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Hey! This is my second attempt for an OTH fanfic. Sorry I didn't continue with the first one, but don't worry I'll try to finish it. I just wanted to try something else. In this one, Lucas is not on the team yet, Haley is going to tutor Nathan, but they won't fall that easily for each other. There will be some complications...

Nothing compares to you
Chapter 1 :A tutor girl and her new entitled window opener

Haley James had an ordinary life, she was a typical teenager but she wasn't one of these cheerleaders, part of the in-crowd. She didn't want to and she didn't need to part of it to feel important. She was better than of these girls that were always hanging out with the jocks, the famous basket ball players of Tree Hill High. She was much more than just a girl walking in the hall way passing by next to you or sitting behind you in class. She had an ordinary life but she was miles from ordinary. She was always there for her best friend, to support him and to make sure that he doesn't look like a complete idiot.

"Lucas, would you just stop staring at her like that? Because I know that if you don't, you'll probably make holes in her head and that could probably kill her. You and I both know that you wouldn't want that to happen. Right?" said Haley with a huge grin forming on her face. Lucas turned his head into her direction.

"What did you say?" said Lucas to his best friend with a small smirk. Haley just slapped the back of his head.

"Don't pretend that you didn't hear me! I'm only preventing you form making a complete ass off yourself!" said Haley. Leave it to her to always tell the truth even if it could hurt, although it wasn't her intention Lucas had a hurtful look on his face; you could never joke around about his infatuation with Peyton Sawyer especially if he was as moody as he was at this present instant.

"Plus, you know I'm right! Don't be such a baby...." Haley stopped right in the middle of her sentence, Lucas wasn't listening to her. He was too busy watching his beloved brother kissing Peyton. He had hatred in his eyes. Haley didn't like it at all; she knew how much of jack ass his brother was.

"What does she see in him?" asked Lucas to himself, and then he turned to Haley with sad eyes. Haley gently laid her hand on his forearm arm. She knew that it wasn't a light crush that he had over some random chick, it was more than that.

"It's a mystery for everyone going to this school, Luke, even, may I add, for the whole town of Tree Hill. Anyway, I've got to leave you. I have an appointment with my new 'student'. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get a break from the teachers, heck, I'm doing their job." joked Haley with a nice smile that could always cheer up Lucas.

"You're sure you're going to have enough time to tutor your new student? The bell is going to ring in like 10 minutes." pointed Lucas to his best friend.

"Nice way to state the obvious. I'm just meeting him and then we can arrange some sort of schedule." answered Haley picking up her tray.

"Why are you so sure that it is a guy that you're meeting?" asked Lucas, his male ego slightly hurt.

"Simply because you, boys are known to need tutoring and not girls! See ya later!" then she left him alone at the table. He could watch Peyton by himself, but where was her dumb ass boyfriend?

Tutoring office-

Haley entered what she called her 'office'. She was waiting patiently for her new student to make an appearance but he was late. That had happened to her before. Anyhow, she needed some air. She walked by the window and tried to open it, but failed.

"Stupid window, this thing never opens!" muttered Haley to herself unaware that someone entered the room.

"It's great to know that my tutor talks to herself."

Haley quickly turned, startled. Not really attentive to what the person behind her said, she didn't even hear what he had said. She was too busy registering the fact the Nathan Scott was standing there, comfortably leaning on the door frame, like he owned this place.

"What are you doing here?" asked Haley, looking at him with a questioning stare. Nathan was going to answer, but she continued talking. "Don't bother. If you don't mind I'd like you to leave, I'm waiting for my student to come by." said Haley still trying to open the goddamn window.

"I can't believe that will all budget this school has that they can't afford to install windows that actually can be opened." muttered Haley to her self once again, thinking that Nathan had left.

"Did you ever think that you aren't just strong enough?" said someone behind her. He was, still, to her great misfortune, behind her.

"I told you to leave, didn't I?" said Haley irritated by this guy's arrogance.

"I don't know why I should, I'm the one you're going to be tutoring." said Nathan with one of the famous smirk he would do to charm a girl.

"Well, if you want to do something useful with yourself open this window." said Haley, indicating the window to Nathan. He walked passed her and open the window in a flash.

"Now you can leave and never come back in here." said Haley pointing the door at him.

"Didn't you hear a word I said?' asked Nathan taken aback by this girl's attitude. He could tell that she apparently didn't like him at all. Why didn't she like him? He quickly replaced this question by another one that made more sense. Why should he care so much about what she thinks about him anyway?

"Yeah I did, considering the fact that I'm not going to be stuck with you this afternoon, after school and I don't see why you should stay here since the bell is going to ring in five, four, three, two, one..." said Haley picking up her stuff for her next class at the same time the bell rang. "Besides, I have other things to do than to help someone like you and there is no way that I'll tutor you, go and find yourself a tutor that would be better than glad to put up with your crap!" said Haley bluntly and then she left Nathan alone in the room. He sure didn't like the fact that a girl refused to past time with him and to treat him like that.

