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Chapter 1


"Would it have been so bad to apoligize?!" yelled a young eighteen year old woman. She had long dark blood red hair with eyes to match. Perfect curves, smooth skin, long legs, and a toned out stomach. An ideal woman for any man.

"Me apoligize?!! You're the one who threw shit at me! What is wrong with you woman?!" yelled back a man, twenty years old. He had piercing maroon eyes, tri-colored hair, and a lean build. He was attractive in his own dark way. His skin was pale white but surpised any woman with its softness.

"Shut up! It's not my fault you got in the way!" He grumbled incoherently and pushed passed her.

"Hey! I'm not finished with you!" He snapped back at her.
"What the hell?!! I don't even know you! So back off you vile woman!" He yelled at her then turned to leave.

"I'm Kiriyoko Hiyama! Remember my name becuase now, it's war!" yelled Kiriyoko after the retreating figure.

"My displeasure to meet you!" He replied from afar. Kiriyoko growled and walked back to her friend.

"Can you believe that man?! He's worse than a woman!" Kiriyoko said to another woman. She had black hair streaked in dark red highlights. Her eyes were dark red, her skin pale, and body also perfect. She was quiet.

"Hey, what's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost Kitty!" Kitty sighed.

"I don't know but he seems awfully familiar. Did I know him in America?" Kiriyoko shrugged.

"I don't know either. You probably knew everyone here before you lost your memories. Remember, you used to live here from what your old school records showed. Now let's go! We still need to go to work at the arcade!" Kiriyoko pulled Kitty along by her hand laughing. Kitty smiled and followed.

"Yami, are you sure that's what happened? I can't imagine someone really doing that." asked anouther twenty year old man. He was shorter than Yami, and looked like him too. The only real difference were the eyes; his were still innocent.

"Yugi! So far from what I've seen of this woman, she's crazy! Are ALL women like that?" Yugi chuckled.

"Well, no... Yami, who was the one who started to yell first?" Yami coughed and avoided the question.

"Uh... Aibou, when are we leaving for Kaiba Land? You know Anzu's going to be mad if we are late." Yugi jumped up and out the door. Yami chuckled and followed Yugi.

Jounouchi sat, drumming his fingers on the table. He moaned out in frustration and slammed his head on the table.

"Awwww...!! I'm so bored!" Honda shook his head and slowly edged away.

"If anyone asks, I don't know you." Jounouchi jumped up and shook his fist at Honda.

"Shaddup! It's not my fault!" They bothe fell over after a blow to the head.

"You two are worse than an old married couple!" Anzu hit Jounouchi again over the head with the rolled up newspaper.

"What was dat for?! Just wait till Yuge and Yami get ere! I'm sure they have somethin to say!" Jounouchi rubbed his head tenderly. Anzu was miffed and turned around in an attempt to ignore him.

"Sorry guys. I guess I'm late..." Yugi laughed nervously and Yami smirked.

"Yo! What took ya guys so long? Jounouchi and Anzu are having anouther fight." They looked over and saw them argueing. Just what was with those two?

"Well, I guess we're all here. Let's duel a little and move on to the arcade! There's a new one that jus opened up." Yugi smiled.

"I've heard of it. This should be fun. I haven't been able to get out much running the shop now and all." Yami stood there for a moment staring at someone. Is that Kaiba or am I seeing things? The figure disappeared and Yami pushed the thought away.

"Hey, Yami! You comin or goin?" yelled out Anzu from afar. The group had already started to leave. Yami followed without a word.

"I lay down two cards face down and end my turn. Your turn Yami." yelled out Jounouchi from across the arena. Jounouchi and Yami were neck in neck; both at 500 life points. They had drawn a crowd from the duel.

"Two can play at that game. I also play two cards face down and I end my turn." Jounouchi smiled widely at the card he drew.

"I play Archfiend Soldier in attack mode and I equip him with one of my face down cards, Axe of Despair! I attack your life points directly activating my magic card Mystical Space Typhoon!" Yami smirked.
"I activate my trap card Magic Jammer stopping your Mystical Space Typhoon and I also Magic Cylinder your ass! Enjoy paying for my time at the arcade." Jounouchi yelled out in frustration as he got down from the platform.

"Damn! That's the third time in a row! Just what is Yugi feedin ya?!" Yami thought for a moment.

"Twinkies?" Everyone erupted in a fit of laughter. Yami was oblivious to what just happened.

"What? Did I do something wrong?" The group laughed harder. Yami just gave up and didn't say any more.

"What are you idiots laughing about now?" Jounouchi growled while Anzu and Honda held him back from beating up on Kaiba.

"Hello, Kaiba. You are well I hope?" Kaiba sneered at Yami.

"I suppose. Has there been word of Sakura? There's rumors in America that she got into an accident and no one can find her." Yugi was shocked.

"Accident?! Oh, no! What accident?! Tell me!!" Kaiba smirked but his eyes gave away is worried thoughts and feelings.

"I don't know. If I did, I wouldn't bother to ask." Yugi's shoulders slumped.

"Ummm.... Kaiba? We're going to the arcade. Would you like to come?" Anzu asked hopefully. Everyone went quiet. Even Jounouchi stopped making a fuss.

"No, I already have plans. Don't bother Anzu. I'm not interested." Kaiba then left; Anzu was crushed.

"Damn you! You asshole! I swear I'll get you back!" yelled Jounouchi to Kaiba's figure in the distance.

"Gawd! This is so boring! All you people suck!" Kiriyoko moaned at the front counter by her friend. She started to bang her head on the front counter.

"You shouldn't say that. The customers might get angry." Kitty said while leaning over the counter by her friend.

"I know but it's so slow around here! Where are the people who are my age?!" Kitty giggled.

"Well, I'm off to the beauty spa right now. I'll be back before break ends. See you!" Kitty ran out the door happily.

"Damn, that woman. She's too much." Kiriyoko sighed and started to wipe down the counter.
Yugi, Yami, Anzu, Jounouchi, and Honda stood outside of the new arcade.

"Wow! It looks great! Let's go inside already!" Anzu reached for the door only to have it slammed in her face.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" Anzu rubbed her nose and glared at the nineteen year old woman. Her dark black hair fell to her sides, streaked red, her dark red eyes wide open in shock.

"I said I'm sorry! I have to go!" She ran off.

"Hey, you guys, wasn't that Sakura?" Yugi tilted his head.

"I don't know. They look similar but the vibe I got from her is different." Anzu growled.

"Well, Sakura or not, I don't like her! She's rude!" Anzu mumbled as she walked in.

"She's just mad cuase she's jelous." whispered Jounouchi to Honda loudly. Yami chuckled.

"Well, times have changed. Anzu seems more and more moodier since she came back from New York." The group agreed and walked inside.

"Yes, we do have DDR. It's in the back over there." Kiriyoko pointed to the corner on the otherside of the store.

"Thank you." Anzu smiled sweetly and ran towards the machine.

