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Chapter 2

A young boy walked along the streets of the Konoha village. His hands fell into his pockets and he trudged along, not really caring as to the destination. The girls walking near him sighed dreamily, feeling pure bliss just being near him. The young ninja sighed heavily. It was becoming so annoying. He turned left and, thankfully, walked away from the group of girls. He continued his trek, but suddenly found himself stopping in mid step. To the left of him was the ramen stand Naruto always visited. Sasuke had been here a few times as well, having been dragged along with the rest of his team, via Naruto's will. The young ninja, being indifferent, proceeded to sit himself down at one of the stools. He didn't realize, however, that a certain blond haired boy sat just across from him. Sasuke heard her voice and froze. Immediately he knew who it was and was with her. His fist tightened at this new information as he looked up to see Sakura waving at him.

"Sasuke-kun! What are you doing here? I thought you were going home?" she asked him with a smile. Sasuke opened his mouth to speak, yet knew not what to say. It hadn't occurred to him that he might meet them here by chance. That was poor thinking on his part. Sakura had, after all, asked Naruto if he wanted to come here earlier. He chastised himself mentally before realizing where he was.

"I was hungry, so I came here to eat. Is that alright with you two?" His voice held a hint of scorn that only Sakura picked up. Naruto was indifferent towards Sasuke's sudden presence. The ramen had arrived, after all. With a sudden swiftness that came at the most idiotic times, Naruto ripped the chopsticks part and wolfed down the hot noodles. The steam rising from the bowl must have not warned Naruto of the high temperature the noodles were in, and so he burned his tongue.

"ITEEEEEE!" His scream rang across the entire village. The vendor a the stand looked over at Naruto with wide-eyes, not noticing the glass he just dropped. Sasuke looked at him incredulously. How could someone that small scream so loud...and for something as stupid as a tongue burn? His disbelief turned to rage as a small hand reached over to touch upon the injured boy's lips. She grabbed for her cup and pulled out an ice cube. The ice cube was placed into the now blushing Naruto's mouth. She smileda t him.

"There you go, Naruto. That should cool you down a little." She went back to eating her own ramen. Naruto grinned though melting ice. The warm feeling in his mouth, along with the one his heart contrasted greatly against the cold ice. He was in heaven. The black haired boy across from them only narrowed his eyes. Sakura noticed this and smiled inwardly. She scooted closer to Naruto and giggled shyly. Naruto scratched at the back of his head and smiled nervously. Things were going so well for him, he didn't want to ruin it. And Sasuke? He only 'hmphed'. The sudden feeling in his stomach set him reeling a bit. Deciding it was time to go, Sasuke lifted himself from the stool and proceeded to walk away from the two lovebirds. Before he could continue, however, a tug from his sleeve stopped his walking. He turned to find, surprisingly, Sakura holding on to his shirt sleeve, a slight blush adorning her peachy face. He felt the sudden confusion creep over his own as he began to ask what she was doing. "I know what's going on, Sasuke." Her odd answer confused him more.

"What are you-" But he was cut off.

"I know why you're here, and why you've been acting weird." Her matter of fact attitude made hi feel a little uncomfortable. And then it hit him. Sakura was pretty smart- no, very smart. A girl like her could have figured out why he was always so angry, what he was feeling. But he refused to acknowledge it himself. It wasn't true, he told himself. It couldn't be. He glared at Sakura. She in turn cringed, but managed to go on with less confidence than before. "You're jealous, aren't you, Sasuke-kun?" At this, he exploded.

"What are you talking about? Jealous of what? Of this? Please! Don't delude yourself of this pathetic guy! It's all meaningless in the end!" He was surprised at his own outburst. It wasn't something he had expected. After all, he was the calm one in the group. Sakura meanwhile, lit up at this. She was right then.

"Oh Sasuke-kun!" She glomped him with a force that toppled both on the ground. "I knew it, Sasuke-kun," she continued, "I knew you were jealous of me being with Naruto. But it's okay because I'm with you now. We can be together!" Sasuke blinked.

"What!" He shoved her off him and pushed himself to a sitting position. "You think that I...and you?" Sakura smiled while nodding her head. Sasuke stood himself up, leaning on the table top for support. This wasn't what he had expected. Of course, it made things a little easier to control. "Sakura," he began, "I-" And he was cut off again. This time, by a whiny little voice.

"Oi! Sakura-chan! What are you doing? I thought we were on a date!" Poor Naruto's lip started trembling.

"Naruto...I'm sorry, but...I can't stay with you because I like Sasuke. And I know he likes me now, so..." She looked over at Sasuke who was trying hard to take everything in without being overwhelmed. It was all in vain and he slapped his hand to his face. What a day...Of course, it was far from over. Naruto's shrill voice broke the raven haired boy from his thoughts.

"SASUKE! I challenge you to a fight! Whoever wins wins Sakura! Whaddaya say!" He shook his fist at him. Sasuke blinked yet again, this being the icing on the cake.

"NARUTO! DON'T TALK STUPID!" And she smacked Naruto one. He in turn rubbed at the new bruise while whimpering slightly. But he wasn't disheartened. He continued his challenges against Sasuke, never once ceasing his screams.

"COME ON, SASUKE! FIGHT ME! Or are you scared! Is that it!"

"Urusai, Naruto. This isn't worth it," he said nonchalantly. He didn't know what was worse, having Sakura think he was jealous, or having Naruto want to fight him. He thought it over. A fight didn't sound that bad. With the mood he was in, a fight might even improve his angry state. "Alright, Naruto. We'll fight." This stopped the other's yelling.

"Eh? really?" Naruto blinked.

"Yeah. But don't cry to me when it's all over..." He smirked evilly. Naruto's response was a growl.

The three kids walked along a secluded part of the village. Sasuke walked in front, Naruto second and Sakura last. Finding the perfect spot, Sasuke stopped, causing a domino reaction as Naruto bumped into him and Sakura into Naruto. He looked over at the other two.

"Here," he said and walked further on ahead before turning around and getting himself into a fighting stance. Naruto grinned at Sakura.

"Don't worry, Sakura-chan! I'll win just for you!" But he was talking to no one. Sakura was running over to Sasuke. She stopped next to him and took a few breaths.

"Do you best, Sasuke-kun. I know you'll win." With that said, she winked at him and walked to the side where she'd watch the fight. Sasuke growled. he wasn't doing this for her. He was doing this for...

"Oi! Let's get this over with so I can finish my date!"

Sasuke grinned as he moved his fingers into his ninjutsu.

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