Chapter Five: 'You must be crazy!'

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The two sat down and Draco kissed Harry on the cheek. Dumbldore smiled and stood up.

"Now you've all had your feast, I would like to make a few announcements. First of all, as most of you know, the Dark Forest is out of bounds. Second, I'd like to welcome one new teacher to Hogwarts, and another back! Please give a warm Hogwarts welcome too Wilhelmina Harker!"

The tables applauded once more, as a woman with black hair and green eyes stood up. She bowed once and sat back down.

"I would also like you to welcome Remus Lupin back to Hogwarts!"

Remus stood up, and received applause, and loud cheers from Harry and Hermione.

"Well, I think that's all! You can all trot of to bed now!"

Harry and Draco walked up to their room, and received curious looks from their old roommates. Draco turned to Seamus in annoyance.

"Harry and I share a bed, nothing perverted for your little mind now is it? Now run along to your tower!"

Seamus winked at Harry and followed the rest of the Gryffindor kids up to their tower. Harry smiled and Draco fumed. He pretty much dragged Harry up to their room and snarled at Seamus. When they finally arrived in their room, Draco gave Harry a furious look.

"What did you think you were doing?"

"What do you?"

"Flirting with Finnigan!"

"I was not!"

"Oh don't bother Harry! I cannot be ARSED tonight! I'm going to bed."

Draco stormed of into the Slytherin room and slammed the door.

"Goddamn it!" Harry whispered. He walked into a room next to Draco's and quietly changed, and wrote in his journal.

Draco can be such a dumbass at times! But I love him.

Dementors attacked today. The ministry's losing control of them. I'm not sure whether or not Fudge deserves the torment they cause. The stupid little pompous git should feel the pain he ignored so blindly last summer.

Everyone came back today. I'm glad to see my best friends safe back here. I haven't had a chance to talk to them properly yet, but I hope to tomorrow.

There's nothing else to say, goodnight.

He put the journal under hi bed and fell asleep.

Harry awoke refreshed the next morning. The morning sun poured through a window in the sort of remake of the Gryffindor common room. Harry sat up and rubbed his eyes, before hopping out of bed and walking into the living room, where Draco sat.

"Morning Draco!" greeted Harry.

"Morning love!" Draco responded. "Like what I'm wearing?"

Harry looked at Draco's clothes, and almost collapsed. Leather! Draco was wearing black leather trousers, a white silk shirt, a black robe, and a spiked choker. Harry simply stared at first, but regained his composure.

"You look hot Draco!" he whispered.

"Thank you! I was going to put the glitter on, but decided against it."



"You considered wearing glitter?"

"Obviously. Why?"

"Draco Malfoy wearing glitter…whatever next?"

Draco laughed and walked over to Harry. "Perhaps a kiss?"

Draco pecked Harry's lips and smiled.

"You better get ready! Breakfast will be served soon!"

Harry rushed back into the room he slept in, and looked for something to wear. He pulled out a black robe, a silk blue t-shirt (because it was closest) and decided to match Draco and grabbed some leather pants. He stripped and pulled the leather pants on, then the shirt, and finally the robe. The raven-haired boy found a pyramid choker lying on the floor, so picked it up and put it on. He walked back to Draco and kissed him on the lips.

"You know what I want Draco?" Harry asked in a low, sensual voice.


"Breakfast!" Harry finished. He pulled Draco out of their room and down to the Hall.

Hermione watched Ron sulk at his food, and smiled in satisfaction. Every Gryffindor student despised him now, after Hermione 'accidentally' let it slip about what he said. The previous night, Seamus spat in Ron's eye and pushed him down the stairs.

Ginny didn't mind of course. She felt he rather deserved it.

Ron stood up and stormed out of the hall. As he reached the doors, he bumped into something, something smaller than him…or rather someone smaller than him. He looked up.

"Well if it isn't the little traitor with his slut?" Ron mocked.

Draco moved towards Ron, but Harry stopped him.

"What's wrong Ron? Ashamed you haven't got any friends?"

"Shut your mouth Potter!" Ron spat back. He pushed between the two and rushed off to the tower, leaving the two slightly amused. They shook their heads and walked over to Hermione.

