Children of Destiny part one

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"I'm open!!! Pass!!" A young girl's voice rang across the soccer field.
She ran toward the goal, keeping her eyes on her teammate and the ball. Dodging a player from the other team, she positioned herself in front of the goal.
"Lee! Pass the ball!" She yelled. Finally, he turned, and kicked the ball to her with practiced precision.
The girl trapped the ball easily, and in one swift motion, kicked it toward the goal. A hushed silence fell over the crowd and time seemed to stand still. The young girl held her breath, watching the ball fly toward the goalie. He jumped toward the ball, arms outstretched......and missed!
The soccer ball hit the net, and the crowd exploded into sound as the time ran out and the game ended.
"An amazing goal scored in the last second of the game by Makoto Kamiya!" The announcer's voice came over the intercom, "The championship goes to the Odaiba Avengers!!!"
Makoto grinned from ear to ear as her teammates swarmed around her.
"Great pass Lee!" She exclaimed, hugging her best friend, "I couldn't have done it without you!"
The brown haired boy blushed and laughed, "That goal wasn't too bad either, `Koto."
Makoto smiled at him and opened her mouth to say something, but noticed someone over his shoulder and shut it again.
"I'll be right back." She told him, pushing her way out of the group of kids and running over to a man with brown, bushy hair and a wide smile.
"That," He said, "was amazing."
"Thanks coach." Makoto said, hugging her father tightly, "I still can't believe I made that goal!"
Tai Kamiya smiled down at his daughter, "Believe it." He said, his chocolate brown eyes filled with pride.
Makoto tucked a rebellious strand of brown hair behind her ear and sighed, "It's too bad the soccer season's over though...I want to keep playing."
"Don't worry about it `Koto," A new voice said, "There's always soccer camp."
Makoto looked up and watched as her mom and little sister walked up. Tai kissed Sora on the cheek, and she laughed, recognizing the look on his face as one from their childhood.
"You'd think you had just scored the winning goal." She teased playfully. He rolled his eyes at her.
Makoto picked up her little sister and grinned, "Yeah, you're right Tami! I can't wait for summer camp to start!"
Tai and Sora exchanged meaningful glances, "Summer camp?" They mouthed at eachother.
Suddenly, a familiar laugh interrupted their thoughts. Tai and Sora turned to see Dr. Joe Kido standing behind them, listening to the conversation.
"You guys worry too much." He said with a smirk, "What are the chances of something like that happening again?"
"That's what I'm afraid of." Tai said.
"What are you guys talking about?" Makoto asked, a confused look on her face.
"Nothing hun, don't worry about it." Sora said with a not-very-convincing smile.
"Ok." Makoto said suspiciously, looking at Tami. She just shrugged back at her big sister.
"Well, we'd better be going..." Joe said, breaking the uncomfortable silence.
"I'll go get Lee." Makoto said, putting Tami down and running out onto the soccer field. She returned several high fives and handshakes on the way, but finally made it to where Lee Kido was kneeling, packing up his things.
"Lee!" She yelled, running up behind him.
He turned around, noticing her standing there, and yelped in surprise. Shoving something into his duffle bag, he zipped it quickly and hid it behind his back.
"Makoto! Hi!" He said in a nervous voice, "What's up?"
Makoto gave him a weird look and shook her head, "I'm not even going to ask..." She mumbled under her breath, then remembered why she had gone out there in the first place, "You're dad's leaving, you'd better hurry."
Lee relaxed visibly, obviously glad she wasn't going to question him about what he had put in the bag, "Oh, ok, come on...lets go."
Makoto walked beside him, back over to where their parents were standing. Debating whether to mention the summer camp issue to him, she finally made her decision.
"Hey Lee?" The brown Haired girl asked, glancing at him sideways.
"Earlier, I was talking to Tami, and she mentioned going to summer camp, and our parents started acting all weird." She said, watching as Lee gave her an odd look.
"What do you mean?" He asked.
"My parents got all worried and your dad was like," Makoto changed her voice, making it sound much deeper, "'What are the odds of something like that happening again?'"
Lee raised his eyebrows, laughing at her impression, "Hm...I wonder what that was all about."
"Me too" Makoto said, nodding her head in agreement.
"I'll drop some hints when I get home." Lee whispered, since they were getting closer to the others, "Maybe mom'll let something slip."
"Good." Makoto whispered, just as they walked back up to where everyone was waiting.
"Ready to go `Koto?" Sora asked looking down at her daughter.
"Yeah." She said, grabbing her water bottle and backpack off the bleachers.
"We'll see you guys later." Joe said, turning and walking away.