"Damn prep..." mumbled Kiriyoko. Anouther group walked in and approached her.
"Hello. May I hel---- You?!!" Kiriyoko was surprised to see the guy she argued with earlier.

"What?" asked Yami non to pleased either.

"Yami, you know her? Why don't you introduce us already?" Honda asked, eyeing Kiriyoko suggestively. Yami growled.

"I rather not even know her..." Kiriyoko burst out into a fit of laughter.

"Yami?! Why would a mother want to name any child Yami?!!! Is she encouraging to have her child turn gothic at an early age?!!" Yami frowned. Kiriyoko stopped after a full minute.

"Yami, what'd you do? It look like she don't like ya much." asked Jounouchi, confused as hell.

"He didn't tell you guys? Well I was throwing things at my friend, who isn't here right now, and he walked right into every single thing I've thrown! And he starts yelling at me and stuff then it turned into one huge arguement! I mean, come on! Why yell about something that's totally your fault!" Jounouchi and Honda blinked then erupted into a loud laughter. Yugi only sighed and walked over to Anzu who was playing DDR. Yami was angry.

"It was NOT my fault. You shouldn't even be throwing things in the first place!" Kiriyoko smiled.

"Well, enough of this. Is there anything you guys need or not? I can't be argueing all day when I'm working!" Yami grumbled and followed Yugi to Anzu. Jounouchi and Honda's laughter died down.

"Naw! There's nothin we need. Thanks anyways!" Jounouchi said and went over with Yami. Honda leaned on the counter.

"Well, there's always your number..." Kiriyoko giggled.

"No, I'm not allowed to give that information out." Honda smiled slyly and handed Kiriyoko a card. Kiriyoko took it and looked at it. She blushed.

"What's this for?" Honda got up and walked away.

"So, you can call me when you and your friend feel like going out someplace." Honda then went over to his friends. Kiriyoko laughed, slightly flattered. She pocketed the card and helped out the kids that ran up to the counter.

"Yami, why so mad?" Anzu asked after finishing a song. Yami and Yugi were sitting on a bench by the DDR machine, waiting on Anzu. Jounouchi and Honda were playing Tekken Tag Team.

"Nothing. Why do you ask?" Yami looked up at Anzu who blushed at his gaze.

"Well, we've been here for half an hour and you haven't said a word." Yami smiled.

"I'm fine. Just enjoy your game." Anzu smiled and ok'd.

"Excuse me. Are you going to be on this machine any longer? I'd like to play now." Anzu whipped around to see Kitty standing there. She was wearing a black spaghetti straped shirt, blue jean shorts, black flip flops, and her hair was cut and done up into a bun. She was wearing contacts to make her eyes look like demon eyes and her nails were painted black.

"No, I have one more song. Play you next?" Anzu asked snootily. Kitty smiled.

"Alright." She smiled sweetly as Anzu turned back around to play her last song. Yami and Yugi didn't notice Kitty. Yami sighed and got up.

"Yugi, do you wanna play air hockey? I'm kinda bored." Yugi looked up and smiled happily.

"Sure! I've been bored too." Yami smirked.

"Well let's go get money from Jounouchi and play then." They laughed and walked over towards Jounouchi. Kiriyoko came over and leaned on her friend.

"Hey Kitty! Are you going to kick anouther person's ass on DDR?" Kitty blushed.

"No, I don't think I'm that good. I'm just going to play for fun." Anzu overheard their conversation and turned around as soon as her song was over.

"You ready to play? I hope you don't mind playing Oni Mode." Kitty smiled.

"Not at all. But, can we use my playlist on this machine if you don't mind? I like to play songs I actually enjoy playing instead of being bored." Anzu smiled forcefully.

"Sure." Kitty hopped onto the machine and set her flip flops on the ground. Anzu picked Oni Mode and scrolled on down to Kitty's playlist.

"Well, what's the order of the songs on here?" asked Anzu as she readied herself.

"Well Japan is first. The rest is a surprise." Anzu and Kitty started their song. Anzu was surprised as Kitty did the song easily. Anzu missed a step and lost a bar.

"Damn! I know I hit that right! Is this pad defective?!" Kiriyoko got mad.

"Fuck no! I just shipped this over today! It's fucking brand new! You just suck, that's all!" Anzu growled and both girls stopped after the song.

"Max 300" said Kitty as she started the song. Anzu and Kitty stepped beautifully but Anzu almost tripped towards the end. They were both panting.

"Sakura." Kitty and Kiriyoko winked at eachother. What Anzu didn't know is that they both tweaked with the program and put this song on heavy X2. Anzu screamed in suprise as the arrows flew by and she lost.

"What the hell was that?! I didn't know it was set on X2! You all cheated." Kitty continued on with no problem.

"Not her fault you suck. Can't you handle surprises?" said Kiriyoko snidely. Anzu was pissed.

"That's it! I can't take it anymore! Who the fuck are you people?!" Kitty continued with the songs and ignored Anzu. Kiriyoko yawned.

"Well, it looks like she'll be on there for awhile." Kiriyoko walked back to the counter and hollered back at Kitty.

"When anouther customer comes, you gotta get off that machine!" Kitty yelled back an ok and continued on to Drop Out. Anzu leaned on the bar waiting for her to get off.

"Who are you?" Kitty jumped at the double arrows that scrolled by.

"I'm Kitty. Who are you?" Anzu flinched. Was this Sakura or some weird twin?

"I'm Anzu. Hey, don't we know eachother?" Kitty's blood went cold and she stopped playing completly, all 3 bars gone.

"I don't know. You look familiar but I doubt it. What school did you go to for high school?" Anzu smiled.

"Domino High. And you?" Kitty thought for a moment and hollared at Kiriyoko.

"Hey, Kiriyoko! What high school did I go to?" Kiriyoko's head perked up at the sound of her friends voice.

"Domino High but then you transferred to home schooling. Why?" Kitty watched as her friend was talking business with a tall man.

"No reason. Thanks." Anzu was confused.

"Don't you know your own school?" Kitty smiled sheepishly.

"Well, no....... Something happened and now I can't remember some things" Anzu thought for a moment.

"Kaiba mentioned something about an accident......" Kitty tilted her head.

"What?" Anzu laughed nervously.

"Nothing, nothing! Were you from?"

"No, I'm not the owner. You want to talk to her." Kiriyoko pointed to her friend talking to Anzu on the DDR machine.

"Anything I can help you with though?" Kaiba smirked.

"No, you'll screw it up. I'm better off talking to the person in charge." Kiriyoko laughed.

"Have fun talking to the owner then. Hey Kitty! Someone here to see you!" yelled Kiriyoko to her friend. Kitty ran over towards them.

"Kitty?" Kiriyoko nodded.

"Who is it?" Kitty asked Kiriyoko. Kiriyoko nodded towards Kaiba.

