John Stewart had woken up in the infirmary and boy when they had told him all that had happened while he was out he was glad he was in a bed. After hearing about the whole thing with the Justice Lords coming back, the death of Justice Lord Batman and Superman. How it hadn't been his Shayera that had attacked him and how they had found one of Peter's old villains behind it all.

It turned out he had been out for nearly a week, his body had healed in that time although he was still confined to the bed until they made sure he was okay. He hated bed rest, it was boring and he never was one for staying in one place while awake anyway. So there he was just counting the tiles since there wasn't much on the TV anyway. 'A multi-billion dollar space station, filled with the most state of the art technology and can get pretty much any channel in existence…and still nothing on.' John thought to himself.

He closed his eyes thinking of maybe he could try to sleep when he heard someone walk in. He smiled when he took in a certain fragrance in the air. He opened them to see the family form looking over him, the great figure, white wings, red hair and those green eyes that he could lose himself into. "Hey."

"Hey," Shayera said back to him, "Well you look better then when I found you."

She sat down next to him, he did look better but there were still some bruising and bandages over his body. Still she was glad that he was awake again although it had taken time to gather the courage to see him and wait until one of the others told him everything. Given that the last thing he saw was 'her' bashing his skull in she wanted him to understand it all.

She then took something that was in her hand and placed it in his, "I think this belongs to you."

He looked down and smiled seeing his Green Lantern ring, "You always know what to get someone." She smiled at his joke feeling a little of the tension gone. "So what else have I missed? Did the others figure out what to do with our other selves?"

She nodded to him, "Yeah we can't trust them on Earth, they know too much about us. And if we sent them back home well we thought we saw the last of them from that."

"Yeah no kidding."

"But you remember that prison colony you told me about? The one that the Green Lantern's are in charge of?" She asked him and he thought back to it. The Green Lanterns for centuries had put aside a planet for criminals that were placed there. They had a small community and had the choice of living in the community or in one of the outlaw groups out in the other areas. Prisoners trying to make and enforce their own rules there was an irony to the place.

They had all that they needed on the planet and no one escaped since there was a Green Lantern defense station there to ensure of no breakouts. "So we're dumping them off there?"

"It was either that or the Phantom Zone and no one really liked that idea," She for one had been one of those that opposed that idea. That place was one of the worst ways to spend eternity. "Kyle is on his way to pick them up and transport them there."

John nodded his head at the Earth's other Green Lantern that was stationed elsewhere in the galaxy. Then he looked at her and noticed that she was still tensed, "I know it wasn't you that did this to me."

"I never said anything like that."

"You didn't have to," She huffed to herself hating how he could see through her at times. "I knew you would never hurt me…and besides. You hit harder then her."

That gave Shayera a small smile and she stayed with him for the day.

Elsewhere in the station Peter was working on the device they had recovered that Doc Ock had used to get the Lords to this universe. It took them a week to find the thing, after J'onn trying to get the information telepathically from him and the Lords they had to use other means. Both Question and Batman went to work separately and they found enough evidence and clues between them to put together a few of Doc Ock's holdings. One of which they lucked out and found the device.

Peter's body had pretty much healed although Kara was still pissed and swore if she ever saw Doc Ock again she'd tare him a new one, among other things that he knew where physically impossible. But then again her jaw had taken days to stop aching. She was still missing that wisdom tooth since dental surgery was kind of out of the question for her.

So far things had been pretty good between them as they both healed up, the other Kara was sticking around until the Lords were taken care of then she wanted to go home. She had said this place was nice and all but it wasn't her home and they had few too heroes in her world to help out as it was.

Although Peter was kind of working on this as a cover, he had already found out what he needed but having two Karas around was a bit much even for him. It was like having you're current girlfriend with either a twin sister or ex-girlfriend getting together and talking. And of course the conversation would most likely turn to him.

The doors opened and he turned to see Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman and Batman there. "Hey guys."

"Hey man what's up? You got this thing ready?" Flash grinned looking over the device.

