The return of original digidestined.

By Youkai Youko

Chapter 1- The Wild Cats.

A/n: I don't own digimon and the lyrics songs in this fic. However I do own the original digidestined and two of their digimon.

Davis, one of digidestined and the keeper of courage and friendship, he was deep asleep but then started to struggle under his covers. Her forehead was sweating. He was merely struggling but then started to thrash about in his sleep.

"No... No! NO!" the boy screamed.

Dream sequence

Davis was somewhere on the digital world. But the view wasn't any pleasure, he quiver in fear as he watches many digimon fighting each other, killing each other. Davis didn't know how did he get there but he wanted to get out there now.

Davis widen in fear when he saw a Skull Satanmon was about to attack him but out of no where, a huge humanoid dog with a black creature slashed Skull Satanmon with his swords. The dog digimon ignored Davis as he went back to fighting with other dark digimon. Then, Davis saw an Unimon and he saw a white armored female digimon riding on his back. Davis eyes widen in surprise when also, he realized there was a human boy about his own age riding on the Unimon along with the with armored female digimon.

"What the..."

Then, he turned around and he saw a huge humanoid golden bird attacking the dark digimon and he saw another boy on the shoulder of the golden bird. But that boy was younger than the first boy.

"What's going on here?" asked Davis to himself

Davis then hears roars in the sky. When he looked up , he gasped in horror when he saw two dragon creatures battling each other. One of then was a serpent metallic dragon and Davis recognized right away; it was Metal Seadramon, Seadramon's mega form and one of the dark masters. The other one was a skeleton dragon.

The skeleton dragon attacked Metal Seadramon firing a black blaster from his month. It was so powerful that made Metal Seadramon hitting hard the ground. Then, in the middle of sky, Davis could see a light and in this light there was a girl, she was around of his age, with a short blue hair and ember eye. She was wearing a red jacket, red short pants, a pair of black boots and there was a pair of goggles in her head. Davis could see her that she was in pain, a deep pain.

"KOTORI, DON'T DO THAT!" Screamed a boy.

Davis turned around and he saw a boy with a jet black hair, with a cloth on his right eye. He was with another girl, younger than the first one and they were riding on a dark version of Metal Garurumon.

"Himura, goodbye." Said the girl .

Then, she screams in pain as something was coming out from her belly. Davis widen in horror when he saw a sword coming out from her abdomen. Then, her body was cut in slices as her own blood formed a rain of blood .

End of the dream


Davis immediately sits up from his bed and awakens himself from the nightmare. His forehead was embedded with a layer of sweat and his eyes were widened in fear.

"Davis, are you alright?" asked Demi Veemon, worried.

"That was all a dream? What nightmare." Said Davis as he was trying to calm himself down. The images of the girl , the sword and the blood was still haunting in his mind. He looked at his alarm clock and it was

6:45 Am. Davis sights as he decided to take a bath before he's going to school.

Its been almost one year and half since the digidestined defeated Myotismon and now they're living with normal lives with their digimon.

Davis was very quiet in the whole morning, still thinking about his dream. Then, his thought were interrupted by Tk, the keeper of hope.

"You very quiet in the whole morning. Something's wrong?" asked Tk.

"Oh, its nothing Tk. I was just thinking a dream I had last night" said Davis

"Must be a bad dream if you got my name right. Wanna tell me about it?"


Then, they heard Kari and Yolei screaming. They could see they faces are pretty happy.

"I can't believe that you really did it , Yolei." Said Yolei happy

"I admit it was hard but I really buy the tickets, Kari."

"Can you girls tell us what's going on here?" asked Davis a little curios.

"Well, Davis boy, Kari and I going to the show of the Wild Cats tonight." Answered Yolei as Davis made a confused face.

"Wild cats? Are you going to a zoo show?" asked Davis as everybody sweet drop for Davis stupid question. Yolei looked furious at the goggle boy as she hit him on his head.


Tk sights as he pulled out from his bag a magazine and he showed to Davis the pictire of Wild Cats band. They were 4 men, around of their 30. Tk explained the band was famous at Europe and the leader and the vocalist of the band was half Japanese, half French. Davis looked at the leader and he felt he knew him somewhere.

"Ken are going with us too. Wanna go with us Tk.?" Asked Kari as Davis looked at him a little jealous.

"I can't. Sorry Kari but I promised to my mom I would help her at home." Said Tk to Kari.

"But I can go if you want. I have nothing to do tonight." Said Davis with a goofy smiling on his face. Kari accepts it, for Davis happiness.

