The Queen's Gambit

By: Vegeta's Mate

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Screams of pain echoed down the brightly lit hallways as a surgeon raced from the royal chambers to the corridor.

"GET BACK IN HERE YOU LEECH! HOW DARE YOU RUN FROM THE ROOM WHEN YOUR QUEEN IN IS PAIN!" came a roar from within the royal bedchamber as another round of screams reached a new height in volume.

"But Sire! I am not equipped to deal with the sheer volume our beautious queen emits!" whined the doctor.

A man with jet hair, deep ebony eyes, a few scars on his handsome face and a fit physique in taylored green breeches, soft white lawn shirt and matching waistcoat strode furiously from the room and grabbed the pittiful doctor by the front of his overcoat, holding him forcefully to the wall.

"Find a way to deal with it." the king growled in the other mans face before tossing the doctor to the floor. "Now." with that the king resumed his place at his queen's side.

"Y-Yamcha, " the silvery blue haired queen breathed, "Please...make it-!" she pleaded turning to face her husband, clutching his shirt sleeve like a life-line, her naturally pale slim fingers becoming white knuckled from the strength of her grasp.

"It will all be over soon my love, I promise." he cooed to the pain filled queen.

The pale faced doctor inched closer to the royal couple, sweat beaded across his wrinkled brow yet he did not remove it. Clutched in one gnarled hand was a salve to ease the queen's pain, while in the other a thickly folded piece of white cloth.

"My queen, this will lessen your pain." he offered gently, "This will help you as well, when the pain comes bite down as hard as you can, it will keep you from breaking your teeth." Doc explained as he placed the folded cloth between the queen's waiting lips.

When next the pain ripped through the silvery blue haired queen she felt the urge to bear down, groaning and pushing for the next several minutes as her contractions crested over her with ever building strength.

Just as the blue haired beauty was about to give up and rest, a warm sliding sensation brought her attention back where it was needed. Her saphire eyes were clouded with tears of pain, seconds later the most beautiful sound ever to grace the royal bedchamber was heard...the cry of a new born babe.

The doctor gently placed the still wailing babe on the queen's stomach, "It's a girl." Doc whispered.

The king gazed down on his daughter, "Bulma, she is the very image of you, my love" his fingers grazing through the still damp tuft of blue hair on his daughter's head.

Bulma's eyes took on a prideful gleam as she stared down in awe at the utter perfection that was her child.

"Rhiannon Reya Briefs, Princess of memory of my mother." Bulma stated with much love in her tone before the strain and fatigue of the birth caught up with her and she drifted off into a deep slumber.

The sound of terror filled screams woak the queen from her exhaustion induced sleep, without thinking she reached for the tiny infant that lay on the bed beside her and lifted the sleeping newborn into her arms, gingerly she moved from the bed making her way to the hallway.

The smell of death permeated the air, pushing the queen to protect her babe by fleeing back to the reletive safety of her bedchamber and the hidden staircase behind the tappestry of a long ago battle.

King Yamcha rushed in and slammed the door behind him. "Bulma we are being attacked! Some sort of unknown being has landed in some sort of-of...thing and are attacking the palace!" he said in a rush, "They are demanding to see you!"

Astonishment lit her face, "Take me to them, I will see what they want." Bulma answered handing her child to her husband and making her way to the recieveing room, Yamcha following in her wake.

The scene that greeted her was one of mass destruction, body parts littered the halls, blood stood in puddles around half consumed corpses. One being stood in the recieveing room, it's claw-like hands were at that moment shredding a young page's head from his shoulders. The creature was unlike any she had ever seen, it was 9 feet tall, bone thin, with dark purple leathery looking skin.

"I am Queen Bulma, what may I help you with?" she asked he voice not betraying the terror she felt, she quickly hid her trembling hands in her full skirts.

The creature turned it's glowing black eyes to her, "You are to come with me, queen. My king demands the most beautiful of women for his bride." it's voice rasped, sounding like it was forcing sound from it's throat.

Shock painted her features, "Give your king my pardon, for I am already a bride." Bulma answered in somewhat of a daze. "What, may I ask, are you my lord?"

"Nekrojinn, lady, and my king cares not what you are now...only that you are to come to our planet and be his bride." it rasped out.

Bulma thought hard, seeing Yamcha step in to the room and making a split-second decision "If I willingly come with you will you spare my people?" she asked, hope rising in her breast.

"Of course, no harm will come to your planet from my king." it intoned.

"Very well, you don't harm my people, and I come with you willingly." she said turning to take the child from Yamcha's arms.

"Bulma? What are you doing? You can't mean to go with this disgusting creature!" the king cried as he handed over their baby.

The creature turned to see what was taking so long for the queen to follow, when it's eyes lit on Yamcha it lifted a finger and the tip of the claw lit with a small green light before a beam of light rushed from the creatures claw straight thru the king's heart...killing him instantly.


Darkness rushed up to embrace her as pain exploded behind her eyes.

The creature grinned down at his unconcious bundle and walked out of the once peaceful palace, through the bailey, and out through the main gates making it's way unerringly towards it's ship.

Setting the now unconcious queen and her child on a matress in the corner of a dark musty smelling cell, it made it's way to the controll room of the ship and set a course for it's home planet.

Bulma awoak to the loud roar of the ship's engines as it made it's way into sapce. She placed the infant on the matress and leapt to her feet and rushed to the small port hole in the wall and looked out. Her planet was beautiful from space, it's atmosphere was a light silver color, the typical orange of the land could be seen as well as the deep purple of the many oceans.

"" she whispered tears rolling down her cheeks, her face pressed to the glass.

A bright green ball of some kind could be seen forming just outside her window, in surprise she angled her head to see more of the curious display. "Wow, it's pretty...NO! NO! NO!

NO!" she screamed as the ball rocketed towards her planet, disolving it on impact.


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