"Did you see that?" Harry laughed.

"Nice going!" Hermione commented.

Owls flew in overhead. A large, eagle like owl dropped a red envelope in front of Draco who stared at it for a moment, before picking it up. He opened the seal.


"Your mother says congratulations.


The Howler burst into flame. Draco just stared at the burning shreds, his silver eyes wide with fear. Every single eye in the hall was on him.

"Goddamn it! Eat your food you bloody gawpers!"

Everyone turned back to his or her food and conversations. Draco grabbed a piece of toast and forced it down his throat. He chewed on the toast angrily and swallowed it.

"We knew it was coming Draco!"

"Damn it!" Draco repeated.

Harry rolled his eyes and kissed Draco, earning many stares from fellow students.

It was then Dumbldore chose to stand up.

"Good morning everyone! I hope you all slept well? First, I would like to congratulate Hogwarts' newest couple, Harry and Draco!"

Applause rang out through the Hall, most of the noise coming from the Gryffindor table.

"Second," Dumbldore continued as professor McGonagall stood up, "you may notice a new lesson on your timetables. This new lesson, 'Duelling' is an extension of Defence Against the Dark Arts, where you will learn the proper way to defend yourself in a duel. This lesson is a precaution of recent, regretful events."

Professor McGonagall handed Harry his timetable. Harry scanned it and then looked at Draco's. Most of their lessons were the same, apart from Arithmancy and Divination.

"I hope you will all try your hardest in this lesson."

Dumbldore sat down and people continued to eat their breakfast. Harry scanned the Monday column.

"We've got Duelling last lesson today!"

"We've also got Potions!"

"That's not a good thing Draco dear."

"Well it is to me!"

Harry shook his head and sighed. The three finished eating their breakfast and went to get their books for Potions lesson, then headed down to the dungeons, ignoring the whispered comments about their clothes.

Harry and Hermione dragged Draco to the back of the classroom, where they took a seat. Not long after, Snape barged into the classroom, his black robes billowing behind him, as though hit by a huge wind, and any talking was silenced by his very presence.

Snape looked different somehow, Harry noticed. Then he realised, Snape's hair no longer looked greasy, but instead seemed as smooth as silk. Harry thought Snape actually looked quite…nice…like that, but Harry almost fell off his chair from horror when he realised he had just called Snape nice.

"10 points from Gryffindor!"

Harry groaned.

"I'm surprised most of you here, aren't actually here by mistake. However, three students I'm not surprised with. Congratulations Malfoy, Granger and Potter.

"As is obvious, this year will be much harder than your previous lessons with me. As usual, I will not tolerate my students messing around, and if you continuously break the rules by doing this, you are out of this classroom. The potions you will be making this year will be decided by your chosen career which means you will all be doing different things at different times. For instance you, Potter, may have to read up on potions an Auror would use, gather the ingredients (and ask me for some if need be) then work on making the potion in the lesson and in your spare time. That will be the only homework you will get besides looking up potions.

"But for today, you will be doing a summary of what you have learned in the time you've spent at Hogwarts."

The lesson went well. When Hermione finished her summary, Snape, through gritted teeth, actually awarded her ten points, but quickly found reason to give Draco fifteen.

When the lesson was over, Harry and Draco went to get their books for Charms and Defence Against the Dark Arts, before heading to the courtyard, where they bumped into a dreamy fifth year Ravenclaw.

"Oh, hello Harry!" Luna Lovegood greeted in her usual voice. She looked surprisingly normal, what with normal studs in her ear rather than radishes. She wore a black robe, a dark blue t-shirt with a raven on it, and a skirt.

"Hi Luna! How are you?"

"I'm fine thanks, but those Thestrals went crazy last night! Terrified me when I was out walking."

"Oh? What did they do?"

"What is Thestrals Harry?"

Harry ignored Draco, who huffed.

"They burst out of the top of the Dark Forest. They were alarmed by something in there. I saw Hagrid tending to them this morning."

"Harry, what are Thestrals?"

"They're horrible, horse like things."