Meanwhile this, in the streets of Odaiba, a man around of his 30, wearing a black jacket, black pants, wearing a white sirt. His skin was paled , he had a black jet hair and wearing sunglasses on his face. He was walking around when something caught his attention. It was a poster of the show of the Wild Cats. He smirks as the man remove his sunglasses from his face. His right eye was covered by a cover-eye.

"So, You're back to Japan, Phillipe."

When the night comes, the audience was crowed and many fangirls had banners saying "We love Wild Cats".

Kari and Yolei were one of those fan girls. They did bought banners but they were wearing shirts of their favorite bands. Gatomon and Poromon couldn't understand why they liked that band so much. Ken was feeling a little uncomfortable because of the crowd and he wasn't used to be crowded places. But he feels better because Wormmon was with him. Davis didn't mind the crowd, as long he was with Kari but Demiveemon was scary because of the screaming of the fan girls. Then, lights was on in the stage and in there, they could see Phillipe Sagara- the leader of the Wild cats.

"Do you wanna Music?" shouted Phillipe trough the microphone.

The crowd yelled yes.

"Do you wanna fun?" shouted him again

Once more, the crowd yelled yes.

"Then, you're going to have it!"

Then, fireworks blow lit up the top of the stage ceiling. The crowd reacted even louder once the fireworks grew bigger as the lights showed the whole band on the stage and loud heavy metal music was played through the speakers.

It passes long hours, and the show is finally over. The crowd was leaving the audience and everybody was happy. Ken had to admit the songs were great, especially one called "If Only Tears Could Bring You Back. He didn't know the why, but he felt the song was meant to someone that Phillipe has lost. Davis was happy because he could stay with Kari in the show. Their digimon have to admit the band was nice.

"The Wild cats are so COOL! I wish I could ask them an autograph." Said Yolei.

"Why not? We could go to their dressing- room." Remarked Poromon.

Then, the girls thought for a moment, the boys knew they will try because they loved the band. Especially the vocalist. Yolei and Kari looked at Davis and Ken with a smiling in their faces. The boys sweetdrop , they knew they were dommed.

In the dressing-room, Phillipe was drinking a bottle of water as he was checking some new songs for their next show at Shinjunko. Then, someone knocked his door,

"Come in." Said Phillipe. He saw Tom one his bandmate and the guitarist of the band.

"Sorry to brother you, Phillipe, but there someone who wants to see you." Said Tom

"And who is it?"

"He said his name was Himura Tsubasa."

Phillipe gasped in surprised as he paled. Tom asked if he was ok because he looked like he saw a ghost or something. Phillipe asked to him to let Himura come in and ordered to no one bother him. Tom nodded to his friend and leave. Phillipe couldn't believe after those years, he was going to met his ghosts of past.

"Yolei, we're dommed of those bodyguards caught us." Muttered Davis to the haired lavender girl.

"There's nothing to worry, Davis, we just send our digimon scary them. Now move!"

The digidestined were still in the station for the Wild Cats autograph, and of course they need to void the bodyguards. Davis still thinks it was a bad idea. Then, they are at Phillipe's dress-room. Before they could decide who's should knock the door, they heard voices from the dress-room. Curious, the girls placed their years on the door, to caught whats going on. Gatomon remarked that wasn't a good idea. Then, Davis and Demiveemon placed their ears to listen what was going on. Ken muttered they will be caught.

"After those years, why are you back here?" asked a voice that the children didn't know;

"Why do you care if Im back or not, Himura? Im here because of my tour shows." said another voice. The children recognized that voice was Phillipe's.

"Only because of that? Or you wanted to meet your old friends here and visit the tomb of your cousin?" asked Himura. The kids and the digimon looked at each other, confused.. What they were talking about?

"Maybe, maybe not. I really miss her, Himura. And also I miss our adventures around of digital world with our digimon." Said Phillipe softly to Himura.

"WHAT!" shouted Ken, Yolei, Davis and Kari. Unfortuelity for them, Himura and Phillipe heard them. Phillipe opened the door as the kids with the digimon fall in the ground.

"Whats the meaning of this?" asked Himura angrily.

"Thats our line, dude! How do you know about the digital world? And what do you mean with your digimon?" asked Davis angrily as he stood up.

"Yeah, thats right!" said Deviveemon.

"I see you are digidestined, new ones I suppose. Don't see we were the first digidestined?" asked Phillip as the digidestined gasped in surprise.