"Yeah…You know you guys don't have to come," Peter told them. They were going to lock this device up in a secured section of the station with limited access to it. Peter wanted to use it at least once, he wanted to see his old universe and tell those that most likely thought he was dead that he was alive and well.

There were no arguments and they were happy to let him do it although a few of them wanted to come along for this just in case. J'onn had monitor duty and had to stay behind though and Batman would stay on this end so they would be able to get back if something went wrong.

"You're our friend and we wanted to be there for you," Diana told him. "Besides I would like to meet some of your friends."

"Yeah, maybe I can squeeze in a race with that Quicksilver guy you told me about," Flash grinned at him, "Then I can claim to be the fastest man on two Earths."

Peter smiled and shook his head under his mask, he was about to replay when the doors opened again and Donna and both Supergirls came in. "You know I've been thinking. That costume you wear looks kind of cool. You mind if I try to design something similar to that some time? I've been thinking of a changing what I got," The Kara in white and blue asked her counter part.

"Sure thing, I don't mind." The other one said with a shrug. This had been an interesting week to say the least. Meeting her other self and a few of the others were nice. Donna was very cool and when she went home she'd see if she could convince her version to go out into the world.

This universe's Kara looked thoughtfully at her twin for a moment, "Although…I don't think use the bandana, it's a bit much for me."

"What's wrong with it?"

"I don't know," She shrugged, "Looks like something you'd see in the 80s is all." The other Supergirl just crossed her arms not looking on her. She liked it and didn't see that at all, besides it was better then that black hair band in her head at least. Donna just smiled at the two of them, they kind of reminded her how she and Diana had been when younger.

Kara just shrugged it off and smiled at her boyfriend and the device. When she learned what he had planned she was going to go with him. "So we ready to go? I'm anxious to see you're reality and see what the differences are between that one and ours."

"Well…Yeah I think so, you guys mind me making a few detours there? I got some personal business to take care off." Spider-Man asked them all. There were no objections so he went to the controls as he tucked in a remote to activate it from the other side in his belt. He had made that remote while working on this device just in case. He had programmed it to open a portal near the Daily Bugle, he had some personal business there that he wanted to get off his chest for years.

-Ultimate Marvel Universe-

J. Jonah Jameson was in his office as usual looking over the next edition. He had to admit things had been a little more quite with the disappearance of Spider-Man. He still thought that he had a hand in the deaths on that day he vanished and that Peter was also another one, they just never found his body. He always knew that man was a menace. Sure the last year he and Parker had some disagreements but the kid had it rough and this was just the worst of it all.

He sighed and stood up putting the cigar in his mouth looking at a framed edition of one of the covers that he had in his office. On it read "Spider-Man: Murderer and Dead?" He knew that wall crawler had gone underground when he printed that. There was nowhere for him to hide, and sooner or later he would surface.

Suddenly a familiar web line snagged it off the wall and his head twisted to see him right there in his office. There was an opened window and he looked to be reading the article there. "You! You've got some balls you know that!" Jonah yelled at him. "I knew you'd crawl out of your hole sooner or later!"

He went to picked up the phone, "Now there will be nowhere for you to hide and the law will handled you." But before he could another web line enveloped the phone on his test.

Peter had read the article and he was livid. Jonah blamed HIM for the deaths of those people, sure he did blame himself but he made it sound like he had a hand in killing them! He threw the framed aside and stood toe to toe with the man.

"You're a real jerk you know that," Spider-Man said to him.

"Don't you dare lecture me you-" But Peter cut him off.

"You don't know a damn thing about me! You never did! You know that some of the stuff you printed about me were lies and yet you did it anyway! You have any idea of the living hell you put me and those close to me through?" This was something Peter had been waiting years to get off his chest.

"I stand by my convictions!"

"Well so do I," Spider-Man said back and poked him in the chest. "The Green Goblin killed those people and you want to know why?" He then to his shock pulled off his mask and Jonah jaw dropped. In all his years he never saw this moment coming, at least not like this. This wasn't what he expected at all, all these years and he never suspected.