"Sound like centaurs to me."

"Centaurs are half human. Thestrals are completely horses, apart from the wings."

"Well, I better be off Harry. See you later maybe?"

"Ok, see you Luna."

Luna walked off and Harry and Hermione walked up to the Charms classroom while Draco went to Transfiguration. Professor Flitwick stood, as usual, on a pile of thick books. Harry and Hermione took seats at the back of the room and waited for the lesson to begin.

When the final students piled in and the ball rang, professor Flitwick spoke.

"Welcome to NEWT level Charms!" he squeaked. Although you haven't yet received your results, your classes for NEWTs have been decided. There has been a mess up in the results, and they are being redone. You should, however get them before Christmas.

"This year in Charms, you will be practicing more complicated spells that are vital to your chosen career. For example, Mr Potter and Miss Granger will need to learn charms common to Aurors. This year, I'm afraid, will be stricter than your previous five years with me. Maybe at the end of a term I'll let you have the lesson off, but only if you work well."

Once again, the class had to do a summary of their previous years. When the bell finally rang, Harry almost leapt out of the classroom. He and Hermione half-ran to the Defence classroom, where professor Harker stood at the front. Her black hair was loose in front of her face, and her green eyes were sparkling behind glasses.

Her beauty stunned Harry. One line of red ran down through her hair…like blood. Harry noticed her teeth, fangs. Her skin was pale, as though never touched by the Sun's light.

The class piled in happily and excitedly.

"Gather round the front please?"

Harry and Hermione pushed to the front, as did Draco.

"Sorry I'm late!" he whispered in Harry's ear.

"Now this year, our main focus is vampires. Many see vampires as creatures with purple and rotted skin, matching their age. This, however, is untrue, and is typical of the uneducated mind. Vampires are perhaps the most beautiful creatures that walk this earth. A way to recognise vampires, is by their pale skin, and oddly coloured eyes. Most have green, sometimes yellow eyes, but I've some to have scarlet and even violet.

"Another thing about vampires is the lack age on their skin. They have an aura about them that draws them their victims.

"But that's dark vampires. They cannot survive in daylight, though light vampires don't choose to. Only one chooses light over dark. Me."

A few students gasped in terror.

"Don't worry. I don't drink the blood of my students. I don't drink it as often as I should, but I'll live."

"Professor Harker? If you don't mind, who created you?" Draco asked.

"His name? I never knew his name. Other vampires created by him referred to him as the 'Dark Angel' because he supposedly had angelic features, but was obviously not a normal angel."

"So you believed he was an angel?" Harry asked.

"Yes, we believed he was an angel, though it wouldn't have surprised me if he was. After all there was supposedly a war in heaven over humans that started centuries ago, but that has nothing to do with this. So, on with the lesson

During the lesson, they discussed vampires in general. Mina explained hat vampires weren't scared of crucifixes or ankhs or garlic, and the stake through the heart didn't work.

"All it does is annoy us!" she explained. "One of the vampires I knew went ballistic when a vampire hunter drove a stake into his heart. It was actually quite funny, until we all got battered in the face."

Seamus did an impression of someone laughing one minute then getting hit on the face.

"Yes Seamus, that's actually what an Irish vampire looked like. Actually…unless I'm mistaken…you're a mirror image of the man, except younger."

Seamus seemed positively overjoyed at hearing this, and was grinning through the rest of the lesson, which unfortunately, didn't seem to last very long. When the ball rang what seemed five minutes later, the students piled out of the classroom miserably.

Lunch passed fairly quickly as well, quickly, but not without its happenings.

Harry, Hermione, Draco and Ginny had just eaten their dinner and were sitting under the tree near the lake, Harry in Draco's arms. Harry and Draco were smiling tiredly, half listening to the girls' conversation, and half daydreaming. They were rudely interrupted by a few horrible sniggers, however. The boys opened their eyes and to Draco's horror, saw Millicent Bullstrode, Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle, Pansy Parkinson, and a few other Slytherin idiots Harry didn't recognise.

"Oh…hello," Draco greeted.

