The return of the original digidestined

Chapter 4- the child and the dragons.

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Now lets go to the story.

Davis was in his room sleeping, but then, he started to struggle under his covers. He was having another dream.

Dream sequence

Davis was going down, to the deeper of a cliff, under the see. He wondered how he could breath under the water. Then, he saw on the wall of the cliff a gate, Davis gasped when he saw it was a gate of a temple, then, Davis decided to enter in the temple. He realized inside was dry, and the gate kept the water outside. The goggle-boy went to the deeper of the temple when he saw something shining in the way. When he arrived in a huge room, he saw a golden and jeweled sword in the altar. When he went closer to altar, he heard something......

End of dream

BUZZ, BUZZ, BU- Davis slammed a fist onto his alarm as if on automatic he got up. He opened the window of his room as he thought on his dream. What was that sword? Then, his thought were interrupted when his mother called him for the break faster. Then, Davis remembered today the digidestined would go to the digital world to ask Gennai to help them to find the original digimon after the classes.

"I hope Mimi had found something from Jiraiya." Said Davis to Himself as he began to dress up for the school.

Meanwhile in the darkness, a human male dressed in black robes was sitting in a throne. He was very paled, with long white hair and he was wearing a pendent with a evil symbol on it. He opened his crisom eyes as Deamon entered in the room.

"I'm very surprised. I didn't know you could have a human form, Lichdramon." Commented Deamon as the human Lichdramon smirked.

"High level digimon can do that, Deamon. But you need to train yourself to get your own human form." Said Lichdramon to Deamon. " Thanks to the crystal that we stole from that mongrel, I got some of my powers back. I had to admit that mongrel was smart to hide his partner's crystal in his own eye. If I haven't feel the presence, I would never know."

"Speaking this, do you know where's the next crystal is?

"Yes, and I think our good friends Karatenmon and Metal Devidramon would like to return to their home places." Said Lichdramon as he began to laugh.

When the school bell finally rang, signaling the end of all classes and allowing the students the freedom they so desperately required, The digidestined found themselves almost running to get out. They decided to go at Izzy's before to go to the digital world.

"What do you think about that, guys? We're going to see the original chosen digimon." Said Yolei a little uncorfortable.

"I dunno about you , but I am afraid they're going to say the same thing that Himura and Phillipe told us." Said Kari with said eyes.

Gatomon looked up to her partner and she told her that everything would be ok. Davis mentioned that Ken couldn't go with them to the digital world because of some project.

Cody didn't get it, Ken really wanted to know what happened 20 years ago but he preferred to do a school project. Sometimes, he can't understand him.

Meanwhile that, Himura was sitting on a bench, watching over his daughter Kotori, playing in the playground swing. He remembered when he used to play with his digimon partner, Inumon in the digital world and how they found his crest crystals. Those were good times, even if his digimon was a pervert one. Then, his thought were interrupted when he heard a voice.

"We can sit here?" It was Ken, one of the new digidestined with his digimon partner Wormmon in his arms.

"You can do whatever you want. This is a public park." Said Himura, turning his attention to his daughter. Ken sits beside him as Wormmon nodded to him.

"I don't blame you if you're angry, Mr. Tsubasa. If someone take my partner away and killing someone I love, I would be angry too." Said the child of kindness to the old digidestined.

"What do you want?"

"Just talk to you. My friends are going to the digital world to look for your digimon partners." Said Ken as Himura looked at him surprised. " And I was wondering if you would like to see your partner again. After all, its been 20 years."

"You really meant it? After I acted like a jerk to you and to your friends?" asked Himura.

"You were the first digidestined and that all we can do for you. I know how's the feeling to loose someone you cared. You see, I lost my older brother." Said Ken as his eyes saddened.

"His name was Osamu. But everybody called him Sam for short." Said Wormmon.

"I remember that. He was hit by a car, wasn't it? Don't look at me that way, beside I'm being a detective , I work also at the morgue." Ken made a face as Wormmmon didn't get what he meant. "My especiality is to work in murder cases."

"I see you don't take you daughter to the work." Commented Ken to Himura, feeling a little sick.

"Of course not! What kind of father takes his children to the morgue?! " snapped the older digidestined. "Whenever I need to work, I take Kotori to at a friend's or with a baby-sitter."

