Chap. 60 The Battle

Lucius stepped out of the room and paused. He quickly caught up to Voldemort.

'My Lord, if one is under the Imperious Curse, they are in a way "hypnotized" correct?'

'Yes.' He hissed.

'And this would have caused some slight physical changes, correct? My Lord?'

'Yes! What is the point of you pestering me with this?'

'What type of physical changes are there, my Lord?'

Voldemort sighed angrily.

'Cold presence, monotone voice and a hue of green in the eyes.'

Lucius stopped walking. Voldemort turned around slowly.

'What is your problem, Lucius?'

'Draco is not under the curse any longer.'

Hermione and the group landed in a large, dark room.

'It's so scary.' Lavender commented quietly.

'No need to tell me about it.' Harry replied.

'Down there,' Ginny said pointing down a long corridor, 'That's where they took me.'

'Then that's probably where Draco is.' Hermione said.

'And Blaise.' Lavender added.

'Let's go.' Ron said.

The five friends then moved slowly down the dark corridor.

'Blaise, look, I'm so sorry, man.' Draco said quietly.

'Drake?' Blaise asked.

'Yeah, it's me. I was under the Imperious Curse, wasn't I?' Draco asked, bending down to help Blaise to his feet.

'Yeah, but oh am I glad you're back!' Blaise cried, 'You were going to kill me, you fucker!'

'I know,' Draco said with a smirk, 'sorry about that. But we have to figure out how to get out of this bloody hell hole.'

'Drake…I don't think we're going anywhere…' Blaise said unsteadily, staring behind Draco.

Draco turned around and saw Voldemort, Lucius, and many, many hooded death eaters.

'Shit.' Draco mumbled.

'How did you remove the curse!' Voldemort demanded menacingly.

Draco stood up tall but stayed silent.

'Answer your Lord!' Lucius yelled.

Draco narrowed his eyes.

'Fuck you.' Draco answered boldly.

'Crucio!' Lucius shouted.

Draco screamed and fell to the ground.

Draco fought against the curse with all his strength.

I will not let my father kill me. I will not die from the cruciatus curse. This is not the way I will go… I can fight this.

Draco struggled against the curse.

He thought of the happiest thing of could…Hermione taught him how to live, how to love.

Lucius grinned evilly down at his struggling son. Then Lucius' jaw dropped. Draco was trying to stand.

'Lucius! What is your son doing?' Voldemort asked.

'He's fighting the curse!'

'Impossible! Stop him!'

'Crucio!' Lucius yelled again.

Draco fell back against the wall, continuing to writhe, but still managed to stand once more.

Voldemort pushed Lucius out of the way and walked up to Draco, who was trembling and shaking as he stood.

Voldemort stretched his dark, decrepit hand out and grabbed onto Draco's neck. He lifted Draco up and glared into his eyes.

'How are you resisting the curses!' Voldemort yelled.

'Draco!' A voice yelled from behind them.

Voldemort whipped his hooded head around and glared at the group of young witches and wizards.

'Hermione…' Draco whispered.

'Finite!' Hermione yelled at Draco.

Draco immediately stopped shaking and trembling, but he fell unconscious.

'How dare you!' Lucius yelled.

'Incarcerous!' Harry shouted at Lucius.

Ropes flew from Harry's wand and constrained Lucius.

Voldemort looked at Lucius, mortified that he was bound by a spell from a teenager.

'Fool!' Voldemort cried.

Voldemort threw Draco onto the stone floor, next to Blaise.

'Blaise!' Lavender cried.

'Lavender! What are you doing here!' Blaise shouted fearfully.

'Stop this mindless chatting!' Voldemort ordered. He turned to Lavender with an outstretched arm, 'Stupefy!'

A red beam shot from Voldemort's hand and entered Lavender's body. Lavender fell backwards, unconscious.

'Lavender!' Blaise cried. He began to crawl over to her.

'Crucio!' Voldemort shouted at Blaise.

Blaise began to convulse violently.

'Stop!' Ginny shouted. 'Petrificus totalus!'

Voldemort froze for a mere second or two, then continued to move toward Ginny.

'Stupid girl.' Voldemort said with a harsh laugh.

Harry ran over in front of Ginny.

'Don't touch her!' Harry demanded. He then held his wand straight out in front of him and Ginny. 'Servo nos!'

Voldemort tried walking up to them but hit something a few inches in front of them.

