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"Aw, c'mon guys, Raph was the one who planned it all, not me! I was innocently dragged in. Like you were, Donny!" Mike pleaded as he backed away from his two advancing brothers. His shell hit the wall of his room and began to panic, he frantically looked around, searching for an escape but his eyes fell on his grinning brothers, for a moment he was scared, their expressions showed pure evil, Leo's more so and Mike blinked, he'd never seen them look like that!

Don stopped his approach whilst Leo continued, he pressed the palms of his hands against the wall, either side of Mike's head and leaned in close, Leo and Mike were beak to beak. Mike looked scared. Leo gave his best menacing chuckle causing Mike to gulp nervously.

"C'mon guys, please, it was Raph, he threatened me, he said that if I didn't help him he'd......Leo? C'mon please?" Mike looked frantically between his two elder brothers.

Leo moved closer still, "From what I hear, you were the one who brought the bowl of water"

"But I didn't put your hand in it, it was Donny, he....." Mike noticed Don's glare, "well it was!"

Don crossed his arms over his plastron, "And who put my hand in the bowl, Mike?"

"I.....uh, that is......uh" Mike stuttered.

"There is a way for you to redeem yourself" Leo said.

"Anything Leo, you name it! I'll do your chores for a week," he sighed at Leo's frown, "Okay, two weeks, anything Leo, please just don't play any pranks on me, please? C'mon guys"

Don watched his brother wriggle and squirm and tried everything he could to hold the rising chuckle, in the end he turned quickly and smiled, Mike noticed his shell moving slightly, his arms twitching. His attention turned back to Leo when he noticed him move.

"You're gonna help us get revenge on Raph" Leo said simply.

Mike's eyes went wide, "You're joking"

"I never joke," Leo answered, "it's your choice Mike, either you can help us, or you can wait and you'll be next on our very short hit list"

Mike stared, silent for a moment, as he contemplated Leo's words, "Raph'll kill me"

"Oh well" Leo shrugged and pulled away slowly and turned towards Don, heading for Mike's door.

"Wait, wait!" Mike said as he pushed away from the wall, "If I help you, I won't get pranked, I'm forgiven, right?"

Leo winked at Don whilst smiling then put on a serious expression before turning back to Mike, "Depends on how well you do"

Mike pondered his options before sighing and lowering his head in defeat, "Okay, okay, I'll help"

"Good" Leo responded, "When we need you, we'll let you know"

They turned and left Mike alone in his room.

As Leo pushed his bedroom door open, he gestured for Don to enter, once inside he closed the door firmly. They glanced at each other once then doubled over laughing.

"Did you see his face?" Leo chuckled, "I thought he was going to wet himself"

"Are you kidding me? I've never seen you look so menacing before! Leo you are evil" Don was having a hard time breathing through the laughter, let alone trying to talk.

"I had a hard time doing that! It didn't help when I could hear you chuckling behind me" Leo started to calm slowly.

"Mike was so scared, if you'd told him to crawl around on his hands and knees and bark like a dog, he would've right there and then" Don said.

"Yeah," Leo sighed, "Okay, one down, one to go"

"Raph isn't going to be that easy to intimidate, I don't think we could get him to agree to prank Mike" Don responded.

"I couldn't.......but you can" Leo smiled causing Don to frown.

"Do tell, dear brother, how could I convince him?"

"He hasn't seen evil Donny before" Leo was still smiling.

Don raised an eyebrow, "That's because there's no such thing as 'evil Donny'"

"Don't flatter yourself," Leo chuckled, "Look, I played 'bad turtle' on Mike, you know that won't work on Raph, so it has to be you"

Don shrugged, "I'm open to suggestions"

"Just think like Raph" Leo answered.

"Think like Raph," Don thought for a moment, "okay, get angry, throw my sai through the TV at least twice a week and curse a lot"

"You got it"

"Okay, lets do this before I change my mind"

Raphael stood by the punch bag as it swayed from a recent battering he mopped his brow with the towel around his neck, he looked up as Don came bounding in with Leo hot on his tail. Don looked angry.

"C'mon Don, it was just a joke, forget about it" Leo pleaded as he stepped in front of him.

"Leo, I swear if you get in my way again, I'm going to knock you through the wall this time instead of against it!" Don yelled.

Leo raised his hands defensively in an attempt to calm Don down but he was just in the way, Don shoved him hard and he stepped back to stop himself from falling.

