"You look great!" Kimi squealed to her best friend Lil. Lil turned around to model her attire. Lil was wearing a short black dress and she had gotten a tan. They hadn't seen each other all summer with Kimi at drama camp and Lil was visiting her father at his beach house in Hawaii. Betty and Howard had gotten a divorce and while Betty was still in the whole Howard was remarried to a younger woman and they were both wealthy.

"You look like you've lost weight," she exclaimed. Her and Lil hugged each other happily.

"I have," Lil told her. "I lost almost ten pounds!"


Lil hadn't been really thin for a while, she weighed one sixty, which was too big for her height, she was only 5'4. Kimi was very petite and she rarely gained a pound so she was glad that her friend had slimmed down.

"What diet are you on…or are you taking diet pills?"

"They made Anna Nicole look sexy," Lil joked. Her and Kimi shared a laugh before Kimi got back to the point.

"Okay so Lil…what's been going on then?"

"Let me tell you Kimi, but you can't tell anybody okay," Lil said. Kimi swore and soon they started walking around the park. Not a lot of people were there, just some little kids and Lil and Kimi were too "old" to swing. They were seventeen and about to start their senior year.

"Stop the suspense Lil, tell me everything."

Lil smiled and giggled a bit at her friend's impatience. "Okay so I was in Hawaii on the island of Maui. There were a bunch of these hot guys and I made this friend named Malina and she was real pretty with the tan and everything. Anyway, we were at the beach okay and the guys start looking at us. Well, we walked up to them and I tried flirting a bit. One of them took Malina to the side and said they weren't exactly flirting with me, but they didn't want to hurt my feelings.

"Well Malina told me and we left and soon I got on this plan. I just started exercising more Kimi; I mean I was fully charged. I'll run, not jog but run, and then we'd go to the gym and work out. I'd only eat a little bit and then I'd exercise, but look at these results."

She spun around for Kimi to admire her looks again and Kimi nodded.

"We can do it together Kimi," Lil excitedly took her friend's hand in hers. "We'll be the hottest girls at graduation."

"I don't need to diet Lil, besides, it's dangerous to eat little and then exersize so much.."

"I know you don't need to diet, but you want to keep the fat off right. I mean, it's not like anything's going to happen to us," Lil said trying to persuade her. "It can be like how we bond or something. We don't skip meals; we just cut back on them. We're not going to throw up our food because it'll mess up our teeth. Come on Kim, please."

Kimi looked away from her friend. For some reason she was feeling sick, but Lil was right. Kimi nodded. "Alright Lil, just for you. We can only do it for six months though, not the whole nine."

Lil jumped happily. "Alright, just until March then."

"Its still August."

"Not for long," Lil pointed out. "We have to finish off March and then we'll stop dieting."


"Okay then, we have to come up with a plan."

"A plan?"

"A diet plan."

Kimi shook her head sympathetically, but luckily Lil didn't see her. Lil grabbed her friend's hand so that they could get into Lil's car and then drive to Lil's home.


I hope you liked it. I got the idea from a Lifetime movie called A Secret Among Friends and it just inspired me. I wanted something catchy and since that was nice I wanted my story to have a similar title, so that's where Just Between Us came in. Thank you for reading and please review.