"He did it to punish me for stopping his crimes over the years and putting him in jail," Peter said to him with no more mask. He had to admit seeing him shocked silent was a real bonus. Jonah just sat down in his chair not able to stand at the moment. Peter let out a sigh, "All I ever wanted to do was to use my powers to help people. To save lives…Yet you kept on punishing me for that, for trying to live up to the memory of my own heroes. My father and Uncle, I tried to live up to their examples."

"When the Green Goblin killed the last family I had…the girl I loved…my best friend…I wanted to die that night. I tried to kill myself because I had nothing left to live for…" Peter's eyes were filling with tears from that horrible night. "I lost so much that I gave up all hope…It took me a long time to get over that, to try and be a hero again. And I have, I've found a place that respects me and where I can do good and not be punished by it."

Peter put on his mask and went to the window looking at him one last time. "Just remember this…You never knew me, you thought you did but everything you thought about me…it was wrong. Just remember that before you try to ruin another life." With that he jumped out the window leaving Jonah there sitting still trying to process things.

He just sat there…Thinking everything over and lost in his thoughts. Was he wrong all these years? He knew Peter was a good kid, but he always believed that Spider-Man was evil. So which idea was wrong? He just sat there trying to come up with an answer for that.

-Xavier Mansion-

Kitty Pryde was moving to the main door. Someone had been ringing the damn doorbell for the past few minutes, "Can't anyone answer the door in this place!" She called out, this place had so many people that it was amazing that no one would answer it at first few rings. She opened the door and froze, out there was a dead man at least someone she thought of was dead.

Peter was there mask in hand, "Hey Kitty…"

"P-Peter?" she asked thinking this was just a dream. She reached out and touched him, he was real and he was alive. "Oh god!" She cried out hugging him tightly. She felt him hug her back and all the pain she felt washed over her with relief, she tried her best not to just break down and cry in his chest. "I…I thought I would never…see you again."

"I'm sorry Kitty, if there had been any way to tell you sooner I would have." He told her gently. Then she pulled back and his spider-sense went off but he couldn't move fast enough to dodge her punch at his arm. "Ow! What was that for?"

"For making me think you were dead you jerk!" She dried her eyes and then placed her hands on her hips. "I cried at your funeral you know."

"Really? I had a funeral?" That earned him another punch to the arm.

"Excuse me," Kara said smiling and Kitty noticed that behind him there were a few other people. "You mind not bruising up my boyfriend that much? I'd like him back in one piece."

Flash grinned, "Man Peter if she's your friend I'd hate to see you're enemy."

Kitty looked at them all and then back to Peter wondering what was going on, "Peter…Who are these people and did I hear her right?"

Peter sighed this would be a very long story. After they moved into the mansion and all the X-Men who were currently there gathered up. It was a very long and detailed talk as they spent the last two hours catching up. Peter was glad that they were all getting along, although Rogue smacked Bobby for drooling over Diana too much.

Dazzler the punk rocker kept on hitting on Superman the entire time, even though he kept saying he was spoken for ever since she learned he was an alien seemed to make him very interesting to her. Plus she told him since he was in another dimension it wasn't like his lady friend would find out. Warren was having a nice time talking with Diana at least as the two were holding a nice conversation. Peter guessed that since they both came form high class families they could relate in ways.

He was glad that he didn't have to tell Warren not get too close or else he wasn't sure if Batman would give him a nasty visit one night. Flash was hitting on Storm thought. Flash currently was grinning at the African woman with the white hair, "So what exactly do you do?"

Ororo smirked at the man, he was a strange blend of childish behavior, arrogance, but did seem to have a heart in him. "I can control the weather."

"Really?" Wally was surprised by that, "Man there's this villain I fight called the Weather Wizard who does that only he uses technology." Then he put his arm around her, "So you doing anything? I'm only here got a bit but it's long enough to get a cup of coffee together."