"Oh! Are you the one I've set up a meeting with?" Kaiba perked up an eyebrow. This person couldn't be his Sakura. Besides, people sometime look similar to Sakura so don't assume stuff.

"Yes, what is it that you want?" Kitty suddenly put on a serious expression.

"I want to buy some of your company's products. Please, come on into my office and we'll discuss this in a more subtle place." Kitty walked towards the back room as Kaiba followed. Kiriyoko smiled.

"Looks like business will be booming."

Later on at night, Anzu was slumped in a chair tired. Jounouchi and Honda sat on the DDR machine while Yami and Yugi were sitting on the floor in front of Anzu.

"That was fun! We should go out more often." Anzu said smiling. They all agreed. Kiriyoko came over and stood before them all.

"I'm sorry but the arcade will be closing soon due to business matters. If you all like to stay please tell me now so that I may lead you all to an area were no one can get in the way." Anzu growled.

"Of course we'd like to stay! Right guys?" Jounouchi said as he looked at his friends. Anzu and Yami grumbled but the rest were pleased. Kiriyoko smiled.

"Alright, then please come this way."

"Ok, but you could've talked about these things with my secretary instead of calling me out here." said Kaiba irritatedly.

"Well, there's anouther reason behind this meeting. I'd like you to find more information about me and bring it to me. You'll be paid handsomely for it of course. I've heard you have ways to find out a lot of information about a person." Kaiba's eyebrow perked up in question.

"Do you take me as a fool?" Kitty smirked.

"Of course not. I just need to find out who I am. You see, I've gotten into an accident and lost my memories. I just need to piece out the general stuff not my whole life." Kaiba smirked and his eyes went cold.

"I will not do someone else's work since you are perfectly capable of obtaining this youself." Kitty smiled sadly.

"Actually, I can't. Kitty is not even my name. My friend named me just so she has something to call me. I don't even remember my last name. All we found was my school records but for some odd reason my name has been deleted from it all." Kaiba got up and opened the door.

"I refuse your request. Like I said, you can do it yourself." Kitty got up and walked with him to the entrance.

"I understand. Thank you for your business." She held out her hand in a business handshake. Kaiba took it reluctently and shook it. Kaiba left. Why is it that I get bad vibes from him?

"Hey, Kitty! What happened?" asked Kiriyoko. Kitty sighed and turned away from her friend.

"It's nothing. Just leave me alone." Kitty started to walk towards the the lounge room only to be greated by faces.

"Why are there people in here?" Kitty asked darkly. Kiriyoko scratched nervously behind her head.

"Well..... They love it here.... And you see....." Kiriyoko coughed and smiled strangely.

"They my new friends?" Anzu, Yami, Yugi, Jounouchi, and Honda watched the two talk. They could hear every word.

"Well, I'm going out right now. I'm not going to be back till tommorow." Kitty turned back around to leave the arcade only to be held back by Kiriyoko.

"Wait! How was the meeting with Kaiba? What happened?" Kitty pulled her arm out of her grasp ruffly.

"He denied my request. Now IF you don't mind, I'm going out for a VERY long walk. Matane." Kitty ran out of the arcade holding back hurt tears. Kiriyoko sighed and walked back into the lounge.

"Hey, Kiriyoko, your friend ok? She seemed upset." asked Yugi curiously. Everyone stayed quiet.

"Yea, she's fine. I don't think she'll be back till the next day. Damn her..... One minute she's happy as can be and the next she acts like she was beat all her life and angry at the world." Kiriyoko plopped down right next to Yami. They were able to settle their differences just enough to stand eachother.

"Maybe she can't stand to be stuck with you..." mumbled Yami.

"What was that Yami? I thought I heard you say that you like to piss in bed." Yami stood up so fast.

"Where the hell did that come from?!! What is wrong with you woman?!!" He hollared at Kiriyoko. She acted as if cleaning out her ears.

"Not my fault you start shit. Just sit down and enjoy your time here instead of being angry. I'm willing to bypass our first meeting and start over. Are you so bold as to try at least?" asked Kiriyoko innocently. Yami's shoulders slumped in defeat. He left the arcade silently cursing under his breath.

"Man! That's the first time I've seen someone piss him off that bad! I wonder why he's taking this so personal." Kiriyoko thought for a moment about Jounouchi's comment.

"Maybe its becuase of the fact that a woman is socking it to him and he's just not used to it. Honestly, I've never met a guy who took it that far up the ass over such a little thing. I swear, he acts like he owned most of the world!" Everyone was silent and the atmosphere grew uneasy.

"What? Did something I say was wrong?" Yugi smiled uneasily.

"Well, it's getting late. We should all be getting home now. Thank you for letting us stay!" They all got ready to leave.

"Wait, do you want me to have a limo drop you all off? I don't want you all to walk alone in the dark." Anzu smiled at Kiriyoko's gesture.

"No, it's fine. It's not like anything will happen." Kiriyoko smirked.

"Well, there was that masacre just across the street that happened just two days ago. The killer hasn't been found yet you know." Anzu gulped frightfully.

"Well, a limo does sound nice. What do you think guys?" The group laughed as Kiriyoko called in for a limo from her cell.

"Damn that Kaiba.... Damn Kiriyoko's annoyingness..... Damn her new friends...." Kitty was busy walking and kicking away trash on the street. She grumbled to herself and walked on. She sighed and looked up at where she was at.

"Where the hell am I?" On one side of the street was trees and on the other side was buildings. She walked a little more till she reached the corner with the Kame Game Shop. She walked in to be greeted by a white haired man about twenty years old.

"Hello young lady. May I help you?" His accent sounded british to Kitty's ears.

"Well not really. I was busy getting mad and now I'm lost and have no where to stay. So I guess no help. I'll just take a look around at the stuff you have." She smiled sweetly as the man looked at her oddly.

"Excuse me, but did you just say, in other words, that you have no where to stay and too mad to go back where you came from in the first place?" Kitty looked up from her view of a Blue Eyes stuffed animal.

"Yea, why? Oh, I'll buy this please." The man blinked at looked at her oddly.

"You look really familiar. Did you go to Domino High by any chance?" Kitty thought for awhile as she paid for the stuffed animal.

"I think so. I don't remember so don't ask about my teachers or anything." He smiled.

"Well, my names Ryou Bakura. Just call me Bakura if you'd like. Did you want to stay at my place till morning? That's if you want. I know it's strange since you don't even know me but I'd like to help you if I can." Kitty smiled happily at she hugged her new Blue Eyes.

"Actually that would be nice as long as you don't try anything. If you did you'd lose whatever dignity you had left." Bakura laughed nervously at Kitty's comment.

"I'm not going home yet till my friend comes back so I guess that means your stuck here with me till we can go to my place. Hope you don't mind." Kitty yawned.

"I don't mind at all. I'm tired. Is there a couch that I can sleep on till we leave?" Bakura chuckled as he led her upstairs.

