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Authors notes: (check this every chapter for new stuff I think of)

Anglar Hunters are part of a BloodWars unit pack and are some of my favorite units to use. When I first got them I cleaned out my friends bases in minutes using just Anglar Hunter's and Anglar Bodyguards.

And dose anybody know what the Anglar Acolyte dose when turned on?

Chapter2 (I hate making chapter names)

"damm it", Charlie 'the Chip' was trying to fix his nano-lathe. Needless to say it wasn't going well. His radar said that a pack of Kbots was heading his way. He could kill them easily but that would only make the next patrol more cautious.

He put away his tools and emergency pocket-lathe before climbing into his suit. Once he had the chamber sealed he pulled of his enviro-mask. he powered up his suit, keeping his radar on low power. On his screen five red dots crawled toward his position, moving slow and wandering.

Over an hour later he was laying under a pile ruble near his busted rocket-shuttle. The Kbots where just now getting close, their path was undetermined and they waited at places for a while before moving.

They came into the depression below the hill and Chip saw why they where so slow. They where a pack of construction Kbots and it was lead by an advanced construction Kbot. Chip grinned as he realized this would help him.

He waited for the Kbots to get closer, they moved in a pack reclaiming the metal left from the battle. Chip knew he had one chance to make this work. A screech of shifting metal made a construction Kbot look up, just in time for it to see the antimatter blast of Chip's Dgun. The blast destroyed another Kbot behind it and sprayed the rest with shrapnel.

He stomped down the slope firing his light laser at the remaining Kbots, crippling shots instead of killing. Soon he had three disabled construction Kbots. he checked his system screens, looking thru his technology database for the information he needed.

A half an hour later he was working on his nano-lathe again. Using parts he cut from the construction units he finally got his nano-lathe working. But when he tried building a Solar Panel he got a corrupted data error.

When he checked the data module where the blueprint data was stored he found why. It had a five inch shard of metal stuck clean thru it, making it useless. He looked out at the gutted remains of the Kbots then back at his radar screen. He had about half an hour before the Kbots last position was traced here.

Almost two hours later three squadrons of Reapers and a pair of Goliaths appeared on Chips radar. He sent the command to fire on their path, sending a storm of missals and heavy artillery shells rain down around them. Direct hits where few but the number of shells and missals was enough to crush several of the Reapers before they could retreat out of range, the Goliaths pounded flat before they could turn around. Chip canceled the firing orders.

The Core commander saw a mass red dots on his radar moving toward him. He couldn't account for any of these units but he told them to report for perimeter defense. He wasn't going to ignore any support Core Prime sent for him. Not when he had an Arm Commandeer around.

The Core commanders energy readings and metal input had jumped over the last few days and several new bases where reporting in from places he hadn't told them to be built. He thought it was just the missing construction Kbots building without guidance.

Chip grinned inside his battle suit, he was sitting less than a mile from where the Core Commander's base stood. He was cloaked and beside him stood a modified Spectre. He had been shadowing the Core base for days now and he still didn't know why it was here.

His computer was stressed to its limits controlling his army of Core patterns. He used the data modules from the construction Kbots but without his own program kernels anything he built would be Core. So he hacked the data and made sure that they where blind to him and took his commands without question. They wouldn't fire on their comrades but he could send orders to fire where they stood. By this time he had control of forty percent of all the units and ninety percent of all structures.

He couldn't find any reason for the Core to be here. If something didn't happen soon he would just have to wipe out everything and call for extraction. He knew that if High Command didn't get word from him soon they would send in another Commander. Thinking ,or at least hoping, he was dead.

Nine days later Chip was woke by his computer, the Core Commander was on the move. He had three Cans with him and a pair of Deleters. The thin blue line around two of the Cans told him they where his. He could tell them to fire on the commander but the commander would destroy them before they could pierce his antimatter backpack. And the Core Commander wouldn't trust any unknown units after that. Chip had to find another way.

He ended up following the Commander toward the seashore. Chip had almost twenty Roachs angling in towards the Core Commander, ready to trap and destroy him if necessary. When the Core Commander reached the shore he stopped near the corrosive fluid of the sea and just stood there. Chip couldn't understand why.

Chip was seeing thru the sensor on one of his Cans while at the same time having his 'Core' units destroy any that he didn't control. The Core Commander didn't hear a single warning of this thanks to the modified Spectre standing next to Chip. This Spectre was made to filter every message sent within forty miles and jam any that warn of a battle.

Chip's eyes went to the water near the Core Commander as it begin to churn. Out of the water a small glassy pod rolled onto the shore shattering from within. Inside was a small frail creature with green skin and strange white armor. It carried a small but dangerous looking rifle. It was an Anglar Hunter.

Chip was stunned to say the least, he fought Anglars before but spies on Core Prime made the data for them disappear. After the last battles on TaylorVI none of them had been seen. Intelligence couldn't discover where the Core got the idea. It appears it wasn't an idea, they cloned and Patterned them from actual aliens.

The Core Commander and the Anglar Hunter must have been talking but Chip couldn't hear what was said. Cans have very poor audio sensors. He checked a meter near the bottom of his screen. It wasn't even half done, he couldn't do anything until it was done.

Chip retreated back to the base he was using, he needed to make a plan. If Core got Angulers again the war would take a bad turn. He had to end this threat, or at least find a counter.


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