Ororo smirked at him, "I think my boyfriend wouldn't like that."

Flash's face fell as did his arm, 'Damn why are all the good ones taken?' He thought to himself. "So who is he just so I keep away from him?" She pointed over to Logan who Wally noticed him glaring daggers at him. Then he saw three metal claws come out and guessed that was that Wolverine guy, also he looked just as spooky as Batman in his own way.

Unfortunately for Peter thought, Kitty his ex-girlfriend and friend was having a really great time with his current girlfriend. This was something he hadn't thought of and by the way they were giggling he just knew it was all about him they were talking to. He had to admit that things were going well, it felt good to see them mingling too. There was another doorbell chime and Kitty went right to the door.

'I wonder what that is all about?' Peter thought as he watched the girl phase through a wall. He was answered when a tall blond hair young man came into the room rushing.

"Where is he? Where is that web swinging web-head?" Johnny Storm the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four came rushing in. Kitty had called him awhile ago with the news that Peter was alive and at her place. Peter stood up and each boy hugged the other glad to see the other boy. For Johnny it was a large weight off his shoulders. He had never really had to deal with a death that had hit so close for him.

After Peter had died he had grown a bit more, had become a little bit more serious but only a bit. Peter's 'death' had been a wake up call to him that people like them didn't live forever. Kitty introduced him to Peter's friends. Superman he found impressive that he was an alien, since he looked so human. Diana was like a Greek Goddess and he wondered how Peter lucked out in working with a woman like that.

Flash he found to be a lot like himself, they instantly got along. When it came to Kara he looked over at Peter, "Dude…How is it that someone who was a major nerd in highschool keeps getting so many good looking girls in his life?"

"First off…I was more of a geek, and secondly I have no idea." Peter grinned back and then noticed how he and Kitty were holding hands. In fact he knew enough about relationships to spoke how close they seemed. "Hey…Are you two…"

"Dating?" Kitty asked him and nodded her head, "Yeah, we kind of were there for each other after…after your funeral…It was a really bad time for the both of us and well…first we were just there to help support the other…"

Johnny looked down at her since he was taller and smiled, "But…Things changed after about four months. We've been dating ever since."

Peter was never so happy for the both of them, and congratulated them both. He was happy that his two best friends in this world had found love and with each other no doubt. He never saw it coming to tell the truth and was still surprised but he was happy for them.

The day went pretty well and Peter gave them a disk he copied of the machine. He told them that if things ever got really bad and desperate for mutants in this world use it to find a new home where they could be safe. Kitty hugged him one last time telling him that he better keep in touch. He promised that he would try and think of something. Johnny shook his hand and Peter wished them luck, now there was only one last stop for him.

He had put this off because this would be the hardest thing for him to do but he had to do it.


Peter was at his last stop that day and he had asked the others to wait for him outside. He wanted to do this alone, he had to do this alone since this was very personal to him. He walked over the grass to his last stop in that place. He had already visited the others and how he had one last one to go to. He pulled his mask off as he got closer to it.

He looked down at the area and knelt down, placing a few roses there. He had bought flowers and placed them at each one he visited today and these were the last of the flowers. "Hey MJ…" He said softly over her grave. Feeling the weight on his heart seeing the cold stone marker as the memories of that day tore at his mind and his heart.

He looked at the tombstone with the image of an angel carved into it his eyes filled with tears at the sight. "I'm so sorry…If it wasn't for me then you'd still be alive. You were always so full of life…You would have had a great life if not for me and yet you stuck with me. I'm glad that I knew you, that I loved you as well and I thank you for giving me the strength when I needed it. You were my first love, my best friend…And I'll never forget you Mary Jane."

He touched the cold stone running his hand over her name there. He had already visited his parents, his aunt and uncle, Harry's and Gwen's grave saying goodbye to each and every one. He never had the chance until now. Sure this hurt like hell but he needed to say goodbye like this.

