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Chapter 2

Rikku's eyes fluttered open as the beautiful morning greeted her. She quickly then covered her swirly eyes from the sun's light, while she sat up on the bed. A smile slowly graced Rikku's face as she inwardly admired the man that now stood before the window, gazing the beautiful view outside after the stormy night. If it wasn't for him Rikku wouldn't have fallen asleep.

Sensing her gaze upon him, Gippal turned around toward the lovely girl with a smile. "Good morning there, Cid's girl."

"Good morning!" she chirped back happily.

"You seem cheerful today." Gippal spoke. "But again, you're always cheerful." He then corrected.

"You can't blame me for having such a good night sleep." Rikku explained with a smile.

He grinned. "All thanks to me I suppose."

She nodded her head. "All thanks to you."

Gippal then suddenly frowned, "Are you alright Rikku?"

"Of course I'm alright, why do you ask?" She replied back, confused for such a question. She looked fine, didn't she?

Gippal slowly then approached her with a concerned face, while he sat himself upon the bed facing her. Rikku in confusion was starting to get frighten that something terrible was wrong with her. She backed up a bit when Gippal slowly put his hand over her forehead. His light touch sent shivers around her body, as Rikku tried to hold herself from blushing.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

Gippal grinned. "You agreed with me and even thanked me. Now that's something rare Cid's girl. Sure you're not sick?"

Rikku's eyes opened wide in disbelieved. Tricked by Gippal again! She then quickly pushed him away from her, as he began to laugh loudly. Rikku crossed her arms before her chest and pouted.

"You're such a meanie, ya know!" She spoke in annoyance.

"I can't help it, Cid's girl. It's just my habit." He explained as he slowly stopped his laughing.

"I just don't understand you Gippal!" she complained.

"What's so hard to understand?" He questioned back with a grin.

Rikku relaxed herself before looking seriously into his eyes. "I know that you're sometimes the annoying brat. As well as an arrogant, selfish, overbearing..."

"Ok, ok. I get it." Gippal interrupted. " What's your point."

Rikku laughed a bit before continuing. "My point is that despite everything you are, in the end your still the protective and caring guy I always knew."

Gippal sat back and heaved a sigh, while Rikku gazed back at him with surprise. She couldn't read his eye! Normally Rikku could decipher what his eye told her about his feelings, but right now it was blank. She frowned worriedly, did she say something wrong?

"Remember the time when we were younger. I was 7 and you were 8?" Rikku asked. "You were the leader of a small group of Al Bhed kids. I remember wanting to enter your team so badly, but to get into the group you held a contest. The person who found something precious in the Bikanel desert would be able to join the group, and all I found was a piece of junk. But in the end you let me in anyways. You were being such a great guy, ya know."

Gippal nodded his head, recalling those days he so much enjoyed. He then laughed. "From that day on I had to take care of you, and boy were you troublesome!"

Rikku pouted. "I wasn't that bad!" she protested.

He only chuckled some more. "I remember when you lost your mother's necklace, and the worst part was, that you lost it during a dig! No matter how many times I tried to take you back home you wouldn't leave, despite the danger around us! In the end I stayed back helping you! We searched for that damn necklace for almost 7 hours. Digging around the desert like crazy until we found it."

Gippal sighed in distaste at that memory, while Rikku laughed. "If it weren't for your help, my old man would have killed me!"

"I know what you mean. Cid can be really dangerous when he's angry." Gippal agreed remembering some awful memories.

"And yet, when my old man got furious with me for staying out late in the desert, you stepped in and took the blame." Rikku spoke softly in gratitude. "I really appreciate it, ya know."

Gippal smiled but still his eye couldn't be read. Rikku knew that he was having some deep thoughts, debating with himself upon a subject. Even though Rikku tried her best to read his eye, it was impossible, he really had a strong barrier. Whatever he was thinking, it really was important matters.

Giving up, Rikku moved her gaze toward his other eye. Guilt suddenly rushed into her as she saw the black eye patch that covered his once beautiful emerald swirly eye. With a hurt expression, Rikku stretched her hand toward the covered eye, and hesitated for a second before opening the eye patch. There it was, a black eye, with no color and no life. Pain stabbed right through her heart, as she quickly closed the eye patch back down, trying her best to hold her tears back.

"It's not your fault." Gippal whispered silently, as he reached out for her hand and squeezed, remembering her that she shouldn't blame herself.

