chapter 3

It went in slow motion. The sword slashed his back, is face contorted in pain as he twisted around to face his attacker.

The twin looked in shock; he was too late, as he saw his mirror image fall a dagger hilt protruding from his chest.

'NO,' he yelled kneeling at his twin's side. 'Ro,' he carefully turned the younger over and saw the mortal wound.

'Dan,' Elrohir murmured, the copper taste of blood filling his mouth.

'Shh brother, lie still, you'll be alright.' Tears welled in the elder's eyes.

'I saw...last' he stuttered.

'Shh Ro, hold on...' he begged, 'don't let go...'

'It's too late for me brother...' he choked.

A ghost of a smile crossed the younger twin's face as he looked at his twin; his stormy grey eyes were clouded and distant. His lips parted as his last breath left him.

'Elrohir,' he cried, cradling his twin's limp form.

'Dan,' Legolas yelled in warning.

A blade sliced itself through his shoulder and he fell to the floor by his twin. All went dark.

'Dan,' a voice called, 'Dan, wake up, please wake up.'

'Ro...' he smiled, 'Proves I can follow you anywhere...'

'No brother, you cannot follow me, not this time.' Elrohir said sadly. 'You have to wake up; you must go back to them. You're needed at home.'

'Ro,' he choked, 'I can't go on...not without you...I'm supposed to be the strong one...but you're my strength...without you...I'm nothing...'

'Don't you dare say that Elladan, you do not need me. Your strength lies not within me, now go back, see the battle through, I will wait for you in Valinor, just promise me you will live to meet me there.'

'I promise,' he nodded.

'Áva rucë, Tenn' omentielvo ento,' Elrohir said as Elladan fell back into consciousness.

The first thing he was aware of was the sharp pain in his shoulder, then the concerned face of Legolas watching him.

'I am well,' he assured picking his sword up, he yelled, 'À urya cálë! Á rúcë mórë! Á mahta i qualmenna! Qualmë urquin!' with a renewed strength he charged fiercely through the Orcs, as did everyone who heard the fair words, though few knew what they meant.

Mount Orodruin erupted in a spectacular display, as barad-dur collapsed onto itself, signifying the demise of Sauron.

'It's over Ro,' Elladan whispered.

Elladan looked to see Elrohir smiling at him, 'Namárië toron nîn. Melinyel. Nai Anar caluva tielyanna. I will always be with you.' The image whispered, then disappeared.

'Namárië toron nîn, Melinyel.' He whispered to the wind.