Yami, Yugi, Jounouchi, Honda, and Anzu sat in the limo nervously. Yami glared out the window as Yugi sat next to him smiling. Jounouchi and Honda were asleep as Anzu gazed out the window.

"Hey, Yami? Do have any plans tommorow?" Yami snapped out of his daze and looked over at Anzu.

"What?" Anzu smiled and asked again.

"None at all. Why? Did you want me to take you out?" asked Yami with his trademark smirk. Anzu blushed and looked out the window.

"You don't have to if you don't want to. I mean, I understand if you don't--"

"I'd love to Anzu. Did you want to leave in the morning?" Anzu looked back at Yami to make sure he was seriuos. When she saw that he was, she smiled happily.

"Yes! Thank you!" Yami smiled also.

"Ok, just meet me at the game shop. I'll see you then." The limo stopped and Yugi along with Yami stepped out. Anzu waved goodbye excitedly. I wish tommorow would hurry up and be here.... Anzu smiled back at the memory of what just happened bubbled up.

As soon as Anzu opens the door, she's greeted by loneliness. It was so dark and empty. I guess my parents are gone again......... Anzu sighs and almost fell over some boxes.

"Owww.... What are these doing here?" She moves them over and continues to the couch. She tries to sit down but there were boxes all along it.

"What the hell?!" Anzu sighs angrily and goes to her room upstairs instead. She smiled as soon as she opened the door. This was her room. Her place to be happy. Her santuary from everything bad. Anzu put her purse down and opened her drawer for her pajamas. She locked the door and slipped on pink shorts and a pink spaggeti strapped shirt. She opened her closet and put her clothes in the hamper on the floor. She stood on her tip toes and pulled down a box from the top of the closet. Once Anzu obtained it, she took it over to her bed and sat down. It was just a normal shoe box. Nothing special but the contents inside was special to Anzu. She opened the top and took out pictures upon pictures of her, Kaiba, and Yami or Yugi. She sighed when she found the picture she was looking for. It was a small ripped up picture taped together of Yami and Sakura. Anzu sniffled and wiped away at the tears that fell.

"I'm glad she's not in the picture no more." Anzu then ripped up the side with Sakura and set both pieces on her desk.

"Yami, don't leave me again." Anzu then got into her bed and fell asleep holding a Petit Angel stuffed animal.

"Please, let both the men I love not leave me for her again...."

Bakura yawned as he started to close the shop. He looked up from counting the money in the register to see a tired Yugi and pissed off Yami.

"Hello guys. What's up?" Yami grumbled and went upstairs. Yugi smiled tiredly and started to help lock the store up.

"Thanks again Bakura for watching the game shop. I appreciate it." Bakura set his hand gently on Yugi's shoulder.

"It's no problem. Let me finish up here and you go to sleep. Your tired and you need your rest. You do have to work tommorow you know." Yugi smiled in reply and walked upstairs to clean up the living room. He spotted Yami already there, staring at the couch.

"Yami? Aren't you going to sleep?" Yami looked up momentarily then pointed to the couch. Yugi walked over and gasped at what he saw.

"Yugi, why is Kitty sleeping there?" Kitty stirred slightly at the sound of her name. Yugi shrugged in reply.

"I don't know. Bakura probably knows. I'll call him up. Bakura!!!" Yugi yelled loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear. Bakura hurried up and stood at the doorway.

"What?" Yami and Yugi looked at him strangely while pointing towards the couch.

"Hmmm? Oh! She's sleeping at my place tonight. Apparently she doesn't want to go back to wherever she came from tonight. She seemed upset." Kitty snuggled closer to her Blue Eyes White Dragon plushie. Yugi smiled.

"Alright. Well, me and Yami are going to bed. Can you lock up before you leave?" Bakura nodded in reply and walked over to Kitty. Yugi and Yami went to their respected rooms and closed the doors. Bakura sighed and shook Kitty slightly.

"Kitty, wake up now. We're leaving soon." Kitty mumbled but didn't wake up. Bakura sighed and picked her up gently. She stirred slightly but not much. He continued to carry her carefully down the stairs and had issues trying to open the door.

"Errrr.... I wish you'd wake up so you can make this easier...." Kitty snuggled into her plushie completely oblivious to what was going on. Bakura mumbled complaints but opened the door and somehow managed to lock it also. He continued to walk with her towards his apartment.

"Hello! I'm home!" Bakura said loudly into his dark apartment. There was no reply. Bakura closed his door and set Kitty on the couch.

"Who's that in your arms Bakura? Anouther stray?" Ryou stepped out from the darkness of the hallway into Bakura's field of vision. Bakura looked up and smiled lightly.

"Kinda, but the none animal kind. She's staying here tonight. Don't do anything to hurt her. From what I can tell, she'll kick your butt." Ryou sneered and plopped down in the couch holding Kitty. Kitty jumped up imediately pushing him off the couch.

"Where am I?!" Bakura chuckled as Ryou complained while getting up, rubbing his sore butt.

"Your at my apartment. Sorry, but when I tried to wake you up, you only mumbled. You looked so peaceful that I didn't want to wake you up." Kitty relaxed and hugged her new toy to her chest.

"I say you should've slapped her silly until she was awake." growled Ryou. Kitty glared at the new person. She perked in eyebrow seeing that Ryou and Bakura looked almost exactly the same. Ryou was the side that looked more sinister but attractive in his own sick way.

"Twins?" asked Kitty uncertainly.

"No, we're soul roommates---" Ryou was cut off from saying anything else as Bakura held his mouth shut. Kitty giggled.

"If you don't want to tell me something then you don't have to say anything." Kitty smiled. Bakura laughed nervously and pulled his hand away quickly before Ryou could bite his hand. Ryou had a angry look on his face and left the living room to the hallway.

"Well, all we have is the couch. Hope you don't mind. Please stay as long as you like." Bakura followed Ryou through the hallway. Kitty sighed and laid down again getting comfortable and fell asleep.

Kiriyoko sat on the counter early in the mourning. Her eyes where lined in red from lack of sleep. She grumbled as she jumped off and opened the door to a loud knocking.

"What the hell do you want?" She asked the person rudely.

"I'm here to talk to Kitty you pauper. Stop wasting my time and go get her." Kaiba sneered at Kiriyoko. Kiriyoko sneered back.

"If you stayed long enough, you would've seen her run away. What the fuck did you say to her to make her do that?" Kaiba laughed.

"She ran away?! What the hell is wrong with her?! Is she that brainless?!!" Kaiba laughed a little more.

"No, I was just so pissed that I was afraid of destroying this whole place." Kaiba turned around to see Kitty standing there. Her hair was down and was up to the middle of her back from the new hair cut. The natural red highlights showed from the glare of the morning sun, her eyes were dark red like Kiriyoko's, and her skin looked paler than usual. Kaiba gasped at the spitting image of Sakura.

"What? Something on my face?" Kitty sneared at the shocked look on Kaiba's face.

"Sakura...?" Kaiba asked uncertainly. Kitty raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"What did you just say?" Kaiba coughed avoiding the subject.