"Bye Joe!" Tai called after him while Sora waved.
"Call me." Makoto mouthed to Lee, who nodded and waved. After he turned around, a mischievous look crossed her face.
"Hey Lee!" She yelled, getting his attention.
"Yeah?" He asked, turning around.
"I know what's in your duffel bag." She told him smugly.
Makoto smiled as a shocked look crossed his face and he stuttered, "But...but how do you know about the--" Suddenly he stopped mid-sentence and glared at his friend, "Nice try."
Makoto laughed, her fiery, reddish brown eyes glittering, "It was worth a shot..."
"Sure." Lee said, rolling his eyes, "Bye `Koto."
Makoto Kamiya sprinted to where her car was waiting and jumped in the back seat. Tai pulled out of the parking lot and turned onto the highway, heading toward home.
"Uh, dad?" Makoto asked carefully, "What was Joe talking about when he said, 'What are the chances of something like that happening again'?"
Tai stiffened visibly and glanced at Sora. She shrugged at him and whispered, "Tell her if you want to..."
"It was nothing." Tai said, obviously making a tough decision, "Forget
about it."
Makoto and Tami looked at eachother and nodded, "There is definitely something up." Tami whispered.
"We've got to figure out what's going on." Makoto whispered back, "I'll talk to Sky and Rei when we get home and see if they know anything. Wanna come?"
"Nah...just tell me what happened when you get back." Tami said, "I want to finish reading my book."
"Ok" Makoto said, turning and staring out the window and watching the cars pass by outside. The rest of the drive passed by uneventfully, and no one said much. Everyone seemed lost in their own thoughts. After what seemed like forever, Tai slowed the car down and pulled into the parking lot of a large apartment building and parked the car.
Makoto jumped out immediately and ran around to her dad's side of the car, "Dad? Can I go over to sky's house? I want to tell her about the game." It wasn't all a lie...she really did want to tell her about the game, she just wanted to tell her about the weird way her parents were acting too...
"Sure, go ahead." He said as he locked the door and started walking to the elevator, "Just be back by dinner."
"Thanks dad!" Makoto said with a huge smile, turning and walking toward a nearby doorway, "I'm going to take the's a lot faster." She called over her shoulder.
Makoto Kamiya ran up three flights of stairs, taking them two at a time, and burst out of the door on the third floor. She ran up to a door on the left and knocked impatiently, waiting for someone to let her in.
A tall, blond haired man answered the door with a weary expression on his face, but his blue eyes lit up when he saw Makoto standing there.
"Hi Uncle TK." She said, "Guess what?!"
"What?" TK asked, stepping out of the way to let her in.
"I scored the winning goal at my soccer game! We won the championship!" She exclaimed excitedly.
"Just like your father." A woman's voice said from the kitchen. TK turned to see his wife walk into the room.
"Hi Aunt Kari." Makoto said.
"Hi `Koto." Kari answered with a smile that seemed to light up the whole room. It was the same smile TK had fallen in love with so many years ago, "Sky's in her room, go ahead."
"Thanks." Makoto said, walking across the hallway and knocking once before letting herself into her cousin's bedroom.
"Hey Sky?" She asked, shutting the door behind her, "You in here?"
"Yeah, over here." A voice came from the window. Makoto climbed up on the desk by the window and out onto the roof, sitting down next to Sky silently.
"So, how did the game go?" A short, blond haired girl asked, looking over at her with stunning, sapphire blue eyes.
"We won, I scored the winning goal." Makoto said.
"That's great." Sky said, trying to sound enthusiastic and failing horribly. Makoto's smile disappeared.
"What's wrong Sky?" She asked, noticing the tears in her cousin's eyes for the first time since she'd gotten there.
"Nothing." Sky answered, turning her head away and trying to wipe away the tears.
"Sky, whatever it is, please tell me." Makoto said, completely forgetting about the reason she had come over in the first place. Sky just shook her head, but before Makoto had a chance to say anything, a boy's head poked through the window.
"Mind if I join you?" The blond haired boy asked, not waiting for an answer before nimbly crawling out on to the roof.
"Corran, what's going on?" Makoto asked Sky's twin brother, her eyes pleading.
Corran bit his lip and blinked his huge, brown eyes at Makoto, "It's our parents." He explained.
"What about them?" Makoto asked, alarmed. Corran never got this upset about anything.
"We think they might be getting a divorce." Sky said, her voice barely above a whisper. Makoto felt her own eyes filling up with tears as she reached over and wrapped her cousin in a tight hug.
"Oh Sky...Corran...I'm sorry." Makoto said softly, "I'm so sorry." be continued


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