Haley walked in the hallway, angry at her bad luck. Why was this happening to her?What has she done to deserve this? She didn't want to tutor another jock, especially not him.She had to talk to the principal.

She entered the principal's office in no time.

"Hello, Miss James. Is there a problem?" said Principal Walters to the small brunette in front of him that looked quite agitated.

"Is there another tutor available to help Nathan Scoot in his studies?" asked Haley, hoping that the answer would be positive.

"Mr Scott's father asked for the best tutor in this establishment Miss James, since your are the only one qualified for students with great problems in academics, I had no another choice than to propose you to Mr Dan Scott. He is counting on you Miss James." said Mr Walker with a sincere tone.

"That doesn't give me much of a choice, does it? I'm obliged to tutor him, if I understood correctly." stated Haley to the man sitting in front of him.

"Precisely. You may leave now." said Mr Walker.

"What is Nathan Scott's class? I kind of was harsh to him and I need to instruct him of our next tutoring session." said Haley with a small smile,humiliated, she felt humiliated that she had no other choice than to tutor him and be done with it. The good thing was the principal smiled at her.

"No problem Miss James. And between you and me, I'm sure you'll do a good job with him." and with that Haley left his office to go the secretary's bureau to get Nathan's schedule. He was in chemistry with Mrs Guerin, so she walked her way up to the lab class.

"Mrs Guerin, I have a message from the principal Walker for Nathan Scott." said Haley to the professor, far from the door frame not wanting the students to see her and ashamed that she had lied to the teacher. The reason for acting this way was that she didn't want Lucas to see her.

Nathan walked outside; he was surprised to see Haley standing there.

"Aren't you supposed to be in class?" asked Nathan with a fake grin on his features. She rolled her eyes at his action.

"I'm going to give it a chance, anyway it's not like I have choice. So be here at 3:30 sharp and if you don't show up, I'm not going to wait for you. I have other things to do." said Haley with a spiky tone; she didn't look friendly at all. He just nodded coolly and went back to class. Haley walked to her English class, sure she was late, but it never bothered the teachers at all, she was one of the best students in this school with no stain in her dossier.

Tutoring office- 3:30pm

Haley was waiting for Nathan Scoot to make his entry. She knew he wanted to arrive fashionably late but come on it was just a tutoring lesson. Then he entered the room with his usual cocky smirk indicating that he was the man, the big shot.

"Alright Mr Big Shot, time to work, now sit down, I don't have all life." said Haley not making eye contact with him, too busy concentrating on her own homework. He sat in front of her, his hand reached her notebook and pulled it from her sight. "What are you doing?" asked Haley with an angry tone.

"Well I don't know if you're PMS or something, but you're acting like a real-

"A real what? Bitch!" said Haley pulling the notebook out of Nathan's grasp. He looked at her stunned, she had some nerve, in fact she had more nerve that anyone he had ever met in his life. That wasn't supposed to happen to him, and then he decided to play the Mr Nice guy card on Haley.

"Yeah. What did I do to you?" asked Nathan trying to be nice with her which didn't really work out.

"The fact that you're living is bothering me but apart from that nothing." said Haley with a small sigh. She continued working until he pulled her notebook again. "Stop it!"

"Look Holly-

"Haley" said the girl with an annoyed voice. She never acted this way around people, never. She was always nice and civil, even with people she didn't like, but Nathan wasn't what she would qualify a human being, so she didn't care about being a first class bitch with him.

Watching the girl more attentively, he understood, it clicked in his head. She was Lucas's friend, the one who was always with that bastard. He never gave attention to his brother's friends; he didn't even know he could have one. She was the girl always following Lucas around like a puppy. That would explain why she was so hostile toward him. Haley was feeling uncomfortable under Nathan's gaze; it was so intense and unsettling. She waved her hand at him and he stopped staring at her.

"Welcome back to the real world. What?" asked Haley, still wondering why he was looking at her this way. Nathan chuckled, he liked making her uncomfortable.

"Would just stop staring at me you perv?" said Haley, getting impatient. Nathan just smirked at her. He had to play it cool, obviously. She was undeniably disturbed by the silence and by him looking at her. It was too much for her to bear, she had to do something. She got up and left the table to pick something form the shelf. She had a book in her hands and started to read it. It was better to focus on something else. While she was 'reading', or more precisely faking to read it, she started to talk to him.

"I'm I'll be your tutor but I do not care about your whole stardom like life, just tell me why you really need my help." said Haley concentrating on the book in front of her, to avoid looking at him. She wasn't shy or anything, she just didn't like to be looked at the way Nathan was looking at her, like he could see through her.

"Actually I don't need your help." said Nathan with an arrogant tone. "In fact the only thing you can do to help me is to tell the principal that I'm always present for tutoring, that I do a good work and cover for Me." continued Nathan with smirk. Haley couldn't believe what she had just heard.