"Figured you'd show up here."

Peter turned around quickly and scowled, "Great what do you want Fury?" he said seeing the dark skinned and one eyed General there in a trench coat.

"Heard you were alive and wanted to see it for myself," The man said to him walking closer to the young man. "I knew you're come here sooner or later and I wanted to see for myself if you were still alive or just some pretender."

"Yeah well I'm alive," Peter said angrily to him. Sure he did mostly blame himself for that horrible night but he also blamed Fury and SHIELD. They were supposed to keep men like Norman locked up but they just let him go.

"So where have ya been kid? You just dropped off the face of the Earth." The man asked him, it was a question that he really wanted to know. Sure Peter had some skills but even he couldn't keep off of SHIELD's radar for six months.

Peter felt like he wanted to laugh at that, it was pretty close to what actually happened to him, "I did."

Fury looked at him for a moment, "Care to elaborate that?"

Peter sighed, "Not really it's a long story and I'm going back there after this anyway."

Fury wasn't sure what was going on but the kid had some talent and he hated to see it wasted to hide back under whatever rock it was. "Look Peter…You're eighteen now and I still want you in the Ultimates. You could really contribute with not just your powers but with your mind as well."

"Sorry but I got a better offer." Peter told him.

"With who?" He demanded, he hated not knowing these things and he had been working hard to get Peter into the Ultimates. "Come on Peter, can you honestly say you have a place as good as you can with SHIELD?"

"No…" Peter said and then looked at him and a small smile started to appear on his face, "I found a better place."

Fury didn't know what to think about that but he got the feeling that he could argue all day and Peter wouldn't budge. No matter how much he pushed him, "Well in any case I got something for you." Fury walked over to where he had been and pulled a case that had been hidden by a gravestone. It was a metal suitcase. "This is all that I was able to salvage from you home, it's not much but there are some personal items in there."

Peter didn't know what to say after that, he just took it and opened it. There were a few items as well as pictures inside of it. He didn't know what to say, he never had anything of his own that he could treasure until now. "Thanks…I…You didn't have to do this you know."

"Yeah well you've had it rough and I figured you may not be dead after all." The old soldiers said to him.

"Thanks…but I better be going, this was my last stop and my friends are waiting for me." Peter said pulling on his mask then leaving Fury behind. Fury sighed, what Peter didn't know what the he couldn't just let him leave like that. Leaving a man like him to roam free without someone looking in on him was against policy. So he had placed a few tracking devices in the case and in a few items.

Unfortunately for him when he got back to headquarters later that day he would be informed that the signals that they were tracking suddenly dropped off the face of the Earth. Fury didn't know how Peter did it but he had given him the slip again. He would wonder just what the hell Peter had gotten himself into and how he could just disappear like that.

-New York-

He was back in his apartment putting together the last of the few items that he was able to get back from his world. There were picture frames with the few photos that had survived the fire, it felt good to have them again. Now he had something to remember those he cared for again.

There were images of him, his aunt and uncle together, one of him and his uncle when he was just a kid. One was one of him, MJ and Gwen taken shortly before her death, one of Kitty and another of MJ. He placed them all on the table in front of the couch in the living room as he looked them over. He missed each and every person in those photos and he wanted to have one more chance with them, at least to say goodbye to them.

He was so deep in thought that he didn't notice anyone behind him until a pair of slender arms wrapped around his neck, "Hey…How are you holding up?"

He sighed leaning back into her feeling her face next to his. He felt better with her next to him, she helped to remind him that he still had something worth a damn in this life. Something worth fighting for and living for, "I'm doing okay."

"Good," Kara then jumped over the couch and onto his lap.

"Hey!" Peter only half protested being used as a human cushion then wrapped his arms around her. She reached over to the picture of Peter and his aunt and uncle. He looked so happy back then there wasn't that sadness that was always in his eyes back then. Peter watched her look at the picture, "They would have liked you, you know."

Kara smiled at the comment, "You sure?"