Ken realized something, his child had the same name of the first digidestined who was killed in the battle. He asked to Himura if he didn't name his daughter in honor of his old friend. Himura's check turned a little red as he smiled.

"I got it, Kotori was your first love." Said Wormmon smiling.


"Did I say something wrong?"

Then, Ken and Wormmmon looked confused as they saw Himura laughing. It was the first time since they meet, they saw Himura Tsubasa laughing.

"You know little one, you kind reminds me Jaguarmon. Phillipe's partner. She's a wild cat digimon but Phillipe have some problems with her. She has a deep love for Phillipe." Said Himura

"What do you mean?" asked Wormmon confused.

"When she turned into Dianamon, do you know what she did after the battle? She kissed Phillipe."

"She what?!"

"Yep, she kissed Phillipe, and it was his first kiss. And Kotori and I made fun of him for a long time after that. You should see his face when his own partner kissed him Too bad we didn't have a camera at that time." said Himura as he laugh at that memory. Ken and Wormmon sweetdrop at each other in a strange way. Ken knew Wormmon has a deep love and care for him, even being the Digimon Kaiser but this? It was a little too far. Then, Ken blushed when a thought came to his mind.

"Err.... Mr. Tsubasa, does his partner and he....." Ken stared as Himura's eyes widen embarrassed.

"Oh no, they didn't do that! For Pete's sake! Phill was only 12 that time. However, I don't doubt Dianamon wold like do that." Said Himura as he narrowed his eyes. Yep, She would do that if she meets Phillipe again, now 20 years older than the first time they met. He didn't know who was the perverted one, if it was his digimon partner or Phillipe's digimon. Ken didn't dare to think what would happen if those two meet again.

Then, out of nowhere a fog covered the whole park. People were muttered what was happening in there. Himura soon gets up and began to call for Kotori trough the fog. Ken and Wormmon didn't understand what was happened. Then, Himura saw a shadow in his front. It was a woman, dressing like a Jedi Knight. He couldn't see her face because she was wearing a hood to hide it. However, he heard a voice in his mind.

"Find the crystal and you will find what you are looking for."

Before Himura could say something, the fog disappears. People were confused, a fog suddenly showed up and disappeared very fast. Parents were checking their own children, to see if they were ok. Then, Himura realized Kotori was missing.

"Kotori, where are you? Kotori, KOTORI!!" Now Himura was in panic, his daughter was no where to be found.

Ken tried to calm down him when they heard someone calling for Himura. They turned around and saw one of Phillipe's friends; Tom.

" You're Himura Tsubasa, right? Remember me? I'm one Phillipe's friend; Tom. I finally found you. Your partner at your work said you would be here. Phillipe send me to tell you that your dog demon is in our hotel room!"

"Dog demon? Inumon, you're in the real world? How?" asked Himura to himself as he remembered the voice in his mind; 'find the crystal and you will find what you are looking for'. Then, a thought crossed his mind. "No, Its impossible! She can't be in the digital world!" thought Himura in panic. His daughter was only 5 and four years younger when his sister Yui and Jiraiya came to the digital world.

"Take me there, now! I think I know what just happed here. And you!" He turned to Ken and Wormmon. " You're going with me!"

"But what about your daughter?!"

"Don't see? Somehow that fog was connected to the digital world! She went to the digital world!" shouted Himura at Ken and Wormmon. Tom looked very confused, because he had no idea what are they talking about.

Valley of dragons, home of dragon digimon. In there lives one of the original destined digimon; Metal Seadramon. After the battle that took his partner's life away, Metal Seadramon went to a deep depression and never leaving the cave where he lives.

"Hey buddy, good morning!" said a happy voice. Metal Seadramon turned aroundand he saw Veedramon, one of the digimon dragons who lives in the valley. "Its doing a beautiful day, how about we go out and walk around?"

"I don't want to."

"Come on, Metal Seadramon, you can't stay here forever!" commented Veedramon

"I just don't want to go out! Why don't you and Divinemon give up? There's no power to make me out here!" said Metal Seadramon as he went to the deep

of his cave.

Divinemon was under a tree , eating some fruits. He looked around and he saw Veedramon going to his way.

"I take you failed again." remarked Divinemon to Veedramon as he sits down beside him.

"I dunno what to do, Divinemon. He's in that cave for ages. And we did everything." said Veedramon to the holy dragon

"You know what, lets just give up and.... why that surprised face, puppy-dragon? We did everything we could do." said Divinemon.

