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Destiny is a Knocking

Chapter 1: The Dream or Nightmare?

It's late at night with the stars shinning brightly and the breathless moon hanging in the air, while a light breeze comes through slightly ruffling the Navy Blue curtains with golden edges, its a white plain room, but it seems special to him in some way.

He starts walking and through the light curtains where a kindly looking woman with an Egyptian Navy blue night dress that matched the curtains, she was outside kneeling by a pond filled with White Water Lilies, she looked ...familiar.

While he was pondering this she looks up and smiles sweetly at him "Atemu?" she whispers sweetly starting to stand "Atemu? You need to remember its your destiny. Please remember before its to late." She says beginning to get desperate as a dark figure suddenly approaches from behind her grinning sinisterly, he pulls her head back roughly and slits her throat in a blink of an eye.

He wanted to scream out but couldn't something was holding back his voice. While she drops into the pond he was about to run to her but he hears another urgent voice trying to get to him "Yugi!" 'That sounds familiar too.'

"What?" He bolts up gasping heavily while he blinks a few times to get his eyes readjusted to the light and then suddenly notices he is in his room with Yami sitting on the end of his bed looking at him with his brow wrinkling in concern "Yami? What's wrong?" he says rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"You started tossing in your sleep like you were dieing or something, so I think I should be asking you that question." says matter of factly but he shakes his head, sighing in relief that he actually woke up.

Yugi shakes his head while falling back down on the bed "It's nothing just a strange dream, a strange bad dream."

He gets up and walks right beside him then sits down again looking down at him skeptical "Are you sure?"

Yugi looks over to him and nods giving him a weak smile but it doesn't quite reach his fatigued eyes "Yes I'm fine really." He looks to his side behind Yami to the dresser next to his bed where his alarm clock was sitting which read 12:00 A.M. he groans and rolls over "If you'll excuse me I think I should get to bed or I'll have dark rings around my eyes and I will never get any peace tomorrow."

Yami smiles and shakes his head getting up "Alright Aibou, I'll let you sleep." Yugi smiles reassuringly at him as he closes his eyes and goes back to bed.

Yami waits until he is fast asleep to make sure he doesn't get wind of what he was thinking as he glances at him once more as he thinks to himself 'you win this time Hikari, but I'm going to find out what's wrong, one way or another' he mentally promises himself before disappearing back into the puzzle leaving the room dark with the even breaths of Yugi.


-- Domino High--

Jyounouchi was currently playing Duel Monsters with Anzu, again. Thinking he could win since he placed second in Duelist Kingdom and fourth in Battle city but it really didn't do him any good except make a chump of himself. While Honda sits off to the side laughing as he loses horribly.

Yugi walks slowly in, glancing once to his side to see what his friends were doing before he sits down at his desk /'I don't think the sleep helped at all.'/ He yawns again laying his head down on the desk.

Yami laughs from inside the puzzle /'It's not my fault this time, so don't even try blaming this on me.'/

'Yeah, yeah' he says dryly, rolling his eyes as he goes back to the duel.

"Hey Yugi." Ryou says coming up to chat since the duel was a lost cause from the beginning, he stops once looking over to him before shaking his head and sitting next to him.

He looks up surprised from talking with Yami "Hey Ryou, what's up? Bakura giving you any trouble?"

Ryou laughs, shaking his head "No, that's what has me worried." They laugh.

Bakura comes out arms crossed looking pissed off '/What's that supposed to mean/' he sneers at them both glaring daggers.

Ryou throws his hands up in defense, backing away from him slowly 'Nothing Bakura'

He crosses his arms while his eyes narrow '/Yeah right/'

Ryou sighs in relief as he going back to talking to Yugi ignoring Bakura's presence entirely "Any way back on topic, are you all right? You look like you haven't slept in days."

"Well your right I can't sleep more then a few hours a night... before I have that dream." he whispers the last part and looks out the window while his eyes glaze over.

Yami comes out to join the discussion concern evident in his eyes /'What dream?'/

Bakura smirks /'Well if it isn't the Pharaoh, come to win the Ring over?'/

/'Shut up Tomb Robber.'/ Yami sneers at him.

/'Fine, but I thought you and Yugi were like brothers? Not taking care of your Hikari very well are you?'/ He says breaking into laughter.

Yugi glares almost exactly like Yami but the hair and eyes were different and much colder then anything he could come up with "I didn't tell anyone about the dream and I'm not about to tell you." everyone looks at Yugi in shock. Yugi never talks to them this way. Yugi shakes his head putting his head back into his hands "Gomen, I'm not feeling well."

"Maybe you should of stayed--" he didn't get to finish his sentence when Yugi interrupted him.

Yugi puts his head in his hands "No I'm fine I just need to go get some aspirin"

Jyou just notices Yugi getting up and leaving while Yami follows behind him slowly still slightly shocked "Yugi?" but he ignores him and keeps on walking.

Bakura and Ryou watch him go with Yami as Bakura looks back at his Hikari for a moment then asks '/What's wrong with him/'

Ryou shakes his head 'I don't know, something about that dream probably.' he says mentally before going over to the duel once more.