"Oh yeah Uncle Ben would have enjoyed having you around and Aunt May would have just loved you."

"Thanks…I wish I could have met then," Kara said sadly placing it back on the table and looked into his brown eyes, "You've talked about them all so much I feel like I know them in some way."

Peter's face had a bit of sorrow on it as he looked at her, "Yeah I wish you could have met them too."

The two just sat there and Peter didn't mind at all as she rested her head on his shoulder. There had been something that had been bothering him for the past few days and he had to get it off his chest to her. "I nearly crossed the line you know."

"What do you mean?" She asked him her hand lightly playing on his chest.

"When I thought Octavius killed you…I wanted to kill him…I nearly tried to kill another person…" He said trailing off. Sure he had been in fights in where people died and that still ate him up inside. But until that moment he never once tried to actually purposely kill someone. It left a deep, cold and scary feeling in himself to think he was capable of that.

"Peter you would have stopped yourself before you went too far. You're not that kind of man," She told him and looked into his face. "Peter you are a wonderful man and I know you. You could never bring yourself to go that far no matter what."

Peter sighed and leaned his head onto hers. This was one of the reasons he needed her in his life, she could always help bring him back up when he was down. "You know…After I lost MJ I never thought I would find love again…I'm glad that I was wrong Kara."

She smiled at him and brought her lips to his, it started lightly then the kisses started to get more passionate between them. Kara shifted so that she was now straddling his waist kissing him deeply holding his face in her hands and she could feel his hands on her hips. He moved down to her neck, she loved if when he did that and moaned slightly. Her heart was hammering now and she thought that maybe tonight was the night.

She had held off thinking about doing this because she didn't want to push him into it, but she felt that maybe now they would be able to move on in their relationship. Kara pulled out of the kiss and looked at Peter, he looked back and for a moment he thought he knew that look she was giving him.

She slowly got up and off him and took his hand, "Peter…Come with me will you?" He nodded and went with her as she led him through their apartment. She led him up the stairs and into his bedroom.

"Kara?" He asked her.

She let go of his hand and went to sit on his bed looking nervous at him, "Peter…I was hoping that…that we can take the next step…" Her heart was really working overtime now. She had never been with anyone sexually and she had talked with Barbara since she was more experienced then she was. And she knew that she wanted Peter to be her first.

Peter didn't know what to say, he did finally realize that he loved her. But there she was, her blond hair all lose in a white t-shirt and jeans looking so very tempting sitting on his bed. He sat down next to her, "Are you sure?"

She smiled at him, "Never been so sure of anything in my life."

Peter had to admit that it had been over six months since he had been with a woman. That was a very long time for a guy and truth was he did want Kara. He did want her like that, to feel her skin, her hot breath against him. To feel her in his arms as they slept afterward. He wanted to make love to her for the first time. So to answer her he took her face and kissed her softly. She wrapped her arms around his neck and fell back onto the bed taking him with her.

The next morning Peter woken up after one the most well rested sleeps of his life. He felt a very smooth, soft and warm sensation against him as well. He opened his eye to see his ceiling and then looked down, he smiled to himself seeing the Kara there resting on top of him. Last night played again in his mind and he had to admit it had been a very long time since he enjoyed such a moment.

Her head was resting on his shoulder an arm draped over his chest and she looked very peacefully asleep as well. He felt her shift a bit under the covers feeling her naked form and he had to admit he could get used to this. Peter thought about going back to sleep and enjoying this but he didn't feel like going back to bed.

He quietly and skillfully slipped out of the bed trying not to wake her. He found his pants among the scattered clothing on the ground and put them on. He bend down and lightly kissed her temple as he quickly moved to the sliding glass door to the balcony. He took a deep breath of the morning air and looked out seeing the early morning sun.

