The Emperor's key

Authors Note

Its attack of the plot bunny! I honestly have no idea where this one is going or how it will get there but I can promise three things. One Its going to be odd. Two There will be some points where it is almost a R rating and Three Its a multiple crossover. Once again I'm not telling with what you have got to find out.


I own non of the characters used in this story, nor do I wish to make any money from them. I just want to write this story. On with the show.

In a deep underground cave in Germany a very old monolith cracked open. Blue lights danced around the crack as it grew, slowly, into a door way and then a passage. seven people walked down this passage, they were following two brightly dressed, very thin, men. 'We cannot go further. This is not our world, nor yours. You must find the Key and bring it back here before the result of our folly takes it for his own.'

'You already told us this you xenomorphic creature. Remember that we will find this thing because the runes demand it not because of your foolish legends.' The largest spoke

'Remember that you cannot destroy it or let it be destroyed. To do so would merely send it to those who seek it.'

'Aye we are to be damned if we do and doubly damned if we don't. Ha.' The four bulky solders stepped out and looked to their leaders. Once they themselves stepped out it stared to close. 'Alright Ulrik, Njal which way.'

The black armoured man opened the book that was chained to his belt while the other spoke a prayer to his primarch. After moment he looked to his shoulder, perched there was a black raven, large by normal standards. Its one living eye flickered from its master to the book that the black armoured priest was carrying. It screamed and flew up out of the cave and then south towards its intended target.

As usual Big sis was off with the Immortal. Every time that happened he got a sort of sick feeling in her gut and each time it got worse. At first she thought that it could be something wrong. When she told Buffy about it she laughed it off and said that she was probably jealous and to get over it. After he had talked with her Dawn agreed that she was jealous and there was no way some one like him could be evil. But it didn't stop her feeling it or that little twinge of fear she felt every time he smiled at her or Buffy.

Sitting with her back to the window she didn't see the raven land on the balcony, but she did hear its call. The strange bird looked at her and she looked back. The only word she could think to describe it was black. It took her a moment to notice that its right eye was missing. In its place sat a matt black lens. With another screech it took to wing and flew off. Somehow the fear left with it, but was it because it scared her more or that it promised something new, hope.

For herself Buffy was deliriously happy, never once did she think of any thing and for those bright shining moments she wasn't a slayer or a general. She was back in heaven. Never once did she think of Dawn, her friends or past loves. The only thing in her world was pleasure and a kind of joy she couldn't describe. She loved it and she loved the Immortal for it. her mind washed clean of thought on a nightly basis each time lasting longer and fuller than ever before. Never once did she think, never once did she question and never once did she, could she, see the demonic things that made love to her in the height of the moon.

That's it for the introduction can you guess the crossover. Its pretty hard, I know. I'll give the answer next chapter if I happen to write it. Reviews might help me to get it done...