Raph stared in shock at the scene before him and moved towards his two brothers, Don stopped in front of Raph and glared, then to Raph's surprise, Don growled.

"Don, what's wrong?" Raph spoke softly. Leo came up behind Don and gestured to Raph, running his hand horizontally across his neck, Raph raised an eye ridge at Leo but didn't listen to his silent signal.

"Don't try to be nice to me Raph, because we all know that you are anything but nice!" Don spat.

"Hey, I'm only trying to help okay?" Raph replied defensively.

"Trying to help?" Don mimicked, "Trying to help? Dressing me up like a baby is your way of trying to help? If it is, then you suck at being helpful"

Raph's face started to redden, Don noticed and for a brief moment he wondered if this was such a good idea.

"Don, I think you need to go cool off" Raph spat angrily.

"Do you listen when someone tells you to 'go cool off'? No. So why should I?" Don was grateful that Leo was there, this was so far away from convincing Raph to help and Raph was beginning to get a little scary.

"Look, the baby thing was just a joke Don, that's all. Why is it bothering you so much?" Raph calmed slightly but he was still angry that his brother just burst in here and started something out of nothing.

"Maybe it was just a joke to you but it was damn well more than that to me! Do you know how embarrassing that was for me? Me? I have more intelligence than all of you combined and you totally ridicule me with this.....this stupid lame stunt that could only be achieved by an under developed mind such as yours! This is the most insulting prank I've ever been subjected to!" Don spat.

Leo stepped forward, slightly fearful that this was going to turn bad but then something happened, without letting Raph respond, Don began again.

"Do you know how painful it was to see myself like that?" Don whimpered, "After everything that I have done for you, for all of you," he spun around and Leo noticed he was crying, Don turned back to Raph, "I have tried all these years to learn so much that I could help us to have a happy life here and you pull this stunt to make me feel.....inept, inadequate......do you think that I'm stupid? Do you think that I can't hurt just because I spend so much time in my lab? What is it Raph?" Don had tears streaming down his face by now.

Raph stared in shock at Don, and glimpsed at Leo to see him gesturing for Raph to comfort Don, signalling with his arms to hug him. Raph didn't want to, not with Leo there, he looked at Don to see his head hung low, his hands covering his face, shoulders shaking. Leo urged him on and Raph relented, pulling Don into an embrace.

"Don, I'm sorry, I didn't realise that it hurt that bad, we don't think that you're stupid, where would we be without you, huh?" he patted Don's shell uneasily.

"How could you and Mike do that to me? Did you plan it? I mean Mike would easily do something like this but you? Tell me it was Mike's idea, Raph. Was it him?" Don sniffed and Raph winced slightly, if Leo had been the one demanding answers Raph would have defiantly admitted guilt but Don seemed so upset.

"Yeah, Don. It was Mike" Raph answered simply, he looked at Leo who was frowning with his hands on his sides, "And me, we were both responsible"

"Would you do something for me Raph?" Don said softly.

"Depends what you want done" Raph answered.

"Would you help me get revenge on Mike?" Don spoke as he pulled away.

Raph stared for a moment then looked between Don and Leo, he pulled the prank and Don was asking for him to help prank Mike, he could walk out of this safe and sound and Mike would suffer the rebuttal, he sighed then nodded, "If it would make you feel better, then yeah, I'll help"

Don smiled and wiped away the tears, "Thanks Raph" he said quietly then turned and walked out of the room with Leo draping his arm over Don's shoulder, Raph just stared at their retreating forms, something wasn't right about this, he thought.

As he closed the door to his room again, Leo leant his shell against it and let out a breath, "Man, Donny what happened?"

Don shrugged, "I knew it wasn't working so I changed tactics, I thought he was going to hit me at one point" he chuckled a little, "Did you see his face?"

Leo covered his eyes and began to laugh lightly, "You should've seen the look he gave me when he was hugging you, it said, 'if you tell anyone about this I'll kill you' and you were laughing, I know it"

Don nodded and sat down on Leo's bed, "I had to cover my face so that he couldn't see" he chuckled, "I never thought he would agree so easily"

Leo moved over and sat next to Don, "Shows how good of an actor you are"

Don nodded, "Okay, so phase two is complete, now begins the fun"

"Now begins the fun? So what's it been so far? A teaser?" Leo asked.

Don shrugged, "If it is, then we will probably die laughing, either that or 'death by Raph'"

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