Chapter 1: The Dance

Harry hated these types of social events. They always grated on his nerves. Girls upon girls always asked him to go to it and he declined each and every one of them. He hated it and his friends were dragging him to it to. At wand point too. The nerve of the three of them. The dreaded event he was going to was the annual school dance. The three people that are soon going to suffer for bringing him to the dance were ones Ronald Weasley, Hermione Granger, and Ginny Weasley.

So there he was standing in a dark corner looking around at all the festivities. He told his friends to go on and dance. He was trying to sneak out when Dumbledore caught up with him.

"Are you going so early in the night Harry? Why don't you have a dance with some one?" Dumbledore said smiling brightly. "I could ask one of these lovely girls if you want."

Harry just shook his head. Damn he wasn't getting out of here. "No thank you Headmaster. I'm sure I'll find someone to dance with." He looked around at the people again. The only other person in the hall not celebrating was their resident Potion Master.

Thinking to himself, Harry debated helping. He doesn't look like he is enjoying this much. No one is going to want to dance with him and that's the only way he's going to be able to get out. I could actually set things right before I graduate.

Resigning himself to helping a man in a similar boat, he walked over and stood next to his teacher. "So someone dragged you to this event too." Harry stated easily enough. He looked over at his friends. Seemed like Ron was stepping on Hermione's feet again.

Severus Snape looked at the bane of his existence. He was actually trying to be civil to the man. He laughed inwardly. "What concern is it to you?"

Harry laughed lightly. Harry nodded over to his friends. "They dragged me here. Was actually going to skip and read or something while this event was going on."

Severus glared at the young man. "And what may I ask has this to do with me Mister Potter?"

Harry looked over at his Professor. "Well once you try and leave you'll find out why I haven't yet."

"And what does this have to do with me?" He repeated.

Harry smiled. "I wanted to ask you for a dance." He said simply.

"I don't do dances." Severus said again glaring at Harry.

"Neither do I." With that he started to walk off. Looking over his shoulder before he got to far he stated, "but the offer still stands if you want to seek me out later. Plus I doubt I will be leaving anytime soon. I also wouldn't want to be paired off with one of the more energetic dancers."

Severus was left to his thoughts then. Potter was actually the first one to ask him for a dance. In years actually but he didn't like to acknowledge that fact. Deciding he didn't want to be in this room any longer, he tried to sneak off.

It was working until he got to the door. For some reason Dumbledore spotted him. "Aren't you going to have a dance with some one Severus?" He asked amused.

"I don't do dances." Severus stated. Already fearing what Potter foretold. Dumbledore would be pairing him with one of the more active dancers.

Dumbledore although wouldn't have any of this talk. "Nonsense. Everyone loves dancing." His eyes twinkling madly. Severus tried to suppress a groan. "I could ask some one if they wanted to dance with you. I won't mind asking anyone."

Damn Potter was right. He wasn't getting out of here with out at least one dance. "Actually I was in the middle of something but you just reminded me. Some one did ask me to dance. I'll seek them out in just a minute." With that he turned around and saw Potter turning a female student away.

Harry was glancing over at his Professor secretly. He could see him getting cornered by Dumbledore. He just had to snicker inwardly. Just then a girl he knew by face but not by name asked him for a dance.

"I'm sorry but I'm waiting for somebody. Maybe if you catch me later I'll share that dance with you." He said smiling at the female. She nodded and went bouncing off to another boy along the wall.

Severus walked up to Harry. "Is this a bad time then?" He said smirking at the young boy.

Harry just smiled and shook his head. "Nope. I was actually waiting to see how long it took you to figure out Dumbledore was guarding the entrance and wouldn't let anyone out without one dance."

"You could have been out of here long ago then." Severus said looking out at the couples.

Harry nodded. "But I find that most of the females are a little more energetic then my tastes. Plus the fact that I am horrible at dancing and don't like to show off is another. They will all want a dance if I say yes to one girl and they will actually see how bad I am."

Severus snickered silently next to him. "Just don't step on my feet."

Harry laughed out loud. "That would be Ron's forte." He said looking at Ron again stepping on Hermione's feet. "She's really not going to be able to stand for the next few days."

Severus reached his hand out and held it for Potter to hold so he could lead him out onto the dance floor. "Shall we get this foolish display of adolescent exhibition over with Potter."

Harry took his offered hand but corrected his Professor. "For today it is Harry." He said smiling and being led to the edge of the dance floor.

Severus turned him around and the two were facing each other. Harry placed his other hand on the taller man's shoulder, while Severus placed his hand on the boy's lean waist. The two did a small two step to the music.

"So anyway a little about myself." Harry said. He wanted to really introduce himself. His teacher knew nothing about him and still hated him. After seven years of him trying to prove he wasn't his father, nothing worked. "I love Quidditch but don't think I'll be doing this as a professional thing. It's more to escape the daily stress of life. It's only for fun for me."

Severus stared down into the emerald eyed youth. "What are you doing? We're here just to dance one dance." He stated.

