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Chapter 1

Heavy rain poured down from the gray clouds that decorated Spira's sky in that late afternoon. The road toward Djose Temple was deserted except for a single young lady that ran hurriedly toward her destination. She could hear her boots splash against the puddles upon the road, as her long scarf trailed behind her bare back. The cold wind pulled her blond hair away from her tan face, as she squinted her swirly emerald eyes from the rain.

The loud thunder noise suddenly pierced the sky as Rikku yelped and quickly ducked down. With her ears cupped by her hands, the fearful girl looked up toward the dark sky, before she forced herself up to run once again. Rikku couldn't help but to fear the thunder noise. It was all her brother's fault. If it wasn't for him she wouldn't be that fearful in walking through the stormy rain, in fact she wouldn't mind living in the Thunder Plains.

Seeing that she was approaching the temple, Rikku smiled in glee. She couldn't wait to touch the 'saving sphere' and be back with the Gulwings. All she wanted now was to get out of this stormy weather and take a nice hot bath. Later on she could hand Yuna and Pain the delivery she was sent to pick near.

Finally reaching her destination, Rikku quickly put her hand above the 'saving sphere'. She waited to be transported back to the airship, which she knew was located in Besaid, where Yuna and Tidus were planning to build their new home, while Pain was helping Lulu with little Vedina. As Rikku waited, nothing happened. Finding it strange, she tried again, as she put her both hands above the sphere. Frowning, Rikku quickly kicked the sphere, managing to get her foot hurt in the process.

"Owwie." Rikku whined as she slowly massaged her foot.

She then slowly checked the sphere and found it broken. What now? Well she could run toward the nearest sphere and transport herself from there, but her tired legs protested to that idea. Not only was she exhausted but also cold and hungry. Rikku then looked around her surroundings, the only place she could shelter herself for now was the Djose Temple.

Finding no other option, she quickly made her way toward the heavy doors of the temple and slowly pulled, but to her astonishment they wouldn't open. She frowned. Of course she was tired but that didn't mean she had lost all her forces, right? Once again Rikku tried again. She pulled, pushed, and kicked, but nothing. Giving up, Rikku looked around and noticed that she was actually all alone.

Strange, there would usually be Al Bhed people around the area. Although it was raining, that did not explain why they weren't here or why the doors to the temple were locked! Suddenly the sound of thunder pierced the sky, making Rikku yelp once again before she ducked down and covered her ears. She closed her eyes and waited there, while feeling the cold rain fall upon her shivering body.

"Is that Cid's girl?" called out a familiar voice.

Hearing that muffled sound, Rikku opened her eyes and gazed up toward the man that stood in front of her with that usual smirk. She frowned before standing up to face him.

"I have a name, you know?" she replied.

Gippal laughed, before he pulled his black jacket off and covered her cold body.

"So, whats Cid's girl doing down here?" He questioned as he walked toward the temple's doors.

Rikku quickly followed behind as she pulled his jacket closer to her body. Funny how Gippal could be a perfect gentleman when he was always the annoying brat.

"I was going to use the sphere to transport me back to the airship, but as I found out just now, the thing is broken."

"Well, aren't you an unlucky girl." Gippal spoke as he laughed at her once again.

"Hey! It's not my fault that the thing had to break down today!" Rikku replied with a frown.

"Alright then, you can stay here in the temple until you find another way to get back to the airship." Gippal spoke as he pulled a key from inside his pocket and began to unlock the doors.

"Gippal, how come the place is deserted today? Usually it's packed with people."

"I sent the whole squad to the desert where we're working in reconstructing Home again. Cid had sent us a message two days ago asking us to help out and so the whole crew decided to go." Gippal answered as unlocked the doors.

"So the old man has finally initiated the plans." She spoke softly as a smile formed upon her face. Rikku was really looking forward in having their place back, where the Al Bhed people could be reunited again.

Entering the Djose Temple, she found the place intimidating. It was dark and gloomy because of the lack of lights and the lack of people that used to occupy the whole area. Rikku could hear Gippal's heavy boots echo throughout the place, as he made his way up toward the stairs.