Bakura looks at the door where Yugi went out of '/I know this isn't the time, but I sensed magic, powerful magic just now when he gave us that cold glare./'

Ryou looks at him startled 'What do you mean?'

'/I mean something even stronger then the puzzle is making him act strangely./' Bakura says still not turning his head as Ryou can only stand stalk still gapping like a fish.


--Nurse's office--

/'Feeling better Aibou?'/ Yami asks leaning against the door while he watches protectively over his Hikari who was currently laying his head back against the nurses office.

'Not really, I feel drained.' Yugi says looking up.

Yami gets up and looks at him surprised and worried /'Drained how?'/

Yugi smiles a sad smile shocking him even more by the look on his face, this was not how his Hikari acted, Yugi shrugs helplessly 'Not sure'

There was a long pause before anyone spoke /'Care to share the dream with me?'/ Yami asks hopefully.

Yugi sighs shaking his head 'When we get home Yami then I will, but I'm not sure why I'm so rattled by this?'

/'Me either.'/

Yugi gets up and starts heading for the door, while Yami watches him with his eyes /'Aibou?'/

Yugi turns back looking like himself again 'but until then I need to go back to class.'

Yami looks disappointed about going back to boring old class /Yes, I suppose you do.'/

Yugi looks back at him raising an eyebrow 'What do you mean 'I do'?'

Yami has a sour look on his face /'I mean I can not stand your high school.'/ Yugi laughs, walking, out shaking his head while Yami disappears back into the puzzle.



Ryou sits closer to him then usual bending over and giving him a note sliding a note over to him slowly so as not to get the teachers attention 'Hey Yugi, you all right?'

Yugi nods and send back another note 'Yeah, don't worry about me I'll be fine just a little headache'

The teacher then looks up from lecturing and smiles brightly "Class, we now may begin getting your history assignment." She turns around and picks up her attendance sheet and checks everyone off while she explains the assignment "You will each have a partner to make it easier on you since you all made up reasonable excuses." The class laughs slightly.

"I hope I'm paired with a cute girl." Honda whispers to Jyou who nods.

"Honda!" Anzu exclaims smacking the back of his head.

He starts to rub his injured head looking innocently behind him "What?"

She glares at him before huffing and turning her head "Nothing."

Jyou intercepts before an argument breaks out "I hope I'm paired with someone smart."

Yugi laughs playfully "With your grades you better cross your fingers." Jyou sends him a playful, betrayed look before they turn their attention back to the teacher.

"Okay Class your partners will be Yuki and Tachi, Honda and Annabel the new transfer student." She marks them off.

Honda looks up confused "Annabel?" he says glancing around the room.

A geeky girl ,with red hair and glasses comes up trying to attach herself to his arm "Hi, I think your absolutely darling."

Honda falls backwards out of his desk when he sees her "Uhhhhh, I mean Mrs. Higurian can I have a new partener?" He looks at her with begging eyes.

She shakes her head not looking up "I'm afraid not I can't switch you." She looks up and starts to chuckle when Annabel latches on to Honda's arm like a leech again "You don't have to date the person just work with them."

He looks like he just got his execution papers "Yes," he looks back at her and shudders "Ewww."

Jyou starts cracking up "Now that was funny."

"Jyou don't you know you receive as much as you give!" Anzu warns.

"Jyounouchi your with Mr. Kiaba."

Jyou looks at her startled then at Kiaba the same time that he does as they quickly look away disgusted with the choice "Mrs. Higurian please be reasonable I can't--."

She shakes her head "I'll tell you the same thing I told Honda-kun."

He tries to persuade her "But--."

She looks up with icy eyes glaring at him slightly "No."

Honda looks on amused "Now that is funny."

"Anzu and Oni."

She looks at her partener who is looking in the mirror admiring himself, she sighs defeatedly "What a name."

"So what exactly did you do?" Jyou asks with a smirk on his face while Honda was snickering.

"Shut up!" She yells at them while they breakout into a full fledged laughter.

"Yugi and Ryou." Yugi and Ryou look at each other startled from where they were watching the whole thing in amusement.

"What?" The class screams since they know they are friends...well sort of.

She sighs starting to rub her temples as an incoming headache is approaching "I trust those two." she says pointing to them as they look on clearly confused "So you all need partners of my choice."

"Ahh, man."

"Then Jono and Kira." She looks around and smiles when everyone was paired off "Well that's all of them have fun and remember it's due next month."

Kiaba comes up to him and says with the coldest voice "Listen here inu we will meet at your house tomorrow night and I expect us to have little, if not at all, contact as possible got it."

Jyou looks disgruntled "At least we agree on something

Annabel comes up and kisses Honda's cheek "See you cupcake." She says and walking off.

Honda looks back at him disgusted "Trade you?"

"Uhh, no thanks." Jyou looks a little taken a back.

Yugi comes up to them "It's not going to be so bad."

They look at him then snort "Yeah right."

Yugi sighs looking down as they all walk off to their next class in silence "This is going to be a long month." Yugi and Ryou mumble to themselves as they go walk behind them.

--To Be Continued--

Sorceress-fox125-I know Yugi's mom is different and all but this si my story and his mom will look very similar and he hasn't seen her in over five years before he met the gang.

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