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Summary: The golden trio's seventh year. Hermione and Ron are going out, they are on their fifth month, but Ron is more into the relationship then Hermione. She starts to doubt it and then Ron does something shocking...who helps her? None other than the Slytherin Prince...

--This story obviously will have Draco and Hermione in character like the book, so they aren't going to fall madly in love the day they see each other, okay? I have to EASE into it. lol. Thanks!


Chap. 1 Sharing Leads to Unity

It was a dark afternoon, filled with thunderstorms, which was unusual for the time of year and day. Hermione Granger was in a Hogwarts Express berth with her boyfriend of four months, Ron Weasley and her best friend, Harry Potter. They had all matured over the summer, Hermione's hair growing long, straight and shiny. Her body had also matured, but of course being who she is, kept it covered up with materials of clothes. Ronald Weasley had grown tall, his red hair to his chin, long arms built from Quidditch. He wasn't the best looking guy in school, but he was sweet to Hermione and that's what mattered. Harry Potter grew into a very nice looking man. Still with his signature glasses, but that didn't matter, his emerald eyes shone right on through them. His raven hair was still an organized mess atop his head, but it was always soft and shiny, girls loved to touch it. He grew tall, not as tall as Ron, but he was at least four inches on Hermione. His sleek seeker body had become strong and firm, but he was still only the best of friends with Hermione, which she was grateful for.

Ron snaked his arm around Hermione as they talked.

'You're head girl, 'Mione, that's great. I mean we all expected it, you deserve it. Dumbledore would be daft if he hadn't given it to you, and we all know he's not.' Harry smiled brightly at his pretty friend.

'I was so excited when I received the owl about it! My parents were too, I had to explain to them what it all meant, but still, they were very happy for me.' Hermione grinned back.

'Now we got someone to watch out for us when me and Harry screw up, you won't take points from us, will you Herms?' Ron asked. He had decided to pet name her "Herms". She was still undecided about it. She rather be called Mione, but I guess since they were now an 'item' he felt he couldn't call her the same name others did.

'I can't play favorites, Ron. No matter how much I like you guys. Just don't screw around.' She smiled sweetly.

'Who's head boy?' Harry asked.

'I thought it was going to be you, Harry, but now I don't know who it is. Maybe it's Justin from Hufflepuff.'

'Finch-Fletchley?' Ron asked.

'No, I don't think it will be Hufflepuff, they aren't leaders.' Harry commented.

'Perhaps you're right.' Hermione agreed.

'It's probably a person in Ravenclaw.'

'Maybe Michael Corner.' Hermione suggested.

Ron flinched at this.

'What is it Ron?' Hermione asked.

'Oh, Ron's still sore about Michael and Ginny.' Harry sighed.

'Ronnn, that was like two years ago! Let it go!' Hermione giggled.

'I don't care. Ginny shouldn't have boyfriends. She's too young.' Ron muttered.

'She's a year younger than us, Ron.' Harry added.

'You're just saying that because she likes you Harry.' Ron sneered.

Hermione noticed a slight pink color show up on Harry's cheeks.

'Well, who ever head boy is, let's hope he's not in Slytherin.' Hermione sighed.

Then with a clash of lightning, as if He sent it, Draco Malfoy appeared in the berth's doorway, accompanied by his two henchmen.

'Well, well, well, if it isn't the Golden Trio...' Draco sneered, sounding every day more and more

like his cruel father.

'Oh fuck off Malfoy.' Ron spat.

'Already did.' Draco responded with a evil smirk.

Hermione's face cringed when she heard it.

'What's the matter, mudblood? Smell of poor Weasel getting to you?' He asked cruelly.

'No,' She snapped. 'Why don't you go darken someone else's doorway, Malfoy?'

'I choose to darken your's.' He replied.

She then felt his eyes roam her body, finally resting on Ron's arm, which was around her shoulder.

'Ahh, perfect match was made I see? The mudblood and the pauper, you two shall create very...worthless children.' Draco sneered. Crabbe and Goyle laughed demonically.

'Oh shut up, Malfoy. Just because you have no life, doesn't mean you have to come ruin ours.'

Hermione said standing up and placing her hands on her hips.

'Mmm...I see the mudblood worked up some courage over the summer.'

Harry then stood up.

