Title: No One Wins

Author: Jenn

A/N: This takes place not long after "Birthright" ends. My take on what Casey might be thinking after that case. Thanks to Callean for her help, support and friendship. Some of the thoughts about Casey's relationships are based on chats with her, but anything you don't like, or agree with, blame on me.

Not what you thought when you first began it.

Got what you want, now you can hardly stand it.

It's hard now to remember that when this case began we thought it was a simple attempted kidnapping. Simple being a relative term, since no SVU case is truly simple. It's just a matter of comparison. But at least I got what I wanted. Didn't I? I mean, I won the case. Isn't that what any good lawyer wants? To win the case.

The problem is that in this case no one wins. Not the birth mother who was betrayed and used by the doctor. Not the little girl, who's life and relationships with her parents will never be the same. Not the parents who raised a daughter they believed to be their own flesh and blood. No one wins in this case.

I've strained my relationship with Olivia. But it's never been a close friendship anyway. We're both women, and that allows us to relate on some things, but that's all we really have in common. I was always a tomboy. One of the guys. My closest friends have always been boys, and then men. I relate to them more easily. Elliot is a good example. I certainly value my friendship with him. I don't know what would have happened without his advice and help. His solution was brilliant. Yeah, I'm the one who made it work in court, but I would never have thought of that approach without our talk.

One thing I can cheer myself up with. I now get to make sure that bastard of a doctor gets to spend some time in jail thinking about what he did, and will never practice medicine again. I know it will never be enough to pay for the suffering he's caused, but it's a start. And I willmake sure he does the maximum amount of time.