He put his hand forward and felt a wall, but couldn't see anything.

'Invisible wall of protection…' Voldemort grinned, 'You've been studying my young rival.'

'To defeat you.' Harry spat back.

Hermione ran over to Draco's limp body.

'Draco, you must wake up,' She ordered, lifting his head and setting it in her lap. 'Enervate.' She spoke.

Draco's eyes began to flutter and they opened.

'Hermione,' He said softly with a smile.

'Get the girl!' Voldemort yelled.

The death eaters walked over the bound Lucius to Hermione.

They all raised their wands and said a curse but nothing happened.

'She must still have the charm upon her!' Voldemort concluded.

Voldemort nearly floated over to Hermione and pushed her body away from Draco.

Draco looked around quickly for his wand but could not find it.

Voldemort used magic to raise Draco from the floor and dangle him in the air.

'Your precious boy toy no longer has the charm on him…' He said threateningly, 'remove yours or I will kill him now.'

Hermione looked up at Draco.

'No, Hermione,' Draco pleaded, 'do not remove the charm!'

'Draco! He'll kill you!'

'Hermione…he is going to kill me anyway, protect yourself.'

Hermione began to cry.

'No…' She whispered. She then removed the curse from herself.

Voldemort laughed and began to make Draco tremble in pain.

'NO!' Hermione shouted.

Suddenly Voldemort fell forwards a bit, releasing his concentration, causing Draco to fall back onto the stone floor.

'What the?'

Hermione looked behind Voldemort and saw Ron standing there, wand outstretched.

'Another Weasley coming to help?' Voldemort questioned. 'Stupefy!'

Ron fell backwards, the same way Lavender had.

'Ron!' Hermione cried.

She was going to run to him, but then she saw Draco.

'Hold the girl back!' Voldemort demanded of the death eaters.

They grabbed hold of Hermione and one took her wand.

'NO! Let go of me!' She shouted.

Voldemort picked up Draco's arm and began to drag him across the floor.

'NO! Stop! What are you doing?' Hermione cried through tears.

Voldemort continued to walk, dragging Draco.

'Follow me, and bring her.' Voldemort ordered them just before leaving the room with Draco.

'Impedimenta!' Harry shouted at the group of death eaters, stepping out of the invisible wall.

The death eaters began to move slow motion, enabling Hermione to get out of their hold, and grab the wands.

Then he pointed his wand to Blaise.


Blaise stopped convulsing and lay there unconscious.

'Congelo!' Hermione yelled at them. The group of hooded men froze in their tracks. 'They should be like that for a while. I have to go after Draco.'

'You both go,' Ginny said, 'I'll stay back and help Ron, Blaise and Lavender.'

Harry nodded. Ginny ran over to Harry and threw her arms around him.

'I'll be back.' He told her.

She nodded and kissed him.

'I know.' She said with a smile. 'Be careful you two.'

Hermione and Harry left the room together.

Hermione and Harry followed the corridor. They entered a large room, red flame candles encircling it. Draco lay on a table in the middle of the room.

'Draco!' Hermione cried in a whisper.

Harry grabbed her hand.

'It's a trap, Hermione. Voldemort is around here, waiting for you.'

'I don't care!' She shouted freeing herself of Harry and running toward Draco.

Before she could reach him a deep pain ran through her.

'Ahhh!' She screamed collapsing to the floor.

'Hermione!' Harry cried.

Harry then heard a faint, cruel laugh.

'Show yourself, you coward!'

'Harry…Potter…' He hissed.

The hooded dark lord appeared in front of Harry with a sadistic grin.

'Alone, at last.'

'Excrucio!' Harry yelled.

Voldemort's red eyes widened and flew backwards.

'What magic was that!' Voldemort asked, breathlessly.

'Advanced white.' Harry replied with a smirk.

'You will pay for that!' Voldemort cried, moving his hand in the direction of Hermione. 'Avada Ke—'

No!' Harry shouted, 'Caedo!'

Voldemort fell onto the stone floor.

'Sopor!' Harry shouted.

Voldemort lay unconscious.

'Hermione,' Harry whispered. He ran over to her still body. 'Enervate.'

'What happened?' She asked. 'Where's Voldemort? Is Draco all right?'

'Voldemort is unconscious…for now. Draco…Draco is still lying on the table.'

