Title: Letting Go

Author: Morwen Eledhel


Rating: PG-13

Summary: The twin sons of Elrond are on their way to see friends at the Dúnedain camp. As tragedy strikes they remember a past event which had similar outcomes. To take care of the last survivor they must let go of the painful
past and accept their new charge. Which is easier for some than others.

Disclaimer: don't own...blah blah... not earning money blah, blah... entertainment purposes only.

Chapter 1

Elladan and Elrohir, the twin sons of Elrond, quietly snuck down the corridors, heading outside.

'Where are you two sneaking off to?' Elrond asked seeing the twins trying to creep out in the early hours.

'Sorry father, we did not mean to wake you,' Elladan said, 'we were just going out to meet with the Dúnedain, they are camping near here. Arathorn said he was going to bring Gilraen and their little baby Aragorn,' Elrond smiled as his youngest son's eyes lit up at the sound of their friends and the new child.

'As if I would even attempt at stopping you, be careful my sons, there have been rumours of Orcs being near.'

'Don't worry father, if we see any we will kill them.' Elladan told him.

'Don't kill yourselves in the process.' He shook his head knowing they had not forgotten about the torture their mother and sister suffered at the hands of the foul beings.

He smiled thinking about the day before the events; no one would have known it was to end in tragedy.


The sun shone brightly, thin wisps of cloud scattered across the clear blue sky. Birds chirped amongst themselves, the leaves rustled in the cooling breeze, casting shadows, which gave little shade in the heat. The spring blossoms danced slowly to the floor making way for the fresh summer flowers, which were already starting to show, which was unusually early as spring was barely half way through. The surrounding area was truly peaceful.

Elrond walked through the quiet woods of Imladris enjoying the peaceful quietness while it lasted. But it was not to be long.

The sound of a loud squeal and laughing soon took over. Elrond shook his head and made his way to the lake. The normally still water was broken with ripples and splashing. 'No, no don't you dare, I'll scream, I swear...' a wavering voice muttered backing off to the edge of the water.

'Oh come on, you look very hot.' Elladan grinned evilly; 'don't you agree brother?'

'Definitely, come on in Hîrsá, the water is lovely and cooling.' Elrohir agreed as she backed further to the edge, neither saw Elrond standing watching them behind her.

'I said I would get you back and I will.' Elladan growled launching for her. She dodged but slipped and grabbed Elrond as she fell in; Elladan was soon to join them in the water, which was ice cold.

'Father.' The three said in unison standing together innocently.

'What pray tell are you three up to?'

'They are trying to drown me father.' Hîrsá said, receiving glares from the twins.

'Why is that then?' he asked, barely able to contain a smile.

'We have nothing better to do and it is own back from when she threw my sword in the river.'

'I thought you got your own back when you threw her and her bow, quiver full of arrows and her sword in.' he stated.

'Well, we did but...' Elrohir trailed off.

'I think it not fair that she is alone against you two.'

'Father...?' Elladan managed before the elf lord dunked him under the water.

'You take Elrohir,' he nodded to Hîrsá who grinned and waded to the younger twin who was quick to attack.

Elladan managed to duck Elrond under before he went to his twin. Both of them attacked Hîrsá.

'Father.' She yelled as she forced her way back above the water. 'A little help.' Elrond waded over to his children and grabbed Elladan.

'What is going on out here?' Lómdil, the head servant came out to them. 'Lord Elrond, I am most surprised, I thought you were above this childish behaviour.' He admonished seeing the elf lord ducking his eldest son under again. 'You are aware that you have a meeting later with the leader of Tirthan aren't you?'

'Oh,' he stammered, trying to hide a grin, 'Tirthan? Oh yes, I almost forgot,' he muttered, getting out of the lake, 'thank you for reminding me.' He nodded.

'Honestly, it is no wonder why your children act as they do; you are hardly a good example at times.' Elrond rolled his eyes. 'Hurry and get dried off, you are in no proper state to meet anyone like this.'

'Of course,' he smiled, 'come on you three, you are coming to this meeting too.' He called, 'don't even think about ducking your sister in again Elladan.' He called, sensing what the younger was about to do.

'Father, do we have to come?' Hîrsá whined.

'Yes you do.' He answered softly smiling.

'But why?'

'Because, Hîrsá, it does you good to attend formal meetings like this.'

'It bores me though, I don't like it.'

'We often do things we do not like. Take you three for example; I look after you even though it is a pain to do so more often than not.' He finished with a smile hearing the twins protesting from behind.

'And we put up with you.' Elladan laughed, 'that's more trouble than the three of us put together.' He sprinted down the corridors to the safety of his room, Elrohir was close behind.

'Well, nothing is worse than those two.' He smiled at Hîrsá who laughed in agreement.

'Definitely.' She nodded.

'Go and get ready.' He urged softly as she went into her room.

He sighed softly watching her. He was not looking forward to the meeting; he had dealt with the human leader before and was not looking forward to do so again in a hurry but as he had told Hîrsá, these things had to be done.