'Hermione's always had courage...she punched you our third year...remember?'

Draco's cocky smirk turned into a frown.

'Well, I see i've been beaten here.' Draco said with fake remorse. He then grinned evilly once more, 'But before I go. I just wanted to say that i'm very excited to spend a year head boy with you, Granger.' He obviously was lying, but just said it defiantly to piss Hermione off. 'Well, ta-ta.'

Draco then walked away head held high, he WAS a Malfoy after all.

'Stupid git.' Hermione said as he left.

'Yeah, why can't the prick just go and not talk to us. Isn't it "beneath" him anyhow?' Ron said sarcastically as he made actual quote motions with his fingers.

'Yeah. He's so disgusting.' Hermione said crossing her arms.

Then the two gossip queens' of Hogwarts heads peaked in the doorway.

'Oh! My! God!' They squealed.

'Whaaat?' the three dragged out, uninterested.

'Draco Malfoy is so fucking hot!' Lavender cried.

Then Parvati looked at her friend and giggled.

'You said fucking! Haha! Imagine it with HIM!' Parvati cried.

The trio looked disgusted.

'Ahhhh....' they both sighed happily, obviously thinking of wrong things.

'Malfoy??' Hermione asked in wonder.

'Yes! Draco Malfoy! He's so beautiful, he just walked by, didn't you see him?' Lavender asked, pointing down the hall where Draco went.

'Yes, he talked to us.' Hermione replied.

'Assaulted us is more like it.' Ron mentioned.

'He came in here, Hermione? And you didn't notice his body?!?!' Parvati cried as if she was going to faint.

'No. I didn't notice.' Hermione replied.

She really didn't. Was she so angry that she didn't even notice a nice figure before her? Was it because of Ron? She decided it was probably because she was infuriated with the supposed "beautiful" Draco.

'You didn't notice? Wow. Are you lesbian?' Parvati asked.

'What?!' Hermione cried, 'No! God no! I'm going out with Ron!'

Lavender then smacked Ron.

'What was that for??' He asked standing up rubbing his left shoulder.

'That was for turning Hermione lesbian!' Lavender cried.

'Yeah! I mean, I know you aren't the cutest guy, but I really can't believe you changed a girl's sex preference!' Parvati added, completely astonished.

Harry started to laugh.

'Hermione is not a carpet licker.' Harry said.

'Gross, Harry!' Hermione cried.

'It's true!' Harry exclaimed, 'Your not!'

'I know, but don't call it that. Puts bad pictures in my head.' Hermione said gently hitting herself in the side of her head.

'You are crazy Hermione Granger!' Parvati cried, 'Don't even notice the hottest guy in school when he's right smack in front of you!'

'Forget her, Parvati, she just must be blinded by gorgeousness...she probably JUST goes for the tall, lanky red heads.' Lavender said nonchalantly.

The girls don't even try to be cruel, they just speak their minds.

'Be nice.' Hermione scolded.

'Yeah! Be nice!' Ron yelled forming a pouting face.

'Fine fine, we'll see you at Hogwarts.' The girls said giving up and walking away.

'Sluts.' Ron muttered after they left.

'Ron...you have to be nice too.' Hermione said.

'Well they ARE.' Ron rebutted.

'Yeah, 'Mione, they actually kind of are.' Harry grinned.

Hermione giggled and nodded.


The Hogwarts Express finally reached the large castle, it was still dark and stormy...a frightening night for anyone.

The students settled into the Great Hall, awaiting the announcements of their Head Master.

Dumbledore settled in new students, talked of Quidditch and the House Cup, then talked of Head Students.

'Your Head Girl is no other than Miss Hermione Granger!' He cried, 'Please come stand up here,

Miss Granger.'

Many clapped, except for the Slytherins as she rose from her Gryffindor table to join Dumbledore in the front of the room.

'And your Head Boy is, Mister Draco Malfoy!'

Few clapped, except for all the Slytherins as Draco gracefully rose from his seat next to Pansy Parkinson and Blaise Zabini and glided up next to Hermione. He sneered at her as he walked up to her.

'Mudblood.' He muttered.

'Asshole.' She muttered back.

'Mmm...quite the little mouth you got yourself there, Granger. I bet Weasel likes that mouth...'

He murmured to her huskily.

Her mouth dropped when she heard him speak. She had nothing to retaliate with.