Hermione got up, holding her head in pain. She looked for Draco and saw him on the table as Harry had said.

She moved over to him.

'Oh Draco, wake up…please,' She pleaded taking his hand. 'Harry, we've got to get him back to Hogwarts.'

'Harry?' She asked again.

She turned to see Voldemort holding Harry up.


'Finally…my one and only true enemy is now at my whim.' He said dangerously happy.

Harry's body dangled unmoving from Voldemort's grip.

'What did you do!'

She saw Harry's eyes open and they turned to look at her.

'Harry!' She cried happily.

They were glowing an eerie green.


Voldemort let Harry onto the floor.

'Kill her.' Voldemort ordered.

'Yes, my Lord.'

'Harry? NO!' Hermione shouted. 'You don't want to do this! Voldemort has got you under the imperious curse! He's ordering you around! Please don't do this, Harry! I don't want to hurt you!'

Harry smirked at her.

'I will do anything for my Lord.' He replied.

'Stupefy!' Hermione shouted.

Harry paused for a few seconds, but then kept moving toward her.

'Harry no!' She begged.

Draco lay lifelessly on the stone table, unconscious from Voldemort's many curses. He began to twitch when Hermione yelled.

'Harry please! It's me Hermione!'

Hermione? Draco thought.

Suddenly he felt his fingers twitch and his eyes could open.

He turned his head and saw Harry walking toward Hermione in a zombie strut.

Oh no…Potter's under the Imperious.

'Potter!' Draco yelled.

'Draco!' Voldemort shouted, 'I thought I killed you!'

'Draco!' Hermione shouted, 'Harry's under the Imperious!'

'I know,' He told her, 'Come over here, Pot-head! Can't defeat me? Is that why you're going after a measly mudblood?'

Harry narrowed his supernatural green eyes at Draco.

'What did you say?' Harry asked.

'You heard me.' Draco spat.

'Potter! Ignore him! Go after the girl!' Voldemort shouted at Harry.

Harry shook his head and ran toward Draco.

'Harry no!' Hermione cried.

Harry and Draco held their wands out and began throwing curses at each other, much like their second year.

Meanwhile Voldemort grabbed Hermione by her throat and choked her. She flailed grasping for air.

'Oh…Young Malfoy?' Voldemort called teasingly.

Draco stopped dueling and looked over at Voldemort.

'Hermione!' Draco called, just before flying back into a wall from a curse from Harry.

Draco stood up quickly and saw Hermione's face a pale blue.

'Join me!' Voldemort demanded.

'Anything, but spare her!' Draco cried, just before flying back into another wall because of Harry. 'You know what, Potter!'

Draco ran over to Draco and punched him in the face. Harry stumbled backward and fell onto the floor unconscious.

'Why didn't I do that seven years ago?' Draco asked himself.

Draco then turned to Voldemort.

'Let her go. If you kill her, I swear to God I'll kill you.'

'To God, eh?' Voldemort spat, 'I AM THE ONLY GOD YOU SHALL HAVE!'

Voldemort dropped a gasping Hermione to the floor and strut over to Draco.


Draco looked over at Hermione, a tear falling from his eye, and bowed in front of Voldemort.

'Yes, my Lord.'

As Draco bowed, Hermione slowly started to regain consciousness. Her eyes opened to see her fiancé bowing to Voldemort. Then she saw Voldemort raise his hand over Draco's prostrated body.


Draco raised his eyes, but too late.

'Abolesco!' Voldemort hissed.

Draco did not move for a few seconds, but then his head turned to see Hermione. She saw fear in his eyes, and then he collapsed to his knees and then fell flat to the floor.

'Draco!' Hermione yelled in anguish. 'Draco!'

Draco did not move.

Voldemort let out a loud laugh.

Hermione crawled over to Draco's body, tears freely falling from her face.

'Draco, oh my love…please, please don't leave me.'

She turned Draco over so he was lying on his back.

His icy blue eyes did not open to look at her.

She buried her face into his chest.

'No…this can't be happening. Draco, I know you're alive. I know you are.'

'My dear…' Voldemort spoke, 'He is dead. The Abolesco Curse means death to whomever it falls upon.'

It can't be final death. Only the Avada Kedavra is final. Right? She hoped with all her might she read that correctly. Then a page flashed before her mind from Curses and Countercurses by: Professor Vindictus Viridian.