"I've come to tell you that your shipment will be ready." Kitty smiled.

"Well that's nice and all but you didn't have to come all the way down here to just tell me that." Kaiba scoffed.

"That's not the only reason I'm here. I also came to challenge you to a duel." Kitty looked at Kaiba strangely.

"For what reason?" Kaiba sneered.

"None of your concern." Kitty smiled sweetly.

"Kiriyoko, please get me my deck. Kaiba and I have some matters to settle." Kiriyoko ran inside the arcade not waiting for any more instructions.

"Kaiba, please follow me to the lounge. We don't have the dueling arena yet so I hope you understand." Kaiba grunted in reply and followed Kitty inside.

Kaiba sat on the couch across from Kitty, holding his cards in his hand. They had barely started the duel and Kiriyoko was sitting next to her friend nervously.

"Kitty, are you sure you want to duel? I mean.... Remember what happened last time? I don't want that to happen again." Kaiba grunted as Kitty smiled widely.

"I'm fine. No big deal. Now, Kaiba, on with the duel. You go first." Kaiba sneered and drew a card. Kitty watched carefully as he played Luster Dragon in attack mode and two cards face down.

"I end my turn." Kitty smiled and drew her card. Kiriyoko watched the two duel patiently waiting beside Kitty for further instructions. Kitty looked up at her friend with a smile. Kiriyoko sucked in her breath at the look behind Kitty's eyes.

"Kiriyoko, open up the arcade and start up business while I'm dueling. You don't have to watch." Kiriyoko nodded and walked quickly to open the doors. Jounouchi and Honda waited outside.

"Jounouchi? Honda?" Kiriyoko said uncertainly. They both smiled at her happily.

"Hey! We just wanted to know if.... well.... you know...." Jounouchi said shyly while slightly blushing. Honda prodded Jounouchi with his elbow which only earned a shove in return.

"I know already Honda! Well, Kiriyoko, we wanted to know if you and Kitty would like to go out with us today." Kiriyoko smiled but Honda noticed it was forced.

"Ummm.... Well, you guys, we can't right now. I mean, Kitty is dueling and then we have to keep this place running right now. If you'd like you can help or just watch Kitty duel." Both of their faces lifted at the last sentence.

"We'd love to help!!" Both guys said at the same time. Kitty led them to the lounge where Kaiba and Kitty where dueling.

"I attack your life points directly with Blue Eyes White Dragon!" Kaiba yelled out. Kitty laughed.

"I ativate my face down card Inferno Tempest! Removing all monsters in both of our decks and graveyard from play!" Kaiba mumbled as they both took out all the monsters.

"Kaiba?!!" Kaiba looked up and sneered at Jounouchi who was apparently growling.

"Hello mutt. I'm surprised your owner cut you lose. Did you run away?" Jounouchi was about to try and strangle Kaiba till Kiriyoko cut in.

"Both of you, shut it. Kitty, these two will be helping us today in the arcade. Is that alright?" Kitty looked at Kiriyoko questioningly who only shrugged.

"It's fine I guess, just as long as they cuase no problems. If they break anything just let me know, I'm happy to sue." She chuckled but Kiriyoko knew full well that she was not joking. Jounouchi and Honda followed Kitty back out the lounge and to the front counter.

"Ok, we will be recieving a new shipment of duel monsters cards soon. When they get here, can you take them out of the truck and set them by this counter? I also need help arranging them into their cases." Jounouchi and Honda did a high five. They were both happy to do an actual job that they would enjoy.

"I pass my turn." Kaiba said as soon as Jounouchi and Honda left with Kiriyoko. Kitty drew her card.

"I play Gren Maju Da Eiza in attack mode with two Axe of Despairs. I attack your Blue Eyes White Dragon!" Kaiba laughed and flipped over a card.

"I ativate my trap card Mirror Force and it destroys your attacking monster." Kitty bit her bottom lip nervously as she put her cards in the graveyard.

"I put a card face down and end my turn." Kaiba drew a card and smiled.
"I play Mystical Space Typhoon destroying your face down card." Kitty groaned as she put her Draining Shield into the graveyard.

"I attack your life points directly and that's game." Kitty sighed and pocketed her deck as Kaiba did the same.

"That was a good duel Kaiba. I hope we play again sometime." Kaiba sneered as he streatched across the couch like he owned it.

"I doubt it. When is the new shipment of cards coming in?" Kitty sighed and leaned back into her chair.

"Not till later today. Your welcome to stay until it comes, but that's if you'd like." Kaiba scoffed and an awkard silence fell unto the room. Kitty figeted uncomfortably.

"Kaiba, I challenge you to a round of Soul Caliber!" She jumped up excitedly. Kaiba looked up at her oddly.

"At what?" Kitty slumped.

"Soul Caliber! Come on! I betcha I would own your ass on that game!" Kitty said tauntingly. Kaiba glared at her.

"Wrong, I'd beat anyone, anyday, anytime." Kitty smirked in a Kaibaish way.

"Prove it." She then walked out slowly towards the machine. Kaiba growled and followed.

"I would own you." Kitty laughed and selected VS Mode.

"Bullshit." Kaiba looked through all the characters.

"Which is the most powerful?"

"I don't know. Nightmare?" Kitty shrugged. She picked Link as Kaiba picked Nightmare on the bases that it looked deadly.

"Ready? FIGHT!" The game sounded. Kitty imediately had Link knock down Kaiba's character and threw a bomb. Kaiba growled as he made Nightmare get up and slash at Link who only countered with one of his own blows. Surprisingly, Kaiba was like a pro. He smirked as Nightmare stomped on Link.

"Hey! No fare! That's just wrong!" Kitty said in a mock weak voice. Kaiba only grunted as he was glued to the game. Link rolled foward and kicked Nightmare down. Link then started to shoot arrows at Nightmare and Kitty won by a ring out.

"What the hell? I was supossed to win!" Kitty smiled.

"You can't beat me! I'm the best!" Kaiba smirked as the second round started up. Nightmare rushed up and threw Link then kicked him out of the ring.

"Hey! Don't steal my move!" Kaiba scoffed.

"You asked for it."

"Final Round! FIGHT!" Kaiba and Kitty started to press buttons madly. They parried eachother's blows, countered every attack possible, and even managed to dodge a few. Kaiba was leading by almost a full bar. Kitty growled as she got more and more into the game.

"Dammit! Fucking arrow!" Nightmare was on the edge and Link started to charge. Nightmare stepped aside and Link walked off the stage.

"Gah! Dammit! That wasn't supposed to happen!" Kaiba smiled triamphuntly. Kitty only growled.

"Wow, you two get along so well..." They both turned around to see Kiriyoko with her arms crossed. Kaiba glared at her as Kitty gave her the cold shoulder.

"Kitty! In case you didn't know, you have mail." Kiriyoko threw an envelope towards Kitty who caught it. Kaiba raised an eyebrow in question.