'Wow...I left a girl speechless.' He whispered with a hint of sarcasm, 'Usually they are screaming my name...'

'You're such a prick.' She said rolling her eyes.

During all this argueing, Dumbledore just kept on speaking.

'And hopefully this will create house unity!' Dumbledore ended.

Hermione and Draco had no idea what was going on. They looked out at the students...their faces told them something shocking just happened.

'Excuse me, but what was that last thing Head Master?' Hermione asked quietly.

'You and Mr. Malfoy's room.'

'Room? Or Rooms? I'm sorry, Head Master, but I must have heard you wrong. Hermione and I are in ONE room?' Draco asked.

'Yes. Well, you share a common room and bathroom.' He explained once more.

Hermione and Draco's eyes widened. A small gasp escaped from Hermione's mouth.

'Head Master, I really must protest, I mean, isn't that...against school moral regulations? A boy and girl sharing a room? I mean really, it cannot be permitted. Surely the Ministry would not

tolerate it.' Hermione explained...mainly to herself.

'Obviously, Granger, the Ministry will permit it or else Professor Dumbledore would not allow it either. For being the most intelligent girl in our school, you really can be a dwit sometimes, did you know?' Draco scoffed.

'That's enough, both of you.' McGonagall spoke up, 'This is exactly why the Ministry agrees with the joined rooms. The Slytherins and Gryffindors have been leading rivals for quite some time, we thought this a perfect opportunity to try it, Mr. Malfoy, you being in Slytherin, and Miss Granger, you being in Gryffindor. Let's hope this new idea will fix some problems.'

'We know it may take some time to adjust, but I know it will turn out just fine.' Dumbledore said with a twinkle in his eye. 'You two may return to your seats.'

The still-shocked head students turned and sat down next to their upset peers.

'Ohhh!' Whined Pansy, clutching onto Draco's arm, 'I'm so sorry baby! You have to share a room with HER.'

'Stupid Granger...' Draco muttered.

'What about our...late nights?' Pansy asked giggling.

'Granger has nothing to do with those. Don't worry your made-up face about it.' He said with no emotion.

'I can't believe you have to be in the same area as the Mudblood, sharing a bathroon, eww!

Gross!' Pansy sneered.

'Yeah, now let go of my arm so I can eat.' He snapped.

She obeyed immediately.


'I can't believe you are in a room with Malfoy!' Ron exclaimed, 'If he touches you, I swear i'll beat his ass to a pulp!'

'Ron, Ron, don't worry. I can take care of Malfoy...he's a weak daddy's boy.' Hermione said, 'I am just not looking forward to all the name calling that's going to go on.'

'You only have to sleep there, 'Mione, the rest of the time just hang out with me and Ron.'

'Yeah, i'll do that. We can hang out all the time.' Hermione smiled.

'Oh, except for during Quidditch meetings, practices and games.' Ron said.

'Well, those shouldn't be too time consuming. I mean, YOU'RE captain, right Harry?' Hermione asked still smiling.

'Umm...well, actually we have a meeting tomorrow after breakfast to discuss positions, try-outs and things. I need a new beater and a new chaser, try-outs are next week I need to prepare to choose those, so i'll be quite busy for the next few weeks.'

Hermione frowned, but then looked hopeful at Ron.

'I really need practice too Herms. Being the only Keeper I have to practice hand and eye coordination...i'm starting to get weak.' Ron said sadly.

'Then practices are everyday starting first week of October...that's in three weeks, and I have to prepare some more moves and strategies, and then improve the ones I already have.' Harry continued.

'Oh. Good. I'm glad my best friends WON'T be there this whole year.' Hermione sighed.

'Hermione, it's been like this for quite some time now.'

'You were never Captain before...you both have to do twice as much now being the two seventh years on the team.' Hermione stated, 'I'm sorry, i'm sounding like a spolied prat..like Malfoy, excuse my horrific actions.' She smiled, her friends laughed.

'It's okay, 'Mione, we know how hard it's going to be for you with Malfoy...we're sorry we can't be around more often.' Harry said trying to smile.

'It's okay, I totally understand.' Hermione smiled, 'Don't worry about me.'

Ron gave her a self-assuring squeeze and then food appeared...needless to say there was not much talking with the boys after that.