The Abolesco Curse is a spell used if a witch or wizard is too weak to use the Avada Kedavra. This curse has not been approved by the Committee on Experimental Charms, it is illegal, but still used today by the Dark Side. If the Abolesco Curse is used, it's victim will remain unconscious for ten minutes or less, depending on the strength of the user. The only way to remove the curse from it's victim is if the curser is killed.

Hermione looked up at Voldemort angrily. 'You are weak.' She said defiantly, 'I, however, am not.' 'What are you talking about you pathetic mudblood?'

'The Abolesco Curse is only used if the curser is too weak to use the unforgivable killing curse.' Hermione said standing up.

'You don't know what you are talking about. It is a stronger form of that curse. Your little weak boyfriend is dead.'

'You're lying!' Hermione cried, retrieving her wand from her robes. 'I will not let you kill Draco!'

'And how are you going to do that? You cannot kill me. I may not be in my strongest form, but you still are not able to kill me.'

'But I am.'

Hermione turned to see Harry standing up.

'Tandem Avada Kedavra!' Harry shouted, wand pointed toward Voldemort.

Suddenly beaming lights shot out from Voldemort's body. A blood-curdling scream came from his disintegrating lips. Voldemort then dissolved before Hermione and Harry's eyes.

Hermione threw her arms around Harry.

'OH! Harry! I am so glad you came out of that horrible trance!' Hermione squealed.

Harry looked over Hermione's shoulder and saw Draco beginning to awake.

'Hermione,' Harry said gesturing towards Draco. 'I'm going to go find Gin and the rest of the guys, okay?'

Hermione nodded, tears forming in her eyes as she turned to see Draco's once lifeless body animate again.

Hermione let go of Harry and ran over to Draco. She fell to her knees and starting crying happily.

Draco looked up at her. He had complete memory of what had happened.

'Hermione!' He sat up and wrapped his arms around her shaking body.

'I thought I lost you forever…' She mumbled into his chest.

'When I saw him slowly killing you, I didn't know what do to. All I knew is that I couldn't live without you.' He told her.

He kissed her forehead softly over and over.

'Let's get out of here.' Draco said softly.

She nodded.

'All right.'

Hermione stood up and helped up Draco as well. She took his hand and they left to go find Harry and the rest.

'Draco, you should know, it was Harry who killed Voldemort.'

'I expected that.' He smiled at her.

They stepped into the cell where their friends were. Lavender, Blaise, Ginny, Ron and Harry were all inside.

'Hermione!' Ginny cried.

She jumped up and gave her friend a hug.

'Nice to see you up and well, too, Draco.' Ginny told him.


Draco saw Blaise and walked over to him. Blaise initiated a hug and Draco didn't not be "macho" and pull away.

'Sorry, again for the whole imperious thing.' Draco said with a smirk.

'It's forgotten. At least you came in the first place.'

Draco went to Harry.

'You finally killed him. I think thanks and congratulations are in order…so thanks and congrats.' He said, hand extended.

Harry shook it and nodded.

'Yeah, sorry for wanting to kill you, too.' Harry said to Draco. Then he turned to Hermione, 'And you, Hermione. I'm sorry about that.'

She smiled.

'You saved Draco, and killed our worst enemy. I think I'll be able to forgive you.'

Harry looked around.

'These eaters are going to be pretty upset when they are revived and they find out that their Lord is…dead." Harry said with a smirk.

The others laugh, thinking of the confusion of the death eaters.

Ron stood off in a corner. Draco approached him.

Ron stood tall, waiting to be hit or reprimanded again.

'I know you cursed Voldemort earlier. I thank you.' Draco told him, extending his arm again.

Ron nodded respectfully and shook it.

'Well,' Draco said addressing the group, 'shall we go back to Hogwarts?'

'Please!' Hermione cried taking her fiancé's hand.

'Oh wait,' Draco said.

He walked up to his bound and unconscious father.

'I think Azkaban would love him,' Draco said.

Draco took his wand out.

'Abiego.' He spoke, then his father disappeared.

Draco walked back to Hermione and kissed her.

'We're free.'


Latin Translations I used for new curses:

Servo Nos- Protect Us

Congelo- To freeze

Excrucio- To cause great pain

Caedo- To fall

Sopor- Deep Sleep

Abolesco- To die or perish

Tandem- The final

Abiego- To send away

Sequel is posted! It's called "Relationships Change II" ENJOY!