"Who's it from? I thought no one knew who I was."

"They don't." Kitty opened the envelope questioningly and pulled out a letter. She opened it and a picture fell out. Kitty didn't notice as she read the letter.

"Kitty, this is your last and final warning.... What the hell? What is this? Who sent this?!" Kitty said angrily. Kaiba bent down and picked up the picture. He looked at it to see Sakura at the airport right before she left.

"Let me see that letter." Kaiba said as he pocketed the picture. Kitty handed it to Kaiba who read it carefully.

"I'm am not going back to America just becuase of what some letter says! Who the hell does that person think they are?!!" Kaiba looked at Kitty intensely.

"So, are you going to meet this person or walk away like the coward you are." Kitty almost exploded with anger as she snatched away the letter.

"Kiriyoko, shut down the arcade now due to unknown circumstances. Kaiba, IF you would, please stay here until the shipment comes in. I'm going out." Kiriyoko was about to object but was stopped by Kitty.

"No, I'm going alone." Kitty left without anouther word. Kaiba grunted and was about to leave.

"Where do you think you're going?! You have to stay until the shipment comes! I can't sign off on packages that aren't even in my name!" Kaiba rolled his eyes and leaned against the wall quietly. Something about this was unsetteling. Kaiba pulled out the photograph, his eyes softening on Sakura's form.

"What's happened to you?" Kaiba asked queitly to himself.

Kitty looked at her watch at the appointed spot to meet the writer of the letter. The afternoon sun shone brightly and she sheilded her eyes as she checked her watch again.

"Did you wait long?" Kitty turned around to see a dashing young man. He was about twenty years of age, black hair slicked back in a sauve style, ocean blue eyes, and a nice sturdy build. He was wearing a black suit.

"What is the meaning of this letter?! Who are you?!" The man chuckled.

"Don't be coy with me. You know my name unless my boys have done their job that finely. I must say, it's nice to see you again Sakura." Kitty blinked.

"What are you talking about?! My name is Kitty and I don't know your name!" The man chuckled.

"I should have expected this. Your name is Sakura. Tell anyone of your findings of me or anyone related, I'll do more to you then wipe out your memories. Remember me now, I'm Yoshio Amaki. Beware the thin line you walk." Yoshio smiled vehemetely which made Kitty flinch. Me, Sakura? I can't be her.

"Yoshio Amaki, class S assassin, age twenty, specializes in guns and speed." Kitty said absently. She gasped at what she said. Yoshio chuckled.

"Why, you do remember! I'm glad! Now we can hunt you down. Oh, what fun this will be." Yoshio said as he started to walk away.

"Wait! I still have questions!" Yoshio smirked as he ignored her then disapeared before her eyes. Kitty sighed.

"But Sakura isn't who I am...... Am I?" Kitty shivered at the thought. She slowly walked back towards the Arcade.

"Damn you Kiriyoko! Must I do everything for your lazy ass!" Jounouchi fumed as he picked up box after box from the truck. Kaiba was barking out orders of what goes where. Honda was with Jounouchi as Kiriyoko sat and watched as the boys did the work.

"I'm not lazy! I'm just more priveleged than you!" Kiriyoko giggled as Honda flashed her a smile. A door slammed shut from out front.

"Kitty! How's it going?" Kitty glared at her friend and strolled over to Kaiba.

"Geez, what's with her?" Kiriyoko grumbled to herself. Jounouchi and Honda both said hi to Kitty who only grumbled in reply. They shrugged and continued to haul boxes inside.

"What's with you?" Kaiba asked gruffly. Kitty looked up but avoided his eyes. Kaiba deffinently didn't like how it was going already.

"Do you know a Sakura?" Kaiba was shocked but concealed it behind a smirk.

"Yes, why?" Kitty looked down at the ground.

"What does she look like." Kaiba growled but Kitty didn't flinch. Did she know something I didn't?

"She's about 19 or 20, dark red eyes, black hair streaked with red...... I remember her legs where nice and long also and her chest was a good size to." Kitty blushed.

"Pervert." Kaiba glared at Kitty who had a mocking expression.

"You said describe her, so I did. What else did you want to know? Her whole freaking life?!" Kitty nodded which Kaiba only frowned to.

"You have no morals." This time it was Kitty's turn to glare.

"I do to! It's not my fault your taking this the wrong way!" Kaiba lifted in eyebrow in question.

"Why are you so interested in her?" Kitty looked away.

"Nevermind, I'll find out for myself." Kitty stomped off into a room and slammed the door. Kaiba grumbled.

"Women, always have to throw a fit over such little things." He sighed and rubbed his face with his hand stressfully. Have I gotten nicer over the years to take such insults from this woman? Has Sakura affected me that much? Kitty, she looks so much like her but its the little things to show she's clearly not her. Jounouchi looked over at Kaiba who seemed to be in a daze.

"Yo, Kaiba! Dazing off there rich-boy?" Kaiba snapped out of his thoughts and glared at Jounouchi.

"Shut it you mutt! Do you want to be fixed early?!" threatened Kaiba. Jounouchi swallowed what pride he had and shut up. Honda chuckled but gave Kaiba a nervous glance. Kaiba didn't seem to notice the tension that seemed to be growing with each passing moment.

"Say, Jounouchi? Honda? You both can go home if you like. I think that's enough work for today. Kaiba, you may leave whenever you'd like. I doubt any of you would like to stay." Kaiba grunted and walked briskly out of the arcade. Jounouchi and Honda looked at eachother and bolted for the door.

"No, please, don't be in such a hurry." Kiriyoko said to herself dryly.

Kiriyoko sighed and walked towards a couch in the lounge room. She stood before the dark blue couch and plopped down on it. She sighed and closed her eyes to sleep.

Yami and Anzu walked down the town square. She was nervous and Yami was unuaslly silent. Anzu looked over at Yami then looked away quickly blushing lightly.

"Anzu, are you alright?" Yami asked curiously. He apparently noticed when she quickly turned her head.

"Ummm..... No, nothing at all! Did you want to go to that arcade again?" Anzu said nervously. Yami smiled kindly.

"That's not a bad idea." He chuckled in amusement when he noticed Anzu was blushing like mad. I wonder what she's blushing about. Anzu looked up at the sky in an attempt to avoid Yami's steady gaze.

"The weather's nice." Anzu said quietly. Gah! What a stupid thing to say! Way to go Anzu! Yami looked up at the sky.

"It is. I wouldn't have noticed till you pointed it out." Anzu smiled. Yami smiled also and then stopped to look around himself.

"Anzu, I think we passed up the street we were supposed to turn on." Anzu looked around and laughed.

"Yea, I think so too. Let's try to retrace our steps and hope that we end up at the arcade." They smiled at eachother and turned on back to the way they think they came from.

"Yugi, how did you meet that Kitty person? I'm very curious about who she is." Bakura asked Yugi while staring out a window. Yugi smiled at his albino friend.

