He quietly watched as she slid off the bed, taking the top layer of sheets to cover her naked form. His hand moved to reach out to her, but pulled back and turned his back to her when he lost his nerve.

Their relationship wasn't based on any type of affection...just shared nights of lust so that they could forget their boring and lonely lives. They both didn't want to face it alone and this 'relationship' was the one thing that helped them get through the week, but...

Kyo stayed still a few moments after she walked into the bathroom, breathing in deeply the scent of the room...but...this 'relationship' wasn't enough. The red haired man moved to sit up, stretching his back out to move out the kinks and sore muscles. Several times he told himself that he wouldn't come to her...that he would stop these meaningless visits, but he couldn't do it. He wanted her. He needed her.

The sound of rushing water caused Kyo to look back to the door she disappeared behind just a few moments ago. This is how it usually ended: she took a shower and he would be gone the time she came back.

They both weren't sure how everything started but it had been going on for a couple of years now. Kyo would randomly show up at her apartment and she would let him in without question. Their only link to each other was their friend from college, Tohru.

That was their only link to each other but some how this 'relationship' started.

Kyo pulled on his boxers and jeans, grabbing his shirt from off the floor. It was never gentle or loving...they've never even hugged. Even though for a while now he's been wanting to hold her. After adjusting his coat and slipping on his shoes he walked over to the bathroom door. This was also something that he did before he left her, before he left and acted like nothing ever happened until he returned again. His forehead leaned against the door, whispering words of affection that he wished to say to her when he was with her.

He slowly moved away from the door, his fingers sliding down the door and disappeared outside of her apartment and into reality.

When he left the door he was just leaning on opened slowly, and the woman inside peeked out making sure that he was gone. Her soft steps across the carpeted floor were slow and tired. She didn't want him to go...but what was she supposed to do? If she scared him away then he would be gone forever and that was something she didn't want. Pulling up the fallen sleeve of her bathrobe she slipped back onto the bed, and grabbed the pillow still warm and still smelled of the man who had just left.

Saki held the pillow close to her, breathing in his scent. She wanted more than this...she wanted all of him just not his body. Saki wanted him to smile at her, to give her spontaneous kisses of affection, and for him to hug her.

She hugged the pillow closer to her, pretending it to be him, and whispering out the words she's been wanting to tell him every time he showed up at her doorstep.

"I love you..."

Ok this is a PROULOUGE so its gonna be short but I promise to make the chapters longer later on. Anyway this is an AU so there is no souma curse and all that crap....i wanted to try this storyline out even though im not sure where this is going to but oh well. The title is from a song by Suzanne Vega and it gave me the inspiration to write this...so I hope you enjoy and please review if you find this the slightest bit intresting.