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Battle raged all around them, people fighting for their lives against the dark forces of Mordor. There outside the Black Gate, the armies of Gondor and Rohan fought a hopeless battle, a diversion with no hope to live through it, just giving two Hobbits enough time to destroy the Ring of Power.

'ARAGORN,' a voice yelled, seeing the man falter slightly as a troll greeted him with a big weapon.

The warning caught another warrior nearby off guard. He looked around as Aragorn went down. 'ESTEL,' Elladan yelled loosing sight of the man, the man who had became a brother to him. He began slashing his way through the enemy hordes to get to him.

A sharp pain made itself known in the Elf's back. Elladan turned around and parried his attacker's next lunge. These Orcs were nothing like the ones he and his twin had encountered previously, they were deadlier no as mindless, the fact they had just come straight form Mordor worried him slightly, as they seemed to be superior to others of their race.

He parried with his sword and attacked with his dagger, slicing the creature through the unusually thick armour. Thinking it dead he turned and saw Aragorn stagger back, but did not see the Orc from behind.

Another, larger sharper pain made him turn around then a sharp pain in hid chest made him fall. All went dark.

Elrohir sensed something was wrong. He looked to see Estel, Legolas, Gimli, ├łomer and Gandalf fighting for their lives, and then it hit him that Elladan was not in sight.

'DAN,' he yelled above the din of battle, but received no answer. He repeatedly yelled his twin's name, but he was only answered with clashing swords.

'Estel,' he called making his way to the man, 'have you seen.,..' he trailed off seeing Mount Orodruin erupt in a spectacular display, as barad-dur collapsed onto itself, signifying the demise of Sauron.

Elrohir looked around and found a familiar form, lying on the front, dark brown blood matted hair fanned over ground and enemies.

As he got closer he saw the deep mortal slash in his twin's back, and did not miss the dagger tip that peaked through his back, blood pooled around his motionless form.

He was too late.

'No,' Elrohir whispered kneeling at his twin's side and gently turned him over and grimaced seeing how bad his wounds really were. 'Dan, don't, please don't leave me...' he begged tears welling in his eyes as he cradled the limp form.

The shallow breaths became shallower; his life was swiftly leaving him. A ghost of a smile crossed his face as he looked at his twin; his stormy grey eyes were clouded and distant.

'Dan,' he whispered catching the smile; Elladan parted his lips as his last breath left him, his eyes became too unfocused, never to see life again.