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Chapter 1

Two years old today. People were coming, streamers were been strung, balloons were been blown, presents were been wrapped, cake was been baked and general toddler food was been prepared. Chris Halliwell was one excited little boy, though his reasons for been excited were not to do with any of that kind of birthday stuff, in fact little Chris was quite unaware of all those happenings. Today was his birthday and he had only asked the man in the clouds for one thing. He asked for it every night before he went to sleep ever since his mommy said his birthday was coming two weeks ago. He asked for his daddy to come and to play with him at his party, that's all he wanted.

As his mommy dressed him and his big brother Wyatt in their best clothes Chris couldn't keep the big grin of his face, he was so happy. Once Wyatt had finished and left the room in search of his aunts, Piper decided to question Chris on the cause of his excitement.

"Are you excited about your party today Chris?" asked Piper looking down at her adorable little boy who had joy radiating from him.

Chris let his mom pull his shirt over his head then looked up at her face and said, his smile growing bigger, "Daddy's coming today, for my party"

Piper smiled down at her son her eyes sparkling "Yes he is baby, you will be able to show him how big you have gotten since the last time he was here"

"Yeah" said Chris enthusiastically "and I can show him all the new toys I got"

"Yes you..."

"And I can show him my new power" exclaimed Chris cutting across Piper.

"Chris," said Piper warningly "remember you can't let anyone else see your power, wait until the end when everyone leaves, ok?"

"Ok mommy" answered Chris sweetly

Piper finished tying his last shoelace, gave him a quick kiss on the forehead and helped him down off of his new big boy bed.

"I love you baby" said Piper ruffling her son's hair as he turned to leave. "Happy Birthday"

Chris turned back to his mother and wrapped his little arms around her legs "I love you too mommy" said Chris then he turned and ran out of his room leaving a worried mother behind.

"Your arse better turn up today Leo" she said allowed in the empty room hoping that wherever he was that her ex-husband had heard her and not become to busy to show up like he had for the last four of his monthly visits to his children . But this was Chris's birthday he couldn't possibly miss that could he.

One hour into the party Piper was really starting to worry. Leo had not yet showed up and there was only two hours left until everyone went home. She looked over at Chris and noticed that he was not fussed; he was still convinced that he was coming, and Piper knew her child well enough to know that he still would be until everyone went home. Phoebe and Paige sensed their sister's uneasiness and were doing their best to comfort her but both knew that she would not settle down till Leo was here.

Across the room Chris was having a great time. All these kids had come to his house to play with him, it was really fun. Chris was normally shy but he was coming out of his shell and having a great time. Wyatt stayed close to him the whole time making sure he was ok, knowing that his little brother got a bit uncomfortable around lots of people, but he seemed to be doing fine.

Chris was sitting on the floor playing blocks with Wyatt and a boy called Tommy they knew from the park. He was thinking about his dad, he was sure he was coming; it didn't matter if he was a little late. He had to be coming because it was Chris's birthday and his mommy had told him that that meant it was his special day and he had to have a lot of fun on it.

Chris thought about it and remembered the last time his dad had come. He had only come for a very small amount of time but Chris remembered the hug his daddy gave him, but that was it, his daddy talked to his mommy and Aunt Phoebe and Aunt Paige and then left again. That was all Chris could remember about his dad, he hadn't really seen him in a very long time but Wyatt talked about him all the time. He had told Chris about how their daddy was an angel that helped others, and about how important he was. Wyatt also told Chris about how good their dad was at playing hide and seek and other games. Chris new his daddy because he could always feel him around him, the problem was Chris couldn't see him and could barely remember what he looks like. Today Chris decided he was going to memorise his face.

Suddenly Chris felt something he hadn't felt for a long time. His daddy had just orbed into the house. Chris's head snapped up from his blocks and his eyes scanned the conservatory they were in. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Wyatt do the same. Just as he looked towards one of the doors Chris saw a tall man walk through it. He remembered him now, it was his daddy. Chris saw him flop down on the closest chair to him and noticed that he looked very tired.

Chris quickly got up off floor and started to run across the room to give his daddy a hug. Half way across he saw a bunch of white lights form above his daddy's lap and Wyatt appeared in its place. Chris quickly stopped and looked behind him but no one noticed so he restarted his path to his dad, walking this time.

When he arrived his daddy didn't notice him standing their, he was to busy talking to Wyatt, but that was ok cause Wyatt missed their daddy too. After a minute Chris got impatient and tugged on Leo's sleave. Leo looked down and saw his youngest son standing there and smiled slightly.