"Its not that I am surprised!" shouted Veedramon

"Then, what is it?"

"Look over there." Said Veedramon appointing something behind of Divinemon. Divinemon turned around and saw something lying in the ground. When the two dragons went closer and saw a little girl unconscious. She was about 4 or 5 years old, she had a long dark hair and she was wearing a white shirt, pink pants and pink tennis shoes.

"What the...." stared Divinemon.

Then, the little girl's eyes opened and the first thing she saw were the two dragons in the front or her.

"WAAHHHH!!! MONTERS!!!! PAPAAA!!!!!!!" Then she began to cry.

Divinemon and Veemon didn't know what to do, somehow they scared the little child. It wasn't until the little girl started hyperventilating with her crying that Veedramon moved, having some experience with the baby digimon ( he had to help Elecmon with the baby digimon for sometime), and picked her up, rubbing her back soothingly as he held her.

"Hey, it's okay, shh, don't cry..."

Divinemon blinked at how easily that little girl curled against him

"That's amazing. Its the first time I see you doing something right." Said Divinemon as Veedramon glared at him

"What do you mean by that?" muttered Veedramon to Divinemon. He didn't wanted to scare the child more than she is. The kid turned to them.

"You're nice monster. I didn't like that one. He's scawy." Said the girl. Veedramon couldn't help but laugh. That's proves he's cuter than Divinemon.

Divinemon ignored the comment and he stared at the girl. Even being a proud dragon, he didn't wanted to scary the little girl. Her crying really annoys him.

"OK, er.. little girl, who are you and how did you get here?" asked Divinemon. The little girl blinked in confusion as Veedramon spoke.

"He meant what's your name and where are your papa and mama."

"My name is Kotowy, and I don't know whewe my papa is. I was playing in the pawke when a white clod show up and I woke up hewe."

Divinemon didn't understant anything what the kid just said. Veedramon had to translate to him.

"She said her name is Kotori and she doesn't know where her father is and she doesn't know how she get here either."

"How could you understand her while I'm not?"

"That's easy, I can speak the language of the children while you not."

Divinemon sweetdrop for that comment. He really wished to meet a digidestined and turning a digimon partner for a human but he didn't wanted a little cry baby kid. Now the question is, what to do with her?

"We can take her to Metal Sedramon. Maybe he can help us with her." commented Veedramon to Divinemon. The holy dragon digimon narrowed his eyes at the dragon.

"Its me, or you're smart today?" Veedramon glared at him.

"Shut up!! You're just jealous. Now Kotori. Vevee will take you to know a big dragon. Don't worry, he's nice. Im sure he will help you to be with your daddy again." Said Veedramon happily to Kotori. Kotori just smiled at him before she nodded to him

Divinemon sighted as he followed those two to Metal Seadramon's cave. He didn't know why but he feels something big will happen. And he hopes its not something too big.

Meanwhile In New York at Mimi's place, everybody was sleeping in their beds. That was until someone knocked their door.


Mrs. Tashikawa groaned, blinking sleepily as she lifted her face from her pillow. Who was banging at the door at... She checked his clock. '5:15 in the morning?!' She wondered in disbelief. It was still dark for Pete's sake!! Who the heck could THAT be??


Mrs. Tashikawa grumbled annoyedly, but dragged herself out of bed, and down to the front door.

"Who's there...?" She murmured sleepily. "It's only 5AM..." She said, opening the door as she unlocked it.

It was a man, around of his 30's, with a short red hair and different color eyes. His right eye was green while his left eye was blue. He panted as he looked at Mr. Tashikawa.

"Sorry to bother you at this late, but I really need to talk to your daughter, its an emergency." He said.

"W-who are you?"

"Let just said Im involved with the digidestined."

Mrs. Tashikawa woke up Mimi and Palmon from their sleep. Mimi was very surprised to see Jiraiya in her house. She wondered what he was doing in her house so late in the dark?

Mrs. Tashikawa offered a tea cup to Jiraiya as she left them alone.

"Mimi, Im very sorry to come here this late of night but...." Jiraiya stared. He looked very worried.

"Something happened to Mrs. Kujako?" asked Palmon as he nodded to him.

"She's gone. I can't find her anywhere." Mimi and Palmon gasped in surprised.


