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Patenting Problems...

Jack and Sam watched as Daniel and Teal'c retreated down Jack's garden path before closing the door.

"Wanna have a look at it again Carter?" Jack asked.

"Sure sir."

A few moments later, they were back in Jack's basement.

"I'm going to get in contact with the patents office and get this idea patented. Then I'm gonna find a distributor and-"

"Sir…There are a few big problems we need to work through first."


"Well…" Sam began, walking forward to look at the computer. "You can't call it the Holodeck."

"Why not?"

"Because Paramount will have the rights to the name."

"…good point."

"Secondly…How are you going to explain the crystal element without compromising the SGC's secrecy."

"Oy…is that strike 2 or 3?"

Sam sat down on one of the chairs scattered around the room. "There's no question that this is a miraculous invention…but for the time being…I don't see a commercial application…It might be a human invention, but it's alien technology."

"You're right." Jack said, defeat in his tone as he sat on the ground next to Sam's chair.

"It's also out-of-the-blue."

"Really?" Jack feigned innocence.

"You've gone on about how thick you are for so long, you had us all convinced! And now you're suddenly a computer whiz who dissects things in his basement!"

"Strike 3?"



"Why all the secrecy? Why this charade?"

"It's simple really…"

"Not simple enough Jack."



Jack sighed, peering up at one of the tiny window that permit light to get into his basement.

"Long story short…I was always known as the 'smart one' in Special Ops and was getting sick of always being the one to do the math…after I got a concussion on a mission…I took the opportunity to pretend I'd 'lost' my mathematical ability-"

"So you put on the dumb routine-"

"-and I never took it off until today."

The pair sat in amicable silence for a few moments.

"Wish I'd thought of that one sir."


"Yeah…I love my work…but sometimes I'd far rather be doing my own work than what I get given…like you've done with this project."

"Hmm…yeah…I see what you mean."

Sam smiled sheepishly, before turning back to the subject at hand.

"Right…now…How about we figure out how we can get this invention patent ready."

"I dunno Carter…I'd love to but…It's so much work."

"Well…let's get started…there's no time like the present!"

Daniel and Teal'c were enjoying their walk through the suburbs of Colorado Springs. They walked in amicable silence, until Daniel began to speak.

"I can't believe Jack's invention."

"Indeed. It is a cause of great surprise to me Daniel Jackson."

"I mean…it's not only an invention…but an invention that could change the face of technology today!"

"How so?"

"Well…you imagine…People go out and buy individual things…TVs…cookers…toasters…you get the idea…Imagine if all you had to do was to buy Jack's invention…and buy the programs for the different items you needed…no waste…and it'd take up less space…It'd revolutionize the world!"

"Indeed…Even the Goa'uld did not possess this technology."

"I need a drink."

"Indeed. I believe it is Happy Hour at O'Malley's. There is also live entertainment."

"I wouldn't call karaoke 'entertainment' and I wouldn't call some of the participants 'live' either."

Daniel turned round to see Teal'c's smirk, but found none. Instead his gold-emblemed friend was fixed on a poster.


Daniel decided to read the poster.

'Colorado State Invention Contest. Enter your idea here! Lots of prizes to be won, including a 'no-questions-asked' Patent and one million dollars for the winner!'