"Happy Birthday Chris" he said then he turned back to his other son and continued talking. Wyatt quickly looked over at Chris and mouthed sorry but Chris just shook his head saying it was ok and walked away.

As Chris was walking back towards his blocks he felt a pain in his chest where his mommy had told him his heart was. Chris quietly sat back down with his blocks and looked down at the floor. He heard a loud laugh come from the other end of the room and saw his daddy laughing and Wyatt giggling. He saw his daddy pull Wyatt in to his chest and hug him really tight. Chris felt the pain in his heart get a little worse. He thought about it a bit and decided he was been silly. His daddy was just busy with Wyatt now; he would talk to Chris when they were finished.

An hour and a half later Piper called Chris over to the table and told him it was time for cake. As everyone was singing him the happy birthday song Chris looked around the table and noticed that two people were missing, Wyatt and his daddy. His mommy interrupted his thoughts and told him to blow out his candles and to make a wish. Chris blew the candles out as he was told but the sight he saw while doing it made him forget to make a wish. His daddy was still on the same seat as before and Wyatt was still with him. Wyatt was lying down on his daddy's chest with his eyes closed and a little smile on his face. His daddy had his eyes a little bit open showing that he was awake, he was looking down at Wyatt's head and slowly stroking his little brothers hair with his hand. His daddy had never done that for him. The ache in the little boy's heart came back and he felt a tear slowly fall down his cheek. Chris wanted to look away from them so bad but he couldn't his eyes were locked and wouldn't move as he watched every stoke of the hair from his daddy's hand to his brothers head. It hurt so much.

After the candles had been blown out everyone's attention turned away from the small boy to the cake which was now been handed out by Sheila. Everyone's except the attention of Piper, Phoebe and Paige. Their attention was on the little boy in front of them and they were shocked to see tears roll down his tiny cheek one by one until the top of his t-shirt started to get wet. Following the distressed little boys gaze they understood why and the realization broke their hearts.

Soon enough the party was over and everyone left. Chris had calmed down now; his mommy had given him a big hug and told him to enjoy his party. He tried to but he didn't have anymore fun and stayed of to the side away from the other kids. After the last person left Leo got up and went upstairs to put the sleeping Wyatt in his bed.

"Do you want to open your presents Chris" asked Aunt Phoebe gesturing to the pile of presents that his friends had bought.

Chris shook his head "Wait for Wyatt. I promised" he answered. Phoebe nodded but was looking at him with a concerned expression clouding her features.

Paige then knelt down in front of him. "Are you alright little man" she asked

Chris didn't answer at first and gave her a hug, then said "Just tired"

"Well let's take you up to bed then shall we" said Paige scooping him up off the floor and into her arms, walking him to his bedroom that he shared with Wyatt. Phoebe followed close behind.

"Are you excited about your first night in your big boy bed" asked Phoebe

Chris smiled and nodded his head "Yes, I love my new bed" he said with a little brightness coming back into his eyes.

"Where's mommy" asked the little boy suddenly

"She is cleaning up all the mess your friends made" Chris smiled sheepishly at that.

Just as they were about to turn into the bedroom, Leo came out.

"Oh hey Chris" he said "I've got something for you" Leo closed his eyes and a second later a neatly wrapped package appeared in his arms, which he promptly handed to Chris. Leo then ruffled his hair and continued walking down stairs.

Chris looked down at the package in his hands, his eyes loosing their spark once again. He then felt two sets of lips kiss either side of his head. Chris asked for his mommy to come say goodnight so Phoebe left to go fetch her. Paige then put Chris down and watched as he walked into his room and dropped is fathers present onto the ground and inconspicuously nudged it under the bed and out of sight.

By the time his mom came into the room Aunt Paige had just finished changing him into his pyjamas and was tucking him into bed. His mom came over and again told him she loved him gave him another kiss and cuddle and told him to sleep well. His aunts repeated his mommy's actions and the three of them left the room whispering one last time that they loved him.

Once the door was closed Chris let the tears fall. He didn't know what he had done wrong. His daddy didn't play with him all day and that hurt. Chris felt a small hand on his shoulder and turned over to see that his big brother had gotten out of bed to come and see him. When Wyatt saw the tears he felt horrible.

"I'm sorry Chris" he said "I shouldn't hog daddy like that. I'm real sorry"

"It's ok Wyatt" Sniffled Chris "Not your fault" And with that Wyatt climbed into bed with his little brother and hugged him while they listened to loud shouts coming from down stairs. And that's how they were found the next morning, sound asleep in each others arms.

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