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Chapter 17

Sam watched the eyes of the rebels lining the corridors. There was an even mix between those that were human and those that had been altered. It was frightening.

Was this what Sakaya had planned for her.

The guard in front of her came to an abrupt halt and directed her into a large chamber. Sam edged her way in, but once again she was forced to go faster. The room was in darkness, apart from in one corner where a small man stood.

"Welcome Colonel Carter!" he said cheerily. Sam immediately recognised him.


"Yes Ma'am!"

"What the HELL are you doing here?" She said sternly, before she felt the butt of a weapon being pressed into her back.

"Tafna…Don't do that please. Tol kono mor."

The guard grunted, leaving the room.

"I'm sorry about them Colonel…Yodai is very untrusting of outsiders."

"What.the.hell…are you doing HERE!" Sam fumed.

Coombs stared at the ground and let out a huge sigh. "I got kicked out of the SGC."

"I know that…so have a lot of other scientists…they don't end up hundreds of feet below Egyptian deserts."

Coombs continued, "When news spread that an SGC scientist was jobless, offers of work came flooding in…but I wanted to do something completely different…Sakaya's offer seemed irresistable at the time…I didn't know that rebels or yourselves would be involved…I'm too afraid to get involved in anything like that…I thought it was just going to be Yodai and myself…I had not idea about…" He trailed off, before collecting himself. "Well…let's get started!"

Coombs hurried over to a crude light switch by the entrance to the room, and suddenly Sam found the room bathed in a cool blue light. The room was decorated with Hieroglyphs and was in better condition than the neglected corridors. Sam turned around slowly to get a better view of the cavernous room, and when she did, she got the shock of her life.

"Oh my…"

"I've gotta joke." Tyler said, cutting through the silence of their cell.


"What do you call an Egyptian Taxi driver?"

"I don't know."

"Toot n come oot!"

"Was the great boy king not Tutankamun instead of Tutankamut?" Teal'c said.

"Oh never mind…it's a joke…for crying out loud."

"I have a joke." Teal'c stated.

"Lets hear it." Daniel droned, half-listening.

"How many ears has Mr Spock?"

"Don't know." Daniel groaned.

"Three. One left ear. One right ear. And one final front ear."

"Heard it." Tyler said wanly.

"I apologise."

Teal'c suddenly became silent, listening intently.



Right as rain, a few moments later Sakaya appeared.

"You are free to go."

"C'mon! Let us out!" Jack called from yet another cell.

"Lettek me kal!" A guard angrily shouted at him.

"me kal…anno moy…chesl'i!" Jack shouted back. "Don't tell me to be quiet."

"Sakaya harn of tell."

"Is he now…well he better get back here quick…one of his science experiments is getting a littleantsy." Jack mumbled.

"Calm down sir." Pete said quietly.

"Pete? You okay?"

"Peachy…my head hurts."

"Yeah…mines is a bit achy too."

Pete dragged himself up to a seated position. He blinked a few times, getting his eyes adjusted to the light.

"How long was I out?"

"I don't know…they did me after you…I came round a few minutes ago."

Pete blinked again, screwing up his face at Jack.

"What did they do to you?" Pete asked.


"Well…your hair's kinda funny."


"It's kinda red."

Jack raised an eyebrow, before reaching up and pulling out a few strands.

"What the? That's the colour my hair was before it went grey…maybe they made me younger."

Pete looked him up and down and appeared to be thinking of something profound to say.


Jack rolled his eyes. "Well you're no oil painting yourself."

"Hey I'm not that bad!"

"Well maybe not before."

Jack reached into his pocket, looking for his reflective metal canteen that the guards had yet to take it from him. After quickly examining his auburn hair, he handed the canteen to Pete.

"Oh my god…I…I look like one of the rebels."

"Yeah…big blue eyes and big spiny…things…Suits you."

"Oh ha ha."

"You're lucky…before I passed out, I started thinking in Ancient and I've said a few odd words since…Think Im okay now…Pete?"

But Pete wasn't listening. His face was a mixture of worry, concern, fear and upset.

"What if I'm stuck like this?"

"If you're wanting me to fly this thing…it's impossible…I don't have-"

"We know you don't have the Gene…but a lot of the rebels do and none of them can fly the craft either. I think the interfacing element within the ship's DHD is broken." Said Coombs, handing a stylus to the confused and bewildered Colonel. "We believe the ship was hit by some Goa'uld staff blasts which caused an overload."

"Where did you find the puddle jumper?"

"We found the…'Puddle Jumper'…at a recent dig in Giza…it's contents were catalogued and some interesting items are being stored for six months before they're transferred to the Pentagon."

"Why six months?" Sam quizzed.

"The Egyptian authorities are demanding to be involved in the Stargate Project and we have to get the necessary visas for some of the finds."

"Why does the Pentagon want them?"

"A Camcorder was found at the dig, sealed next to a canopic jar…We carbon-dated it…It's five thousand years old."

"Wow! Any theories?"

"None so far…we don't have permission to view the footage…but the Pentagon's trying to get permis-."

"Telle changa!"

"Lonat hoy!"

"What did he say?"

"Jump to it."

"What did you say?"

"How high?"


And with that, Sam and Coombs set about repairing the Puddle Jumper's systems.

"Well…My eyesight's better…no more contacts!" Pete said, trying to find the silver lining in the cloud of his current predicament.

"My eyesight's always been perfect…apart from the odd Goa'uld shock grenade."

"I'm gonna save a fortune on shampoo."


Pete rubbed his scalp. "I don't think this is hair…it's like feathers."

"Well pond water's free…so that's no problem."


"We can't just go and leave them!" Tyler shouted angrily.

"If we refuse to co-operate, the guards may harm O'Neill, Colonel Carter or Pete Shanahan…it is best that we do as we are told." Teal'c tried to reassure Tyler.

"And once we get back to Kom El Shoqafa, our communication stones will work and we'll be able to contact Prometheus. We can launch a rescue."

The guards escorting them came to a halt, and moved out of the way, indicating that Daniel, Teal'c and Tyler should go on alone.

"Well…this must be the transporter…We'll need to do a thorough study of it later." Daniel said.


"On three?" Tyler said.


And with that, they found themselves back in the catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa.

Daniel immediately pulled his stone out of his pocket and applied pressure to the stone's surface.

"Jackson to Prometheus…Jackson to Prometheus…please respond."

"Jackson this Prometheus…Colonel Pendergast speaking….we read you."

"Three to beam up."

As the Asgard beam engulfed them, Tyler shouted out.

"What a Cliché!"

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