Harry just shrugged. "Thought this was as good as any to get to know each other. Or maybe for you just to get to know me." Harry only briefly noticed that they were becoming a little bit more active on the dance floor. "Well my favorite subject is Defense. It comes easily enough to me. What's your favorite subject?"

"You already know the answer Potter." He stated giving him a death glare.

Harry use to his glares just shrugged it off. "Harry and it might not be your favorite subject. You might be good at Potions but that isn't what you might enjoy doing. I mean I'm good at Care of Creatures but it isn't my favorite subject."

Severus sighed. For some reason he felt like talking. "It is potions. I like the calming effect of brewing a complicated potion."

Harry nodded. "Was teaching what you always wanted to do?"

Severus shook his head. Harry sighed. "Yea potions never really came to me. You really have to love the subject to get the hang of the art. I bet it's hard on you to teach students who keep messing up on the simplest of potions. I know how it feels when I see some one that can't do a simple thing to defend themselves." Harry said while looking up at the expressionless coal eyes.

Severus was shocked. He didn't show it but that's how he felt when he saw a student screw up the things he liked. Severus slowly started to turn the two of them. Making their dancing a little bit more active yet gentle and graceful compared to the other couples.

"So what did and do you want to do if teaching children isn't what you want to do?" Harry asked softly. Truth be told he was actually having fun dancing with his Professor. He was glad he pulled up enough courage to ask him for a dance.

Severus was debating on whether or not to answer the question. He decided to. What would it hurt? It wasn't like he could exploit the fact. "I always thought about opening a shop to sell the potions and to experiment in different adaptations of current ones."

Harry nodded. He knew the answer to the other question but had to ask it anyway. "Apart from you having your other job, why don't you do that? You don't actually have to leave Hogwarts. You could make a mail order type business." For some reason he felt extremely brave. He knew any other time he wouldn't have asked so personal a question but today was different. Maybe the punch was spiked.

The older man looked down at the boy. Was it his imagination or was he closer then the last time he looked? With out thinking he answered the question. "Running a business takes a lot of money."

Harry thought about it for a minute. That was the answer he was expecting. He thought about how much he had. He liked making people's dreams come true. So much more fun then the way Voldemort went around ruling things.

"Well then it seems like you came to the right person today. Of course I will deny this if brought out in public but you came to an investor." Harry said smiling up at the Potions Professor.

"What do you mean?" Severus said. He noticed briefly that they had some how moved to the middle of the dance floor. No one noticed the two dancing but he didn't pay any attention either.

Harry smiled. "I am an investor. You are looking at the third and silent partner of one Weasley's Wizard Wheezes."

Obviously he didn't take the news to well since he let out an angry, "WHAT?" This caused everyone to turn and look at Harry and Severus dancing.

Harry noticed everyone looking and decided that maybe the dance was over. "Looks like the dance finished..." He tried to move away but Severus was still holding onto his hand and pulled him back.

That resulted in Harry doing a twirl into Severus' arms. Everyone looking at them thought that the spin was planned because it was done so gracefully. With Harry's back now resting against Severus' chest they continued to dance for a second before Harry pulled away and turned in the embrace.

Readjusting to how they were holding on before, Harry explained. "Yes I am the third and silent partner of their business. And I like to invest in people's dreams. Maybe we could work up a partnership."

Severus glared down at the young man. Before he could even open his mouth though, Harry spoke up.

"Yes, Yes. I know you don't do partnerships." Harry said smiling. "Anyway I don't really ask anything from a partnership really. The twins do send me all of their latest products though."

It seemed everyone forgot about dancing and turned to look at the two male dancers in the center of the dance floor. No one could hear what they were talking about but anyone dancing with either Snape or Harry Potter was worth at least glancing at. Since both were dancing together they just had to be stared at.

The two dancing didn't notice them though. They were so wrapped up in the dancing and talking together that everything else was background noise to them. Hogwarts could be under attack at that second and those two wouldn't have noticed.

The two danced in silence for a few minutes. Harry just had fun dancing. He knew if he was dancing with some one else he would have already stepped on the other's toes and made a complete dunderhead out of himself.

Severus was thinking about what Harry was saying. He would like to start a business. Stop teaching these stupid students that don't know the difference between walking and running. "It would take a lot of money to start one." He said as a start. Couldn't hurt to just see where it leads.

"I gave a thousand galleons alone to the twins to start their shop. I expect it will be more money with this business but I have it." Harry said. "Have you a list of what you would need?"

Damn if you do damn if you don't question. If I admit that I do then he would see that I really would like the shop but if I don't then he might think I'm not as interested in the idea. "I don't have one planned but I know of a few things one would need." Truthful answer.

Harry nodded his head. "Would you want to have a shop in Diagon Alley?" Severus just turned Harry around in a spin again. He wasn't going to tell anyone but he actually enjoyed when his Professor spun him.

"Depends on the funds I suppose." Severus spoke softly. Dancing with Harry was actually enjoyable. He even suspected that he liked to be twirled. It was fun to see the dress robes flare out like they were doing.