"You coming?" He questioned as he gazed at her figure who stood there gazing around.

Rikku looked up. There he stood with his famous grin that would make any girl gush in happiness. How much did he change. Her childhood friend now looked much more taller, with the same confidence and leadership he had when still a child. His once short blond hair now grew up to be spiked and messy, while his emerald eye still sparkled with that mischief. All in all Rikku could not deny that Gippal, the annoying brat, was handsome.

"I'm coming." she announced, before gazing away from his form to walk up the stairs.

They walked toward the elevator inside the Chamber of Fayth, leading them toward the second floor. Gippal then walked toward the farthest wall and slowly brought his hand over one of the statues. Suddenly a panel materialized in front of them as he quickly typed down some numbers. A green light flashed, before the panel disappeared and the statue, along with the wall behind, began to move aside revealing another room connected. Rikku looked surprised.

The room was a small living room with three other doors, which led to the bathroom, to the kitchen, and to the bedroom. Even though it was a small area, the place looked comfortable and cozy. So this was where he lived.

"Surprised Cid's girl?" Gippal asked with a smirk.

She grinned. "Not at all."

Stepping inside, Gippal led the girl toward the bedroom, where another bathroom was connected, but this one had a shower. He pulled from inside his closet a fresh new towel and handed it to her hand.

"Here. You go on ahead and take a warm bath, while I'll prepare you something to eat." He spoke.

"You mean, you're going to cook?" Rikku questioned and began to laugh.

"What's so funny about that?" Gippal spoke with a grin.

"The last time you cooked you almost burned the house down." She explained as she recalled her childhood memories.

"You still remember that!" He asked surprised.

She nodded her head. "Of course I remember. Memories are my treasures!" Rikku explained with a smile.

"Well then, you might also remember the 'cure potion' Brother made you drink because you fell ill when you played out in the rain." Gippal smirked. "Since we all know that Brother isn't any genius, the potion backfired and you ended up fearing the thunder instead."

Rikku pouted, "I don't like that particular memory."

He laughed. "Go on now, before you catch a cold and I'll have to ask Brother to cure you again."

"You meanie." she called before turning away into the bathroom, making Gippal laugh once again.


With dinner cooked, Gippal took the food toward the bedroom and settled the plates onto his study desk. He snatched one of the french fries, before hearing the bathroom door open. Out came Rikku dressed with one of his shirt, which looked large upon her small figure. Gippal gazed upon her as she busied herself in drying her wet hair with the towel.

There stood the same girl he knew since they were kids, and how did she grow! Even though she had matured, Gippal still saw the cheerful and gleeful girl from long time ago. He just loved the way she would complain when he teased her. Her short blond hair had grown longer, along with some new developing curves that had matured. Those emerald eyes still burned with life.

Rikku feeling his gaze upon her quickly looked up to meet his eyes. "What?" she inquired.

He smiled. "Just noticing how different you look." he replied back.

"What's that suppose to mean?"

"It means, Cid's girl, that you're beautiful." Gippal replied.

Rikku stared in surprise. Did he just compliment her and why was she feeling so warm all of the sudden?

"Don't get yourself flattered Cid's girl." Gippal started. "But you know, you kinda look cute when you blush."

"What? I'm not blushing!" Rikku responded back although she could feel her checks getting warmer.

Gippal chuckled before grabbing a towel nearby and walked toward the bathroom door. "Alright then. Have something to eat, while I'll go take a bath."

Rikku only nodded her head before he left her alone. She sighed in relief before sitting herself down onto the bed.

"He hasn't changed one bit." She whispered to herself.


Gippal opened the door to the bathroom, as he wrapped a towel around his waist. He looked toward the desk and found all of the food gone. He chuckled and shock his head.

"She must have been starving." he whispered to himself before scanning the room again.

His eyes then moved toward his bed and there he gazed upon her figure. Gippal found himself blushing hard. There laid Rikku all sprawled upon his bed sleeping. She was wearing one of his shirt, which looked too big for her, but yet her body was much exposed. Of course Rikku's daily-clothes showed most of her skin, but the position she was laying in his bed was too much.

