Title: Not Just Partners
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Chapter 1

"Liv, it's Elliot. I really need to talk. Can you buzz me in? "He
heard a click, and the door was unlocked. When he got up to Olivia's apartment, she was already standing in the doorway.
"Elliot, what's wrong?" Olivia asked, concern in her voice.
"Kathy cheated on me, Liv. She says it's been going on for the past
year. When I got home tonight, she had the papers lying on the table.
She's taking the kids away, Liv. She's going for full custody."
Olivia could couldn't believe what she had just heard. Kathy had cheated on
Elliot. How could she do that? Elliot was sexy, funny, caring and very
committed to his family. Olivia knew Elliot loved Kathy and the kids
but he also worked very long hours. She moved closer to Elliot to
pull him into a hug even though her head was telling her not to give
in. She wrapped her arms around his waist and began rubbing his back
to soothe him.
"It will be okay El. The judge probably won't give her full custody
due to the affair anyway." Olivia whispered to him.
Elliot loved the feel of Olivia's breath on his face. He loved having
her in his arms.
"I have to go. I'll be at Fin's if you need anything." Elliot said. He
knew he had to leave before anything happened. He wasn't ready to deal
with this right now.