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Until You Were Gone

Chapter 7


Want and obligation are two very different things.


Inuyasha 's heart stank with need, it consumed him.


The room was heavy with pondering. Air thick with sighs never heaved, floor flooded with the tears yet to be shed.

His shadow swayed upon the bed and he watched it, covering his love like a small blanket of darkness.

Kagome's mother watched in obvious anguish, awaiting the moment when her daughter would wake up, and she would make a decision.

The moments wore on, Inuyasha's shoulders crept down. His ears fell.

Everything was spinning, falling, darkening. Time grew slow, flies buzzed lazily outside the window. Sound waves grew long, things turned blue and green.

The world grew lazy, careless.


Black was annoying. Black was irrational. Black was miffing.

Black was right.

Kagome sat her non-existent self on ground that wasn't there and smiled a smile no one would ever see. She thought.

What did she want? She wanted to get out of Black... That was a start.

What would she do once she was out of Black? Was there something she needed to remember. No. Was there something she wanted to remember?


Inuyasha. The gentle Inuyasha that didn't hit her, and didn't call her names. The one that said he loved her and she wasn't really all the stupid after all.

But wasn't that the one she remembered?

That was the one that was trying to apologize when she left. She remembered now. That one. That was the one she loved.

So what then, was this imprisoning "want" that Black forced her to ponder?

Where do you want to go? Black chanted inevitably, mechanically.

"I want to go HOME." She screamed and her voice was swallowed by the void and shot back at her in a quaking echo.

Home. Where is Home? It advocated.

"Home isn't here."

Where is Home? It echoed.

"Home is back with my family." Home was a hard thing to fathom in a space where even she didn't exist. "Home is where I live, where I sleep. Home is where I feel at home."

But where?

It finally dawned on Kagome why Black was keeping her here. This is what she had to figure out. Was the modern day era really her home, or was it the feudal era?

Took you long enough. The non-existent sneer miffed her.

"How am I supposed to make a decision like that?" She sighed and leaned forward to rest her head that wasn't there on palms that no one could see.

You remembered him. The real him isn't the reason you left, he's the reason you need to go back.

"Inuyasha... it's gotta be him. That's what I want, that's where I want to go." Kagome breathed.

So be it.

Kagome started, wanting to speak more, wanting to say that she wasn't finished thinking. Already things climbed back into being. The ground was grey at first, brighter and brighter. Her hands appeared in front of her, fists clenched.

Black was gone.

It was time.


Kagome's breathing faltered, Inuyasha nearly fell off of his chair. Her hand tried to move, but was being held for dear life be the hanyou at her bedside. She tried the other hand and brought it up to rub her eyes successfully.

Inuyasha sucked a breath in and let it out tensely. Another.

Her eyes opened and looked at the ceiling a moment. Suddenly they focused on him. Her heartbeat quickened.

"Kagome?" Inuyasha whispered, trying to verify the warmth of her hand and the look in her eyes.

Silence. Doors opening, things going in and out.

"I want to go home." She said simply.

"You're at home." assured Inuyasha nervously.

"No, I'm not." Kagome demanded. "Unless the feudal era suddenly advanced to drywall. I can assure you..."

Cutting her off, Inuyasha enveloped her in an immense, canine-like, hug.

"I love you Kagome... Hell... I need you." He whispered with necessity, with passion that burned his heart in two.

"That's you! That's the one I remembered... That's the one I love. You're the one I love." Kagome whispered into his ear. "Never let me forget that, ever."

"Anything. Just don't leave me like that again." Inuyasha looked into her eyes to ensure a yes. "Lets go home."

He picked her up in his arms, blanket and all and was out of the door, pillows in tow.


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