Gippal quickly shock his head, trying to compose himself from blushing as he quickly turned away. He decided to wash the empty plates, hoping that the simple task could distract him. As he was about to grab hold of the plates he heard a loud yelp.

"Gippal! Put on some clothes, would ya?" Spoke Rikku as she had suddenly woken up.

He turned around and grinned. "Haven't you seen the human anatomy before Cid's girl?"

She blushed. "Of course I have!" she complained.

"So what's the matter?" he questioned, while slowly he approached the bed.

Peeking through her fingers, she realized that he was standing in front of her. Rikku quickly then closed her eyes, and tried to calm herself down. Of course she had seen another human anatomy, but the problem was, that this was Gippal. The man she was suppose to hate, now seemed so beautiful to her eyes. His exposed body was making her blush, and she couldn't let him know.

"I-I. I need to use the bathroom." with that said, she sprang up from the bed and quickly ran into the bathroom.

Gippal looked at the closed door and laughed. He shrugged before retrieving himself, leaving the lady alone. Usually he would insist on the subject, but Gippal had the feeling that the answer she could have given him would make things awkward between them.


Rikku watched as the rain poured down heavily this night. She shivered as thunder struck once again, while the lady stepped back only to bump herself onto Gippal, who was standing behind her.

"It's getting late. You better get yourself some sleep." Gippal spoke.

Rikku nodded her head before walking toward the bed. She then realized that there was only one double bed, did that mean they had to share? Turning around she found Gippal grabbing a pillow and a blanket before he headed toward the door. She smiled, he was being a gentleman.

"I don't mind sleeping in the couch." Rikku spoke out, offering his bed back.

He turned and grinned. "Believe me, the couch isn't that comfortable. But if your offer still stands I'll be glad to have the bed back."

Rikku laughed. "I'm serious."

"It's alright Cid's girl. You're the guest and I'm the host. Have the bed for tonight."

"You sure?" she still questioned.

"We could always share the bed." Gippal suggested with a grin.

"No thank you."

He shrugged, "I tried. Anyways, goodnight Cid's girl."

With that spoken, he left and Rikku jumped into the cozy bed.


Fear took over her body as she covered her ears with the pillow. Rikku couldn't help but to be afraid of the constant thundering sound that sounded throughout the night. She gazed around the dark room and found the watch indicating that it was past midnight and still sleep would not come to her. Thunder once again struck as her body shivered in fright.

Needing someone to be close to her, Rikku found herself opening the door toward the living room. There she found Gippal's figure lying asleep on the black couch. She slowly approached him and saw how peaceful he looked while sleeping. Rikku had to admit, he had the most charming face she had ever seen.

Thunder struck again, making her duck down in fear. She quickly then nudged Gippal's arm, hoping that he would wake up. He then slowly began to stir as his eye opened and turned to gaze at her frightened face. He smiled.

"Can't sleep Cid's girl." He spoke before sitting up.

"You could say that." she sheepishly replied back.

Gippal took her hand in his warm one before getting up and leading Rikku with him toward his bedroom. Gippal then put her into bed and tucked her in, before sitting in the edge and gazed at her innocent face.

"Aren't you going to sleep?" She spoke, feeling guilty.

"Later on." he whispered back tiredly.

Rikku shock her head and sat up. "It's not fair. Come then. Join me in bed." she spoke.

Gippal couldn't help but blush, "It's alright Cid's girl."

"No it's not. Gippal please. I don't want you to stay awake because of my stupid fear."

He laughed. "Alright then."

Rikku moved aside, making some space for him to lay down. He slowly got into the covers and made himself comfortable. Gippal made sure that there was some distance between their body, he couldn't make himself lose control. Suddenly the thunder outside struck, making Rikku quickly hug herself close to him.

Gippal insanely blushed, as he felt her warmth cover him like a blanket. He then felt her body shiver, making him feel worried as he quickly wrapped his arm around her small figure.

"I"m here Cid's girl."

Rikku gazed up into his emerald eyes and weakly smiled.

"Thank you Gippal."

"No problem. No problem at all."

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