"She is strange. For some odd reason I feel like I know her. Probably something from Ancient Egypt. Well, we met at the new arcade. I guess she owns it. I wonder how that ever came to be?" Yugi sighed while he sorted through the new shipment of duel monsters that came in. Bakura thought for a moment.

"Now that you mention it, she does seem familiar. I think I've seen her somewhere. I think she's famous if she owns an arcade, right?" Yugi shrugged while sorting through more boxes.

"Maybe, I don't doubt it." They smiled at eachother and laughed for no reason.

"Hey Bakura, how is Ryou? I haven't seen him in awhile. Did he really move away like he said?" Bakura snickered.

"Well, he moved in with the Ishtars over in Egypt not to long ago. Said he didn't want to spend anouther minute in this hell hole." Yugi chuckled.

"He always was the violent type." Bakura smiled knowingly with sad eyes.

"Yeah, he was." A strange silence filled the room till the bell from the store frontdoor rung.

"Oh, hey Jounouchi, Honda. How's it going?" Yugi said cheerfully at the sight of his friends.

"Nothin much. We just ran all the way from the arcade. We were working there for awhile but Kaiba was barkin out orders like he owned the damned place! Yugi, you should've seen it! We hella left when Kiriyoko said we didn't have to stay if we don't wanna. Feel kinda bad that we ran out like that. We should of stayed with her a little while instead of runnin." Honda stomped on Jounouchi's foot.

"I toldja we should of!" Jounouchi growled at Honda who glared back.

"Guys calm down. Your scaring off the customers." Bakura said nervously. Jounouchi and Honda looked around.

"What customers?" The store was empty besides them.

"Exactly." Yugi said. Jounouchi sweat dropped while Honda did an anime drop.

"Yugi, your the last person I expected to make a comeback" Honda said while scratching behind his head. Yugi leaned against the counter with an innocent smile.

"Well, I DID grow up you know." They laughed and the bell rung once more. All eyes where on the new person who entered.

"Kiriyoko? You ok?" Kiriyoko was panting like she ran a hundred miles and back.

"Kitty....... She's gone! Do you know where she is??" Bakura raised an eyebrow in question.

"She's old enough to take care of herself. Why would she leave?" Bakura asked curiously. Kiriyoko sighed and tried to regulate her breathing.

"Well, she did mention a Yoshio Amaki but I don't think she'd mess with him........ Do you?" All was silent then they all rushed for the door.

"Does she even know who he is??" Jounouchi said as they ran for Kaiba Corp. Yugi stayed behind to close up shop then was able to catch up.

"I don't know. You guys know more then I do, don't you." Kiriyoko breathed out. Yugi smiled sadly.

"He took over my sister's company when she disapeared. I don't know but I get the feeling he's a bad person." Honda scoffed.

"As if! I say he's the one who did something to Sakura! I hope that guy dies!" Honda said angrily. Kiriyoko smirked.

"You know, Kitty's favorite song on DDR is Sakura. That's kinda weird." They all sweat dropped and didn't bother to mention anouther word. They rushed in through Kaiba Corp.'s front doors.

"Hey! You can't just come in here! You don't have an appointment!" A female security shouted. The group just rushed into the elevator and pressed the number forty-two for Kaiba's office.

"What do we do next?" Kiriyoko asked suddenly. All was silent.

"I guess we have no plan but to wing it." Jounouchi said laughing stupidly. They were silent when the doors opened.

"Hello, Kaiba does not want to be disturbed right now. You can set up an appointment with him next month." Anouther female secretary said. Everyone ignored her as they burst through the doors.

"Kaiba!" Kiriyoko said. Kitty turned around and Kaiba looked up from his sitting position on his couch drinking brandy.

"What the hell do you want?" Kaiba asked irritably. Kitty sighed and leaned against the desk.

"Kiriyoko, just what are you doing here?" Kitty was silent along with everyone else. Kaiba glared at them.

"Well? Say something! I don't have all day!" Kiriyoko gulped and she ushered everyone out of the office.

"What a total waste of time..." grumbled Kitty. Kaiba looked at her from the corner of his eye.

"Did you call them in here to try and pull the sympathy act?" Kitty smirked.

"No, I just left. Kiriyoko gets overly protective of me. She freaks out everytime I leave her without an explanation." Kaiba swirled around his brandy.

"Just why are you here?" Kitty looked at him.

"Well, do you know a Yoshio Amaki?" Kaiba stopped playing with the alcohol to glare at Kitty.

"Why?" Kitty smirked.

"I take that as a yes." Kaiba set down his glass and stood in front of Kitty, glaring down at her.

"I said 'why'." Kitty laughed.

"I want to take away his company with your help." Kitty smirked while Kaiba only kept looking down at her coldly.

"And how are you going to go about this?" Kitty smirked.

"Because I'm the key element to making your company a huge name in the gaming industry." Kaiba sat in his leather chair and looked at her.

"We already have the biggest name out there. How could you even think to make it any bigger? I doubt you lack the knowledge." Kaiba smirked. Simpleton.

"Easy, by taking the gaming world to the next step. Making it real." Kaiba glared at her.

"That's impossible." Kitty smiled innocently.

"Not anymore." All went quiet.

"Name your terms." Kitty smiled even wider.

"I told you what I wanted. Tell me your desicion by tommorow, no later than midnight. I'll see you then." Kitty then left the office confidently. Kaiba looked after her.

"Is what you say true?" Kaiba asked himself quietly. He smirked. Clever girl.

"Kitty, what's wrong with you?!" Kiriyoko yelled at Kitty as soon as she stepped out of the office. Kitty looked at everyone uncertainly.

"Kiriyoko, your on the next plane back to America. I need someone over there to look after my company while I'm away. If you stay, then you'd be on Yoshio's hit list." Kiriyoko clenched her hands into fists.

"Are you even going to consider how I feel?!! Am I not that important?!!" Kitty smiled and pulled Kiriyoko closer so their foreheads where touching. She looked into Kiriyoko's eyes with a serious but unreadable look.

"Kiriyoko, you are precious to me and I am not to have it taken from me. Please understand, this is hard. You must leave now or I'll constantly worry about you and then I won't be able to follow through with what I'm doing. If I don't follow through then all that I hold dear will be torn away from me for even attempting in the first place. Please go, if not for yourself then for me. I consider you the closest thing as a sister to me. Don't deny my only request." Kitty let Kiriyoko go and looked around at everyone else.

"Why are the rest of you here?" Jounouchi and Honda blushed and looked up at the ceiling while attempting to look cool. Yugi looked at Kitty then shrugged. Bakura smiled, waved, and just stood smiling. Kitty sweat dropped.

"Ok....... Would one of you mind dropping off Kiriyoko off at the airport and staying with her till she leaves? I have business." asked Kitty politely. Kiriyoko stood unmoving as silent tears fell to the ground. Can I only be a sister to you? Yugi stepped forward.

