Sorceress-Hello everyone I'm changing my story a little and why you ask

Yugi-I think everyone would like to know why

Yami-Why are you even putting an Epilogue anyway?

Sorceress-I was home sick today so I had nothing better to do.


Sorceress-Don't I know it

--Last Chapter--

(Marik looked at Jyou and shrugged "She said she was giving it to her apprentice, what ever that means.")

("You and Yami are the same person you are the Pharaoh since the day of your birth Yami was just a shadow of your former self there to protect the items" Yugi nods solemnly as Mahaado continues he softens slightly in understanding "Even if you don't realize it Mana and I will always be by your side.")

(Seto looks on sadly then smirks "Don't forget to call your moronic friends, the mutts been worried about you." he says going through there joined rooms.

Yugi smirks back and picks up the phone and dials a number and starts to open the box a golden crown and a card the Osiris' Guardian Magician dress all in the darkest purple and black looking dead and alive at the same time as Jyou answers.)

Epilogue-Forgetting Is Always Best

Yugi looked out the storming window of his hospital room 'It seems I spent more time in the hospital then at school' he thought to himself as he sighs he hated being cooped up and he had a feeling that things were about to get a whole lot worse.

"Yugi?" a timid voices asks out loud making him turn around sharply to see nothing more then the cold night air.

He shakes his head chuckling "I think I'm about to lose it."

"Yugi is everything all right?" Seto asks coming into his room softly.

Yugi smiles uneasily "I'm fine."

Seto glares him down for a few minutes "No your not." "

"Just haven't been sleeping well is all." he says absentmindedly continuing to stare out of the window.

Kiaba snorts "And I'm not the CEO of Kiaba corp."

"Really?" a voice says from behind them.

"Ryou." Yugi says warningly.

"Relax just a bit of fun." Ryou says coming up to them chuckling.

A voice says from the darkness "Everything isn't going to turn out the way you think it is."

"And you are" Seto asks coldly.

"Nut?" Yugi asks confusedly.

She stares sadly at the ground "You will forget all about the past few weeks in which you were kidnapped and your powers will be sealed."

They all stared at her in shock before Seto pulls out of his reverie "BUT WE JUST GOT BACK OUR MEMMORIES!" Seto yells "YOU CAN'T DO THAT TO US!"

Yugi jumps up and holds him down before he jumps the poor girl "Seto, calm down." Yugi says in a strained voice he still had injuries and this wasn't helping him at all.

Ryou looks up her with frightened eyes "Will we remember again?"

She nods solemnly "You will remember again I promise you that."

"So what exactly will we remember?"

"No one will remember anything other than the Ysmi's went to the afterlife."

"Will we ever remember?" Yugi says finally looking up at Nut.

She smiles brightly "Your journey is not yet over young Pharaoh."

Yugi nods as Seto scoffs "All right just hurry up, I'm tired of delaying the inedible."

She nods sadly "As you wish high priest."


--The Next Day--

Yugi sighed in frustration he didn't remember why he was here but he sure as hell wanted out "Jii-chan?" Yugi whined.

The old man chuckles "In a few more minutes, then your home free."

"You don't even have to wait that long," he says putting the clipboard down "You can go when ever you wish"

Granp's looks at him confusedly "What about the bill?"

The doctor smiles "Already taken care of by a Mr. Seto Kiaba."

Jii-chan stares at him confusedly "Uhhh, Thank you"

"Kiaba?" he stares at the two of them confusedly 'Why does this not surprise me in the least.' Yugi thinks to himself confusedly looking out the window once more as Nut smirks from her hiding.


Yugi-Unless you wanna read the sequel

Sorceress-I'm fixing that as well I might just change it a bit so there

Yugi-Not much I hope

Yami-Probably just going to use it to torture us anyway