband whose feelings she had never managed to return, her doting subjects and friends and now he was trying to take Vegeta's life as well… He had to die because he had stepped over a boundary he shouldn't have…!

"Big… Bang… Attack!" Vegeta shouted madly, a huge amount of ki exploding from his outstretched hand, which wiped out Juunanagou in the blink of an eye. There was only one thing that registered in the mechanical human's brain before he dissolved into nothingness…

What unpleasant eyes…


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