chapter 7

'What was that?' Elrohir heard a rustle followed by a gurgle. Elladan motioned for him to stay back as he went to the nearby bushes, a shrill cry sounded as he drew closer.

'I think this is what we were after,' he said picking the small child up, Aragorn continued crying.

'We should get home.' Elrohir stated calling the horses.

'Come on, the Orcs could return any moment.' As if to answer his comment the familiar screeches filled the air.

Elladan's eyes lit up with a dark rage, on that frightened his brother, one that always came at the thought of killing Orcs.

'No Elladan, fighting them like this will only get you killed.' He saw through his brother's expression.

'No, they will be the ones dying.' He said fiercely.

'No Dan, listen, it will do no good challenging them like this they will kill you without even being a threat, you are needed too much to run off and get killed like this.'

Elladan caught Elrohir's words and forced himself to mount his horse and they sped away before the Orcs could see them.

the sun crept up over the Misty Mountains as the horses came to a stop, they were over a day late, Elrond as expected greeted them with a concerned expression. 'Where have you been? You are late.'

'Sorry father, it took a little longer than we thought.' Elrohir explained.

'How were the Dúnedain?' he frowned seeing the twins' expressions.

'Dead,' Elladan said quietly.


'The Orcs attacked the camp, there were no survivors.' He hesitated, 'except one.' He looked down to the small being in his arms. 'This is Aragorn, Arathorn's son, the last heir of Isildur.'

'We should get him back to the main camp in Arnor.' Elrond told them.

'Father... we were rather hoping he could stay here.' Elrohir ventured.

'No.' he snapped.

'Please, I promised Arathorn...'

'Who will look after him? You two will be away most of the time...' he trailed off seeing what they were asking. 'No.'

'Father please...'

'I am not looking after another.' He said sharply.

'Father, he has no where else to go, if anyone finds out that he is they will kill him if we leave him.'

'Not my problem.'

'Father, I am not foresighted as you are, but I know that he is the one that will reunite Gondor and Arnor, I do not know how, it is just a feeling.'

'I cannot.'

'Why? Because you are afraid of the past?'

'I said nothing about Hîrsá.' He defended.

'You did not have to.' Elladan walked passed still carrying the baby.

Later that evening loud wails echoed down the hall, the twins immediately went to the small room they had given Aragorn. 'Shh, young one,' Elladan tried rocking him gently, but he would not calm down, Elrohir tried, they spoke in Elvish which normally soothed people, but it would not work.

'What is going on in here?' Elrond walked in tiredly.

''We do not know, he won't settle.'

'Come here.' He frowned at the twins, 'you were not holding him properly.' He took the small child out of his arms and held him close gently rocking him, he calmed almost immediately. Elladan nudged Elrohir and nodded to Elrond who was now sitting by a small fire with Aragorn in his arms.

'Let's go.' He whispered leading the younger out.

He gurgled; the twins stared in amazement, even more so when Elrond next spoke.

'Shh little one, there is no reason to be afraid, I will take care of you my son, I promise,' he looked up to the twins, who watched him in surprise, 'you are right, he will be hunted in his life so he cannot keep a name that people know.'

'What do you intend?' Elladan asked suspiciously.

'Estel, for he is after all the last hope of man...and the hope of bringing light and laughter which has been well missed into these halls.'

Elladan shook his head smiling.

When Elrond turned his attention back to the small child Elladan led his brother out of the room.

'Well considering he wanted nothing to do with the human a few hours ago...' Elrohir stated.

'I know.' Elladan smiled looking to the closed door. 'Maybe he will finally put the past behind him.'

'Hmm, she will always be with us though.'

'That she will my brother,' he smiled watching his brother walk back to his rooms, 'that she will.'

He smiled faintly as he went back into the Human's room, not wanting to leave his side remembering his promise to Arathorn; it was not one he intended to break soon.