Meanwhile that, Himura arrived at the hotel and he meet Phillip in there. He went to his room and his heart began to cry as he saw his partner, in his ultimate form, lying on the bed, all bandaged. He realized his right eye was bandaged. He kneed beside of the bed and he placed his hand on Inferno Inumon's head.

"Inumon..." he whispered.

Outside of the room, Phillipe had to tell to his band mates about everything about the digital world and the digimon 20 years ago. Ken had to help the old keeper of kindness to make them understand what is the digital world and the digimon.

"Let me see if I get it. You, your friends and your cousin went to digital world, a kind of virtual world. Then, you got weird creatures called digimon and that thing in the kid's arms is one of them, right?" asked Tom as he appoints his finder at Wormmon. Phillipe just sighted.

"That's right, Thomas. We were called digidestined and we had a device called D-watch. It was a kind cybernetic watch that allow our digimon to digivolve. And we had look for mystic crystals called crest crystals to allow them to digivolve into their ultimate and mega. I was the child of kindness and this kid, Ken Ichijouji is, lets just say he's my heir." Said Phillipe as he put his hand on Ken's shoulder.

"But your cousin was killed in there, right? Why didn't you tell us about that before? You father always said she went missed and her mother was under arrest." Said Belioz as Ken looked confused. What he did mean by that? Phillipe looked at Ken very sad.

"Kotori's mother wasn't a good one, Ken. You see, she was drunk women ever since my uncle died in a car accident. When my father found out, he was fighting over Kotori's guard." Said Phillipe as Ken eyes widen in horror.

"She.... she was abused?"

"I was the only one who knew about that before we went to the digital world, Ken. She never could make Betamon digivolve because she didn't wanted to face her problems with her mother. Just after Himura put some sense in her mind, she decided to admit she was being abused and asking help to the other digidestined for being there for her. Thats when she finally could make Seadramon digivolve to Mega Seadramon. Courage doesn't mean to face problems with no fear, courage means to do the right, even if you're scared. My cousin learned that in the hard way." Said Phillipe , finishing his story to Ken.

The child of kindness was now surprised. He never thought one of the original digidestined was an abused child. And she had the courage to tell to the other digidestined. Of course, Sam abused him sometimes, not physically but emotionally. And it took a long time to admit his feelings and the darkness took advantage of him, turning him into Kaizer. He wondered if he had admitted his feelings to his parents maybe that all Kaizer mess would be avoided.

Then, Himura finally came out of the room, and his face didn't look any happy. Something really bad happened and its involved with Inferno Inumon being badly wounded.

"I have really bad news. Some digimon called Deamon freed Lichdramon from his seal." Said Himura to them.

"Say what?!!" shouted Phillipe in horror. That can't be happening.

"Err.. Lichdramon is not that bad guy who was defeated by you guys in the past?" asked Wormmon, being afraid of the answer.

"Yes, and he stole my crest crystal from Inferno Inumon. Its look like he's seeking for our crest crystals to get his power back. From what I could understand, Lichdramon is still week from the power of the Fate Sword." Said the old digidestined. That's means his daughter is in a great danger, along with the other digidestined and digimon.

"What are we going to do?" asked Phillipe. He couldn't believe that their worst enemy is back and now his cousin death was in vain to create that dammed sword.

Then, Ken was the first to speak.

"We have to warn to the others about that. They're going after the original digimon, if the one of the crystals were with your digimon, Mr. Tsubasa, that means the other crystals are with the other digimon?" before Himura could answer, Inferno Inumon got up from the bed and when towards them.

"Yes. We keep the crystals after you gone back to your world." Said Inferno Inumon very week.


"Phillipe , its been a while, isn't it? You grown up and become a handsome man.. Hehehe.., Dianamon would die when she see you now adult. But now our problem is Lichdramon. You're one of the new digidestined, right? " Ken nodded to him. "Then, its going to be easier to go to the digital world. Himura, don't worry, I will find your child while Ken warns the other digidestined." Said Inferno Inumon as Himura disagrees with him.

"No way. Im going with you, Inumon. Like it or not! My daughter is in there and Im going there to find her before something happens to her."

Before Inferno Inumon could disagree with him, Phillipe smirked and then, he decided something he should done it a long time.

"You know what? Im going too." His band mates gasped in surprised. He was serious? "My partner in there and Im not letting your guys face Lichdramon alone. Im going too."

