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Chapter 22

Luna didn't just go back to the Ravenclaw dorm she orbed to the American magic school right into Madison and Holly's room.

"Luna what?" Holly asked

"We need to talk just us three." Luna said.

"What about Ginny?" Madison asked.

"That's what we need to talk about." Luna said.

"Luna your being cryptic what's going on?" Holly demanded to know.

"Ginny betrayed us and Dumbledore." Luna said.

"What first off Ginny we never betray Dumbledore let alone us." Holly said.

"Yeah well my sources say that she has." Luna said.

"And what sources would that be." Holly asked still defensive.

"The Elders." Luna said with a smirk.

"What do you mean the Elders? Since when have you been in contact with them?" Madison asked.

"For a couple of months. They said that Ginny will betray us sooner or later and that it's in her blood. For the gods sake she brought back Sirius Black, and James and Lily Potter." Luna said.

"She did what?" Madison asked standing up furious.

"Yeah imagine what else she has been doing behind our backs." Luna said.

"Even if what you say is true then what do you think we should do?" Holly asked suspiciously.

"I think we should bind her powers." Luna said with a smirk.

"WHAT NO." Holly said.

"Holly is right on that one" Madison said.

"We cant just let her run free when she is doing stuff like that." Luna said.

"We know but we just don't think binding her powers is the right thing." Madison said.

"Fine I'll do it myself." Luna said orbing away.

"I didn't like the look in her eyes." Madison said.

"Yeah it wasn't any emotion just a blank stare. Like no one was in there." Holly said.

"You don't think she is under a curse or something do you?" she asked.

"I don't know but I do know we should go talk to Ginny. She will know what's going on." Holly said.

"Let's go." Madison said grabbing onto Holly while she orbed her away.

They orbed to the 6th year Gryffindor girl's dorm and sat and waited for Ginny. Ginny came in about 20 minutes later.

"Hey girls what's up?" She asked startled to see them there.

"Well Gin we could ask you the same thing done any good spells lately?" Madison asked.

"Yeah I did one earlier it kind of went wrong, but in a good way." Ginny said.

"Tell us about it?" Holly asked.

"Well I was trying to do a favor for Harry by bringing back Sirius Black. And it kind of went wrong. I brought him back along with Lily and James Potter." She said with a shrug.

"I knew she wouldn't lie to us." Holly said to Madison.

"Of course I wouldn't lie to you why would you think I would." Ginny said outraged

"Yeah well that's what Luna told us." Madison said.

"Luna told you what?" Ginny said confused.

"Luna told us that the elders have been talking to her telling her that you are going to betray us." Holly explained.

"Luna said that how could she." Ginny said while she stormed out of the room.

Ginny found Luna and Blaise by the lake.

"Hey Ginny." Luna said with a smile.

"You bitch how could you?" Ginny said while she punched Luna in the face.

"Ginny what do you think your doing." Blaise said in shock.

"How could and going behind my back that way." Ginny said practically in tears. She grabbed Luna up by the front of her robes and got right in her face.

"You went behind my back when you did that spell." Luna hissed.

"Luna this isn't you." Ginny said stepping away from her. "Finite Incamtrum" Ginny said pointing her wand at her.

"Ginny? What's going on?" Luna asked confused from the ground. "Why does my face hurt?"

"Oh Luna honey you were under the Imperius Curse." Ginny said helping her to her feet. "And I kind of punched you in the face."

"Why what did I do to you." Luna asked.

"What is the last thing you remember?" Ginny asked.

"Us going into the manor to close the Nexus" She said.

"Sweetie that was last week." Ginny said.

"She must have been hit with it when we entered and we didn't know it." Blaise said.

2 orbs appeared.

"Ginny don't do it." Holly yelled.

"We found out she is under a spell." Madison said.

"Guys you're a little slow we already figured that one out." Ginny said.

"Oh well did you reverse it?" Madison asked.

"Yup standered Imperious Curse." Ginny said.

"Oh….Ok well our job here is done." Madison said.

"Yeah bye guys we'll talk to you later." Holly said.

They both kissed Luna and Ginny on the cheeks and waved to Blaise and orbed away.

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