Ok everyone! This just sucks so much butt. I'm taking this story off for major fixing up and also cuase it just sucks. Also, I had the whole story written out all nicely in a notebook and ready to type up a month ago but my doggie decided to play fetch with it and give it to someone I now loathe cuase he burned right in front of me. -..- I would update this story if I could but I just don't remember what the heck I wrote. I'm soooooooooooo sorry! many sniffles Well, this just sucks. Well, I'm going to start new stories now but maybe I'll just leave this story on anyways and leave it as discontinued till I think of better ideas to write. Anyways, I'll just leave this story to all your mercy. Should I leave it on here as discontinued till I think of a different way to write it which will be a hellava long wait OR just delete it and post other stories? R&R what you want. Again, I'm sorry this story didn't work out. T..T