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Chapter 1

There was beautiful weather. There was a light wind, soft and calm; warming and embracing. It touched upon your skin in such a soothing manner that one couldn't help but smile. The sun's rays fell down on the world below, sweetly caressing each and every living thing. So soft, almost like a flower petal. A group of three stood outside taking their wondrous surroundings in. A tall man sat on a wooden chair. His uncovered eye was closed and he clutched a book to his chest, which was slowly rising, then falling. Across from him stood a girl with shoulder length pink hair. She had her hands on her hips as well as a pouted lip. Her eyes narrowed down at the sleeping man. This was the second time he had fallen asleep.

"Kakashi-sensei! Kakashi-sensei, wake up! Kakashi-SENSEI!" She cried out over and over but the silver haired man would not bulge. She sighed. 'Fine. Have it your way.' With that thought Sakura reached over her long time sensei, and grasped the book within his loose hold. Her right hand drew back, then stopped. She tugged and tugged, but the book would not come free. Kakashi's grip was strong and firm. "What?"

"Children shouldn't steal from their masters," muttered a voice. Sakura grinned.

"A child? I haven't heard that in a while. In any case, Kakashi-sensei, you've been sleeping on the job," she let go. Kakashi's eye slowly opened.

"It's such a nice day. I just thought I could use a nice nap."

"While we did all the work unsupervised? You know Naruto's been messing up A LOT! I had to make him clean the windows with Sasuke. He was finally able to keep an eye on him."

"He's doing a very good job at it..." whispered Kakashi.


"Nothing," he smiled, "You should go back to your cleaning. We only have a few more hours left here."

"Yes sir..." Sakura walked back to her spot and began pulling all the weeds. Kakashi laid back into his chair. It had been a couple of years since all the commotion with Orochimaru. His students had grown. Sakura blossomed into a beautiful girl. Sasuke was as agile as ever and even prettier, to boot. And Naruto? Naruto was as clumsy as before. They all seemed the same in character, yet they had so much knowledge...too much, perhaps. Kakashi sighed. He had been through the same thing, seen the same things. He had hoped that his students would never have to go through it, though. He closed his eyes and slept.

Outside the brick house stood a young boy. He held a cloth in his right hand and moved his whole arm in circular motions over the glass window in front of him. On the other side stood a shorter boy cleaning the other side. His golden hair glinted with the sun's rays, causing the raven haired boy to stop for a mere second. Sasuke blinked in Naruto's direction. 'Such golden hair...just like the sun outside.' Sasuke's eyes widened. What was he thinking? He began to rub down harder on the window. His motions began rough, then slowed down. He continued his cleaning in only one area, the same area Naruto was cleaning on the other side. Their hands moved in the same manner, as if they were one of the same. Naruto raised his hand higher, not noticing Sasuke's odd looks. Sasuke meanwhile shook his head and continued his task. 'What he hell is wrong with me?' he tried putting all his attention on what he was doing, but to no avail. His eyes wandered to Naruto. His hand moved unconsciously to Naruto's chest, down to his stomach. He was tracing every area of Naruto's body, even if the boy was blocked by a wall of glass and clothing. Lower and lower he went, down to-

"Sasuke-kun!" The voice cried out from behind. before he knew it, Sasuke was trapped by two slim arms around his waist. A face snuggled into his back, giggles going through and into his body. He felt them vibrating into him. Laughter. He felt himself twitch, the laughter still felt within himself. It angered him.

"Sakura, let go," he ordered in his usual low voice. Sakura did as told, though with a smile.

"Sasuke-kun, would you like to...well, go get something to eat? When we're done, I mean." Her face brightened, a smile on her pink lips. Sasuke looked at her, but said nothing. Sakura's face lost its color.

"I know I ask this all the time, but I just thought that maybe after 4 long years you'd finally accept my offer...I guess Naruto must feel like this all the time, too." Sasuke's eyes narrowed. "He asks me to go eat with him all the time, but I always turn him down, hoping you'd eat with me...but in the end you turn me down, too. Maybe I'll ask Naruto if he wants to eat with me this one time. When I think about it, four years is a long time....to have made someone wait." She gently waved at Naruto, bidding him to come over. He smiled and, with lightning speed, ran straight out towards Sakura.

"What's up, Sakura-chaaaaan?" Sasuke could feel a strange emotion growing within. Seeing Naruto's face glow at the sight of Sakura mad his body shake with anger.

"Would you like to eat with me when we're done? We could go to that Ramen stand you like." Naruto's eyes widened. His mouth twitched before finally growing into that giant grin of his.

"Yeah! We can go right now! I just finished my tasks! I'm sure Sasuke did his," he said with a bit of distaste, "and you've gotta be done, right, Sakura? Right?" Sakura nodded.

'Yeah, I finished mine. I guess we can go now then. Hold on, I just have to tell Kakashi-sensei," she said. Naruto watched as she walked over to the sleeping man. She yelled at him to wake up and after a few minutes gave up. She walked back with a sour face. "Damn that pervert! Let's go, Naruto!" She grabbed him by the arm and dragged him away. Naruto could care less that he was being dragged, or that the ground was scratching away at his skin. He was lost within the presence of his love, Sakura. His smile only opposed Sasuke's inner turmoil. He was angry, sad and...

"Jealous?" Sasuke jumped. Kakashi smiled from behind. "What's wrong? Still can't figure out when I'll get you?"

"Go to hell Kakashi, and take your book with you," he snarled. This only amused Kakashi more.

"Hm, someone's a bit testy...I wonder why? Oh well, I'm sure Naruto's gonna have a blast with Sakura. You know how much he likes her."

"Like I care," said Sasuke, as low as he could. Kakashi placed a hand on the youth's shoulder.

"I know all my students better than that, so I know I'm right when I say that you like-"

"One more word, Kakashi, and I'll kill you." Kakashi only laughed.

"Yeah, that's the Uchiha I know," he said while walking to his seat. "But you know, you can't keep lying to yourself. At one point or another, you're gonna lust for Naruto so much that...well, you understand." Sasuke turned red.

"Shut up, you perverted old man!" he hollered back before leaving his old sensei behind. He was still red in the face when he finally reached his home. As he laid in bed, he couldn't help but wonder what Sakura and Naruto were up to.


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