Unsettling Discoveries

Harry was the last person to make a speech at the graduation. Dumbledore just knew he would want to say something so gave him the last block. He had a nice speech planned out. Harry had even asked the Weasley twins if he could announce that he was a silent partner to them and they readily agreed. Especially after he told them of the plot he had been doing. He looked at them and winked. They were already ready to burst from laughter. He also noticed his living godfather Remus Lupin and gave him a huge smile.

He stood up there looking at his friends and their families and his Professors. He coughed lightly. Harry smiled at everyone. Then he started to talk.

"As most of you know my father James Potter was a widely known prankster in his time. Him with my godfathers Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, they managed to reek havoc on the school. Everything from pranking the Slytherins to becoming illegal animagus, they did everything. When I came to Hogwarts, I was introduced to this generation's pranksters George and Fred Weasley. I learned all my tricks from these two men and a few years ago I invested in one of their dreams. To open a prank shop."

Harry heard Mrs Weasley stand up and glare at him. "Do you know how much trouble I've had to clean up because of that?" She said while everyone turned to look at her.

Harry smiled at his adoptive mother. "Sorry Mrs. Weasley, but it's in my blood to prank. Which brings me to my departing prank. I tried long and hard to find the perfect joke to go out with a bang and I found it and it's actually worked." He looked over the curious crowd. No one was talking.

"Will Severus, Minerva, and Professor Dumbledore please join me on stage?" He asked smiling brightly at them. They quickly stood up and took their place on stage. "If it wasn't for these three next to me I wouldn't have accomplished anything." He walked over to Severus and placed a hand on his chest. "Thank you to my supposed lover. There wouldn't have been a joke if it wasn't for your half of the entertainment."

Again jaws dropped around the hall. The people that knew about Professor Snape and Harry Potter couldn't believe that they worked together to prank the school. Harry stood next to Minerva.

"I thank Minerva for actually also participating in the prank. With out her I doubt the thing would have nearly shocked all of you as it would have with just Severus and I." Then Harry walked over to Professor Dumbledore. "And finally to Professor Dumbledore. He knew from minute one that nothing was going on and allowed us to continue the joke. Thank you to my accomplices."

He turned to the stunned audience. Well the twins weren't. They were rolling around laughing out loud. Even Remus was laughing lightly from the joke. "I think if my dad or Sirius were alive at this second they would be like the twins are right now. They would be laughing till their sides hurt."

Harry then turned to Severus to beckon him closer. He complied easily enough and walked next to Harry. Harry turned to the audience again. "And my latest and greatest gift to the future Hogwarts students. I have officially driven Severus crazy enough to quit his job as a Hogwarts professor and the two of us are opening a potion shop that is expected to debut in two weeks."

With that said everyone whooped up cheering. Severus just glared half-heartedly at the cheering people. He in fact was actually feeling how they were feeling.

Both the other Professors behind him were laughing at the cheering crowd. Harry smiled at all of them. It was great to see them all happy like this. He noticed the Weasley family, Hermione, and Remus all coming up onto stage. Severus was just about to leave when Harry shot his hand out and shook his head.

"You're my friend Severus. You have just as much right to stay here as they do." Harry said softly. He turned around and looked at friends.

"How dare you put us through this much stress. We didn't know if you were under a curse or anything. No offense professor." Hermione said angrily at Harry.

"No offense taken." Severus said lightly. He knew all the rumors and that was just one of them.

"It's pay back to you three. You were the ones to drag me to a dance I wanted nothing with. Turned out you were right and that I should have gone but next time you're not dragging me." Harry said equally glaring.

Fred and George thought Hermione had taken too much time from Harry so they butted into the conversation. Each gave a hearty pat on the back before talking. "We're so honored you included us in your speech." Fred laughed.

"That is one prank that will be set in the record books." George replied back.

Then the two turned to Severus. "An excellent performance." Fred said grinning.

"Is it true you are quitting Hogwarts?" George asked.

"Thank you." Severus said while producing a card from his pocket. He handed it over to the twins.

The two gasped. The two really were quitting Hogwarts and opening a potions shop.

"Wait! Mate, are you telling me you were never..." Ron said blushing brightly.

Harry laughed. "Severus is a friend. He loved having the attention, I wanted some pay back, it worked out. Anyway if you think about all our conversations I never once did admit out in the open that I did anything."

Hermione actually laughed at that. "I just might have done that already." She said quoting an earlier saying.

Harry just nodded his head. "Yes, did actually spend time together but that was to make potions or plan out what we were doing the next day. His little chimeras were actually just to finish his potions."

"I couldn't believe Harry actually went along with my joke. Not many people understand my humor." Severus imputed into the conversation.

Harry smiled back at him giving a silent encouragement. "I was shocked to realize you were funny period. Then you wearing something that weren't wizard and then sitting at Gryffindor. Just that would have been a great joke to me."

Severus actually chuckled. Out loud. Harry saw that and burst out laughing. "I did it. I did it. I made Severus Snape, former Head of Slytherin, guy who doesn't even crack a smile, I, Harry Potter, thorn in one Severus Snape's side, I made him chuckle out loud for the world to hear." Harry said quite pleased.

Severus just shook his head. "Miracles happen everyday Harry."

Harry agreed wholeheartedly with that statement. "And while miracles are happening..." Harry said grabbing a hold of one of Severus' arms and pulling him off the stage, "I think it's about time we did that plan I've been waiting for. To get totally and thoroughly drunk.


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