"Hello Draco!" a stringy sixth year boy spat. "Are you enjoying your time with the Gryffindors?"

"Theodore!" Draco warned, but the Slytherin pulled his wand from his robe in a swift movement and pointed it at Draco's neck.

"How dare you use my name you little rat?"

"Strange how I'm not the one who's living in a hole!"

"Your father is very upset Draco!" Millicent informed him in an almost friendly voice. "He's tortured several of your house elves into insanity."

"Typical of him really isn't it? And he actually expected me to grow up like he has?"

"He doesn't want you anymore. The only reason you're still a Malfoy is your mother."

Draco sighed exasperatedly.

"Anyway, what do you all want?"

"Nothing much Draco, just your life."

"You are kidding me right? And stop being such a drama queen!"

"With Dumbldore here?" Harry laughed. "Most Slytherins must be dumber than I originally thought."

"We don't mind taking you too Potter!" Pansy whispered pointing her wand at Harry.

Harry stood up, as did Draco, Ginny and Hermione. Each took pointed their wand at one of the people in the group, but there were too many.

More Slytherins arrived.

"I think you're outnumbered," Theodore said, smiling wickedly.

"Is that so?" Harry whispered, his green eyes not on Theodore, but on a group of wizards and witches behind the Slytherin group…the DA. Dean Thomas, Seamus, Padma and Parvati Patil, Ernie Macmillan, Susan Bones and a few other members had their wands pointed at members of the opposing group, the four couldn't.

"You know Harry," Ernie spoke, "I think they're wrong. Don't you?"

A few people from the Slytherin group turned to look at the DA members, but Theodore, Pansy and Millicent kept their wands on Harry, Draco, Hermione and Ginny.

"This isn't the last," Theodore snarled, lowering his wand and beckoning the others to follow him back up to the castle.

"Good timing," Draco whispered sarcastically.

"The Patil sisters saw the group of Slytherins heading towards you and found the rest of us," Ernie explained. "I think it might be a good idea to resurrect the DA, don't you Harry?"

"He's right Harry!" Hermione said.

"Yeah, it would be a good idea, but I've a feeling they'll know where we're training. We can't use the Room of Requirement."

"Well where are we going to practice?" Ernie asked.

"I have one place in mind, though it will bring back awful memories from one member and terrify the rest. Plus there's the problem of getting back out."

Everyone sat patiently, waiting for the answer. Draco had a smile on face that said I know where he's talking about. Isn't it obvious?

"The Chamber of Secrets."

"You must be crazy!" Ginny hissed. "No way will I go down there."

"Well I could go down there myself, and make it look different. Tidy it up a bit, get rid of the snake skin, the skeletons, perhaps I'll get rid of the Slytherin statues."

"Fine. As long as it looks nothing like it did in my first year I'm in."

Harry agreed and then pecked Draco on the cheek.

"Are you coming to get our books for Transfiguration?" he asked.

Draco nodded and they both said goodbye to Ginny and told Hermione they'd meet her at Transfiguration. They walked up to their room hand in hand. When they arrived in their rooms, a little, brown owl was sat on the window ledge. Harry ran over to it and untied a letter addressed to him from Mrs. Weasley.


Arthur and I would like to congratulate you on your new partner and would also like to apologise for Ronald's behaviour.

We are so happy you've found someone, but unfortunately we must tell you this: Draco was reported to have been sneaking around a manor that You-Know-Who is alleged to reside in at the current time.

Again, congratulations!


Harry quickly folded the letter up and shoved it in his pocket. He pulled his Potions, Charms and DADA books out of his bag and put his transfiguration book in. Draco did the same, and they left for the classroom.

It was finally time for Duelling, and McGonagall told her class to go to the lake's shores. Harry, Draco, Hermione and the other Gryffindors arrived at the lake along with several Ravenclaws, Hufflepuff and Slytherins. Theodore was sat next to the waters, running his hand through the clear liquid. He stood when he caught sight of Draco, but Remus arrived.

"Good afternoon everyone. As most of you know, I'm professor Lupin. But don't bother calling me that, you can call me Remus. I'm here to teach you how to duel properly. We'll start with the basics to day. I want you all to choose a partner."