"But Phillipe..." stared Inferno Inumon.

"That's the real Phillipe I met ." shouted Tom " Im going with you. I wanna meet that partner of yours, dude.

"If Tom goes with you, then, Im going too. Wild cats are always together. What do you say, big brother?" asked Belioz, turning to Tolouse.

"Do I have any choice? Somebody must keep an eye on you guys."

Now that a surprise for Ken. The Wild cats and Himura Tsubasa are going to the digital world. He wondered how they can do that since they don't have any digivice or that device that Okawa used to transport the children infected by the dark seed and himself to the digital world.

"But how are we going to do that? You guys don't have digivice." Said Ken to them. Phllipe just smirked to him as he put his hand on his shoulder.

"No problem, as my big sister used to say 'Everything has a way.' All we need to do is to open a digital gate. Inferno Inumon, you said you were in the dark area wguading the seal of Lichdramon, right? Is Anubimon still the lord of underworld?" asked Phillipe as Inferno Inumon nodded to him.

"Yea, he's still the lord of underworld and after you guys were back to the real world, I turned one of his servants. Why?"

"Great. You will go to the dark area with Ken and ask to Anubimon to open a portal to us. Im sure he will agree to help us. Do you agree Ken?"

Ken thought a little. He really didn't want to go to the dark area. But if its the only way for the old digidestined go back to the digital world, then, he must do it.

"Ok, I will do it." Said Ken

"Are you sure, Ken?" asked Wormmon worried for his partner.

"Don't worry. Anubimon is a nice digimon. He will help us. Now lets go to the dark area." Said Inferno Inumon as Ken nodded to him.

He gets from his pokect his D-3 and appointed to the computer. With a flash of light. Ken, Wormmon and Inferno Inumon vanishes. Phillipe wished good luck for Ken as Himura prayed for his daughter being alright.

Meanwhile this in the digital world, a dark shadow was flying towards at the Valley of dragons. His four glowing red eyes was focus to revenge a particular digimon; Metal Sedramon.

"Finally we're here!" said Tai as he was looking at the mountain in the front of them.

After asking Gennai to help them to find the original destined digimon, They made groups to go each local where the original digimon lives. Sadly they couldn't find Kotori's partner because after the battle, they ( the digital guardians) never had heard about him. The other digidestined could understand that. The same with Himura's partner , after the battle, no one knew where he was now. But they knew where the other digimon live now. Tai's group;(Matt, Tk, Davis and Tai himself) went to the Wind Mountain, home of bird/ winged digimon and they heard from Gennai that Jiraiya's partner is the leader of bird digimon. The girls' group went to the Amazon kingdom; home of female warrior digimon and its where's Phillipe's partner lives. Joe, Cody, and Izzy went to the Howling Mountain where Yui's partner lives. Now, they will get answered of what happened 20 years ago.

"Well, lets go guys, Lets meet Jiraiya's partner." Said Tai as the other digidestined and the digimon nodded to him.

Unknown to them, a dark winged digimon was following them. Its been a while he didn't come to his home place. Now its time to revenge to his ex leader the humiliation he had made him trough.

"Lord Parrotmon?" called a white digimon know as hippogryphomon,

In the high of the nest , there was a giant humanoid green bird. He was know as Parrotmon, one of the original digimon. But unlike many Parrotmon that has ruby eyes, this Parrotmon had different color eyes. His right eye was red while his left was yellow. He looked down at Hippogryphomon.

"What is it Hippogryphomon?"

"Sorry to bother you, but there's some digidestined outside and they want to talk to you." Said the winged beast digimon as Parrotmon looked confused.

"Digidestined?" asked Parrotmon to himseld as he held a crystal around of his neck as he remember the time he was a digimon partner of a kid called Jiraiya. Why are they here?

To be Continued........

Preview of the chapter 5

Veedramon and Divinemon take the little girl Kotori to Metal Seadramon, to know what they should to do with her. Tai, Matt, Tk and Davis finally meet one of the original destined digimon Parrotmon, as in the same Lichdramon's hechman attacks the orginal digimon. Mimi takes Jiraira to the digital world as the same time Ken takes Phillipe, Himura and the Wild Cats too with the help of Anubimon and Inferno Inumon.

Chapter 5- The battle for the crystals.