Title: The One

Author: Jenn

A/N: I wanted to do a piece with Kathy's POV on her marriage to Elliot. On why she stays with him, and what she thinks of Olivia. Please let me know what you think.

He's finally asleep. And I am the reason. I'm the one who can calm him down and quiet his nightmares. Not Olivia. Me. Kathy Stabler. His wife. I'm sure she's had to calm his temper on more than one occasion; but even after that, he comes home tense, upset. He tries to hide it, but I'm his wife. I know. I'm the one who will rub his back until the tension is gone. I'm the one to hold him when he wakes up from the nightmares some of the cases give him. I'm the one he comes home to at night. I'm the one who plans the family picnics to help him relax over the weekend.

I'm not a fool. I can see there is a strong connection between them. But I know my husband. He would never betray our wedding vows. And I don't see Olivia as the type to be 'the other woman'. The role just doesn't fit her. I actually like her. She watches Elliot's back. She gives him someone to talk to about cases. Lately he's started talking to me a little about them; ever since Maureen saw that man burning at a crime scene, and he had to tell me what happened. Not the details, of course, but in general terms. I understand why he says to little. I always have. He wants to keep home and work separate.

It's part of the reason I know he'd never leave me for Olivia. She is connected to his work world. He comes home to escape from that world. I am the one who helps him forget the ugly things he sees everyday. She would always be a reminder. He wouldn't be happy having someone so much a part of that world also be an important part of his home. It's the main reason I don't often visit him at work. He needs to keep the two parts of his life separate, and I won't make that harder for him.

I am his wife, and the mother of his children. That is more than enough for me.