Harry and Draco instantly closed the small gap between them, and Hermione joined the new girl, Mary. Saato and Pheenix stepped closer and joined Harry and Draco, and Hermione and Mary. Harry smiled at Saato, but his eyes trailed down the Japanese boy's left arm, and saw his hand was latched on to Pheenix's.

Harry opened his mouth to sat congratulations, but Remus started speaking again.

"Now, I want you all to cast the Expelliarmus charm on one another. You may take it in turns if you wish, but you must disarm your partner at least three times."

Shouts of 'EXPELIARMUS' rang through the grounds, and several wands were thrown up into the air. Harry cast his on Draco successfully, and Draco's wand landed an inch from the water. Draco summoned it to him and the two tried again, until both had disarmed the other three times. When everyone was done, Remus spoke.

"Now, I'd like a volunteer pair. Harry? Draco? Will you come here please?"

Harry and Draco stepped up to Remus.

"I'd like you both to do a demonstration of a duel. Only simple charms and hexes please, no damaging spells."

Harry and Draco nodded, took a duelling stance, and bowed.

"Rictusempra!" Harry roared, and a jet of silver light hit Draco in the stomach and he doubled up wheezing.

But only after Draco yelled "Tarantallegra!"

Harry's legs had begun to jerk around out of control in a kind of quickstep. He managed, though, to cast "Finite Incantatem!" and his legs stopped. He finished the duel with an "Expelliarmus!"

Draco's wand landed on the lake, and Harry summoned it back to him, cast the finishing spell on Draco, and threw him his wand.

"Very good! Very good! Ten points to your houses!

"An excellent spell to use if you're hit by a jinx such as Tarantallegra is Finite Incantatem. As you just saw, Finite Incantatem is a spell used to cancel another spell. I would like you all to practice this spell for homework, but first I'll teach you spells that can be cancelled by it."

The rest of the lesson was spent practicing those spells. Harry and Draco received fifteen more points for their houses. Harry actually felt quite upset when the lesson ended.

Harry and Draco left the lake and walked hand in hand to their room. Harry flopped down on the bed from exhaustion, and Draco lay down next to him.

"Today went well," Draco managed through a yawn.

"Could've been better!"

Could've been worse."

Harry looked at Draco and laughed.


"You know what would make this day better?"

Harry just raised his eyebrows.

Draco climbed on top of him, and gently pressed his lips against Harry. His hands, which were supporting his weight, slowly moved to Harry's neck, and then to the sides of his face. He ran his tongue on Harry's bottom lip, earning a shiver from the younger boy. Entrance was granted and Draco's tongue slithered into Harry's mouth. Harry's tongue caressed Draco's. The blonde pulled away.

Harry thought he had done something to upset Draco, but sighed quietly as Draco started pulling Harry's robe off and started undoing his shirt buttons. Draco was straddling Harry's hips, and felt something poking into him.

"Don't worry Harry, we'll get there!"

Harry groaned, and Draco leaned down and planted kisses on Harry's pale chest. He continued to the left nipple, and kissed the bud. Harry shivered.

"You cruel boy!"

"Cruel but sexy eh Harry?"

"Please Draco."

"If you insist."

Draco shifted his body so he was sitting on Harry's knees, and unzipped his leather trousers, revealing Harry's black silk boxers, which were currently feeling quite tight on him. Draco smiled and pulled the boxers and pants down to reveal Harry's erection. He looked at the younger boy.

"Are you sure about this Harry?" he asked.

"Yes! God yes."

Draco lowered his mouth, and kissed the head of Harry's erection, then took it in his mouth. He waited for three seconds to get used to the feeling of Harry in his mouth. When he was ready, he slowly started licking.

"Oh…Draco…" Harry moaned.

The blonde smiled and started sucking, causing Harry to writhe in pleasure. As he licked the underside of Harry's erection, Draco closed his eyes and sucked harder. Harry shuddered.


Harry's hands moved into Draco's hair, and caressed it. Draco sucked even harder, and with one more shudder, Harry came into his mouth. Draco swallowed the sweet liquid, then moved up to Harry's face and kissed him.

