Sango groans loudly letting the world know what pleasure she was going threw.

" oh Miroku OH!" she says crying out his name.

Miroku rolls on top of her. He spanks her ass so hard she crys out.

" Sango. I love you so much. I will NEVER LEAVE your side," Miroku says with pleasure.

Then Shippo come in the room.

" Oh sorry I see you guys are rolling in sweaters. I mean sweat," the little fucking Kitsuni Baka ka says happily.

He then gets a big old boner.


Kirara comes out of no where.

" BONER!" she says.


" MEOW?"

Sango starts pounding Sango in the ground. They way she breathes is turning him on.

" Hey can you guys shut the fuck up Rin is in labor!" Inuyasha yells at them.

----- in a forest SOOOMMMMMEEEEEE WHERE!-----

" OWY OWY OWWWW!" Rin screams.

" It's okay baby you're knocking you up buddy is here," Sessho-maru says kissing her.

Then the fucked up little shit head kitsune comes in yelling.

"EWWWWW YOU POUR WATER FROM YOUR VIGINALY AREA!" Shippo yells playing in the puddles.

Inuyasha then kicks the Kirara fucker and he goes for a joy ride.

" Here goes Shippo blasting off again!!!!" Shippo yells with a chingy noise aftermath.


Hachi then comes in and trys to rape the child.

Then a panda shows up and yells, " Sexual Harrasment Panda!"

-------------- LATER------

" FUCK ME DAMN IT!" Kagome yells at Inuyasha.

" No bitch i fucked you 3 times today. Once this morning. And twice during Rin's labor," Inuyasha says laying on the floor trying to sleep.



She jumps on him. She grabs his crotch. She moves her hand up and down. Inuyasha starts to stare off. He gets a large smurk on his face. Then he feels his pants get ripped off.

" Eager beaver Eh Kagome."

Then he feels himself getting a DUN DUN DUN!!!! blow job.

He looks down to see Kagome sucking his nice long cock ( my inuyasha! --- that was sinubi)

" WHAT JAKOTSU!!!!!!?!?!??!!??!?!!?!?!?!??!?!!!!!"

"YOUR SMEGMA TASTES YUMMY!!" Jakotsu said, licking his lips.

Inuyasha just vommited right then and there. "OH MY FUCKING GOD JAKOTSU I TOLD YOU I AM ONLY GAY ON FRIDAYS YOU GOT THAT?!"

"But today is Friday, Inuyasha-kun..."

"Dear lord no. These weeks go by too fast..."

Bankotsu bursts through the door and bitch-slaps Jakotsu. "How dare you leave me?!"

Kagome ran up beside him, bleeding. Sadly, she had her period... "YEAH!! INUYASHA YOU FAG!!"

Bankotsu sweeps her off her feet and whisps her into a fiery kiss.

All of a sudden, the hut gets destroyed by a bunch of screeching yetti demons. Kagome is no where to be found, but they hear a loud Tarzan sound comming from behind them. It is Kagome, holding up a flag.

Did I mention it was night? Well, it is. So Kagome is standing there, wearing a really skimpy outfit. She shouts, "Bank accountant by day, hooker by night! I am KINKOME! THE KINKIEST GAL AROUND!!" More tarzan noises come and they echo through the well as she jumps in.

Inuyasha is a foundtain off spooge. Jakotsu is now sticking his dick in his ass.

Bankostu joins in, sticking his dick in Jakotsu's ass.

They are now a big pile of sweaty gay men.

Shippo emerges from under Inuyasha, somehow...

"Thank you, Shipop, for stopping molesting me."

" Your mighty kids meal welcome," shippo says returning his question.

All of a sudden Kagura and Naraku come back.


" WHAT THE FUCK!" Kagome says returning in a kinky outfit with a thong with 8000 yen in it.

They all start to do the cha cha when shippo gets sucked in the wind tunnel.

"WIND TUNNEL WEEEE!!!!!" Miroku yells!