"I can't help it Gippal. I can't help but to feel guilty. We were just digging around for any treasures when the fiend came and tried to attack me. You shielded me with your body and the venom the fiend spit went directly into your eyes. Even though half blind you still protected me and killed the fiend." Rikku spoke with difficulty in remembering such terrible memories. "I'm really sorry."

"I told you Cid's girl, it's not your fault. There is nothing to be sorry for. Now cheer up and stop blaming yourself. It was I who wanted to protect you, remember? So the fault is mine." He spoke, as Gippal tried to clam her down.

Rikku breathed in before smiling and nodding her head in comprehension. It was no use in debating about the past, what happened could not be changed. Rikku knew that Gippal did not blame her for anything, but yet there was still this pain inside of her for hurting him. But no matter how much she apologized, Gippal would leave the issue aside, telling her that it wasn't her fault.

"This is not the only bad memory I have about us, ya know." Rikku whispered as more memories began to resurface in her mind.

"I know, Cid's girl." Gippal replied, knowing what she meant. "I had to do it."

"Even though I begged you not to." Rikku whispered in pain.

"Crimson Squad was what I really wanted Cid's girl. I had to join the team to prove myself worthy. I had to do something with my life." Gippal explained.

"You didn't have to prove anything Gippal!" She suddenly called out. "Everything was just fine until you went away!"

Although they were only friends, Rikku really considered him as an important person in her life. Even though Gippal sometimes was the annoying brat, she really cared for his safety, as well as him for her. They had spent much of their childhood, allowing a bond between them to grow. It was normal for her to be worried.

Surprised at her outburst, Gippal slowly rubbed her hand, which he still held within his. "I had to prove myself worthy for you Cid's girl." He confessed.

Rikku surprised by his answer quickly looked away. She felt his thumb rubbing her hand, trying to get her attention, but she wouldn't gaze back. Even though Rikku wanted to push her hand away, she couldn't. His touch was soothing and comfortable, something she enjoyed immensely.

"Did you forget our promise? The one I made with you before I left Home?" Gippal questioned.

"No. I haven't forgotten." she softly whispered back.

Slowly Gippal pushed her face toward his view, locking her gaze with his own. "I promised you Rikku that I would come back to you, and when I did I would make you my bride."

Hearing her name spoken out made her blush. Not only was his confession making her heart pump violently against her rib cage, but also the fact that she now could read the truth in his eye. There it was all written, the love he held for her. But how could this be? They were only childhood friends, nothing much and nothing less? Why did he love her, and why was she so thrilled?

"I thought the promise you made me was only a joke so that the departure between us wouldn't be so gloomy." Rikku explained.

He laughed. "I wasn't joking Cid's girl."

"And you weren't serious as well."

He grinned. "Weren't I?" he questioned still opening his soul to her. "I loved you Rikku the moment I let you join us in the team. I loved you when I stayed with you searching for your mother's necklace. I loved you when I lost my eye in order to protect you. I loved you when I made you the promise, and now, I am still in love with you Cid's girl."

Tears had suddenly burst out of her emerald eyes, as Rikku felt speechless to his confession. It was all true. This wasn't a trick or any other nasty joke. It was all there. Everything was proved with his sincere speech and with the love written all over his eye. She couldn't hold her joy anymore, Rikku couldn't help but to cry in bliss.

"Now Cid's girl, would you be my bride so that I can seal my promise?" Gippal questioned with a grin.

Rikku laughed and wiped her tears away. "I would love to be your wife!" She exclaimed in joy.

Gippal genuinely smiled. It wasn't his usual smirk or mischief smile. This was a true and genuine smile. Rikku threw herself into his warm embrace as Gippal picked her up and began to twirl around, making Rikku laugh. He then slowly put her down on her feet, as he slowly brushed his lips against her ears.

"I'm the luckiest man in Spira."

Rikku blushed softly as she saw him gaze back at her lovingly before bringing his lips down onto her own. The burning flames inside of them burst wildly as they tasted the essence of each other. Gippal couldn't help but to deepen the kiss as he urgently pushed Rikku closer to him. She tasted like heaven and how much did he love it! Rikku feeling his sweetness allowed her mouth to open as his tongue explored her lovingly. She couldn't help but to moan to that amazing sensation.

