The Queen's Gambit

By: Vegeta's Mate

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Chapter 9

Oh, her head ached! What had happened?

A teal face swam before her eyes, his darker green eyes looked deeply into her own and when he spoke his voice was smooth and gentle.

"I see you are awake, my lady. I had feared that I had hit you too hard, but now I see I was mistaken. I will remember to be more gentle with you in the future. Who knew that Saiyan females were so delicate?" the fair skinned man teased lightly.

"Do I know you?" Bulma asked, her voice rough and unused.

"I fear not, lady. That will soon be remedied though; you and I will get to know each other very well indeed."

Bulma stared at the beautiful man hovering over her unable to speak for the sheer lust that now poured off the man.

"Where am I? Is this my room?" She asked as she took in the sparse yet attractive room. Her eyes lit on the silver and gold bed-hangings before trailing their way over the silver and gold shot-blue coverlet. The room itself was near bare but for a few small trinkets that adorned the small yet serviceable bedside table; the walls, floor and furnishings were stark white and without embellishment.

The teal colored man looked at her oddly for a moment, "No, lady, these are my quarters. You will take up residence in the dressing room."

Bulma said nothing as she sat up on the bed and moved to get up. "I don't think I will like staying in a dressing room. I want a real bedchamber and some womanly things for my comfort."

"No, you are my bed slave. You will do what I tell you to do and if you don't like it I can beat you until you do." The man's voice had grown cold.

"Bed-slave! I am no one's bed-slave! I am-" she broke off, "I am...not sure who I am but I am not some lowly peasant to be treated with such disrespect! At least, I don't think I am..." Tears welled in her eyes, "I'm not a bed slave! You can not force me to be! My mind may be a bit muddled right now but I know I am not a bed-slave!"

The man frowned, "Shit, I did hit you too hard. FUCK! How am I supposed to present you to Lord Freiza as the witch I found on that disgusting planet if you can't remember who you are!" the man pinched the bridge of his nose to forestall a growing headache, "You are useless now. I boasted of capturing a witch and now I have gone and fucked it all up!" He gave a self-depreciating laugh, "Zarbon old man, you are one dead kcud."


"Lord Husband, this was not part of our daughter's future. She should be well on her way to bewitching that intended mate of hers, not sitting aboard that monster's ship with no memory of who she is!" Rhiannon frowned as she watched her daughter.

Vijitta sighed, "Fate is not something that is set in stone, Love Cup. Something's must happen to make the future a reality, you know that."

Rhiannon fumed at her husband, " I know that, Sugar Lump, but this isn't in any of the possibilities of our daughter's future! If it had been I would have made sure to place her earlier in that timeline! We must do something to help her!" The Goddess looked at her husband and frowned again, "Don't even shake your head 'No' at me! We will be making one more trip to the mortal plane and damn the consequences! I will not let my daughter live through what those monsters have planned for her!"

"We are not allowed to interfere." Vijitta began.

"They plan to keep her as a prostitute! Force her to use her magic as a tool for evil! I WILL NOT STAND FOR IT!"

Vijitta sighed, "We will help her, but only in her dreams. She doesn't remember us and she would freak out if we were to appear to her in our usual way. We will go to her this evening, before they can do what they intend."


The man, Zarbon was his name, tossed clothes that he had pulled out of the bedside table at Bulma and told her to put them on as he walked out of the room.

The gown was hardly more than a scrap, the bottom of the skirt just reached her backside and the bodice of the so called gown was skin tight with a deeply plunging neckline that stopped nearly at her belly-button. It's sheer white material left almost nothing to the imagination, the rounded perfection of her breasts was clearly visible as was the soft thatch of blue curls at the apex of her thighs. She sighed and pulled the 'garment' over her head and tossed it to the floor, deciding to remain in her own clothes for the time being.

She walked to the dressing room that Zarbon had said would be her bedchamber and looked in to the small mirror that hung on the door. Her face was pretty, she supposed, large blue eyes framed by thick lashes, a small nose and a wide mouth graced by pink pouty lips. Her body seemed to be that of a young woman, moderate breasts with dusky nipples, smooth flat stomach which flared out in to rounded hips.

A frown marred her brow as she stared at her hips. Something wasn't right about them. They were too far apart to belong to a young woman, they almost seemed to look like those of a mother, not that she remembered ever seeing a mother before, but something about the set of her hips made her take a closer look a the rest of her body.

She skimmed a hand down her chest, her breasts were full looking; the nipples almost tough. She moved her hand further down to her stomach and felt a few thin creases that could only have come from motherhood. She gasped, "Oh, goddess! I have a child somewhere!" Her eyes rolled back in her head and she collapsed to the floor in a graceless heap.


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