"I'll do it." He lightly put his arm around Kiriyoko and led her out of the room. Kitty smiled sadly at the door when they left. Good-bye sister.... Jounouchi chuckled.

"Well, what do we do now?" Kitty looked at Jounouchi who only smiled.

"I think we should all just go home. It's been a tiring day." They agreed and piled into the elevator. Kitty gave a silent nod of thanks to the secretary as she passed. The secretary only kept her frown. I feel sorry when Kaiba comes down on her for letting all those people in earlier. The elevator doors closed and began to descend.

"Bakura? Why did you come?" Bakura looked at Kitty who only stared at the floor numbers.

"Because Kiriyoko got us all in a panic. What's this about Yoshio Amaki?" Everyone was silent waiting for her reply. There came none.

"Just leave her alone. She doesn't want to answer so let's not force her." Honda said irritatedly. Bakura shrugged and Jounouchi scoffed. The bell dinged signaling that they have arrived on the first floor again.

"Well, I'm going back to the arcade now. See you all later!" Kitty rushed out and quickly got into a limo. Jounouchi, Honda, and Bakura had no time to reply. They just walked out of the elevator and out of Kaiba Corp.

"Well, I guess me and Honda are going to go work at the arcade again since Kiriyoko is gone. What about you Bakura? You going back to the store?" Bakura shrugged.

"Most likely. I'll see you all tommorow then. Bye!" Bakura waved good-bye as Jounouchi and Honda walked off.

Kaiba looked over papers upon papers of work. He grumbled as he threw them back down on his desk. He sighed and got up to look out the window. The sun was starting to set, leaving an orange hue over the city of Domino. He glanced at a file on his desk but quickly tried to ignore it.

"No, I must not sucumb to Kitty's request. She would want that to happen..." Kaiba mumbled to himself. He was silent as he picked up his breif case and set it on his desk. He clicked it open and pulled out a faded folder from it. He set it beside his breif case an closed it. Kaiba stared at the faded folder before pulling out the picture he had taken from Kitty's letter from earlier. Just who had taken this picture? Kaiba set it on his breif case and opened the folder while sitting down. It was Sakura's record.

"Sakura Motou.... nineteen-twenty years of age..... Where's something I don't know? Currently resides in America, disappeared two years ago?! Why the fuck isn't it all over the news and Yugi been notified?!!" Kaiba was clenching the file so hard within his grasp making his knuckles turn white. He breathed in deeply and slowly let out his breath, relieving his grip. He read more.

"After a meeting with Yoshio Amaki, Sakura took a late walk at midnight and suddenly disappeared. Yoshio was suspected but his case was hard to prove wrong. Many blame him becuase he immediately seized Sakura's company when she disappeared. Sakura is yet to be found." Kaiba's heart was racing. The rumors were true. She was gone. Kaiba set the folder down and stared off into space.

"She's gone." Kaiba whispered to the air. He sighed and picked up the phone.

"Bring my limo around front. I'll be leaving shortly." Kaiba looked at the little clock on his desk which showed it was 8:50 PM. Kaiba got up while packing up the faded folder and the picture. Kitty has to know something about her. She wouldn't ask me about her if she didn't. He briskly took his breifcase and walked out while clicking off the lights.

"Miss, you have a visitor." A man in a black suit said to Kitty as soon as she walked into the arcade doors.

"Did you lead the person to the lounge?" The man nodded and Kitty walked in.

"What are you guys doing here?" Jounouchi and Honda sat comfortably on a couch.

"Oh, we figured since Kiriyoko is leaving that you would need help around here to keep this place open. We would like to work." Kitty smiled.

"That'd be great! If you want, you guys can start tommorow. I'll be busy so I won't be around here that much anymore and my other men are going to hire some new workers anyways. You'll get your first check in a week if you both decide to stay and work here. Tonight, I'm just going to work on a few things." Jounouchi and Honda high fived eachother while cheering.

"Well, we'll be here tommorow then. See ya." Jounouchi said as they left. Kitty watched them go and sighed.

"Maroku, prepare for Kaiba's arrival. He should show up sometime tonight to either confirm or deny my proposal." Kitty walked up front and turned on the DDR machine.

"This should help with some stress." Kitty said quietly. She scrolled down to another made up category in Oni mode. The music started and then Kitty began. She was stepping beautifully with the beat of Sakura. No mistakes, no falling, no uncertainty, just pure confidence and the love of the song. She was playing the song on repeat as the settings changed randomly each song.

"You shouldn't setup a meeting while your doing something else." Kitty stopped suddenly in the middle of the song. In Kaiba's eyes, her shoulders came up and down as Kitty took ragged breaths. Her hair was solid black and was left flowing down her back. As she turned her head slightly to look at Kaiba from the corner of her eye, Kaiba couldn't help but feel that this was her. This was his Sakura. He stepped up onto the machine and stood towering over her. She looked up into his eyes and it was like the same as always but her eyes lacked the love that used to be there. She blinked.

"Kaiba? Are you ok?" Kaiba stared into her eyes and set down his breifcase. Kitty eyed him carefully. His actions were pretty strange.

"Are you Sakura?" Kitty gasped and took a step back. Why is it when he asks I feel so sad?

"That's what Yoshio said..." Kitty mumbled to herself. Unforturnately Kaiba heard. He grabbed her arm and pulled her close.

"What did you say?" he asked quietly yet threateningly. Kitty quivered at his touch. Why is he doing this?

"Kaiba, let go of me." Kitty said firmly. He stared into her eyes and eased his grip but didn't let go.

"Kaiba, I said let go!" Kitty jerked out of his grip and backed away. He stood there with a cold look. She sighed.

"Kaiba, I don't know what's wrong with you but fix it. If your denying my proposal then leave now. I don't feel like dealing with all this crap." Kaiba grunted and he was the same as always.

"What do you hold against Yoshio?" Kitty grinned evilly.

"He has something else I want other than his company and I aim to take it." Kaiba eyed her and saw it was true.

"What is it that you want so bad? It's not like he owes you anything." Kitty smiled sadly.

"Yes, he does. He took all I had, all the people that I've ever loved, and left me with nothing but the clothes on my back and a shitty school record." Kaiba was shocked. She really doesn't know who she is. This really could be Sakura but then that means she has forgotten our love. Is love that easily forgotten? Kaiba sighed and kicked his breifcase towards her.

"There's Sakura's file and Yoshio's. I'll help with one condition." Kitty raised in eyebrow in question.

"And that is?" Kaiba walked right up to her and suddenly pulled her into an embrace.

"You'll remember later. You'll see." Kitty was surprised. She was rigid but his warmth soothed her tensions. It was nice to be held by him. It was strangely calming. Kitty sighed blissfully.

"Also, I get to call you Sakura. Kitty is just not the name for you." Kitty looked up at him.

"What?" Kaiba let her go and left the arcade. Kitty stared after him.

"But I'm not Sakura...."