Finally breaking apart for air, Gippal slowly leaned his forehead against her forehead and smiled.

"When did you ever learn to kiss like that Cid's girl?" He questioned with a grin.

"Why? Didn't you like it?" Rikku replied back grinning as well.

He laughed. "I didn't like it. I loved it Cid's girl."

"Too bad, cause I can't say the same." Rikku joked.

He grinned. "Maybe you need another one so that you'll be truly sure."

"Ya know, maybe you're right." Rikku replied with a mischief smile.

Without another word Gippal leaned his lips down toward her lips. There it was again the burning passion with its amazing sensation!


Rikku slowly put on her boots as she prepared herself to return to Besaid. 3 days had flown by fast since the day she arrived. Although wanting to stay longer, Rikku promised to return and help Yuna with her new house as well as deliver the package she had been sent to pick. Even though Rikku had stayed with Gippal for a short time, these few days had been the best days of her life.

Adjusting the last boot onto her foot, Rikku smiled in satisfaction before standing up to head toward the temple's doors. Stepping outside to feel the cool breeze against her skin, the cheerful girl smiled to see such a beautiful day forming in Spira. She then covered her emerald eyes from the sun as Rikku gazed up toward the sky, checking if any airship was around to pick her up, but there was none yet.

Looking back down with a sigh, she couldn't help but to feel sadden to leave Gippal behind. Although they promised to meet up again she felt an urge to stay with him all the time.

Deciding to turn back into the temple Rikku looked around one last time, before she could turn around and head inside. But someone from behind held her still, as his strong arms wrapped itself around her waist. Smiling, she knew exactly who it was, and so slowly leaned back at his warm chest happily.

"How's my fiancé doing this morning?" Gippal asked while softly kissing her neck.

"Never better." Rikku replied.

"I got something for you, Cid's girl."

Curious, she turned around to face him, as Gippal unwrapped his arms around her waist. Giving him her full attention, Gippal took from inside his pocket pants something shiny, as he exposed toward her a beautiful silver wring with a red ruby on the center. She gasped at the gift as he slowly brought her hand up.

"A little something I want you to have." He spoke before placing the ring onto her finger.

"You shouldn't have done this, ya know." Rikku replied back.

"What kind of person would I be if I didn't present my lover with a engagement ring? Besides I want you to have it." Gippal replied back with a smile.

"Thank you. It's beautiful."

"I knew you would like it." He grinned making her smile.

"Now I need to give you a gift as well!"

He laughed. "No need Cid's girl."

"But I want to." She protested, before thinking on something.

Rikku then smiled as she quickly took off her long scarf and held it out.

"Here have this, it's my lucky scarf."

He smiled as Gippal allowed Rikku to wrap the scarf around his neck and adjusting it carefully. She looked back and smiled with satisfaction. He did look good with a scarf.

Suddenly the airship Rikku had been waiting for had finally arrived. It gradually lowered down toward the ground in front of the temple causing dust to spread throughout. The couple then protected their eyes, as the ramp toward the airship began to level down, revealing the entrance.

"Hey Rikku!" Called out a soft voice from inside the airship, which belonged to Yuna. "Oh, hello Gippal!"

"Hey there!" He called back out before waving.

Rikku smiled before waving back to her dear cousin as well. Yuna then motioned with her hands calling her to join in quickly.

Rikku quickly looked back up to Gippal who gazed at her with a grin.

"I can't imagine what everyone would say if they knew we were engaged."

"Everyone would probably be happy for us."

"Everyone?" Gippal questioned.

Rikku then gasped. "Brother would kill you!"

Gippal chuckled, "Exactly Cid's girl. But don't you worry, we can always handle him."

"I know." She replied back laughing.

"Rikku!" called out another voice from the airship, which she knew was from Paine.

"I'm coming!" She called back before gazing at Gippal again. "They're calling me."

Gippal nodded his head, understanding. "Will I at least have a goodbye kiss?" He inquired with a grin.

Rikku smiled before she pulled her scarf making Gippal's head lower down to her level, as she caught his lips with her own. Pulling back slowly, Rikku waved as she ran toward the ramp and entered. She stood there watching, as Gippal turned to gaze at her with a smile. The airship gradually lifted up as the ramp was slowly closing.

"Come back as soon as you can! I can't live without you Cid's girl!" Gippal called out.

"It's a promise!"

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