Harry was thinking about how much this store was going to cost. He knew he had the money to open one. Especially since his godfather's death. It seemed that he had left most of his savings to Harry. He gave his properties to Remus. Harry made a mental list in his head of things he knew that they would need. Building, attendant, and supplies to last quite a while. That was all he could think about for now.

"I know I have enough, so you just make your list and price high. That way we won't run over on what you need to get. Of course I shouldn't be reminding you. You are Professor Severus Snape. You make sure everything will be exactly how much it's suppose to be." Harry said smiling.

"You probably would have better use in using your money then spending it on something you don't like." That was Severus' attempt to say, are you sure you really want to spend money on me. He wouldn't phrase it like that but he should know.

Harry shrugged. "I plan on working when I graduate. Not Quidditch like I said earlier either. I'm not too sure at the moment. Anyway it's the least I could do for you. How much does one put on life anyway?"

Severus furrowed his eyebrows together. "You've looked after me and saved my life for the past seven years. Nothing I do could do could ever repay you for your protectiveness." Harry said softly.

Then he did something that no body would believe a sane person would do. Harry took both his hands and threw them around his Professor's neck and placed his head on the others chest. He continued to dance like that. He knew he was out of his mind but some how he didn't care. For it felt right.

Severus was caught by surprise by both what Harry said and that Harry would move their dance position like this. It was how couples danced. The brief thought that he was exactly the right height to do this too only barely crossed his mind. Instead of throwing the young man to the floor like he would do to any one else, he wrapped his two long arms around his partner's slender waist and continued dancing.

The two were not really dancing anymore. They were more like stepping from one foot to the other but neither was complaining. Especially since neither one of them was getting their toes stepped on either.

Harry spoke from his position on the other man's chest after quite a few minutes of just dancing, "I'll keep this as a silent partner too if you want. Only reason why we keep Fred and George's business silent is because we fear for our lives."

Severus looked down at the mop of black hair on his chest. For some reason he liked that sight. "And what do you mean Harry?"

Harry snickered. "Have you ever seen Mrs. Weasley after one of her son's failures?" Harry shivered there. "It's not a very pretty sight. The only people that know that secret now are Fred, George, you and me. If Mrs. Weasley ever suspected such a rumor I wouldn't be able to hear for a few months after."

Severus tried hard to suppress a snicker but his body wasn't cooperating with him. He didn't vocalize the laugh but he knew Harry could tell that there was a laugh. Severus blamed it on a spiked punch. Although he couldn't taste any potion or anything, that didn't matter. He knew it was spiked some how.

Harry was surprised at the vibrations coming from his Professor. Did he actually make his Professor laugh? Okay maybe it wasn't out loud but still a little vibration was better than nothing.

Harry didn't hear anything so thought that maybe the dance was over. "I better get back to the dorms..." He said in a tone of voice that said I really don't want to leave.

"One more dance and this time a fast pace waltz." Severus said. He was whispering it so only Harry could hear it.

Harry looked up questioningly at his Professor. Pulling back, he positioned his hands the way they were before. Severus grabbed them delicately and stepped forward and they were off. Some couples had gone back to dancing but many were still watching the two.

It was fast paced and they were moving around the groups without actually looking at them. It was actually fun. Neither could complain much about the company they held. After a few minutes Severus had moved them to the front of the door.

The two let go and looked at each other. Harry bowed first but it wasn't real low. It just showed respect. "Thank you for the dance."

Severus bowed also just as low as Harry. "Thank you for asking."

Harry smiled brightly as Severus. "Well off to do homework." With this Harry stuck his tongue out disgustedly at the thought but recomposed himself fast. "You don't forget to do the list."

With that Harry walked out of the Hall. Severus shook his head slightly and walked out after him. Everyone (but Dumbledore) couldn't believe that those two actually shared an evening together without leaving screaming. Dumbledore was just twinkling at his two young men. He felt like a grandfather to them and had hoped the two would come to an understanding. He just wondered what they were talking about. The Headmaster hoped he wouldn't be losing his skilled Potion Master but he hoped that he was going to be happy too.

The next morning Harry had trouble walking to his classes or eating breakfast because everyone wanted to know what their Professor was actually like. Even his three friends wouldn't shut up when he casually said he wasn't talking. Finally at lunch he blew up. He hadn't had one moments piece since he woke up that morning.

Standing up he looked at everyone. "If you want any information on Professor Snape then go ask him because that's the only information that's going to be told. Now if you don't mind I am going to have two minutes of piece before you vultures come and attack me again." With that Harry left a stunned audience again.

Severus Snape was watching what was going on and wondered what Harry was talking about to his friends. He was going to be just a little mad, okay he would deduct all of Gryffindors points if he spoke of anything that happened yesterday. He noticed though that the young man was trying to keep his cool. He wasn't talking at all. That was until he stood up and shouted at his friends.

He was practically rolling out of his sit, if he ever did show any emotion in front of people, when Harry screamed at them. Inwardly he was please because he knew then that Harry wasn't spreading around anything. He also knew that no one would know because he sure wasn't going to be telling anyone about how much fun he had.

The funny thing was no one was going to ask him either. If they were, they were going to risk losing points from their house.

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