"Do you want to leave it there?" he asked.

"Draco…" Harry panted. "I want you inside me. Please?"

Draco answered with another kiss and undressed himself. When he was done, he slowly lifted Harry's legs up and pushed a finger inside him carefully. He felt a ring of muscle tighten around him, and heard Harry gasp in pain.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes. It just feels new that's all."

Draco nodded and slowly pushed another finger in, then another. He scissored his fingers and then pulled them out. Still holding Harry's legs up, he positioned himself at his entrance. He pushed his hips forward. Again, he felt the ring tighten.

"Draco, wait?"


Harry relaxed the muscle and nodded his head for Draco to continue. Draco sucked in a breath and started to thrust his hips in and out of Harry, each thrust burying him deeper inside the Gryffindor. After three or four thrusts, Draco's erection touched Harry's sweet spot, causing them both to moan loudly.

"Harry…so tight…"

"Do that again?"

Draco simply thrust harder at the spot, and Harry came all over his stomach, mixing with sweat. The feeling of the ring contracting and releasing on him made Draco come inside of Harry, screaming his name in ecstasy. The blonde gave in and fell softly on Harry's sticky stomach.

"Have you…have you ever done that before?" Draco panted.

Harry shook his head. "You?"


"I'm glad it was you."

"That do you mean?"

"I'm glad you took my virginity."

Draco smiled and pulled himself out of Harry. He sat up, pulled his wand out of his discarded robe pocket and used a cleaning spell on them both. He then climbed back on the bed and under the covers, and both he and Harry fell asleep.

Harry awoke at eight o'clock that night. As his eyelids slowly opened, he felt a grip on his waist tighten. He looked down and saw Draco's pale arm wrapped comfortably around his waist. He laughed and then slowly pulled himself out of bed. Harry walked over to the wardrobe and pulled out a black polo neck jumper, and cotton pants, along with a white t-shirt. He looked around for some boxers, but couldn't find any that he wanted so just pulled on some blue ones.

When he was dressed, Harry pulled some parchment from his bag, and sat at a desk in the living room and wrote a letter to Draco, saying he was in the Chamber and he would be back by ten.

Waste of time.

Pale arms once again wrapped around Harry's waist. Warm breathe tickled Harry's ear.

"Draco!" Harry said in surprise. "I was just about to leave."

"Chamber of Secrets?"


"Can I come?"

"Sure, just…get dressed first ok?"

Draco kissed Harry's cheek.


"I'll meet you outside the abandoned girls' toilet on the second floor."

"See you there."

As Draco's arms left his waist, Harry stood up and left for the second floor. On the way, he thought about recent events, about Draco, about the Dementors, and about Sirius.

Harry's heart plunged all the way to his stomach. He hadn't thought about Sirius in a long time, his mind was on Draco all the time.

Oh Sirius, Harry thought, I'm so sorry!

'Don't be!'

Harry stopped walking. A whisper echoed through the corridor, yet Harry could make no sense of it.



Sirius?" Harry spoke louder this time, hoping for Sirius to answer.


Harry slowly turned around and saw Hermione with her head poking around a wall.

"Harry, are you alright?"

"Yeah. I was just off to the Chamber of Secrets."

"Mind if I come with you?"

"Of course not. Draco's meeting us in Myrtle's bathroom."

"Haven't you heard? She lives in the dungeons now. I don't know why, something to do with the Baron…eww!"

Harry laughed and started walking towards the bathroom again. When they finally arrived, Harry searched for the right sink and waited for Draco to arrive. When he did, Harry squinted at the snake, and hissed, "Open up!"

The tap glowed with a brilliant white light and began to spin. The sink sank right out of sight, leaving the large pipe exposed.

Harry jumped down the pipe, followed by Hermione who was followed by Draco. As the tunnel twisted and turned, the group hit the walls of the pipe with thuds. Just as Draco started to feel sick, the tunnel levelled out and opened into the Chamber.

"Get your Evanesco spells ready," Hermione muttered, as she looked at all the animal skeletons on the floor.

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