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Chapter One

The Gryffindor's ran as fast as there legs could take them to the common room if it hadn't been for Snape holding them late then they could never had been able to hear the screams coming out of the great hall. Death eaters had attacked during dinner they reached the common room and sealed it. Every one was panicking except for one 6th year girl. Ginny Weasley ran up to her dorm and grabbed a chest from her trunk and ran back down to the common room.

"I have an idea but I will need you guys to back off and give me space." Ginny said.

"Ginny what are you talking about? We are under attack. Harry what are we going to do?" Ron her brother said franticly.

"Ron just back the hell off." She shouted. After that the Gryffindors gave her room.

She took out a feather and pointed it to the north. Then she took out a crystal and pointed it to the west. Then she took out a bowl and a bottle of water. She poured some water in the bowl and pointed it to the south. She then took out a candle and she raised it to her lips and she blew and that's when a flame appeared on the wick. She pointed that to the east.

"Ginny were did you learn to do that?" Ron demanded.

"Ron that's none of your concern."

"It is so I'm your brother."

"Ron not now we'll talk later." She then took out a dagger and made a deep slit down the palm of her hand.

"Ginny what the bloody hell are you doing?" Ron demanded some more.

"Ron I told you we would talk later." She squeezed as much blood as she could into the center of the diamond.

She then stood behind the candle and chanted.

I call forth through space and time

The protectors of the Halliwell line

Fire calls to Water, Earth, and Wind

Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, and friends

Come to me, I summon thee

Bring to me the other three

Ginny started glowing red.

"Ginny?" Ron said

"Ron shut up for a second would you."

Then a light appeared behind the water and Luna Lovegood appeared. She was glowing teal.

"Oh Ginny thank gods. I couldn't sound the alarm. There are over a 100 death eaters in the great hall. What are we going to do?" She asked

"We have to wait for the others to arrive."

Then the feather started floating and girl with short silver blonde hair appeared behind it she had cat like eyes. She was glowing yellow. She was wearing nothing but what looked like a guys button up shirt.

"Gin I heard the call what happened?" She asked.

Then about 2 seconds later the crystal started shining. Then a girl with short brown hair that rested on her shoulders and forest green eyes. She was glowing green. She was wearing jeans and a t-shit that said I have PMS and a gun what was your question again.

"Hey Firefly."

"Gin and Tonic what happened?" The silver blonde asked.

"No Maddie. I think the real question is what were you doing before you go called?" The brunette asked.

Holls." She said.

"Yeah Mads?" She asked.

"Bite me."

"Both of you stop now Luna what happened in the great hall when we got there we heard screaming."

"Well dinner was just starting and I was getting worried because Ginny wasn't there yet neither were the other 6th or 7th year gryffendors. Then we saw Dumbledore and the rest of the teachers stand up wands rose looking at something or more like someone's. We all looked over and saw about 100 death eaters wands raised as well. Most of the teachers got knocked out. It was cake for them afterwards.

"Ginny who are these people?" Her brother asked

"Well the brunette is Holly, and the blonde is Madison, and you already know Luna." Ginny said.

"Ginny you really have some explaining to do." Hermione Granger said "I mean you did wandless magic not a lot of witches and wizards can do that and if they can then they would have to really powerful." She aid.

"Fine you want answers fine. Hermione do you know who the Charmed Ones were?" Ginny asked her.

"Yeah they were the most power witches of all time. Prue, Piper, Paige, and Phoebe. At first it was just Prue, Piper and Phoebe they produced the power of 3 then Prue was killed and they found there long lost Sister Paige. It was said that they all lived long lives but every women in there family is really powerful." She said with that all knowing grin on her face. Ginny really hated that look.

"Yeah well it's not the power of three any more but the power of four." Ginny said with all of them standing side by side.

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