'You know…For the first time in a long time…I feel like I've got a home.' Peter thought to himself leaning on the railing and smiled. 'I've got a good life here, lots of friends, a great girl, a home of my own and a future. For the first time in a long time…I think I can be happy…'

He would always miss his old life nothing would change that but he felt that for the first time he could make a future for himself here. He wasn't born into this world but he wanted to make this new world his home. He closed his eyes feeling the wind against his body like he did when he swung over the streets, the freedom that sensation gave him. "Yeah…I think I'll be just fine…" He said to himself looking to the heavens hoping that his loved ones were happy for him.


He looked behind him to see Kara sitting up holding the cover to her chest. "Hey sorry did I wake you?"

"Not really, just reached out for you and you weren't there." She told him smiling although she wasn't aware of it. She felt great despite the slow aches she was feeling but Babes had told her that was normal. "What are you doing on there?"

He just shrugged and smiled, "Just thinking."

"Ah, well I'm going to shower up and then start breakfast. We got to be at work today." She moved to the other side of the bed and she looked over her shoulder. "I…could use some help washing my back." She gave an impish grin at him. Then she stood up and dropped the covers giving him a perfect few of her backside to him going into the shared bathroom.

"Damn…with an offer like that…how can a guy refuse," Peter smiled to himself looking forward to the future of his life for the first time in a long time and quickly head to the bathroom.

-Maximum Security Prison-

Otto Octavius was in his cell, a thick specially reinforced room that was his home. He was used to such things by now at least this one was a bit more pleasant then the one at SHIELD. They had taken the remains of his harness and he grieved to the loss of yet another set that he lost. They had totally shut it down as he couldn't even 'feel' them anymore.

He had been so close to victory, to crushing Spider-Man's spirit and then him. But no that little dark haired girl had stepped in. He never thought that someone else would join in and he cured himself for that oversight. But then if the Lords had just done their job instead of playing around then things would have turned out differently.

So here he was sitting in his dark cell thinking about what to do next. But before that he heard someone coming down the hall and stopped at his cell door. It was a steel one with two slits one for viewing the other for feeding.

The door opened and he was blinded by the light for a minute as he tried to look through it with his injured light sensitive eyes. He saw two people one most likely a guard the other was someone who was kind of on the short and stout side.

"Otto Octavius," The voice was female stated, he could hear the harshness of her voice and the iron will in it. "Also known as Doctor Octopus, came into out world where by the works of two scientist who you killed and burned down the lab to cover your tracks."

"You spent months on a small crime spree, have set up a few off sore accounts all of which are now frozen, was in league with a man that I shall not name, and went and brought the Justice Lords to kill the League while you hoped to kill your own enemy from your own reality, Spider-Man. Did I miss anything?"

"I'm impressed," And he was, whoever this was had a very large intelligence net to get that much on him in such a short time he had been here.

"I'm here to offer you a job, but there will be conditions. You will have unlimited resources and equipment and you will be allowed to repair your mechanical arms." But she stopped him from talking when she saw him very interested. "But you will adhere to us and our rules. You will obey or they will never find your body Octavius."

"Make no mistake you have no ties to this nation or this world. You legally don't exist and I have no problems with taking out a man like you." He could tell she was serious. The voice kind of reminded him of Fury. He wondered if she was his counter part in this reality? But he thought it over, life in prison or working for some shadowy agency he guessed were his choices. Given that he had enough of prison life there wasn't much choice really.

"Well them madam may I know the name of the woman who I shall be working for?"

She stepped into his cell and he could see her more clearly now, she had dark skin in a business suit. She was a hard looking woman that looked like she didn't take crap from no one and he guessed would eat up and spit out anyone that got in her way. "I'm Amanda Waller…and welcome to Cadmus."


Well that's it folks this fic is finally over with. I do plan on making a sequel with Cadmus as the major foe, so if anyone keeps asking if there will be a sequel and what it's about I'll just ignore it. I've said what both are so many times I'm tired of it.

I'd like to thank everyone who read this and also to help keep me going making this THE largest fic (word wise) in the Justice League section at this time. That's two records I hold now, one for this and one for X-Men: Evolution, I may go for three later.

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