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Jack O'Neill walked down a corridor on level 28, just past the Gateroom. He was headed to his office on sub-level 27.

"General O'Neill!" He heard a voice shout to him. He turned round to see Walter Davis.

"Walter! Nice day! What is it that desperately needs my attention this time."

Walter looked annoyed.

"Sorry. I've just got to squeeze a little bit of sarcasm into every day!"

"The President's on the phone for you."


Sam was asleep on the table in her lab. She was startled into joining the land of the living by the annoying sound of a phone.

"For crying out loud." She mumbled.

"Oh crap!" She shouted, now fully awake. "Did I really just say that?"

Heaving herself to her feet, she picked up the receiver.

"Carter...Yes sir...I'm on my way up...I'll get them sir"

Daniel and Teal'c were sitting in the commissary. Daniel was having his usual toast. Teal'c was having his usual Fruit Loops™, Grapes, Prune Juice, Orange Jello ( He didn't understand how O'Neill or Colonel Carter could eat the red or blue varieties.), Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, Two Reeses Peanut Butter cups and a mug of coffee.

"I feel sick."

"Daniel Jackson?"

"How can you eat so much in the morning."

"My metabolic rate is much higher than that of any Tauri."

"But still...How can you eat so much without getting fat?"

Teal'c glared at his friend. "That information is classified."

"The gym?"

This earned him another glare from the Jaffa.

"Teal'c...You've hardly been using the gym on the base! How are you still in shape?"

Teal'c contemplated his friend's question.


"Fine. You don't want to tell me. I can handle that." Daniel sulked as he started chewing on his toast.

"Hey guys." Sam sighed as she half-staggered into the commissary, a yawn escaping her mouth.

"Hello Sam." Daniel shot her a puzzled look. "Fell asleep in your lab again?"

"Uh yeah."

"Are you wishing to join us Colonel Carter, or are you standing there to keep awake?" Teal'c asked.

"What...uh...no...The General wants to see us."

"What for?"

"I don't know...A mission or something."

Pete looked through his binoculars at the guy he and Captain Jones had been watching.

"Is that him?"

"Yeah. That's the guy we're after. He's been on the run since he was caught with 100 000 dollars worth of various drugs."

"We gonna nail him?"

"You betcha. We got all the info we need to get him behind bars for a long long time."

"I asked you this earlier, and you didn't give me much of an answer. Why did we need to stake out for the whole night? I missed the end of 24."

Jones turned to stare at Pete. " Why do you think I asked Viv to record it!"

"As for the stakeout...We didn't know exactly when this guy would turn up. We've had different reports from several reliable sources."

"Reliable." Pete snorted. "We gonna get him?"


Jones started up the engine of the car, but stopped when Pete's phone rang. The polyphonic version of Nokie theme tune blared out at full blast. The drugs mogul in question broke into a sprint and was gone in seconds.

"Pete Shanahan you asshole!!" Jones screamed. "Answer that damn racket!!"

"Sorry..." Pete sighed in frustration, as he flipped his small phone open.

"Shanahan...Hey Sam...Jack want's me to come to the base? What for? I'm a cop for crying out loud! Not an Air Force officer! Huh...who? Right...I'm on my way...See you in an hour or so...bye."

"Who was that?"

"That was Sam...My girlfriend."

"Air Force."

"Yeah...Apparently her CO, Brigadier General Jack O'Neill wants me to go to the base for something."

"Well...The stakeout's just become a wash out...and you're not working on any cases at the moment. Jason can cover for you."

"Thanks captain."

Sam, Daniel and Teal'c were sitting in Jack's office. Jack was currently briefing SG9 on their latest mission. Teal'c had taken the liberty to sit in Jack's plush leather chair, while Daniel and Sam looked around at the various bits and pieces adorning the room.

"What the?" Daniel said.

"Daniel?" Sam questioned.

"Have you guys looked at Jack's certificates?"

"I have not."

"I keep meaning to, but I keep forgetting."

"Well, come and look!"

Teal'c glared at Daniel again (It appeared to be his newest hobby). The Jaffa stoically refused to be removed from his chair. Sam walked over, and looked to where Daniel was pointing.

"Wow." Was all she could say.

"Academic excellence." Daniel commented.

"What?" Teal'c shouted.

Sam and Daniel turned to look at their friend, surprised at his outburst.

"Yeah Teal'c...It says he achieved academic excellence in Military sciences..."

"Lying asshole!" Sam muttered.

"...as well as Engineering."

"Idiot!" Sam growled.

Teal'c finally relinquished control of the chair, which Daniel promptly stole.

"I do not believe it." He said.

"Unfortunately I do." Sam was seething. "He's put on the dumb routine every time I've needed help, when he probably knows exactly what I'm talking about!"

"We already knew that Sam." Daniel said.

"Yeah...but to see it there in writing...It pisses me off!"

"What pisses you off Carter?"

Sam jumped to attention as Jack entered the room.

"Nothing sir!"

"She's just looked your academic excellence certificate. That's like a red flag to a bull."

"Not in my china shop please." Jack said staring at Sam. "Don't worry Carter. It was years ago...I never remember anything I learn."

"Right sir."

"Well kids...pick a chair, any chair...expect that one." Jack shot Daniel a warning look, causing the archaeologist to hastily move.

"What's this meeting about Jack?" Daniel asked.

"It's classified." Jack glanced up at SG1.

"Why does it involved Pete?"

"That's the classified bit."

Sam was puzzled. "What does a Denver Cop have to do with classified Air Force stuff?"

Jack looked at his 2IC, "That's the interesting bit."

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