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You could miss your true path by the width of a hair, but that is the same thing as missing by a mile.

Chapter 1

"Heero, you can't go with me. It's a public ladies room – what would people say?" Relena tossed her blond hair over her shoulder and scowled back at the stubborn guard blocking her path.

Heero narrowed his cobalt eyes to mere slits. "Hn." He replied, then reluctantly moved aside and took up a post outside the Women's restroom in the City Conference Hall.  He leaned back against the wall and crossed his arms over his chest, glaring at her out of the corner of his eye as she opened the door and disappeared from his vision.

Relena let out a small sigh as the door drifted firmly shut behind her. Light blue eyes darted quickly about the room and came to rest on the small window at the end of the row of stalls. She smiled.

After opening the latch on the window, the twenty-three year old didn't dare climb out that way. She knew it led to the back of the building and would take too long to get to her pre-arranged escape vehicle – she would be missed before she could leave the grounds. Instead, she went into the nearest stall and climbed atop the toilet seat. From that position, she was just tall enough to remove one of the cardboard-like, spider web infested ceiling tiles. 'Yech, when was the last time someone cleaned these things?' Pieces of dingy gray insulation showered down from the gaping hole she made, lodging in her hair and dusting the floor. She sighed and cleaned the mess up quickly.

With strong hands and arms from weeks of weight training for 'stress relief', Relena hoisted herself through the opening. She struggled a bit as her upper body rested on a solid beam and her legs dangled very unladylike, clad only in a short summer skirt without stockings, into the cool room below. Her sandaled foot found the top of the stall and pushed down, propelling her entire body up into the dank attic. She quickly replaced the tile and began to crawl along the rafter as she tried to avoid skin contact with the itchy insulation.

The determined young woman didn't have far to go. The men's restroom was only a few feet away, but it was located near the side exit, and its entrance was around the corner from where her diligent bodyguard stood watch. She smirked as she thought of the look on Heero's face when he discovered she was missing. He thought he was so unbeatable.

Relena reached her destination and leaned down, pressing her ear to the floor.  She strained to detect any noises that would indicate the possibility of occupants in the room below. Silence greeted her ears, barely audible over the blood pounding in her head.  She cautiously peeled one corner of the ceiling tile up and peeked through the tiny crack. Nothing. She hadn't expected any trouble with her plan – it was the right time of day. Most of her colleagues had gone home, leaving only perhaps some cleaning crew people still lurking about. She smiled to herself, pulled up the tile, backed over the opening, gradually lowering herself into the room below.

Blond strands wafted into her eyes as she gripped the tiny ledge with just her fingertips.  A wave of warm air jetted through the gaping hole in the ceiling, sinking into her skin, and causing her to glance up. "Damn it!" She cursed and dropped to the floor. "You're getting sloppy, Relena," she scolded herself with a slight shake of the head, noting with irritation that the tile was still in the attic and she not in any position to replace it.   Heero was sure to find it and discover how she escaped.  "I'll just have to think of a new plan," she sighed.

Relena crept to the door and listened for signs of life or her guard. Hearing nothing, she poked her head out the door, glancing in every direction at once. Seeing no one about, she gathered her courage and slipped out of the Men's restroom flying towards the side exit and the taxi that should be waiting outside. She could just make out its dim outline in the cool mist of a summer's evening, the sunlight just behind it – lending a gleam to its golden color.

She looked down at her watch, "Right on time."

She slid into the back of the cab and gave directions to the driver before she settled back into her seat. As the Conference Hall and all her troubles melted into the distance, the adrenaline in her blood cooled, giving rise to unwanted reasoning.

The only thing Relena regretted was not getting to see the scowl on Heero's handsome face while he tried to put the pieces together about how she escaped. She tried to smile at the vaporous image in her mind, but that nagging feeling began to creep into her skin and churn her stomach. Merciless guilt grabbed viciously at her heart for a moment, and then finally subsided. She shook her head, "I won't feel guilty. He deserves it." Then she added for good measure, "And I don't love him anymore." But even to her own ears, those words sounded hollow.

The taxi crawled through the heavy city traffic before eventually stopping in front of a large, brightly-colored movie house. She paid the driver and politely declined his offer to set-up a return time. 'They'll have found me by then.'

Relena walked up to the box office and purchased a ticket for the recent release she had been dying to see, but just hadn't been able to make the time to go, or find someone to accompany her. She made her way to the appropriate theater, stopping briefly to pick up a coke, small popcorn, and chocolate-covered caramels at the concession stand. Once inside the darkened auditorium, Relena chose a seat way in the back and sat by herself. A pang of loneliness resonated through her chest at not having someone to share her popcorn with, or talk about the movie to later. But the sentiment quickly dissipated in the blissful darkness. The projector started to whir above her, and she found herself staring up with child-like enthusiasm at the dancing images playing on the large, white screen.

For the next two hours, she would escape….