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Summery: This is a little piece of fluff that came out of where I do not know; but NO SLASH. Just harmless bantering of like Sam and Rosie, Aragorn and Arwen, and some made up people that belong only in my mind. Okay? Live with it. I thought it was kind of cute; I did it during Math class, because we supposed to be studying. Yeah right.

So go on and read it. Kinda told from Boromir's POV, but not quite. One-shot.

Disclaimer: I own nothing cept' the girls that don't exist that I just pulled out of nowhere.

The Fellowship was making camp and Boromir noticed that Sam had pulled out a piece of paper. Boromir thought nothing of it, thinking maybe it was a recipe of sorts, since Sam was the cook for the Fellowship. Boromir watched on as Pippin, the youngest hobbit sneak up behind Sam. Just as Pippin peaked over Sam's shoulder, Sam noticed him and quickly covered the picture, but not before Pippin had a glimpse.

"Oy! Sam has a picture of Rosie!" he yelled. The other hobbits, Merry and Frodo rushed over.

"Sam!" said Frodo "I didn't know you would ever get up the courage to talk to Rosie."

Sam was blushing a deep red.

"I didn't." he said "Her brothers gave this to Fatty to give to me. And he did, right before we left."

Sam handed the paper to Frodo, who laughed when he looked at it, then handed it to Merry. While Merry was holding it, a great gust of wind blew it out of his hand, and it fluttered in the air. Sam jumped up and ran after it. It floated over in front of Boromir, who picked it up.

On it there was a drawing of a girl with curly blonde hair who was smiling. Under the portrait were these crudely written words:

Sam Gamgee,

u leav hour sistr alone. But u cane loook at this pictur and remember hir.

See u when u gets back,

The Cotton Brothers

Boromir handed the picture back to Sam, and asked "Is this your sweetheart?"

Sam looked at him confused "Sweetheart?"

"Yes, your girlfriend?"

At this all the hobbits except Sam laughed.

"Sam is good friends with Rosie's brothers, but is very shy around Rosie," Frodo explained "The truth is that Rosie's brothers wouldn't mind Sam and Rosie. But Sam is so shy around Rosie, that Rosie thinks that Sam doesn't like her."

"Now how would you know Mr. Frodo?" Sam asked who then retreated back to making dinner.

Just then Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli returned from hunting. The hobbits were sitting and discussing (by Boromir who was talking with them too) what Boromir called "sweethearts". The hunters dropped the catch of rabbits by Sam, and then went over to the hobbits, which were deep in conversation.

"I bet that old Fatty likes Sam's sister."

"No, no, I saw him kissing Daisy in the Green Dragon one night."

"Yes, but how drunk was he?"

"He didn't look very drunk to me."

"How drunk were you?"

"That's not a fair question, anyway what about my sister Pearl, she likes Fatty."

"No, I caught her and Tom at the Green Dragon."

"How drunk were you?"

"What?" asked Aragorn "Is going on here?"

"Well," said Pippin "Boromir started talking about sweethearts, and it got us started."

Aragorn gave Boromir a questioning look.

Boromir shrugged.

"So, Aragorn," said Pippin "Do you have a sweetheart?"

At this, Aragorn looked dumfounded at the question, Legolas laughed, and Gandalf chuckled.

"I, err Well, I mean. I do, but I don't......" Aragorn stuttered

Legolas laughed, and choked out one word, "Evenstar"

At this Aragorn turned and tackled Legolas.

The hobbits looked at each other confused.

Amidst the fight, Pippin asked Gandalf "Who is "Evenstar"?"

Gandalf explained with a shake of his head "Do you remember the Lady Arwen, daughter of Lord Elrond? She is Evenstar."

Aragorn and Legolas who had quit the fight when Legolas apologized.

With a whoop. Pippin said "Go Aragorn!" The hobbits cheered. Legolas couldn't help himself, he burst out laughing again. Aragorn's face burned. Gimli chuckled "You picked a pretty one lad."

"What about you Legolas? Do you have a sweetheart?"

At this, Legolas quit laughing, and looked serious.

"Yes, I did, but she sailed over the sea with her family, her name was Eldhwen."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude, Legolas."

"It's alright." Said Legolas

"Well, what about you Gimli?" asked Merry

"Yes, my Lad, I do have a, what did you call them? Sweetheart. Her name is Freda, and she is the jealousy of the other dwarf women."

The hobbits looked at each other, like okay.

"What about you hobbits? Do any of you have sweethearts?"

The hobbits smiled, and chorused: "Sam does."

At this, Sam blushed furiously.

"I do not."

"Yes he does, don't listen to him. He loves Rosie, and she loves him, he's just too shy to admit it to her. And we cannot forget Fatty's sister, can we Merry?" Said Frodo

"Frodo! You horrid cousin!" Merry said

Pippin looked shocked and scooted away from Merry, toward Frodo.

"Frodo," he whispered "I'm scared."

Frodo laughed.

"Yeah well, Frodo, I happened to know about you and Pearl."

At this Pippin looked horrified. "Frodo! How could you? Pearl's my sister!"

Pippin scrambled up at sat by Boromir.

"I suppose you have a sweetheart too?" Pippin asked him

"Why I happen to have one." Boromir said

"Ooo Tell us about her."

"Well, her name is Miriel, and"

"Nice name, How did you meet her?" said Pippin, who was shushed by the other hobbits.

"How did I meet her? Well, I was going off with my company of men to try to reclaim Osgiliath, and I saved her from an orc."


"Yes, and we became friends and then sweethearts."

"Are you going to marry her?" Pippin asked excitedly

"I don't know, my father doesn't approve of her."

"Oh, that's to bad." Said Pippin

Pippin got up and walked over to Gandalf

"Gandalf did you ever have a sweetheart?"

The entire Fellowship froze.

"Fool of a Took," Said Gandalf "It is none of your business, go and get some dinner, for I have feeling that it's done."

"I just asked." He said then he walked over to the fire, where dinner was.

Merry walked up to Boromir "Do you know why he didn't say who his sweetheart is?"

Boromir looked down at him.

Merry ran over to Sam and whispered something in his ear.



The End

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