"I could do this but I'll leave it to you to be a procrastinating idiot. I can't believe you have the nerve to show your face in here and tell me to cover for you. Unlike any other girl in this entire school, I won't fall your crap. You're going to show yourself in here every day after your basketball practice. I don't care if you have to go to parties and get laid, because the earlier we're going to work on this the earlier I'm going to be done with you." said Haley staring back in Nathan's eyes. He had never been so insulted in his life, at this instant he wanted to crush the girl into pieces, literally speaking.

"I wonder how Lucas can put with-

"You don't know anything about him, so leave him alone. So tell me what you're here for, I don't have all night." said Haley with an aggressive tone. Already fifteen minutes with this guy and she was ready to become suicidal. He didn't say anything, he just slowly handed her his disastrous calculus test, the one that Haley had a perfect mark on. She watched it, tried to analyse where Nathan's difficulties were. She analysed it and in two seconds she knew where the problem was. She looked at him and handed him his test. She pointed the problem number two.

"See that?" asked Haley, waiting for Nathan to answer. He just nodded. "Well you have the beginning of the formula right, I mean you start to resolve all of the problems the same way, but right in the middle of it, you basically screw it up. Honestly, I think that with just a little work from your part, you'll probably nail the next exam." said Haley with confidence. She wasn't aggressive anymore, when it came to the people she was tutoring, she couldn't be anything but encouraging. She took out the calculus manual and flipped trough the pages, then she shoved it straight under Nathan's nose.

"Do this page, I give you thirty minutes and I'll correct It." said Haley going back to read her book.

"For what, to screw it up again?" asked Nathan, not wanting to do a stupid useless calculus homework.

"Look, just don't waste my time. Do it." said Haley startled with the fact that she could be so authoritarian. The boy in front of her put himself to work. A small smile graced her lips; she was always like that with the ones she was tutoring. In fact she was good at it, she liked it. She wanted them to score, to be successful. She didn't want them to give up and it would be the same treatment for Nathan Scott. In this room he was her student, but out of it, her best friend's enemy.

30 minutes later...

"Done." said Nathan suppressing a sigh, he had to remain cool. Haley looked at him and took his sheet of paper. It was what she thought, he needed help.

"Well, you were right. Let's just say that you really need my help." said Haley to the guy sitting in front of her. She took a paper out and wrote something on it. She gave it to him.

"That's what I would like you to work during the week end. That's my number if you need to reach me, in case you're really hopeless and with that I mean really hopeless. Get it?" said the brunette in front of him. He just nodded at her question. She managed to crack a small smile to him and pulled all of her stuff together, put it in her bag. She got up and tried to close the window, needless to say that she couldn't.

"Stupid window, it's always stuck." said Haley giving up. Then Nathan walked his way behind her and closed the window.

"Leave it to me, I'll be your entitled window opener." said Nathan with an honest, not fake, grin. Haley could swear that he had been truly nice to her, without putting up an act.

Nathan couldn't believe that was actually being nice to her. Heck, he couldn't even believe that he wasn't even using his charm on her.

"I'm surprised that the school could afford to give me with a window opener." added Haley, starting to be herself. She let her guards down at this instant, giving him a small chance. She was still between him and the window. Then she noticed that it had started to rain.

"Rain! Why now?" she couldn't believe the luck she was having this very day. When she spun around to walk out, she bumped into him. "I thought that you were already gone." said Haley in a lame attempt to excuse herself.

Nathan looked at the girl that bumped into him, he knew she was nervous, but why?

"I can give you a ride." offered Nathan, going back on charm control. She looked up to him.

"No it's okay. I'll just go to Karen's café. It's not far from here." answered Haley getting out of his way. She started made her way the door, turned off the lights. "Are you coming out, I'm sure you wouldn't want to spend your weekend locked up in the school." said Haley to Nathan, who was standing in the dark corner of the room. He got out and walked pass her.

"I can always give you a ride, it's on my way." offered Nathan once again. She looked at him and gave him a small smile; there was no way that she could decline his offer. That's what he thought.

"Don't worry I will be hitching a ride form Lucas." answered Haley, leaving Nathan astounded. She got her cell phone out. "Luke, I need a ride." She closed it and put it in her small purse.

Then she turned to look at him. Nathan looked kind of pissed that someone would prefer his brother over him. His features hardened at the mention of Lucas.

"Oh. Look I didn't do that to upset you, it's just that I kind of forgot who you really were." said a confused Haley. She wasn't lying. She truly forgot that the guy standing next to her was Lucas' enemy.

"It's okay. See ya on Monday." said Nathan still pissed that got turned down for his brother. Haley felt kind of guilty; she truly believed that Nathan had the same problem with Lucas. He didn't like hearing his brother's name and it was the same for Lucas. She walked outside of the school without looking back, leaving him alone, by himself. He felt lonely and there was just one remedy to that, going to Tim's party and to hook up with some chick.

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